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beloved child it’s not a coincidence that you’re here today every twist in

life has its purpose if sadness weighs upon you draw near for I long to envelop you in love

compassion warmth and tenderness remember this sadness is

fleeting and Beyond these words you’ll find Solace your day of redemption is upon

you it’s time to pause and reconnect with your Divine Purpose rest assured in

this truth In My Embrace and let me fill your soul with peace and your heart with joy leave behind the worries of the

world and just be with me for a moment trust me with your troubles and I will take care of them realish this time you

know that with me you find the greatest love in the entire universe here I offer

you understanding and the time and affection you’ve been missing you’re now in my presence surrounded by peace and

calm The Emptiness inside you will fade and you’ll realize you’re never alone

cherished and valued by your heavenly father Embrace this assurance anxiety

can’t grip you anymore because you see that there’s a purpose in everything you’ve overcome many challenges emerging

stronger despite the pain you faced stay close to me understand that my plans for you are filled with kindness and

Tranquility I wish for your true well-being and steadiness I’m not talking about fleeting fame or material

wealth I’m referring to the richness of your spirit the growth of your inner self I desire for you to be brimming

with wisdom eager to greet each new day and return here to absorb my words once

more you don’t have to feel broken or defeated you shouldn’t spend your days in sorrow believing you’re unloved or

that my affection has left you always hold on to these words I cherish you and

I aim to bring peace and steadiness to your soul that’s the real truth today I present you with a special kind of Joy

that’s beyond your daily achievements or momentary feelings This Joy is deeper stronger and

enduring it doesn’t Fade with the challenges you encounter nothing can take it away from you no one can remove

this profound happiness I’m offering you now which is steadfast and unwavering

it’s paired with wisdom bravery and Faith empowering you

to tackle your struggles overcome adversaries and face the Giants with this new found strength you can endure

any hardship Traverse any Barren landscape and remain unshaken in me

you’ll always find a safe haven amidst the storms I will be your beacon in the densest darkness and The Rock on which

you can lean in your most fragile moments also I want you to understand

that every experience whether good or bad is part of a greater plan each scar

each tiar leaves you with a choice that prepares prepares you for future moments making you stronger and pouring over you

my powerful anointing it is important that you always maintain your faith but

I also ask you to appreciate yourself you are a wonderful being with immense potential and although life may

sometimes seem uphill you have the ability to overcome any adversity let go of your

fears bitterness and uncertainties and hold on to hope faith and love whenever

you feel down or a drift remember my hand is always there to pick you up reminding you that you’re never fighting

alone and no matter the situation there’s is a Heavenly plan for you a journey and a bright

future you are unique cherished and invaluable and it’s time for you to

embrace and live out this truth don’t lose heart because in me you’ll find the

fortitude to press on be bold to dream to trust in wonders to build connections

rather than barriers experience each day as though it’s your final love deeply forgive truly and keep

smiling the world is in dire need of light and you can be the beacon that guides others through their gloomiest

times starting now Embrace this challenge I present to you live out your

true identity as a child of your father the creator of everything the all powerful one who

enriches your existence with goodness and crowns you with with kindness proceed with the faith you hold today

I’ve entrusted you with a I’ve picked you to be a triumphant warrior with a modest yet faith-filled heart do not

fear your foes you are destined for victory I want to hear you tell me that

you truly believe shout it write it comment on it I believe I am the god of

the impossible hear me telling you I love you these words heal your heart

alleviate your mind of all tension place your concerns in my hands these problems

will just disappear your pain will end things will change let me help you I

want to remove anguish from you give me those thoughts that hurt you and drag you down worrying is not good listen to me

and give me a bit of your time I do not take away your minutes give me just a few seconds and I will multiply them

into years of abundance in life let out those feelings that break your soul and make your heart heart

bleed lead tell me what you are afraid of who has more power than me to whom

have you entrusted your life I am the owner of your soul the creator of your spirit I know what you long for at this

