Believe In Me – God’s Message For You

my beloved child listen to these words as I have something important to tell you you might feel Unworthy of my

presence in your home but now I assure you that your faith and humility have

drawn my attention I seek to enter not just your home but your heart as

well there I will write words of healing break the chains binding you with a

touch of my hand and ease your suffering all your fears worries and pains will

vanish for even the heavens obey my voice I speak to you directly because I

long to see your joy inner peace and the knowledge in your soul that a future and

a new life await you when you spend time with me you afford me the opportunity to

embrace you and convey the depth of my profound love and protection from

malevolent forces this is the inheritance I I seek to bestow upon you today I implore you

to believe in me wholeheartedly and to receive it you must not continue to walk

in the shackles of painful thoughts you should not believe that you deserve the

dire consequences your sins have rought upon you though you dwell in a realm of

Affliction it is a vanquished world you are the son or daughter of the almighty

God who has made you a promise trust and have faith in me at every step and you shall overcome this

world and its tribulations I observe that you spend hours in tears often without

comprehending the root cause of your suffering allow me to reveal that it is

a deep yearning to return to me that plagues your heart your spirit Longs for

me and your entire being knows that apart from me you can do nothing

it may appear as though life is slipping through your fingers and you have yet to experience the peace and happiness you

have yearned for your loved ones grow more distant each day however pay heed

for I stand before you beside a fountain from which flows the Waters of blessing

quenching your life and your thirst eradicating every sorrow partake of this

water let it anoint your head cleanse those melancholic thoughts and you shall

I’ll never thirst again I promise you this your faith has yielded results

today I have healed you you open the door and I entered your home I shall

remain watching over and blessing your family I shall also bless you beyond

your imagination performing The Miracles you deemed impossible restoring your

happiness I shall continue to arrange the pieces fulfilling the promises of my

word listen to my serene voice for it speaks directly to your soul amen you

need not seek anyone else for comforting words I am here with you here is my

life-giving word let it enter your heart and be filled with my Holy Spirit I am your life your blessing the

true answer your heart seeks affirm your belief in me say it think it write it

with steadfast Faith do not stray from the path that leads you to where you are

most was cherished this place is your Sanctuary your home here you find safety

enveloped in peace where your nights are restful and your dreams deep and

meaningful in this Sanctuary tonight I will introduce you to the supernatural you will stand beside a

river of crystal clear water looking into my eyes as I reach out my arms

you’ll walk Barefoot on this miraculous water cleansing away all your Sorrows

anger and frustrations when you wake in the morning you will feel renewed filled

with Vigor this experience is one of the rewards for those who return to their

faith acknowledge their errors and re-embrace their beliefs my pledges are always kept and

the good things you’ve been waiting for are almost here becoming real as I look at you

unshakable in your faith offering thanks in the middle of the world’s woes I

promise you that the long awaited gift is coming soon trust me you will see it

soon hold it in your hands and say goodbye to all the stress and worry you

put your trust in me and I promise you that ever since I heard your voice and felt your tears I set off the reaction

that your soul so deeply wants many people give up when they don’t get an instant answer to their prayers but I

don’t always act quickly because I enjoy bringing about changes in your life I

shape your character with knowledge planning every detail to make sure that the gift you’re waiting for doesn’t turn

into a problem when you ask for what you don’t need but know this I am the god

who gives much more than what is asked think about your future and the health

of your your family your gifts bring not sadness or stress but peace and no limits Joy our

promise is written in your mind and heart your sins are forgiven and remembered no more look for comfort in

my presence for healing is at my altar I wish you Limitless strength and the

Fulfillment of your faith as you wait calmly for my promises get rid of your angry

complaints and dismiss any any doubts in your thoughts don’t pay attention to the

people who make fun of your religion if you ever get tired and anxious just call

on me and I will help you I’ll give you the strength to keep going and I’ll gift

you with kindness ensuring your feelings don’t get hurt you will receive Prudence

to keep your mouth in check so that you don’t say anything foolish that will wound me from the bottom of my heart I

wish you many gifts and love I only ask that you be thankful like a parent

taking care of their favorite child and don’t be proud or cocky enough to expect

anything the world is full of those who treat me badly they may raise their voices but I

have patience and will wait for them with love no matter how fun it is to

play with fire it’s awful to get burned I know you’re mad that things don’t

always go the way you want them to even though it wasn’t meant this way this is how you pray I answer

you Strife suddenly arises enemies and battles appear to test you there are

problems and it may seem like my answer is late but I will open your mental eyes

and show you that things aren’t as bad as you think they are your gift is right in front of you

you can’t wait but you have to move forward without looking back without any

thoughts that stop you in your tracks if you want to be blessed I want

to see how Brave you are and how you respond when you are tried if your hopes aren’t met what will

