Adorable baby and unexpected 4-legged friend.

A wounded stray dog was wandering the streets without any hope of being saved.

This poor dog was in such poor condition that he was unable of walking up Pennsylvania Street. He was required to stop before the residence. This unknown homeowner has recently rescued a dog. He was called Jack Jonicen.


He neglected to lock the door that particular day, and at the crack of the morning, he heard a strange noise. Even though they had just given birth, the couple hesitated to get a dog. But, they finally decided to retain her, naming her Susie.

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The dog seemed dreadful. When they brought him to the clinic, the veterinarian originally mistaken him for a puppy since he was so malnourished.

The dog is now a full-fledged part of the home.

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During the investigation, it was determined that a bystander had gone home after realizing the door was missing and called someone to report the incident.


As no one heard his words, the guest just closed the door and continued going.

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The Jonikens family subsequently recognized him as outstanding and expressed their thanks.

In the aftermath of the catastrophe, the family continues to exercise care and ensures that the front door of the house is locked.

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