moment so do not resist your heart is hungry for my grace and your whole being

needs me you’ve been walking alone for too long feeling unsupported this has been the cause of

your pain and loneliness dive into the stream of my love find refuge in my presence and soak

up my peace you should no longer be a captive of fear the words I offer you

are meant to heal and set your spirit free you are surrounded by people who care for you lean on them fight for them

and for yourself a bright future lies before you but remember to uphold our

promise stand by the commitment you made to me when you felt you couldn’t go on

recall your plea for strength to continue living a plea I graciously answered I understand some

aspects of your life may feel overwhelming yet now is the moment to show that I am Forever by your side

you’ll sense my presence even more in challenging times than in moments of joy and happiness for you know my strength

is revealed in your vulnerability so I urge you today do not

forsake the progress you’ve made do not squander all the goodness I have bestowed upon you you nor do I wish for

you to distance yourself from the people you love do not discard them even if they have harmed you give

them a second chance distance yourself from violence I understand how difficult it is to endure shames and humiliations

that you do not deserve let nothing and no one disturb your peace take the necessary step to free yourself and do

not be afraid Turn Away From Evil I will open

doors for you I will assist you I will take care of you and I will ensure your well-being wherever you are I’m always

here to protect you because my love for you is immense start today knowing that I’m

right by your side you have a kind heart so I promise to enhance and increase all

that you do with love to those hesitant about visiting the doctor today remember

I haven’t left your side I haven’t given up on you you I’m the ultimate Authority and can still work wonders no matter the

circumstances it’s my desire to bring you health and vitality release your

anxieties and let my peace envelop you including those uncertain about how to

provide for their children today grow your faith I’m preparing a feast of messages for you and your family to

savor my blessings to the Skeptics those who doubted your faith and mocked your belief in me I will

supply your needs in your household scarcity will be a thing of the past stand tall and be Fearless for I will

enrich your life and look after you and your loved ones you won’t need anyone

else you have me for those worried about finances to pay off debts or meet obligations an unexpected turn will soon

alter your situation if you’re in search of a job you’re going to find one do not give up do not lose hope my angels will

show you the right path I will put my favor upon you ensuring that people receive you well regardless of how

challenging your profession may be your dedication and my grace will help you

emergy Victorio you will be happy to settle your debts and still help those in need I have given you many gifts and

abilities but even a simple smile from you my child can brighten someone’s day I’m always with you and this will be a

day you will never forget believe in my power to heal and work wonders in your life and your

family’s life I am the only holy and Supernatural remedy for all your ailments I am your God your guide the

one who opens doors and clears your paths I am your provider your protector

your life your future your family and you are covered by the cloak of my love

you are feeling my presence today in a real and Powerful way you have been waiting for me to speak to you and you

have come with a humble and grateful heart ready to listen hold on to these words closely let them permeate your

mind and wash away away the strain from the day before step ahead with assurance

and Faith though you might not see me with your physical eyes you can sense my

presence have faith in me and rely on the extraordinary things I can do in your life and your families give me your

hand and I will guide you tenderly and steadily along a path of love where my

intentions are Supreme storms quieten and Waters calm at the sound of my voice

you’re wrapped in a shield of protection so much that the night’s sounds won’t alarm you don’t let the turmoil of this

world Lead You astray make you let go of my hand or divert your

focus every day is a precious opportunity to perceive her leave behind

the issues Falls disheartenment and complaints from before you’re not meat

to carry a burden that prevents you from renewing your thoughts start with your words words do not hurt yourself with

what you say Do not so defeat in your own land wise words can lead to growth

do not let the enemy convince you that you cannot change that your future is filled with defeat and problems and that

your destiny lies in depression and Oblivion for me nothing is impossible

hold on to this truth no matter what happens you will will not forget it your

life your future your character your finances your marital situation your family conflict though

they may seem difficult I can change them and if you ask me I can start today

it won’t be a walk in the park but I assure you you’ll have my assistance my

backing and my strength I cherish you and wish for your continual well-being

I’m ready to provide the miracle you’re seeking trust that I can make it happen remember my journey carrying the