you say will you keep waiting with joy in your heart without whining or will

you be bitter waste your time and work like it does for other people I I want you to be strong to love

me with all your heart and all your strength even if I don’t answer

immediately I want to see that steel-like Spirit right away and yes you have to wait I taught you character that

is more valuable than a gem I want your loyalty and I know you

will give it to me you won’t betray me you won’t sell your beliefs for a few

coins you won’t do anything dishonest do bad things or lie to stay out of trouble

because real victories in this world are won this way the gift you’ve been waiting for will come true have faith

and don’t give up if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask don’t listen to

the misguided views of people who don’t believe instead respond to mockers with

love please remember these words and hold them close to your heart I am true

and I also ask you to come back here every morning and say these words to yourself amen faith and trust in me I

reside within you I’ve given you wisdom strength and intelligence so that you

can overcome any problem no matter how difficult it may seem even if many

enemies gather to defeat you do not fall I will save you believe it truly and

cease worrying let go of all doubts and fears and face these situations you will

not go alone my mighty hand goes before you toppling Giants so that you can

reach your destination you are my son my daughter and I have placed the power to

defeat any enemy that comes your way in your hands these enemies will flee

because of the light I have placed within you the light that illuminates the darkness and shows you the path to

Great victories and blessings there is an army of angels that I have sent to watch over your

journey to keep you from stumbling even in the midst of Storms and darkness rise

up now and take hold of the anointing mantle I placed upon your shoulders nothing and no one one can

stand against you for I am your Mighty God I am here to protect you and give

you strength so that your legs do not tremble with fear and your faith does not waver you are very special to me and

I will not allow you to be defeated because your Victory is my victory I have Divine and wonderful

plans for you life may have struck you with many blows and the enemy tried to bring you

down in every possible way placing people in your path to discourage you

people who humiliated you mocked you and doubted your faith Faith do not fret for

no person or situation has control over you as I am here to protect heal and

strengthen you with my loving embrace my powerful hand will reach into

your life healing every hurt and sad memory in your heart despite trials and

the adversaries I am here to repair everything that is broken in your life

continue on your path stay determined and upright for the adversary has tried

hard hard to stop you your perseverance continues because my grace sustains you

everything you’re enduring everything you faced is not the final chapter of your story my child you will not lose

this battle when others see your situation is the end I will intervene with my powerful hand and my angels to

Proclaim arise for your prayers have been answered your life is about to transform

be a aware that many doubt even when they see my presence daily but you are

not one of them my word alone is enough to heal you and the supernatural power

from my words is sufficient to give you life and lift you up amim in Gates of Heaven will open

wide for you and you’ll be enveloped in deep love you can’t go back the shade of

failure has faded I am in your life so deeply that it becomes your Sanctuary urging

you to accept my words which lead to true happiness every morning you’ll feel

energized by a Divine determination this Divine energy will lift your spirit your

arms will get stronger and your legs will run faster and waves of inspired

thoughts will wash over you led by my Holy Spirit you’ll

leap you’ll be outside ready to take advant of chances that await you don’t

worry you won’t be shaken when dealing with important people in this big world no one will make you feel

unsafe approach them with open arms and a real smile and they’ll open their hearts to

you I will perform Miracles and do amazing things through you the problems

you encounter are only temporary Shadows not signs of your demise everything you’ve lost will be

restored enhanced and blessed you were not made to fail know

this you belong to me and your fate can’t defeat me my love for you proves

that fear not for I have been am and always will be by your side until the

end stand firm in your faith because today I give you gifts and strength I

will always stand by you I will never leave you I will hear you and respond my

word lives in your heart and serves as a constant reminder that Solitude is a

fantasy even when life is hard I send out Legions of angels to protect you on

your journey and keep you safe from the darkness’ hidden dangers when fear tries to take hold

remember to see things from the perspective of a Victor and stand firm again knowing that with each passing day

my love for you grows stronger my sacrifice on the cross was to save you

and give you a life full of abundance I offer you my hand always ready to listen

accept and give you peace no matter what do not fear for I will never forsake you

you are my precious gift and nothing can take away my everlasting love for you

rest now and let go of your worries into Divine peace I release you into my favor

your happiness and well-being are very important to me I want to hear and

understand everything that’s bothering you and getting in your way just know

that I’m here for you no matter what should anything make you feel weak or

disheartened let me help you find an answer my Holy Spirit resides within you

giving you power and dominion over your emotions at this moment choose joy and

don’t rely on others for your happiness it is my will that you be free do not

fight sin and Temptation with your own strength amen Faith continue to flourish

maintaining your belief in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges and

the impossible release the hold of the past

and accept the current state of your life Joy is not found in reminiscing

about what once was reject the influences of those who in the past

sought to separate you from me filling your mind with lies and deceit hindering

your progress and making you feel unworthy forgive those who have wronged

you and harbor no resentment your battle is not against flesh and blood therefore

