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welcome to God’s message today after the

next minutes you will yourself feel

that God is around you and he is

watching you God is saying to you today

my beloved child as you Traverse the

complexities of your life remember that

I am with you always I watch over you

not from a distant throne in the heavens

but from within the very essence of your

being where my spirit resides you might

feel like you’re efforts go unnoticed

that your struggles are yours alone but


this every small act of kindness every

moment of perseverance every silent

prayer is seen and cherished by me your

journey may seem ordinary but in my eyes

it is extraordinary think of the times

when you felt

alone working tirelessly in the shadows

it might have seemed like the world was

in different different to your struggles

yet in those moments of solitude and

determination I was there molding your

character strengthening your resolve I

want you to understand that my blessings

are not just handed out they are earned

through effort in faith when I open a

door you must be brave enough to step

through it when I present an opportunity

it is up to you to seize it your actions

are essential in there story of your

destiny in your journey you’ll encounter

obstacles you may face people who doubt

you or situations that test your faith

these challenges are not punishments

they are opportunities to prove your

strength and

resolve type if you believe in Jesus

Remember the value of a mountain is not

in its height but in the climb adversity

often reveals the greatness within you

when you face opposition it’s a sign

that you’re on the path to something

meaningful the stronger the resistance

the more significant your potential

Triumph do not be discouraged by the

naysayers their doubt is a reflection of

their own limitations not

yours in the noise of negativity listen

for the

truth often your critics unknowingly

affirm the very Destiny I have set for

you they may try to write your story but

remember I am the author of your life

their words are but Shadows compared to

the light of my purpose for you do not

let temporary setbacks derail your

eternal mission life’s trials are but

fleeting moments in the grand scheme of

your destiny recognize the signs a

challenging day a tough season a year of

longing these are not ends but bends in

the road leading you

to Greater Heights type Amen in the name

of Jesus consider those who have

triumphed despite adversity they faced

accusations underwent scrutiny and were


misunderstood yet they remained

steadfast and in their faithfulness they

found success like them you too are

called to persevere do not be swayed by

the voices of Doubt whether they come

from within or from others remember who

you are and whose you are I have crafted

the universe set stars in their courses

and painted Skies with sunsets what then

is too difficult for me I work through

principles and laws Not Mere whims my

promise comes with conditions Faith must

be accompanied by action I lay out the

path but

you must walk it together we create the

story of your life if you stumble do not

despair mistakes are part of the journey

type I embrace my power to affirm

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