Defeating Envious Foes | God’s Message For You


my dearly beloved if I am for you who

can truly stand against you as you walk

Faithfully in my ways know with

certainty that I am for

you this assurance however does not

imply a path free from opposition rather

it signifies that having me on your side

is the most pivotal element of your

existence in your life’s journey you may

encounter Myriad challenges but you

remain on the Victorious side my tri

triph over death and Resurrection is a

testament to this eternal Victory a

Triumph in which you partake regardless

of the adversities that you face on your


pilgrimage understand that no Force no

obstacle no adversity can ultimately

Prevail against you for you are mine

eternally held within my loving

Embrace this profound truth can

dramatically transform your outlook on

life instead of a defensive stance

constantly guarding against suffering

you learn to follow me with boldness and

courage my guidance is shaping you not

only to seek my presence and follow my

Direction but to Delight in this Divine

adventure of complete surrender to my

will I am your constant helper in times

of trouble the security of your future

and my hands changes everything it

allows you to live life not in fear but

in the freedom and joy of my

promises this journey with me is not

about merely surviving it is about

thriving about embracing the challenges

as opportunities to witness my power and

Grace at work in your

life as you start each day seek me in

prayer immerse yourself in my word and

let my spirit fill your heart with peace


strength in this way you will learn to

face every circumstance with a Heart of

Courage and a spirit of

trust I am rearranging aligning and

setting things in motion for your good

removing hindrances clearing your path

and resolving conflicts that impede your

progress trust that I am actively

working in your life fighting your

battles and leading you to

victory your Victory is not contingent

on your strength or circumstances but on

my unchanging nature and unfailing love

you are more than a conqueror through me

and in this truth find your strength joy


peace I want you to know that I am here

for you watching over you with love and

care I see all that you go through and I

want to assure you that you are never

alone in your

journey when those who wish to harm you

raise their hands against you know that

I am there to Shield you and protect you

no harm can come to you when you are

under my Divine

protection I love you deeply and I want

you to understand that I never make

mistakes everything that happens in your

life has a purpose even the difficulties

you face I will turn those challenges

into opportunities for you you will

emerge from them

Victorious and the blessings that await

you will be so abundant that others will

Envy you there is no defeat in your path

so trust in me when I say that things

will improve I am always with you and my

will shall be

done do not be troubled by the

negativity that surrounds you or the

threats from those who wish you harm

remember nothing and no one can defeat

you have faith and be convinced that

your enemies are already defeated even

before they raise their hand against you

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