my beloved Child In This Moment of

Stillness as you find yourself between

Journeys know that I am with

you though the path ahead may seem

uncertain obscured by the shadows of

past hurts and the fog of present

confusion I am the light that will guide


forward you have endured much your heart

heavy with the weight of Trials and

disappointments yet amidst the challeng

es I see the strength and resilience

that burn within you the unquenchable

flame of your spirit that refuses to be

extinguished now is the time to let that

light shine

freely cast off the burdens of fear and

doubt and fix your eyes upon

me for I am the source of all that is

good pure and worthy of

Praise when you focus your thoughts on

me allowing your mind to be filled with

the beauty of my presence

everything else will fall into

place this is not a task to be

accomplished through striving but


surrender let go of the need to control

to understand to have all the

answers release the guilt and shame that

whisper lies into your soul for there is

no condemnation in me only love Grace

and the gentle invitation to come and

rest in my

arms I know it feels like a risk to

release your grip on familiar patterns

of thought and step into the unknown

Realms of the

spirit but trust me when I say that this

is where true life is found this is

where peace dwells rich and full this is

where you will discover the fullness of

who I created you to

be take a deep breath my child and let

it out

slowly feel the tension draining from

your body the knots of anxiety

unraveling in the war warmth of my

love picture yourself turning your face

towards the light letting it wash over

you and fill you with its

Radiance know that as you do I am

working all things together for your

good the road ahead may be winding but I

will be with you every step of the way I

will be the hand that catches you when

you stumble the voice that Whispers

encouragement when you

falter I will be the rock beneath your

feet and the wind at your back back

propelling you forward into the Glorious

Destiny I have prepared for you you are

mine and I am

yours you are not defined by your past

nor by the labels that others have

placed upon you you are defined by my

love by the precious blood that was shed

for your sake in me you have everything

you need to rise above the challenges

and emerge Victorious fix your thoughts

on me my beloved let my truth be the

anchor that holds you steady in the

storms let my peace be the compass that

guides you through the darkness let my

love be the fuel that propels you

forward into a future filled with hope

and purpose I am calling you higher

calling you deeper I am beckoning you

into a place of intimacy and abundance

where every whispered prayer is heard

and every hidden dream is brought to

life I’m inviting you to walk with me in

the fields of Grace to find joy in my my

presence and to rest in the Stillness of

my love this is your Birthright your

inheritance as a child of the king this

is the life that I have always intended

for you A life of freedom and fullness

of passion and purpose of love that

knows no bounds it is yours for the

taking if only you will trust me enough

to claim it come my child let me wrap

you in my arms soothe the aches of your

soul and fill you with the radiance of

my glory let me show you the beauty that

I see when I look at you the treasure

that you are in my sight let me lead you

into the adventure of a lifetime into

the wondrous places that I have prepared

for you for I am the god who makes all

things new the God who brings beauty

from ashes and Joy from mourning I am

the god who loves you with an

everlasting love A Love That Will Never

Let You Go go listen closely to The

Whispers of your heart for it is there

that you will find my voice steady and

unwavering speaking truth into the

depths of your being in the moments when

you feel lost remember I’m guiding your

every step you are not defined by your

struggles or perceived shortcomings

embrace the challenges you face for they

are the very things that will shape you

into the person I have destined you to


in your weakest moments when you feel as

though you have nothing left to give

lean into my

strength I am the Solid Ground Beneath

Your Feet the unshakable foundation upon

which you can

stand trust in my love for you a love

that sees beyond the surface and knows

the depths of your heart every fiber of

your being was fashioned with intention

and care imbued with the potential for

greatness do not succumb to the lies

that whisper doubt and

insecurity instead fix your gaze upon

the truth of who you are in

me when the weight of the world

threatens to overwhelm you remember that

I am your

Refuge I am the calm in the midst of the

storm the peace that surpasses all

understanding in the Stillness of your

soul you will find me waiting ready to

envelop you in my loving

embrace as you navigate the twists and