refrain from hostility or aggression towards anyone your true struggle lies

in the spiritual realm where battles are fought and the enemy attempts to ens

snare your soul be vigilant resist succumbing to his traps it is my desire

that you follow me diligently confront the forces of evil kneel in faith within

your secret Refuge close your doors and with my word before you pray

silently strengthen yourself in me draw upon my might and Dawn my armor so you

are prepared to face whatever lies ahead your Destiny is under the care of my

omnipotent God for whom nothing is beyond reach in the most unlikely places where

scarcity prevails and many have lost hope I will nurture your

growth in this precise environment my cherished child you will uncover the

resilience within you dreams that have Lain dormant will awaken and find

fulfillment every adversity intended against you has been transformed into a

catalyst for your development the obstacles you currently face will morph

into markers of your Victory anticipate the Marvels that await for your prayers

have been acknowledged and I am poised to bestow blessings that surpass all

your supplications even when the path is obscured place your trust in me I am

your constant companion guiding you towards serenity

there may be moments when my presence seems distant but rest assured I am

perpetually orchestrating your success my timing aligns perfectly with

your needs embrace the opportunities I present and when I beckon you forward

proceed with confidence arise Stand Tall Victorious and triumphant embrace my

message release the burdens of past transgressions and behold the transformation

in your life you have been reborn your future securely cradled in my

Providence safeguarded and secure I dispatch you a new unburdened by fear to

Proclaim your unwavering faith in me today engage in dialogue with me

yearning for Liberation from all adversities I aim to lighten the burdens

weighing upon your weary frame and spirit I yearn for transformative shifts

in your existence revitalizing your essence turning Joy from a mere

aspiration into your tangible reality I am here responsive to your in treaty for

Aid acknowledging your Reliance on my intervention may your faith expand

continually sustaining your trust even amidst daunting challenges and seemingly

insurmountable odds let go of the past and embrace the present state of your

life Joy is not found in the remnants of yester years dismiss the influences of

those who previously sought to sever your connection with me clouding your mind with falsehoods and obstructing

your progress rendering you feeling unworthy forgive those who have wronged

you harboring no bitterness your struggle is not against flesh and blood thus refrain from

hostility towards anyone your true battle lies within the spiritual realm

where formidable adversaries strive to ens snare your soul be vigilant

resisting their deceptions it is my desire that you follow my lead

diligently face the forces of Darkness bow in faith within your Sanctuary close

your doors and with my word before you pray in solitude fortify yourself in me

draw upon my mind and Dawn my armor ready to confront whatever lies ahead in every season

through joy and trials I grant you a profound Assurance you are my triumphant

Champion worthy of my affection Embrace faith for I am set to perform wonders

within you and your kin trust is now yours to hold

understanding that the matter we both hold dear is securely within my grasp poor poised for

resolution affirm your belief in me should the need to confide arise trust

in my attentive ear for your concerns if a burden weighs upon your mind share it with me without fear of

reproof or condemnation your secrets are safe shielded by the sacrifice of my

blood my desire is to liberate you from the chains of anxiety stress and Dread I

spoken to you repeatedly urging tranquility and courage while anxiety seeks dominion

over your thoughts influencing not only your well-being but also that of your

loved ones yielding to despair diminishes the fortitude of Faith

leading to despair rest assured no wrath or judgment is directed your

way though challenges May beset you I will transmute all adversities into

blessings for your benefit fueled by my love hence hesitate not to approach me

amen I yearn to unveil my blueprint for your life to guide and educate you

empowering you to forge your path in this pivotal phase of your existence

time is of the essence exercise wisdom in your associations distancing yourself from

influences that undermine your faith in UST them to my care I shall work within

their hearts while illuminating your path forward immerse yourself daily in my

teachings be judicious in your actions and words and guard your innermost

vulnerabilities have faith in my provision of loyal companions who will support and believe in

you I possess the power to alleviate your burdens in me your spirit will find

solace for all you entrust to my care I pledge my Vigilant oversight my eternal love is

your guarantee promising healing Guardianship and Solace fear neither

circumstance nor adversary for my strength emboldens you my might upholds

you and my hand safeguards you this assurance has been constant even in

moments of disorientation and overwhelming challenges now as you absorb these words

words let it be a testament to your faith and aspiration for a life filled

with joy and fulfillment dismiss any notion of unworthiness for you are my cherished

one who has welcomed me into your heart I have chosen you as an inheritor of all

that is pure and Splendid my love for you deepens with each passing

day if your intentions are noble and your heart is kind your dreams Anchored

In Truth and virtue shall manifest it’s never too late to persist in your endeavors to nurture the faith

