Calm Down and Be Patient |God Message Today | God Message For You Today

my beloved calm down and be patient I

have something nice for you I am close

to you today and will make myself known

in your life I will bless those around

you who are finding it tough to believe

in me I will help them find the courage

they need to keep going believe me when

I say that you will end the year happier

healthier and richer than before your

prayers are working if you feel lost I

will guide you if you are wrong I will

correct you if you start to give up I

will keep you going I have a good plan

for you so be brave and stick with it

when you turn your worries into worship

I will turn your problems into blessings

your heart will be free from sadness

your mind from worries and your life

full of happiness and your body will be

free from illness in the month of March

you will March into greatness favor and

miracles don’t be afraid to dream big

because I am with you trust me and have

faith in what I can do for you all your

dreams are within reach just hold on to

my hand and let me guide you rejoice in

who I am rejoice in the love I have for

you and be grateful for all the good

things in your life I love you Ammon if

you believe this message has something

that will help you get more good things

in your life leave a comment in the name

of Jesus

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