A Journey of Healing and Strength l God Message Today For You l God Message l@JesusWordsforlife

in the warm embrace of divine love your

future is secure with unwavering

patience and boundless warmth God

assures you that his love knows no

bounds no rumor of Doubt or bad news can

shake the foundation of his enduring

affection for you in the midst of life’s

battles you’re making

strides as you open your heart to God

you ReDiscover the joy of Life while

confronting buried

feelings daily conversations with the

Divine strengthen your faith making you

feel empowered and Lighter Free from

burdens God’s love Shields you from harm

with Guardian Angels ever watchful

hurtful words are mere Whispers In The

Wind forgotten in the Embrace of his

love no longer will sadness greet you at

dawn for his love envelopes you God

beckons you to open your heart shutting

out voices that seek to control you were

born with a purpose of Love forgiveness

and service your actions illuminated by

his love touch lives both big and small

with each passing day God reminds you to

keep your gaze fixed on him his will and

word reveal themselves in Myriad ways

guiding you through tough times fear not

for he is with you always granting

strength and Hope In God’s Presence you

find renewal and energy to pursue your

goals together you rewrite a happy story

erasing the Shadows of the past his

deepest wish is for you to see see

yourself as loved and purposeful despite

challenges you’re a Beacon of Hope to

many though the enemy may attempt to

hinder your flight God’s love restores

your wings lifting you above the jungle

of Despair your prayer for forgiveness

marks a homecoming celebration in heaven

each day brings progress in life’s

battles fueled by the fire of Faith

burning within you share this message of

Love and Hope with others inviting them

to embrace Divine love and stay

connected to its source


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