you’ve already established and it’s never too early to embark on this journey if Readiness

eludes you fear not I extend my support to all who seek

it to those who seek closeness and service with devotion hear this call you

are destined for Meaningful and significant Endeavors despite any past

missteps your belief in My Sacrifice and Resurrection empowers you with

conviction I offer forgiveness for your transgressions and Grant you A Renewed

beginning elevating you as a beacon within your family those who have caused

you pain will witness my Declaration of love and esteem for you disregard the

voices that undermine your value for I Am The Sovereign God who has saved and

reclaimed you through my grace and mercy I rejuvenate your weary Soul continuously revealing

my love with each breath you take embrace my affection unwaveringly for

your Everlasting joy and all your blessings hinge on this Faith persist in

your love and trust in me knowing I am by your side in All Seasons offering

Solace during restless nights anticipate the arrival of prosperity through your

community holding fast to my words as your Covenant promising guidance along

unforeseen paths a multitude of Miracles and Marvels beyond your imagination

awaits with your deepest desires attainable through my boundless might I

will pave your way and accompany you through every trial emboldened reject

the seeds of fear and skepticism the trials you’ve endured have fortified ified you instilling A

Warrior’s Spirit through my holy spirit’s anointment wield the sword of my word

persisting in battle against any ailment or financial hurdle knowing no obstacle

is insurmountable with your faith in me I Delight in your fortitude seeking

daily opportunities to strengthen and console you lighting your spiritual path

during moments of adversity as you navigate challenges remember the sovereignty over your

destiny lies with me cling to my promises and let not the shadow of dire

news disrupt your stride you are accompanied by a Heavenly Father Who

contemplates Your Potential choosing belief and Trust distance yourself from

cynics addicted to despair surround yourself with the compassionate those

who uplift and Inspire in gratitude continue your journey nurturing dreams

and hopes and witness the unfolding of potent Miracles maintain humility

allowing my care and embrace to demonstrate my profound love propelling

you to unprecedented Heights amidst adversarial Pursuits let your faith and

Assurance in my divine plan be your Fortress embrace the path I guide you on

holding my hand aligning with my will and finding tranquil qu ility within it

is my desire to alleviate the anguish in snaring your spirit for it has no place

there in the Embrace of my arms I will accompany you through both Inferno and

Tempest ensuring you emerge unscathed cease your suffering together

we shall navigate the tumultuous Seas of your tribulations even when they appear vast and daunting my presence guarantees

you will not founder discard your apprehensions and focus on the prosperity that awaits your arrival rely

on those who offer love and protection elevate your faith and nurture your hope

dark clouds may attempt to obscure the sun of your Liberation diverting your gaze from the radiance destined to

illuminate your path amen affection surrounds you caressing your soul with

Grace I hold you in higher esteem than you can fathom safeguarding your steps

as you Traverse this path shielding you from hidden perils you move me deeply

because despite the adversities you have faced you remain steadfast I admire your unwavering Faith

you have strived earnestly and I know it well I witness your concerns and observe

how your first thought is to Aid those you love even when gratitude eludes you

you shall find greater peace if you come to me at this very moment and rest your weary head upon my

shoulder take a breath and remember that even when others falter or abandon you

you shall find entry into my love peace strength and Sanctuary for I adore you

care for you and shall continue to fortify you in moments of Sorrow when

your mind is shaken by life’s storms you shall hear the gentle song of my Holy

Spirit soothing your soul entrust me with the burdens you bear lay your

Sorrows here and confide in me your troubles with each word uttered in

prayer I shall Grant you the strength and solutions to your problems do not

let fear fill your soul trust that when you kneel in prayer and offer your

supplications they soar like doves and reach my heavenly Throne if in doubt

that your prayers are in vain that I have forsaken you and that no one is listening do not heed it how could I

abandon you I made you a promise never to forsake you I repeat it now even if

the whole world should abandon you if your family departs if your friends reject you and if all whom you love

forget you I shall not I shall remain here as I always am attentive to your

needs while you read these words may they envelop you with Tranquility

dispelling the Solitude I shall turn everything in your favor for I am with

you seek me out you must pray and remain Vigilant to wage the battle against the

adversary who opposes you receiving all that I desire to bestow upon you but who

is mightier tell me with your lips write it with your fingers contemplate it with

your mind and believe it with your heart who possesses the power and the will to

Aid you I can I want to I shall for I

have shown you Mercy amen my guidance has steered you through formidable challenges in the past and I will not

abandon you especially as Triumph draws near my vigilance over you ensures that

the snares laid by your adversaries will not ens snare you my angels encircle you

you offering protection and companionship through every moment using

burning swords to protect your life and honor I give you the power to get through all of this snakes and scorpions

