Do you hear my words ? |God Message Today For You|God helps|Jesus affirmation

my dear child let us speak of the most

fundamental message one that resonates

from the depths of my heart to yours

love love is the essence of all that I

am and all that I teach consider the

love I have shown through my life my

sacrifice and my compassion let this be

your Guiding Light as you navigate the

complexities of the world practice love

daily in every thought word and deed

understand that love is not merely a

feeling but a profound action rejoice in

the triumphs of others empathize with

their struggles and forgive as I have

forgiven you know that love has the

power to transform it opens the path to

communion with me and manifest the glory

of the Divine in your life be a vessel

of grace and mercy pouring out love to

all you encounter practical application

of Love requires courage let your acts

of kindness be seeds of blessings and do

not shrink from confronting hatred

Injustice and darkness with love as your

weapon above all remember my commandment

to love your neighbor as

yourself let this be your guiding

principle in all your

interactions by living a life defined by

love you will attain full communion with

me and experience the true joy that

comes from knowing and following me take

heart for love will be your guide your

strength and your light in the Journey

of life

know that I am with you always offering

my love and support every step of the

way if you’re ready for divine blessings

today write Amen in the comment Please

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