cross and enduring extreme suffering was purposeful not pointless I was aware that I would face

immense pain and rejection all due to human actions but now I’m here to lift away all your disheartenment and

vexation I’ve endured and sacrificed my life then rose again for you so you can

have the chance at a fulfilling liberated and joyous eternal life

believe in my words for your mind to truly change allowing a stream of clear

thoughts to replace confusion where there was once sorrow Joy will take root where despair

once dwelt you’ll find a renewed zest for life love and forgive yourself I’ve

long since released you from your past errors look here my child open your heart to me and let your eyes Follow My

Lead You will walk plant goodness in this world where you are merely a traveler but my blessing will be your

ultimate reward I wish for your steps to follow the trail of My Affection I ask

you again sincerely to give me your hard hand it over today and I promise to fill

your life with happiness I will chase away the Sorrows that shadow your smile provide you with the might to conquer

the trials that have followed you from youth you recognize the challenges I mention you’re familiar with them I have

cherished CH is you just as you are yet I’ve selected you to Prevail to succeed

so you might lead others to their Destinies too let many see how my purpose is accomplished in someone with

a genuine heart like yours embracing such spiritual Bounty might seem daunting but what I I give surpasses

temporary Treasures receive it with modesty and be empowered for I’m set to

transform your surroundings as well I’m your life grant me the opportunity to

show you that I can completely transform you to the extent that many will not recognize you they shall Marvel at the

abundance of tenacity strength and happiness within you accept my invitation give me your heart today

marks the commencement of a mighty transformation within you your family and you shall be enveloped in harmony

peace and blessings I erase your past restore your present and bless your future even if today you feel despondent

and see only troubles around you my word assures you that the good things you

have asked for shall be granted yet remember my plans are loftier grander

more beautiful and Powerful if you don’t receive what you asked for it is because I shall send something far superior if I

remove people from your life it is because I desire your freedom to rid you of burdens weighing upon your heart to

clear your paths and Elevate you to higher spiritual and Supernatural

Realms I do this because I love you I shall introduce you to special individuals who will genuinely care for

you uplift you protect you and love you avoid those who show you unkindness and

only give toxic affection escape from harmful

situations stay away from aggressive people don’t risk your or your children’s well-being by following those

influence inuenced by negativity my words are true my commitment solid and

what I promise will happen reply to me with your faith dedication surrender and trust and

you’ll soon be confident that your dreams can turn into reality take my word seriously this

isn’t a trivial matter I don’t want you to fail you were looking for guidance or a sign and now I’m speaking directly to

you I have great plans for you a future filled with joy and strength but you need to remove yourself from bad

influences get ready to rise and move towards the path I’ve set for you you you’re in my

care I will provide for you guide you show you the steps to follow and the

actions to take come and hear my words at the break of day I will feed you with

my teachings bolster your faith you’re starting a new chapter in your life the

heavens are opening up for you and a renewing rain will wash over you the time for your healing has come open your

arms and receive this Divine River of Happiness close your ears pay no heed to

the words of those who only preach chrisis and destruction it is true that

this world deteriora is but Humanity has turned it away from me preferring to dwell in sin however you and your family

dwell under the shadow of the almighty enveloped in tender care I

Delight in providing all that you need many around you may complain but you

shall rejoice in the Holy abundance surrounding you in the gifts you receive

in my voice speaking to you each day and in the blessings you

witness yet your greatest joy shall come from the beautiful things that come in response to your prayers for I have a

wonderful plan and now is the perfect time for all my promises to be fulfilled

I urge you to keep a humble and caring heart provide for those who are hungry help those in need and use the gifts

you’ve been given wisely don’t waste them on pointless partying or habits that trap you I tell you to be diligent

and brave to firmly avoid spending these blessings on things or individuals that draw you towards wrongdoing and mistakes

manage them wisely and you will flourish even more take a moment to come to me

seek me wait listen and embrace my teachings daily so your faith can deepen

and you gain the the wisdom and spiritual insight to become even stronger and more

