Accept My Divine Peace | God’s Message For You | God’s Message Now

accept my Divine

peace God’s message for you God’s

message now my beloved child ease your

mind and stop worrying for I’m here to

lessen your anxiety when you let me in

pause all your concerns and distractions

for a moment and open your heart to

embrace my words I’m right by your side

even when those who claim to love you

walk away I remain with you when you

face scorn from others and feel isolated

I love you deeply offering you shelter I

am your father your protector and your

companion it might be hard to believe

that you are loved so deeply with a love

beyond what you’ve ever imagined a

kindness unlike anything you’ve ever

felt don’t be harsh on yourself thinking

your mistakes make you Unworthy of my

love avoid punishing or belittling

yourself it only leads to more sorrow

and depression I will lift the spiritual

Veil that hinders your vision of me and

transform your heart heart to truly

believe approach me for I understand

your weariness and burdens draw close to

receive the peace you seek and the rest

you need I don’t want your days to be

Laden with heaviness waking up sad and

discouraged My Sacrifice and

Resurrection were acts of Love given so

you might experience Divine happiness

today any chains that have been holding

you back are broken and the barriers to

to the Blessed future I have for you are

removed do not look back or seek

approval from those who trapped you in

the past choosing to love and follow me

is your decision and I care about your

peace and well-being unlike those who

wish to pull you down stand strong be

brave and move confidently towards the

new life I am giving you your blessing

is on its way you will see it trust in

my promise embrace it with faith and

happiness don’t Linger on your past

errors don’t let them bind you look

forward your future awaits I emphasize

stop looking back when you feel weak or

tired remember I am your loving father

reach out to me I am here to help you

through fear and Des spare to stand firm

against doubts and uncertainties and to

lift you up from sadness and exhaustion

always remember I’m with you forever if

you feel lonely remember you’re never

truly alone if you feel like crying let

your tears be for Joy because my love

surrounds you my care holds you and my

spirit leads you know that whenever you

pray and seek my help I immediately

instruct the Heavens to dispatch many

any angels to support you I send joy to

lighten your heart and banish sorrow

wisdom to clear your mind and so

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