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amen my beloved your season of bareness is behind you

now ahead lies a time of plentiful joy and blessings accept these words in faith

and stand for many tasks await you my joy overflows when I see your fervor

your Assurance each day brings warmth to my heart the way you trust in my presence fills me with boundless love

your humble heart evidenced by each prayerful kneel moves me deeply you

stand resilient like a mighty warrior yet your spirit is calm patient treating

all with respect and kindness your ways Inspire many your

choices your victories your blessings and the manner in which you share these with

others it is through your graciousness that many will find healing and

support my spirit empowers you in your hands you wield the sword of spirit in

your heart the courage on your lips the Divine words that break every chain

remember it is not by your strength alone but by my grace that you

succeed stay humble for I give no title or rank without purpose those who came

before you bearing this message sought neither a claim nor worldly gain through

them my power was made manifest I yearn to achieve remark Deeds

with you within your life and amidst your family yet I urge you to dress your

heart in humility and Trust shun the pursuit of popularity and the hollow

Acclaim of worldly titles through your hands I intend to work miracles hitherto

unseen the rains that restore your land are already descending streams of Living Water are

revitalizing your Fields breathing new life into your dreams be steadfast and courageous my child you

are on the cusp of witnessing with your own eyes the heavens opening their doors and windows over you I know you grasp my

words cherish this divine revelation deep within your soul my love for you is boundless you

know the joy I find in our communion and your heart swells with gladness each

time you declare your love for me my love is is proven words of healing

have flowed from my lips shielding you from Peril and sickness rescuing you from the brink of

death I am the god of strength the fulfiller of promises I uplift the

downtrodden fortify the weak and bring smiles to sorrowful Hearts I fling wide the Gates of Heaven

for those who devote themselves wholly to me loving me with all their heart and

mind these are my children pledged to dwell in my presence to walk this path

steadfastly unwavering looking neither to the left nor the right you are my beloved

daughter my cherished son and my words echo in your thoughts

etched upon your heart you shall not forget these words

they Harbor the strength to surmount every conflict to defeat every foe to resist every temptation

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