courageous concentrating on the achievements I will grant you I will give you the resolve to turn away from

deceitful Companions and overcome the temptation of failure I am inscribing these words in

your heart this very moment I’m wiping away your past if you adhere to my

guidance and stay away from wrongdoings your Victory is certain I will bless you so richly that you will

light the way for others trust in what I say pray Without End step into my

presence and accept with Assurance This Love That Will Empower you my Covenant of Love

with You is unbreakable sealed with my own blood at

this moment I have come for you amidst your struggles and Imperfections to show you how much I love you I shall never

release your hand nor shall I ever depart from you I have spoken it it is

written I shall fulfill it give me your love and trust me with your life let

your eyes behold my Pathways yield the first place and trust your plans your family and yourself to me in a profound

Manner and I shall bless you abundantly shout a resounding amen now and write

with your own hands for I believe in you here in my arms you are safe you are

precious you are deeply loved do not restrain the torrent of emotions surging

from your soul let it flow do not be ashamed If Tears fill your eyes do not

be embarrassed if You Weep let it be released Those Tears I understand

perfectly why you suffer and why it hurts you so much do not suppress those

fee feelings let them out as you enter this place feel my hand gently resting

on your head bringing calmness to your mind here with me your word and troubles

can’t touch you this is a place of comfort love and

understanding my dear friend you don’t need to look elsewhere for what I’m offering you right here not in far off

places or with insincere friends be cautious as some people who seem friendly might only focus on your faults

and never see your good qualities they might judge and criticize you

daily advising you not to open up to others but when you’re over welmed and feel like you can’t take anymore come to

me let’s talk as true friends where you can freely share your burdens You Can

Tell Me Your Troubles or simply rest letting sleep take you to a

peaceful place in your dream dreams I desire to bestow upon you pure and

sincere love to listen intently whilst offering my hand in support know that I

do not judge nor reproach you my only intention is for you to find solace in

my presence to be unencumbered and to ReDiscover the desire to spread your wings and soar to live unfettered by

burdens or constraints embracing the Serene peace found only here should

tears threaten to fall or sorrow engulf you inexplicably

or if the world’s blows leave you questioning life’s purpose come to me my dear Revel in the

warmth of My Affection find healing in my forgiveness and let my glorious

Embrace envelop your soul tenderly your life shall be transformed for you shall

love more deeply and your perspective shall shift ushering you into a realm of

divine and Supernatural power this is no fabrication I desire your Eternal

welfare not Material wealth nor fleeting Investments of time everything you offer

me shall be multiplied and magnified from the moment you open your eyes and at Sunrise until the night signals it’s

time to rest my spirit calls out to you come to the side of your bed with respect take a moment at the end of your

day to reconnect with me and I will soothe away the day’s troubles giving you restful sleep filled with hopeful

dreams of blessings that await our relationship rooted in love Faith an unwavering trust

flourishes and brings significant changes to your environment notice how people start seeing you differently

recognizing a new light in you your appearance once showing signs of weariness now glows with vitality and

happiness you walk your path boldly overcoming any herly strengthen it and brave from our connection remember those

tough times when my love surrounded you filling you with a Heavenly Vitality my

love for you is boundless and it will never fade don’t look for happiness in worldly things what I offer you is far

greater your continues and my wish for you is to live joyfully and peacefully

not bound by material Goods or Earthly worries Embrace The unshakable Joy

rooted in my word for it cannot be stolen nor uprooted do you comprehend

now you understand who I am I am your lord and God feel my Holy Spirit

resonating within your heart propelling you forward in your quest to seek me always to obey my will with witness how

my blessings overflow into your life and that of your family heralding great joy and fulfillment feel the wave of

goodness coming your way the peace that takes root inside you feed on my words

and stand firm against the erosion of Doubt hold tight for I am in control I

will heal you of all ailments filling you with The Bravery to

overcome Every curse financial burden and painful memory you carry your freedom is on the horizon

today bonds will break and joy and fulfillment will be yours in abundance I’m about to work a profound

