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my cherished ones I am the Alpha and the Omega

the very beginning and the ultimate end

even before time took shape

I existed I stretched out the heavens

and laid the very foundations of the earth

every single thing was brought into being by my hand

for my own glory

I initiated the grand dance of stars and galaxies


propelling them through the vast expanse of space

with just a word

such as the extent of my power and wisdom

yet with that same voice

that breathed existence into the cosmos

I softly whisper your name

you are the cherish jewel in my sight

the essence of my heart’s delight

with songs of joy I celebrate over you

enveloping you in my tender love

do not be troubled by the storms that gather

or the tumultuous seas even the wind and waves

heed my voice I permit challenges to cross your path

not to harm you

but to fortify your faith and refine your character

know this I will never forsake you

and trust all your worries to me

dear one

for I am orchestrating every detail for your benefit

molding you into the masterpiece I envisioned

from the very start

in this present age sinister forces emerge

seeking dominion

spreading chaos and oppressing entire nations

wars famines and pestilences plague the earth

bearing witness to the swelling tide of wickedness

the cries of the innocent

ravaged by unspeakable atrocities

pierce the heavens pleading for justice

I am not deaf to their anguished prayers

indeed I am the avenger

ready to meet out retribution

the cups of iniquity overflow

signaling the imminent reckoning

my patience far from being weakness

is a gracious space for repentance

yet the unrepentant persist in their Defiance

inviting inevitable calamity

listen closely adversary

your reign of darkness will crumble

like fragile pottery I will shatter your idols

and strip you from your lofty thrones

reducing your once mighty rulers to mere dust

the lamentations of your widows and orphans shall echo

through the desolation wrought by your cruelty

even now if you turn from your wicked ways

I will extend my hand of mercy

no longer shall you plunder merchant ships

or slaughter the innocent in your depraved rituals

your false gods will fall silent

as my wrath descends upon you

to flee from your strongholds

while mercy still lingers

for soon they will be swallowed by the depths

heed my warning malevolent one

for eons you have perpetuated abominations

enslaving and corrupting humanity

despite my gracious invitations to repentance

you grew bolder in your Defiance

therefore your dominion shall be read this under

swallowed by the abyss

just as the world of old perished in the flood

so too shall this present world be purified by fire

I am fashioning a new creation

where righteousness alone reigns supreme

do not despair my righteous ones

for though you may pass through trials

you will emerge unscathed

these momentary afflictions serve to refine you

preparing you for the glory that awaits

lift your eyes from your present troubles

for your redemption draws near

I am assembling my angelic hosts

for the final battle against evil

with resounding trumpets and arrows of justice

we shall cleanse the earth of all wickedness

no adversary however formidable

shall escape my wrath

from every corner of the globe

oppression will be banished

and righteousness will prevail

no longer

will violence and cruelty hold sway over the nations

innocence will no longer endure suffering

for my justice shall reign supreme

as I restore creation from its bondage to decay

harmony will be restored

each predators and prey will coexist in peace

and even the most ferocious beasts will be tamed

the old order of cruelty and survival will pass away

making room for a new era of tranquility

behold the groaning earth itself will be transformed

in an instant barren

wastelands will burst forth into abundant gardens

flourishing without labor or toil

even the most desolate

desert sands will bloom with vibrant life

at my command

the curse upon the ground will be revoked

and all of creation will be reconciled to me once more

amidst this renewed earth

a magnificent city will descend from heaven

radiant and respondent

adorned with precious stones and bathed in golden light

it will be a beacon of hope and healing for all nations

from its gates will flow streams of healing

and its inhabitants will walk in the eternal light

of my presence in this city of perfection

I will dwell with humanity at last

wiping away every tear and restoring all that was lost

in my presence every brokenness will be healed

and every sorrow will be turned to joy

the leaves of the tree of life

will yield bountiful fruit

and the river of life will flow from my throne

bringing renewal to all who partake

such delights have never entered the heart of man

but they are the fulfillment of my promises

faithful and true

do not doubt the wonders that await

for what I have spoken will surely come to pass

all of creation eagerly anticipates

