Beware With Your Friends I God Message I GodlyMessagesToday

my beloved children I come before you

today with an important message about

the company you keep and the friends you

choose in life as your everloving

creator I want nothing more than for you

to experience Joy fulfillment and

Abundant Blessings but the unfortunate

truth is that not everyone you will meet

in this world has your best interests at

heart there are those who would seek to

use you mislead you or bring you down

rather than lift you up this is why you

must be Discerning about those you call

friends the people you surround yourself

with Will profoundly impact the course

of your life their influence can spur

you to reach Greater Heights or drag you

into the depths so choose wise my

children choose those friends who embody

noble character share your values and

want the best for you avoid those who

are selfish spiteful and seek only to

serve their own agenda yes show love and

compassion to all but guard your heart

for not all warrants your ultimate trust

and confidence Ence seek friends who are

true and loyal who stand by you in good

times and bad those who brazenly speak

truth to you but do so with love friends

who hold you accountable and encourage

you to grow into the fullest expression

of yourself for these are rare gems in a

world that often prizes superficiality

over substance surround yourself with

those who share your commitment to

righteousness Justice and walking in my

ways those who fan the Flames of your

faith rather than seek to extinguish it

for you will become like those you

closely associate with the company you

keep shapes your character attitudes and

Destiny so Choose Wisely and be

Discerning my children be friendly to

all but make only a select few your

close confidants and companions not

everyone who Smiles at you is your

friend not everyone who flatters you has

your best interests at heart see beyond

outward charm and Charisma to discern

underlying motives and whether a

potential friend spirit resonates with

yours stay close to to me through prayer

and meditation so you may hear my still

Small Voice guiding you I will whisper

to your heart if someone is safe to let

Into Your Inner Circle I will prompt you

if it’s time to release a relationship

that no longer serves your highest good

trust in me and I will lead you to those

Kindred Spirits who compliment and

complete you my dear children having

laid the foundation let us now explore

this theme of spiritual discernment in

friendship in Greater depth each of you

is on your own Journey Through This Life

along the way many Souls will cross your

path some are meant to accompany you for

only a short stretch of the road while

others are destined to walk with you for

years to come in every encounter there

are lessons and blessings to be gained

but proceed with wisdom in deciding whom

to embrace as a close companion not all

who seem Charming at first will stand

the test of time and adversity some fair

weather friends vanish at the first sign

of storms they offer platitudes but no

real support

others Harbor jealousy and will

undermine you rather than celebrate your

successes some have hearts filled with

pride that take offense easily their

wounded egos cast shade where you

require light beware of befriending

gossips and backbiters for their poison

spreads insidiously until reputations

lie in Ruins exercise caution with those

preoccupied with worldly pleasures and

indulgences of the flesh for they may

lead you astray from higher principles

flee from the influence of those who

scorn righteousness and think only of

gratifying their base appetites for

their ways lead to destruction instead

let your soul be drawn to the

peacemakers The Humble the merciful and

those who hunger for justice the pure in

heart who walk with Integrity for these

are my true disciples bearing good fruit

their wise counsel and uplifting company

will bless your journey where there is

genuine Holiness and virtue you will

find friendship that transcends time and

Circumstance yes Embrace spiritual

kindreds who share your Devotion to me

and your commitment to truth those who

stand unwaveringly for principles we

hold sacred make these your closest

allies for you will sharpen each other

and provide Mutual strength yet always

temper fellowship with wisdom not even

the righteous are perfect avoid making

Idols of mentors for they are but flawed

vessels respect them but do not blindly

follow without question for I have given

you an intellect to reason with subject

all teachings to the light of my spirit

within you for your conscience when pure

reflects my voice ultimately I alone am

your Supreme guide and dearest companion

your best and first friend come to me

daily in prayer and mediation lay

everything at my feet your Joys troubles

questions and decisions in the quiet

sanctuary of our connection you will

feel My Embrace and hear my whisper I

will be your trusted Confidant the one

you can rely on without fail through

every storm and trial for I am the

friend that sticks closer than a brother

my friendship will satisfy your Soul’s

deepest longings drink deeply from this

Wellspring of fellowship with me and you

will never thirst again my beloveds our

time together now draws to a close but

keep these things ever close to your

heart you are my precious children the

apple of my eye I want only the highest

and best for you in this life you have

immense gifts to offer this world stay

focused on cultivating your talents and

pursuing your divinely ordained purpose

be judicious in expending time and

energy on relationships that do not

support your spiritual growth and Soul’s

Journey surround yourself with those who

inspire you to expand create love boldly

and live fully for The Company You Keep

and friendships you nurture will

determine the scope of your influence

limit not your impact due to Indiscreet

associations Be watchful be wise not

everyone presenting themselves as a

friend has goodness within discern

carefully before opening your heart but

once you find true spiritual friends

treasure them forgive them when they

occasionally stumble and disappoint just

as you desire their

forgiveness strengthen each other

through fellowship and mutual counsel

unite in common cause to lift this world

from Darkness into light light keep your

faith vibrant through regular spiritual

practices meditate on my word which

illuminates your path commune with me

often for I am your everpresent guide

companion and comforter the more you

tune your spirit to mine the more easily

you will discern when a relationship

serves or impedes your Soul’s growth you

will recognize Friend or Foe even when

cloaked in flattering guise go bravely

into your days my children making the

most of every Divine encounter cter seow

seeds of love joy kindness and Grace

everywhere you go but reserve your

deepest trust for those proven worthy

and loyal those who stand with you

through stormy seas and calm Waters

alike these are Eternal friends who

become family to uplift and cherish

Rejoice for I am always with you binding

up every wound drying every tear my

friendship is measureless and

unconditional rest in my love be at

peace and may my spirit in your way now

and forever more to summarize choose

friends carefully and be spiritually

Discerning in your relationships

surround yourself with those who uplift

your faith and enrich your Soul’s

Journey stay close to me in prayer and

meditation for I am your first and best

friend I will guide you unfailingly

through life’s twists and turns trust in

my infinite wisdom and everlasting love

beloved friends and fellow sojourners

this concludes today’s message on

friendship and spiritual fellowship

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and love till we meet again infinite


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