turns of this life trust in the plan I

have for you surrender your fears and

doubts into my capable hands knowing

that I am working all things together

for your good in the face of adversity

choose to clothe yourself in my love and

righteousness let the radiance of my

spirit shine through you Illuminating

the darkness and drawing others to the

hope that resides within you my love for

you is constant an unwavering force that

will carry you through the highs and

lows of this journey lean into that love

allowing it to heal the broken places

within you and restore your soul as you

seek my presence be assured that I am

always near I am the gentle whisper in

the Stillness the comforting touch in

times of Sorrow the joyous laughter in

moments of

Celebration my spirit dwells within you

a constant companion and source of

strength when you stumble and fall do

not be consumed by shame or guilt my

grace is sufficient for you covering

every mistake and misstep rise up dust

yourself off and continue forward with

renewed determination each failure is an

opportunity for growth a chance to learn

and become more like me I am the one who

has begun a good work in you and I will

be faithful to complete it trust in my

timing for I know the plans I have for

you plans to prosper you and give you

hope in a

future as you walk this path be mindful

of the words you speak over yourself and

others let your tongue be a Fountain of

Life speaking blessings and

encouragement into the lives of those

around you choose to focus on the good

the pure and the lovely for what you

dwell upon will shape the landscape of

your heart in the quietness of your soul

listen for my still Small Voice I’m

always speaking always guiding always

directing your steps trust in the

promptings of my spirit even when they

Lead You Down unfamiliar paths I will

never lead you astray for my ways are

higher than your ways and my thoughts

are higher than your thoughts in the

moments when you feel unworthy or

inadequate remember that your worth is

not based on your performance or


your value is found in me in the price I

paid for you on the cross you are my

beloved child Chosen and

cherished a precious treasure in my

sight as you navigate the challenges of

this world be reminded that you are not

fighting this battle alone I am your

shield and your Defender your strong

tower in times of trouble lean into my

strength drawing upon the power of my

spirit that resides within you you are

more than a conqueror through

me when the storms of life rage around

you find peace in the knowledge that I

am your anchor I will hold you steady

providing a firm foundation upon which

you can stand trust in my unfailing love

for it is your constant companion a

light that will guide you through the

darkest of

nights as you seek to grow in your

relationship with me be diligent in

spending time in my presence imers

yourself in my word allowing it to

transform your mind and shape your heart

pray without ceasing pouring out your

heart before me and trust that I hear

every whispered plea and hidden

desire in the face of opposition and

adversity choose to respond with love

and compassion let my love flow through

you extending Grace and forgiveness even

to those who have wronged you for it is

in loving others that you reflect my

heart and demonstrate the power of my

transforming love

remember my child that your journey is

unique and precious in my sight do not

compare yourself to others or seek to

follow in their

footsteps I have a specific plan and

purpose for your life one that is Tailor

Made For You embrace the path I have set

before you trusting that I will equip

you with everything you need to fulfill

your calling as you walk in obedience to

my will be assured that my blessings

Will Follow You I Will open doors that

no one can shut and close doors that no

one can

open trust in my provision for I am your

Jehovah Gyra the God who sees and

provides for your every

need in the moments when you feel

overwhelmed by the cares of this world

remember to cast your burdens upon me I

am your everpresent help in times of

trouble ready to carry the weight of

your concerns and fears find rest in my

presence allowing my peace to guard your

heart and mind as you live out your

faith let your life be a testament to my

goodness and

Grace may your words and actions Point

others to the hope that is found in me I

will never leave you nor forsake you my

love for you is Everlasting a constant

source of strength and comfort trust in

my faithfulness for I will carry you

through until the very end

so take heart my beloved child and lean

into my love allow my grace to sustain

you my peace to guard you and my joy to

fill you for you are mine Chosen and

cherished a precious Jewel in my

crown my beloved child as you navigate

the winding Paths of this life remember

that I am always with you a constant

light illuminating your

way when the road grows dark and

