Don’t Give Up | God Says | God MessageToday

[Music] child don’t give up because this journey is for the courageous I picked you on

purpose to do something really important I’m making my plan clear walking with

you every step of the way together we’ll get through tough times jump over obstacles and beat the

challenges we’ll keep fighting never giving up because you’re meant to do

great things your being here isn’t a coin idence I’ve had your name in my

book since the very beginning way before you were born I’ve loved you from the

start looking forward to the moment you’d see my Guiding Light you might start asking questions you’ve never

thought of especially when you’re going through tough times you might wonder where I was when

you were hurting here’s what I want you to know trust me I can heal your pain

and make the hurtful past fade away my love is so strong that it has taken away

all your mistakes and now I want to help you forget those sad memories too I don’t want you to keep thinking

about the past it only brings the hurt back and makes you feel

worse what’s important is that you’re alive right now and there’s a lot of

good stuff coming your way dreams will come true you’ll reach your goals see

your family happy again and even feel as strong and energetic as you once did

look forward where good things start growing and blessings happen get ready

for an amazing new chapter in your life your heart is all set to take on new

adventures and the happiness that comes from doing what you’re meant to do forget about the old hurts they’re gone

and I’ve forgiven all your mistakes you don’t owe anything anymore if some people don’t accept you

or forgive you it’s time to find new friends who see your true

value I don’t want anyone to disrespect the kindness and freedom my spirit

offers you shouldn’t stick around in any situation that brings you down or embarrasses you listen to me alone and

keep your freedom safe from those who misuse my words to control you you are

free so step out of any situation that feels like a prison your kids

need protection too leave such situations behind and you’ll be grateful

for this warning you’ll see today how much I really care about you and how

much you mean to me but if you decide to stay with those who don’t treat you right remember you

can’t expect things to change without making a choice to step away do your part you are a wise and responsible

person your life is and your family will continue to suffer as long as you remain trapped in a vicious cycle of pain and

humiliation you do not deserve such suffering you are my child and I have paid for your sins with my own

blood now I ask you what more shall I do for you ask me anything you

desire call out to me and I will surely respond with wonders beyond your

imagination but tell me will you believe in me I do not want you to remain in the

same place leave your land and your relatives for the promised dream land where

blessings rain down and provision Springs from the ground my dear child

with all my affection I tell you you are special if only you could feel what I

feel see yourself as I see you and understand this Supernatural World

seeing yourself in the spiritual mirror you would know you would fall to your knees and thank me with your loyalty

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