will not be a threat because they will not rule over you over and over you’ve

come to me for advice and words now it’s time to fast and kneel before me every

day I ask for my gift so that I can be safe in the arms of my protective

Embrace accept that I will step into the lives of those who are against you and

make them do what they will feel bad about hurting you and be less likely to do it again when they understand that

it’s not okay to make fun of my holy name and they will understand that

faithfulness they’ll see that your trust in me stands for strength and respect

ethics and Truth not many people including you will start to think about

their spiritual lives more sincerely as you walk this road do so with a humble

heart and your eyes fixed on the sky do not think about the people who

tried to put you down I have you in my hands to make sure that you won’t trip

or fall over the obstacles in your way and stand strong do not be afraid of the threats

or ridicule of others because you are paying attention to them they might accidentally cause fear and they might

those who see that you are weak will try to hurt you but their efforts will

fail will be feudal because they’ll have to face me and be shown to be cowards

when my light shines on their evil plans Shining Light stay strong in your

faith and dedicated to being honest and telling the truth because you already

won now live in peace knowing that no harm or no harm can come

to you or your family you can live your life without any worries no longer

interested in those people hold on to my love and bad things won’t be able to

reach you enjoy this day and forget about your problems my Legion of shining

angels will go with you wherever you go while you’re in my care I will always

show you how much I love you let’s look look at the Horizon which is now covered

in a Divine golden Grace tell me about your thoughts I

haven’t forgotten those dreams you held close I remember how you when you were

young and naive made up stories of happiness and exciting Journeys that

went on forever these ideas that your heart whispers are important to me don’t lose

them in the darkness of doubt and hold them close because we can bring them to

life as you grew that spark of joy in you flickered out under the weight of

life’s problems which are not yours to carry alone you were wrongfully given a load

that wasn’t meant for you while those who should have stood by you helped and guided you took a step back and watched

in Silence the light I gave you will shine through your darkest times leaving a

bright trail of Hope I could see how you didn’t accept rejection as your fate there was

something deep inside you quiet but Mighty that pushed you on and you wanted

to leave your Sorrows behind and sail to far away lands your heart’s selflessness

caught my eye unlike those who were caught up in their own desires you want

to grow and succeed and you hope to come back and help those you left behind I’ve

always known this about you there’s a seed of life in your heart every hard

time you’ve been through has made you better because of my Holy Spirit right now my dear child I love

you and have faith in your abilities your strength is clear your heart

unwavering tears have been with you fear and worry have been your enemies but

each Dawn brings new life bringing a smile back to your face and giving you the strength to stand tall I happily say

this is your journey my child as the angels in heaven are waiting to help you

stay steady to help you make your dreams come true when you call I’ll answer with what

I’ve given you divine insights and a strengthened spirit your bravery touches

my heart and my promise to keep my word is what makes me want to bless you

greatly unwavering in my vows that I will keep you have grown wiser and more

mature reaching a higher mental level don’t compare yourself to others

with the gifts you’ve grown your path is unique and special bravely go after your

goals Envy of other people’s successes should be let go as you accept your real

journey your hard work and wins won’t be lost or hidden but will take over your own land of benefits your true goals

will bring you fruit that will grow greatly in these times of world trouble and you and your family will find

blessings while other people lament missed chances your mind will be good

ground for my lessons every morning amen I discern your thoughts I know you

possess a noble heart these trials you endure are but part of your journey and

your training Beyond this Affliction you shall find happiness and abundant

provision do not fear do not be disheartened do not discard all you have

gained a momentary distraction may attempt to bring you down thus I implore

you to ignite that flame within your soul the flame that shall keep you awake

even when you seek rest dedicate a moment to me I wish to converse with you

to unveil Wonders that shall fortify both you and your family have unwavering

faith and relay this message to your loved ones gather your family join hands

seek forgiveness and together offer a sincere prayer unto me afterward convey everything I have

spoken to you everything I shall do within you do it if you dare to believe

and you shall witness how I shall bless you wherever two or three are gathered in my name there I am if you desire a

genuine embrace come to me now I long to hold you and reveal my unwavering

commitment to follow you I know you need me your thoughts and your needs cannot

be concealed with me you shall achieve everything when separated from me your

flame shall diminish I hear you and I shall respond I desire to help you escape

scarcity and Conquer illness I love you and I shall reaffirm it throughout the

day and in your dreams right right here while your heart feasts on my words your

spirit plunges into crystalline Waters that cleanse your soul every morning

when you awaken my glory envelops you awakens you sustains you clothes you

prepares you for battle Embraces you tenderly instills faith and security

within you fill your mind with holy words that shall strengthen you on your

journey you anticipate a miracle today I can grant it to you tell me now

that you believe let me see a mighty smile on your face your eyes filled with

faith your courageous attitude brimming with strength and power rise my Champion

it is time to conquer your blessing is here in my hands the definitive solution

to all your problems resides with me come and claim it what are you waiting for

you are aware of my love for you it’s a feeling you’ve always carried deep within even during times you felt