uncertainty clouds Your Vision Trust in

my guidance to lead you back to the

safety of

Home in moments of quietude attune your

heart to the steady rhythm of my love

that Echoes through all of

creation let it bring peace to your

spirit and Alignment to your soul even

amidst the noise and distractions of the

world our relationship is a precious

gift to be nurtured and treasured

through every season in times of

abundance and in time times of

lack allow the vulnerabilities of your

heart to be laid bare before me and I

will nourish the very depths of your

being with my unending

Grace every facet of who you are is a

reflection of my Divine handiwork

fearfully and wonderfully

made your unique quirks gifts and even

your weaknesses all have a purpose in my


design embrace them fully for in doing

so you are embracing the very essence of

how I created you to be never hide or

deny the authentic Beauty I have placed

within you when the story you had

envisioned for your life takes an

unexpected turn do not

despair instead trust that I am weaving

even the most seemingly insignificant

threads into a greater

narrative one of redemption purpose and

ultimate meaning surrender the pen of

your life into my capable hands for I am

the author author of your story and I

have written every chapter with

intentionality and love though the

terrain of your journey May at times

feel treacherous and uncertain know that

I am meticulously working all things

together for your good I am shaping you

refining you molding you ever more into

my image though the process may be

uncomfortable at times the result will

be a vessel through which my glory can

shine in extraordinary ways lift your

eyes to the heavens and Marvel at the

wonders of my creation stars and planets

precisely placed Beauty and Order

displayed across countless

galaxies every detail has been lovingly

fashioned by my hand there is no place

my love cannot reach no corner of the

universe Untouched by my presence from

the Lush Gardens to the barren

Wilderness my spirit is there speaking

tenderly to your heart no matter where

your path leads you can rest in the

assurance that I have gone before you

preparing the way and providing all you

need my words of life and Truth are

inscribed on every fiber of your being

declaring the reality of who you are in

me when the lies of the enemy assail

your mind and cast doubt on your

identity run to the Refuge of my love

meditate on my promises and let them

renew your mind washing away every false

belief until All That Remains is the

Glorious truth of how I see

you the deepest longings and purest

dreams in your heart have been placed

there by my hand bring them to me in

prayer trusting that I understand them

even better than you do yourself not one

of your heart’s cries will go unheard or

unanswered I Am The God Who longs to

bless my children with good things and I

will exceed your expectations in my

perfect way and

timing as you press deeper into

relationship with me you will discover

beautiful Mysteries aspects of my

character that will leave you in awe and

wonder I am so much more than your

finite mind can

comprehend and yet through my spirit I

will reveal myself to you in ever


measure all I ask is that you approach

me with a heart of faith and

surrender letting go of your own limited


you see I am not confined by the

constraints of human reason or

expectation I am the god of divine

Paradox the Creator who exists outside

the boundaries of time and

space I am the one who spoke the

universe into existence and yet I am

intimately acquainted with every detail

of your life my ways are higher than

your ways my thoughts higher than your

thoughts so come to me in childlike


trusting in my goodness even when you

cannot understand my hand I am inviting

you into the Great Adventure of knowing

me experiencing me resting in me it is a

journey of daily surrender of

relinquishing control and allowing me to

lead you to places you never dreamed

possible in my love you are truly free

free from the burdens of your past free

from the cares of this world free to

live abundantly in the fullness of my

grace release the weights that have

hindered you and run with perseverance

the race I have marked out for you I

will be your strength your joy and your

ultimate reward my precious one you have

my whole heart for your whole life my

love for you is perfect ceaseless and


unconditional there is nothing you can

do to make me love you more and nothing

you can do to make me love you less you

are forever mine held securely in the

palm of my hand

so let your heart be at rest fully

assured of the immeasurable depths of my

love for

you quiet your soul in my presence and

receive the Glorious inheritance I have

stored up for

you you are my beloved child and in me

you will find everything your heart has

ever longed for eternally yours ABA


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