Miracle Within You causing both your heart and your words to brim with

gratitude you will experience not scarcity but plentifulness pray with passion let my strength flow through

your being mending every hurt and Vanishing all Gloom flung open the gates of your spirit and bask in my

serenity you’ve battled hard staying true and unwavering ignoring any

discouragement or fault finding the moment for Triumph is here expect provision and wealth to come your way

commit your goals to me and I will guide and Aid you in every Endeavor Delight in

my presence and your heart’s desires shall be granted cry out to me and I

shall answer revealing wondrous Deeds I challenge you to believe in me for my

promises are true and to act accordingly rise up resolve to distance yourself

from influences that draw you away from me these acquaintances will not come to your Aid in times of trouble material

possessions hold no Sway in the face of unwavering faith and

determination look for me in the morning during your day and at night before you go to sleep bring your request to me and

have faith that the good things meant to help you grow and improve I will give to

you listen closely there’s something amazing powerful and wonderful coming your way ready to

happen in your life I love you tell me you believe find me not just when you’re

sad but also when you’re happy not just alone but also with

others not only during hard times but in peaceful moments too not just in Illness

but in health and not only in need but in times of Plenty prey come to me every

day just as you always do without getting tired or losing heart I know you

like talking with me and I really love hearing from you you approach me with

such gentle and honest faith and that brings me joy you listen carefully to me

and take my because if you heed my words and follow them your blessings will grow Embrace and accept what I’m telling you

if you wish for heaven’s Gates and windows to swing wide open allowing you to access the Divine and extraordinary

you need to clear your heart of any grumbling and negativity I value your faith yet you

must avoid letting the bitterness of complaints tarnish your genuine belief don’t hold on to negative emotions or

cynical thoughts as they might expand and eventually cause your vibrant Faith to fade stop complaining stay away from

people who bring rumors doubts and complaints into your life choose friends who are wise decide now if you’ll trust

in me or turn away from the positive changes and blessings that are on the horizon if you let go of complaints if

you hold on to faith if you cling to Hope and if you dismiss all negativity

wonderful things will begin to happen expect blessings abundance Liberty

healing family Unity joy in your being and a heart brimming with gladness these

are the treasures awaiting a heart that decides to trust in me dear child hold me close give me all your doubt doubts

and worries stop trying to do everything on your own let me bless you and show you the incredible love I have for you

tell me you believe in me I’m your God your sustainer I will never abandon you or

leave you alone put your full trust in me lean on all my promises my help is

always here for you in good times and in bad through your challenges and tests I

will never leave you I will always take care of you and your family I want to give you the best as my word promises I

aim to feed you with Divine sustenance with the finest wheat with honey from my

mighty power my blessings and Grace cover all your needs and heal every

ailment since your birth I fixed my gaze upon you gave you life a purpose was

clear from your birth that I desire to bless you you will be the instrument I

greatly use in my hands I will mold you you for edification and blessing to many

people I want your soul your mind to be filled with encouragement and great joy

for the fire in your heart to be kindled to serve me to work diligently to pursue

all those dreams you had forgotten I’m already prep preparing every situation

for you to live learn grow to be filled with wisdom and to be strengthen it I

will send you something important and I want you to obey me I do not want you to underestimate

yourself to judge yourself I do not hinder with punishments I want to reveal to you in these days how truly valuable

you are to me I desire for you to live fully and keep chasing what you love no

no matter how old you are or what situation you’re in all power and Glory are mine I aim to imbue you with my

essence of Love Triumph and achievement recall these sentiments during moments

of vulnerability amidst daunting obstacles and when surrender feels

imminent let your Consciousness be a constant reminder of my presence nurturing and strengthening you my

desire is to uplift you to Realms beyond the reach of worldly suffering and

turmoil be Resolute Ari once more for I command it embrace the radiance of my

Divine Spirit within you amen











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