distant despite doubts Whispering that you had strayed that I seemed silent in

your times of need deep down you understand that I am ever timely I have

always been by your side watching over you offering answers and soluions that

perhaps you weren’t ready to embrace my words though filled with

eloquence seemed daunting to you it appeared almost Unthinkable that I your

God would communicate directly with you amen the heavens and the Earth are under

my dominion and all their Creations heed my command I am ushering in a renewal

dispelling the tempest’s Menace the sun’s Rays piercing through your windows

reveal the Splendor of the world outside heralding a return to joyous

days your kin those who strayed or misunderstood will reconsider their

stance and those who distance themselves will witness a transformation should they forsake their

Wayward paths and Elevate me to the Forefront of their Consciousness Transformations are

unfolding around you some beyond your immediate perception observers abound some veiled

in Envy While others openly Express their admiration a profound change is underway

within you sparking curiosity among your peers when queried about your secret

your response will be my faith in the Lord the author of my salvation and the

harbinger of my fortune sustains me in my hands rests the power of rebirth I am

Jesus and in my sacred and mighty name I UR urge you to close your eyes and bow

in prayer wherever you may be let my blessings permeate your heart

and with all the faith and vigor you possess Proclaim that Christ is alive

arise and proceed steadfast in the divine plan laid out for you true

Absolution is yours for my potent blood purifies your heart unlocking the gates

to Eternity Rejoice for today marks the day of your celes

Triumph conquer Giants and Excel in all your endeavors under my mighty name be

advised the culmination of your long awaited aspirations draws near share

with me your feelings your aspirations and what fuels your zest for Life

cultivate a heart of gratitude for the small Joys and for those who bring light to your days pen down my words keep them

within sight and and internalize their meaning allowing my love and might to

fill your being believe in my profound love for you in my desire to bless you

and in the beautiful perfect plan I have for you and your loved ones the moment has arrived for you to embrace the long

awaited blessings to end your tears and suffering abundance and peace shall

reign in every aspect of your life I propose a covenant welcome my word into

your heart each morning and it shall be your Solace and your guide before the year concludes I will

visit your household instilling Harmony love kindness and

joy confess your belief in me and you shall overcome your blessings are imminent

unimpeded and soon you shall witness the Fulfillment of your needs improved

health and the return of a cherished one are assured be bold commence the the celebration for when friends and family

seek you out let them be greeted by your radiant joy and witness the miraculous

gift I am about to bestow I speak truth and I fulfill my

promises let this assurance dispel any anxiety or fear for I will personally

eradicate your suffering embrace the forthcoming days of delight and

happiness fear not weep not falter not trust in me for I your God Proclaim this

today embrace the notion that your faith however small holds the potential for

miraculous growth recognize that you may be too critical of yourself you’ve

acquired wisdom through your experiences and your perspective is evolving among the greatest gifts I

offer is forgiveness a manifestation of my love bought at a significant

cost this assurance allows you to release the burdens of past errors and missed opportunities knowing I have

something Superior in store for you trust in my love and forgiveness and

commit to engaging with my word daily your future is not defined by past pains

or mistakes it’s time for healing to mend the hurts that linger in your heart

to release the grip of the past and to embrace the present with full trust in

me share your concerns and find solace in my presence however guard your secrets

from those who might misuse your trust immerse yourself in my teachings seek my

presence and fulfill Your Divine Purpose a new chapter awaits one filled with joy

and devoid of Sorrow your tears of pain will transform into tears of joy as my promises

materialize in your life rest in the knowledge that you are safeguarded In My

Embrace immune to harm amen don’t accept everything people say and be wary of

people who you know will lie to you often Liars don’t let anyone plant grudges or let your fears come

out I want you to tell me about your problems thoughts and feelings pay

attention all day because you will feel my presence in your mind and heart and hear my voice leading you look around

you a lot of people are suffering and their sadness is clear on their faces but I want my glory to shine in you so

that your Brave gaze May cheer up many people you are my beloved child my most

special creation I have given you special skills and gifts that you can use in my name and for my glory don’t

worry about the future I have a plan for you I love you no matter what forever

and my plan is wonderful and will be fulfilled at the right time I really do want your heart and that your eyes are

on my good ways I’ve known you since the beginning of time and I’m aware of all of your flaws

and successes and if you fail I want your heart to come to me with faith and

repentance I will grant forgiveness do not lock yourself in a dark room and mope about your sins because you think

that after what you did my love for you was over and I’m mad I paid for it before you even noticed me with trust

and honesty and I’ll give you another chance don’t be afraid to give me your fears that want to make your soul

confused they belong to me you have committed your life to my care my words hurt like

