ACT QUICKLY ON THIS | Gods message today |

my child Come Away with me to a quiet place where we may be alone

together in the Stillness I will speak wisdom and strength into your

spirit lay down for a Time the endless demands that viy for your attention and

fragment your focus instead enter with intention into

a Sabbath rest for body and soul to recover wholeness and perspective found

only in withdrawing from busyness silence now prepares you as a seed lying

dormant through winter Harbors the promise of abundant new life when the seasons

change I crafted mankind for cycles of both withdrawal and active occupation

each finding Perfect Balance in me I myself modeled this rhythm of work

and rest by ceasing after Mighty exertions in creation establishing the pattern of renewal that restores the

soul do not disdain your need for reprieve from crowded spaces and

straining schedules pressed by constant necessity to produce honor instead the limits I lovingly placed around your

capacity to shelter your sanity protect spaces of disengagement

from the ravenous culture that would devour all your time with false urgency submit wholeheartedly to my

gentle yoke that renews your soul Day by Sanctified

day here Souls May quietly commune with me me beyond the D of this world’s demands that commandeer

Consciousness my spirit speaks softly needing unhurried space to make

Impressions linger then in nourishing silence as the noise recedes calm

Assurance emerges to Anchor You firmly in my design for human wholeness not the

world’s demand for output devoid of meaning as any healthy ecosystem honors

cycles for its sustainability so my people flourish by balancing work with replenishing rest there are simple

seasonal patterns to regain equilibrium in chaotic times consider the reliable

progression in creation through the variety of day and night renewing continually reflect on the ocean’s

predictable EB and flow its rhythms model Divine wisdom so too your very

breath flows inward to receive then outward powered to actively exert the

energy you inhaled in the same way cycles of silence and speech find proper

proportion in affirming one another not contending you move seamlessly between quiet alignments of soul and body and

strategic employing of renewed power remember always that when heavy loads weigh you down I crafted mankind for

joyful Retreat into effortless enjoyment of my presence reawaken childlike wonder

and Delight set aside grown-up burdens for a season here where worries fade

priorities realign in the light of eternity’s horizon a resilient life wisely integrates these rest fites

refusing false guilt around rest wholeness acknowledges your integrated self not just the Cog keeping Wheels in

Motion so learn my loving ways in long and patient Seasons together enjoy

family times around the table sharing simple meals consider two creation reliable

seasonal rhythms Vivid autumn colors signaling necessary winter rest ahead

when all grows still observe busy creatures conserving through Barren months rather than vainly struggling on

see leaves releasing their hold after boldly transforming sunlight into nourishment here you Glimpse the timely

cycles of work and rest that honor limits around finite strengths take your

rightful place then child Within These rhythms of withdrawal and vigor that

sustain you in purpose and remember your weekly day of common rest from Commerce and labor make this sabbath holy

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