Come To Me My Child | God Message Today |

my beloved ones come to me all you who

are weary and burdened and I will give

you rest my child with me you find

comfort and strength I invite all who

are weary and burdened promising rest

and relief trust in me for I am your

rock and source of unwavering strength

do not let your hearts be troubled trust

in God trust in me


amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the

world I reassure you not to let your

hearts be troubled instead I urge you to

place your trust in me and in the divine

plan my words remind you that I am your

anchor in the storm peace I leave with

you my peace I give you I do not give to

you as the world gives do not let your

hearts be troubled and do not be afraid

in a world filled with fear and anxiety

I grant you my peace it is a peace that

goes beyond human understanding a peace

that calms your troubled hearts and

Minds release your anxieties and find

solace in my eternal peace I am the way

and the truth and the life no one comes

to the Divine realm except through me I

am the way the truth and the life I am

the path to Salvation and eternal life

through me you find purpose and

fulfillment embrace my teaching and walk

in my footsteps my child love one

another as I have loved you so you must

love one another remember my commandment

to love one another just as I love you

selflessly sacrificially and

unconditionally you are called to love

one another show compassion forgiveness

and kindness in your interactions

spreading my love throughout the world

Let My Words offer Solace guidance and

direction in your often tumultuous Lives

May my teaching inspire you to seek my

presence find peace in my promises and

live out my love in your relationships

with others my beloved one in my Guiding

Light let you find strength hope and A

Renewed sense of purpose



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