bombs so I always talk to you with love leave your fears behind and trust that you will be led in the right direction I

am your rock and your safe place to go during storms hold on to these lessons when you hear them and share them your

peace and happiness will grow and your home will be filled with my love I will always be your friend and guardian come

to me every day in true prayer and I’ll give your heart strength stay calm and don’t don’t worry anymore I’ll take away

your stress if you give me the chance forget all your problems and allow me to plant this word in your mind without any

other thoughts going on heart I’m with you even when the people who say they love you leave you I will be with you if

people who hate you attack you and you are by yourself I love you and will protect you I’m your father your God and

your friend maybe it’s hard for you to understand that someone loves you so deeply a love as wonderful as yours you

feel bad about yourself because you’ve never imagined a sweetness as sweet as the one you’ve never felt that the

things you’ve done make you Unworthy of such love don’t do this don’t punish yourself don’t put yourself down because

it makes you sad depression I will take away the spiritual coverings that keep you from

seeing me I will change your mind I want you to believe in me so come to me I

know you’re tired and hurt come close to me so you can find the peace you want and need that small amount that was

given to you will be the starting point to attract much more into your path believe that you deserve to prosper even

if some things have been taken from you in the past know that the healing of all losses is on the way God wants to reward

you and give you much more than you have had before he is a god of restitution

and Justice what you have been seeking for so long will finally be laid before

you do not despair if the path is not yet fully visible ible God is conspiring

in your favor and will soon show you exactly the right direction to follow pay attention to the signs he will place

in your path to guide you to your greatest achievements these are insights

encounters ideas and many synchronicities all working in your favor believe in them know that you have

much more power than you imagine the ability to achieve your dreams and obtain everything you desire is within

you you just need to believe in this power and and use it fully declare positively that you are a source of

abundance and prosperity ward off any negative thoughts that try to tell you otherwise your words have power use them

to attract all that is good start and end your day by being thankful for already having everything you desire

this attitude will increase your faith and certainty of deserving attracting even more abundance constantly visualize

yourself living this new life full of achievements and realize dreams the more details you can imagine the faster it

will materialize always remember that nothing is impossible for you especially when you have God by your side ask for

his guidance and follow the signs he sends you your success is guaranteed you

have much more power than you imagine declare it believe it and put that power to work in your favor soon you will be

enjoying everything you desire and much more do not give up great

Transformations are on the way you are entering a blessed and prosperous phase in all aspects of your life prepare your

heart and mind for something wonderful is about to happen there will be days of intense joy prosperity and a sense of

fulfillment dreams you have nurtured for a long time will finally materialize as

if by Magic take it easy I don’t want your days to be hard I don’t want you to

wake up sad don’t give up my death and Resurrection are a gift of love for you

so that you can live your life with Divine Joy heart I’m breaking the ties that were holding you back from growing

today the chains that were holding you back from moving forward towards the future of gifts I offer you are

broken going backwards and asking the people who put you in jail what they think the choice to love me and follow

me is yours they don’t care about your peace or well-being their only goal is to drag you down don’t give up be brave

and strong as you walk towards the new life I’m giving you you can be sure that

your gift will come your way soon trust my word and accept it with hope and joy

don’t get stuck on your mistakes don’t waste time looking back your future is ahead of you when you’re tired and weak

know that I love you as your father give me your hand and I’ll help you get through it I’m here to listen and hug

you comfort yourself with words of love and life I love you very much and I want you to trust me enough to tell me

everything that bothers and hurts you believe I deserve your love I don’t want

you to spend your time in pain or worry to be locked up by fear my dear child you are very important to me today I

want to tell you that even if you don’t feel like telling me everything that’s happened to you I’m still here for you

already at work to help you get through this situation successfully I can feel it all in your heart and I can hear all

the things that are going through your mind today when it seems like you are going through the most pain I am closer

to you than you can imagine my loved daughter dear son take a deep breath I

have everything under control don’t be afraid and keep your faith I know that sometimes everything takes a long time

but I want you to know that there are many things going on to complete and each part fits into my grand and perfect

plan plan wait and know that I’m clearing roads moving mountains and getting rid of hurdles you are fighting

enem enemies that you can’t see with your own eyes the miracle you asked for will happen truth be told I’m giving you

peace and quiet take a deep breath and smile it will be okay I want you to be

happy now just think and talk if you want to talk about the wonderful things you are thankful for don’t say anything

bad don’t say any bad or depressing things instead look at my keep your vows

and live each moment to the fullest use your days to share everything your Joys with me look ahead head and make your

faith stronger think about all the lovely things that might happen while you talk to me about my book it’s

already set in stone that great Miracles will happen look for me every day and your faith will never weaken pay close

attention when I whisper to you because my words will show you magic your life is changing everything will be okay and

