Can You Hear Me? | God’s Message For You

hear me my child for what I share today is not by chance but a message of love

and understanding intentionally crafted to reach into your soul urging you to

reflect in this world many are lured Away by its currents losing themselves

to distractions and temptations that not only distance them from my love but also lead them towards

destruction therefore I urge you do not follow the transient and superficial

paths prevalent in these times the world entices with a life full of desires and Pleasures but these are

mere distractions pulling you away from me and steering your life towards

ruin in your era I see many ens snared by worldly desires chasing Trends and

practices that only bring suffering these Temptations are manifold their

path deceptive though they may seem attractive and promising they ultimately

lead to spiritual demise I implore you not to fall prey to these traps the

darkness and desolation they bring are profound do not be fooled by the

fleeting Illusions and false promises of this world’s ruler avoid voices that

mislead you from my path and distort my truth my desire for you is a life of

true happiness and joy attain this by heeding my word holding

it dear in your heart and applying it in every aspect of your life my word is

your Guiding Light the secure path to follow and the strength to overcome

adversity understand my child that I do not ask you to withdraw from the world

but rather not to identify with its values and harmful practices instead Endeavor to be be a

positive influence in your surroundings share my love and truth

with those around you be a beacon of light in the midst of Darkness a Beacon

of Hope in a world in need of Love remember that by following my

Commandments and principles you will find inner peace and experience true

Prosperity that comes from living in communion and harmony with

me so do not fear fac ing the challenges that arise in your path for I will be

with you at all times do not be disheartened if you encounter obstacles as vast as Mountains

for amidst them you will discover opportunities for growth and fortification your trials will be like

Steps leading you to a destination of Victory success and

prosperity therefore I urge you to have unwavering trust and to place your life

in my hands obey my will so that in every decision

you make my spirit May guide you on the path you should follow my beloved child I exhort you not

to follow the current of this world but to strive to obey my word and live

according to the principles within it do not be swayed by the Temptations

and dishonest practices that surround you instead seek wisdom and guidance in

my word and all shall be well with you you will be able to experience a life of

fullness and true Prosperity remember that if you Endeavor to live in obedience to my word I will

abundantly bless you for my desire is for you to progress in all areas of your

life and to experience true peace happiness and prosperity that only come

from me do not stray from my presence nor allow the world to pull you away from my

love loving Embrace trust in me and always obey my

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