Before You Start Your Day.. |God Message Today

my beloved child show you believe in me

through quiet time in my heavenly

presence let go of your worries and

distractions that want your attention

feeling strong from this special

connection gets you ready to face any

problems before you start your day pause

with me and confirm I’m real and alive

this strong belief weakens the bad

things and helps you in the spiritual

World I’ll guide you through tough times

with my wisdom the world is confused

confusing and noisy too many things can

Tire you out but when you’re with me

you’ll feel purposeful and able to do

more with less effort trust me you’re on

a special Journey though you didn’t

choose it I did trust me even when

things are hard and you can’t see what’s

ahead just hold on to my hand as we go

even if you can’t see me I’m there with

you put your hope in me my dear one I’ll

always take care of you focus on finding

happiness in me even when life is tough

don’t obsess over problems just trust

that I’ll handle them faith is important

in both life and

spirit trust me for what you need every

day don’t worry about this world too

much trust me in everything even small

things this trust keeps you steady while

those who rely on themselves might

change their minds a lot trust in me is

like a strong boat sailing steadily to

where you want to be be brave and stick

to your beliefs even if the world

changes around you walk with honesty and

confidence knowing your strength comes

from me this way you won’t worry so much

and bad news won’t bother you your trust

in me will keep you strong if you trust

me like this video and type amen

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