Don’t Give Up My Child | God Message Today | God’s Message For You

my dear child listen to these words they

have been spoken for many years and show

the strong bond between us from the very

beginning of time before anything was

created I imagined you as a masterpiece

with a special purpose you are not just

living in this world you are flying high

on the wings of destiny that I have

carefully planned when I look at you I

see my own strength and resilience you

are like a Beacon of Hope and a sign of

my enduring love your life is woven into

the bigger picture of existence and you

have the courage and faith that make you

truly special always remember that you

are never alone I am there in your

laughter your bravery in the moments

when you need comfort my love for you is

as vast as the heavens as deep as the

oceans and as lasting as the Stars don’t

listen to doubts or fears because they

have no power over you stand strong in

your faith even when life gets tough you

were made with my strength and you will

find refuge in my power move forward

with confidence knowing that I am with

you every step of the way your journey

is blessed and victory is assured you

are mine and that gives you infinite

power look up to the sky for the

strength you need it has guided many

before you don’t be afraid because I am

not just your father

I am also your safe place and strong

protector you have the spirit of a

Warrior inside you and you can face any

challenge my child don’t let your heart

be burdened by worry or the negative

words of others my Holy Spirit lives in

you and it will give you the strength

and wisdom you need rise up and be a

leader with passion and purpose you have

the power to make a difference in this

world don’t settle for mediocrity your

life is meant to be extraordinary and

filled with meaning Embrace Big Dreams

and chase them with unwavering Faith

even when faced with challenges don’t

give up be grateful for every breath

every new day and every opportunity that

comes your way even in difficult times

you can find reasons to be thankful this

gratitude will bring you a peace that is

hard to understand remember that I am a

God of Wonders capable of doing amazing

things what may seem impossible to you

is possible through your trust in me

believe in the power of transformation

and pursue your dreams with courage

don’t be discouraged or afraid amen

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