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my precious child don’t be troubled by

those who hurt or hate you instead focus

on the people who love you for their

lies your happiness don’t waste time

trying to earn others love spend time

with those who truly care trust those

who can see the hidden emotions behind

your smile the love behind your anger

and the reasons behind your silence

remember all things may seem difficult

at first but they become easy with

patience when I asked for strength God

gave me difficulties to make me strong

when I sought wisdom God presented me

with problems to solve I asked for

prosperity and God gave me the tools to

work hard I asked for courage and God

provided challenges to overcome I asked

for love and God gave me the chance to

help troubled people I asked for favors

and God blessed me with opportunities in

in the end I didn’t receive everything I

wanted but I received everything I

needed trust in

God I am here to shower you with love

guidance and encouragement know that my

words are filled with infinite

compassion and a deep desire to see you

flourish in every aspect of your life

you are a unique and magnificent being

with a purpose only you can fulfill your

presence is a gift to those around you

meant to be a beacon of light and love

in a chaotic world

remember you are never alone I am always

with you embracing you in a Divine

Embrace that transcends time and space

tap into the Wellspring of wisdom and

strength within you to achieve greatness

Embrace challenges as opportunities for

growth and

transformation take care of your body

Mind and Spirit engage in activities

that bring you Joy and surround yourself

with uplifting people forgive others and

yourself to liberate your soul and and

move forward with a lighter Spirit

embrace your mistakes as stepping stones

on the path of

self-discovery let love be your compass

guiding your actions with kindness

compassion and empathy small acts of

love and compassion can create a ripple

effect of positive change in the world

dream big and allow your imagination to

soar for your dreams are blueprints for

the reality you can create celebrate the

journey not just the destination and

find joy in the simplest of experiences

cultivate a grateful heart and blessings

will multiply when faced with

uncertainty turn inward and seek solace

in prayer meditation or quiet reflection

trust your intuition for it is the voice

of divine wisdom within you

amen if you truly believe in God like

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