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my dearest child I speak to you with a

love that surpasses all understanding a

love that knows no bounds I see the

struggles within your heart the battles

you face against the darkness that seeks

to entangle your soul my words are not

meant to instill fear but to awaken you

to the reality of the spiritual warfare

that surrounds you in The Quiet Moments

of your life when the noise of the world

Fades away I am there reaching out to

you yet I sense the looming presence of

the adversary the devil whose grip

tightens around you with each passing

day it is not my desire to condemn or

judge but to guide you towards the light

that dispels the Shadows you were

created in my image fashioned with

purpose and destined for a life filled

with love and joy however the devil in

his cunning ways seeks to distort this

divine plan clouding your mind with

doubt tempting you with fleeting

pleasures and luring you away from the

path of righteousness my child I am

implore you to examine your heart and

soul the devil’s clutch over you is not

a physical restraint but a subtle

influence that taints your thoughts and

actions it manifests in the choices you

make the relationships you cultivate and

the priorities you set do not

underestimate the power of these

seemingly small decisions for they shape

the course of your spiritual journey

take a moment to reflect on the choices

that have led you astray have you

allowed anger Envy or Pride to Fester

within you have you turned a blind eye

to the suffering of others choosing

instead to pursue selfish desires the

devil gains strength through these

cracks in your Spiritual armor

exploiting your vulnerabilities and

leading you down a path of spiritual

desolation but fear not for my love is

boundless and my Mercy Knows No Limits

it is never too late to turn away from

the dark darkness and embrace the light

open open your heart to me confess your

sins and seek forgiveness in Repentance

you will find the strength to break free

from the devil’s grasp surround yourself

with the armor of faith for it is your

Shield Against The Temptations that

assail you engage in prayer for it is

your direct line of communication with

me seek the company of those who walk in

the light for together you can

strengthen one another against the

forces of Darkness remember my child

that I have not abandoned you even in

your darkest moments I am there

extending my hand to lift you from the

abyss the devil’s grip may be strong but

my love is stronger still trust in me

and you will find the strength to

overcome the challenges that lay before

you guard your heart be vigilant against

the snares of the enemy and let the

light of many love guide you on the path

to Redemption the devil’s clutch May

tighten but it is no match for the power

of a repentant and steadfast soul type

amen if you are ready for change like

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