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God says your life is not horrible get

up from that pit of misery I have

promised you to give you the victory

don’t allow Satan to bring you down get

up and keep fighting love you God says

something you really want is coming I

know what you need tomorrow morning lamb

going to drop you a miracle many good

things are on the way you will always be

blessed by me sawe if you how we trust

on me God is saying to you today change

is coming I will open doors no man can

shut this is a season where I am

bringing you into your destiny I

understand what you are going through

and I promise to be with you in every

trial of Life remember your destiny is

not determined by the economy or how you

were raised or your education your

destiny is determined by me your

heavenly father God heard your prayer

last night he felt the anxiety the

anguish the confusion and the pain he

seen the tears you shed for your parents

your children your friends your

situation God is saying to you today for

Every Teardrop for every sleepless night

I have a blessing for you you’re coming

out of this I have sent a regiment of

angels to clear the path for you the

pain you’re feeling is coming to an end

blessings healing Miracles Solutions and

my Divine favor is coming your way

remember my child weeping may endure for

a night but joy cometh in the morning

God says don’t ever underestimate the

power of faith and asking in Jesus name

if you ask for it you shall receive it


it God says I have given a special gift

to R and every one of you a special

talent Only You possess to make you

shine and let others know it must be a

gift from

God God said I need you to get excited

again I need you to remember you’re not

in this thing alone alone I’m working on

your challenges I’ve already assigned

angels to you so let go of the stress

and just trust me I’ve got a pretty

incredible ending in store in fact

that’s why you need to get excited again

because the happy ending I’ve got coming

is going to rock your world Jesus name


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