the revelation of my mature sons and daughters

who will shine with the radiance of Christ

hold fast to this vision beloved ones

and let its glory and joy overflow your hearts

even in the midst of darkness


that you were made for more than mere existence

embrace my purposes

and you will rise up in resurrection splendor

fully transformed into the image of Christ

though the world may tremble and chaos may loom

take heart for I am with you

even as nations rage and powers of wickedness lash out

know that their defeat is inevitable

though the earth may shake in the seas roar

you are safe in my hands

repent and take refuge in my mercy

for soon the whole earth will witness

the unfolding of my decisive acts

in the days ahead

as darkness threatens to engulf the world

do not despair

for even in the midst of chaos

I will raise up my chosen ones

to confront the forces of darkness

through fasting and prayer

they will wield the power to topple

even the most formidable adversaries

take courage and stand firm

for I am your shield and defender

no weapon formed against you shall prosper

for you are mine

and I will protect you until the end of days

the hour of reckoning is upon the world and chaos looms

as nations rage against me

and the powers of wickedness lash out in fury

catastrophic shakings are imminent

beyond the reach of earthly power to prevent

yet many remain oblivious to the precarious season

they have entered slumbering and complacency

that leads only to spiritual poverty and destruction

I sound forth my warning

alerting all who with ears to hear

the great day of reckoning is at hand

and judgement will fall swiftly

upon all who rebel against me

no lofty position

or wealth will shield them from my wrath


I implore you to repent and seek refuge in my mercy

while it may still be found

for soon

the whole earth will be engulfed in wild lamentation

and panic as my decisive acts unfold

despite my warnings

many will persist in their rebellion

refusing to give me glory


even greater calamity must come to break their pride

though I derive no pleasure from such severity

I hold out hope that

they will turn from their wicked ways

and receive my blessings instead

but rejoice so

righteous ones lift your heads high

for deliverance draws near

no evil shall touch you

and no plague shall come near your dwelling

for my wrath consumes only those who reject me

the shaking of the earth

will give way to streams of revival

and awakening among the nations

in the tumultuous days ahead

you shall find shelter and a fountain of life in me

many despair

that the swell of wickedness is unstoppable

in this dark generation

but I will kindle the radiance of my glory

within my chosen ones

in this hour they will confront the demonic spirits

seeking the destruction of my people

through fasting and prayer

their decrees will topple the sinister powers

ruling unseen

take heart and play your part with boldness

for I am your shield and defender

and no weapon formed against you shall prosper

so hold fast to your faith

beloved ones and walk in the vision

I am part to you not relying on your natural senses

great reward awaits you far beyond your dreams

though the world may tremble

and darkness may threaten to engulf you

remember that you are mine

and I will never leave you nor forsake you

even as chaos threatens to engulf the world in darkness

casts its shadow do not lose heart

for I am with you

in the face of uncertainty and adversity

remember that I am your refuge

and strength a present help in times of trouble

though the storms rage in the winds howl

you are safe in my embrace

as the world spirals into turmoil and despair

hold fast to the promises I have spoken over you

though the road may be difficult

in the journey fraught with challenges

know that I am leading you through the darkness

into the light trust in my guidance

for I am the way the truth and the life

do not be afraid for I have overcome the world

though the enemy may assail you with doubt and fear

stand firm in your faith

knowing that I am greater than anything you may face

in me you have victory

for I have conquered sin and death

so take courage my beloved ones

and let your hearts be filled with hope

though the night may seem long

and the trials may be many

remember the joy comes in the morning

look to me the author and perfector of your faith

and I will lead you into the fullness of life

that I have promised

in the midst of chaos and confusion

be a beacon of light and hope to those around you

shine brightly in the darkness

for the darkness cannot overcome the light

let your love shine forth like a beacon

drawing others to me the source of all hope and peace

as you navigate the challenges of this present age

remember that I am with you always

even to the end of the age

so do not be afraid for I am with you

trust in me and I will lead you through the storm

into the calm waters of my presence

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