the problems that are bothering you will go away you come to me because you know how much I love you I will keep my word

to help you be at peace and move forward in life with the solidity peace and the

happiness that come from knowing your heavenly father is always with you when you feel weak and like you’re going to

fail know that my kindness is Limitless and my Mercy is endless I’ve always

stood by you and won’t leave you now in your greatest need need to greet each Dawn with tears in your eyes when your

heart is heavy voice is where your daily strength lies trust me because I see a

hope that the future holds peace and happiness for you please hold on to my love for life life it live persist

despite problems keep your mind on my promises and face attacks unshaken problems undaunted by danger remember

your courage in my eyes believe with all your heart that I will enrich you even

if people laugh at you do well because you were picked to do well look for me in a humble prayer bow sincere love and

daily lift your prayers enjoy my company and I will give in to your deepest desires enjoy hearing these words and

then take your own life it has to do this year remember this is most important enjoy the moment I will bless

you and your family there is nothing more I want to do Reach Out And Touch me

I will restore your honor and place and a better life is waiting for you if you give me your heart accept my comfort and

forgive my Tender Love promise is written in your heart and you believe in them with all your heart do not be like

people who talk about love but don’t have it Faith they put human judgment ahead of their own putting themselves

through scorn and many people are punished by others under the cover of Love seek to take advantage of and

unjustly hold people to standards they don’t even follow devotion and superiority they will always see you as

the one who did wrong guilty the worst sinner today I set you free rest easy at

night because my holy spirit will guide you through the night and heal your heart and mind break the last few chains

and awaken to eternal Freedom Joy won’t depend on what other people think you’ll be true to yourself my wise smart

sensitive and brave this child is a light with a lively strong passionate faith in your darkest hours when you’re

upset and angry and when everything seems hopeless hold on to me you’re mine

and set your sights on life’s Beauty no longer live in shadowy corners and cry

under a roof of contempt but know this I love you Aid and I promise you a better

tomorrow that I will make you the gifts and skills of Might Embrace peace and joy take care of your

health and Stand Tall because Royal Blood protected flows through your veins Forever by your Celestial father who is

strong and faithful in his faith Proclaim I trust you dear father I’m

giving you the chance you’ve been looking for despite the problems that I will clear those deep pleases and I will

answer witness your life’s change see how your soul is changing your family and your home think about the future and

let go of the past trust in my powerful power let go of the things that are dragging you down and set your sights on

the Divine leaving behind the things of this world your life is of infinite value value your family and the plans I

have for you may seem so Grand Beyond hope that your dreams will come true not

just by your own strength but also through if you believe in my kindness and power don’t just rely on those who

say they they will keep their word even the best friends may fall apart but I am

the one who will never let them leave you now that the long awaited gifts are about to come true approaches when fear

and desire fade away and are replaced by holy peace a lot but your unshakable

faith in my word is the most important thing only then will you reach I will

give you a knowledge that will help you reach your intended Heights and remain strong through trials when your Spirit

reveals my deepest secrets you will be amazed at I want you to know how much I

love you and how many gifts I have bestowed upon you are you ready to answer enjoy the good things that are

coming your way and speak from the heart I can see how much you love I also value

your children very much I have written their names on their faces I believe they are very important in your life in

every way and I haven’t forgotten that urge you to find peace so that the pain caused by their choices can go away

you’re afraid they’ll lose their way let go of these worries they’re too much for you to handle trust me with your worries

and put more of your attention on your own Journey over worrying makes you weaker so find peace and keep your

strength I want you to pray that the time has come to don’t hold on to things that need to go your kids are ready to

fly like birds trust that as you pray for them my protective Embrace will wrap

around them and keep them safe surrounds them listen to my advice and believe in

my plans your mind is heavy when I will handle these things if you try to control or decide for your kids there

are lines they shouldn’t cross and your family and home’s honor will always be protected if they do you can’t stay

quiet I will give you the power peace and knowledge to face them but never in if you’re angry watch what you say it

can hurt or heal I haven’t been mean to I bring you love and safety do the same for me kids know that mistakes will be

made in tears will flow but they know that Jesus can save them what you’ve been through will also reach them and at

some point they’ll reach a turning point repent and go back home with gifts that will make your home more beautiful and

bring you more years of happiness forgive them and give them a second chance keep hoping for them we be at

ease knowing they are in my care you are a wonderful mother person I respect your spirit and value the words you use when

you talk to me at night when you close your eyes in prayer I love it when your

heart beats happily full of the Divine happiness I give loved one you don’t

have to be sad or hopeless about what’s happening to you right now I love you and today you’ll feel it in a lot of

different ways I’ll show you through my strong word believe that if there is

conflict you will feel my Divine love surrounding you if there is sadness

coming my way will make you feel better and your heart will stay happy amen

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