????”URGENT! I Have Something To Tell You| Please Don’t Skip” | ।God’s message today। #jesus

after the next minutes you will yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you so don’t ignore these minutes and don’t leave them

incomplete your life is about to change after listening this message from the

god type if you are ready God is saying to you today my beloved the dire

consequences of someone else’s poor Karma are currently being endured by everyone who has r wred you in the past

you were once among those people and they are remorseful for causing you

pain they wish to extend an apology as a means of atoning for the anguish they

have caused you according to God everything is destined to turn out for

the best in the end I am fully aware of the details in your medical

report they have not escaped my attention I am also cognizant of your

financial situation at the moment I observe a considerable number of individuals making their way towards you

from whence they came I am well aware of the lofty nature of the goals you have set remember I

will not be the one to let you down if you desire Miracles watch this

video all the way through to the end rest assured that God would never

abandon you especially in challenging circumstances before you there is God

and you can rely on his support it seems like he is approaching you from behind maintain your confidence

no matter what the circumstances may be at this very moment you are surrounded

by the presence of God encouraging people to take responsibility for their own mental

health and well-being wake up in the morning telling yourself that the day is going to be amazing look forward to the

future knowing that God is with you and there is nothing that can be done to

harm you successfully I possess tremendous power and my health is in tip

Tock shape I am truly blessed after you finish watching this video you will

notice that you have a lot more energy if you have faith in God please

like and share this video you are someone who is admired and you have a lot of good fortune you are immune to

any weapon used against you it will have no effect the challenge you face is not

a persistent one rather it is temporary I long to see you to provide you with a

spiritual gift that will make you strong let us mutually encourage each other’s

Faith keep your courage and Trust for the Lord your God is on your side in the

battle I want want to see you in person so that I may bestow upon you a spiritual blessing

that will make you stronger you have the power bestowed upon you by God to overcome every challenge he assured me

that there would never be a way for anyone to harm you successfully The Marvelous things that

God has prepared for the future are Beyond everything you have seen heard or

even ventured to dream about at this point and imagine and believe that better times are ahead for you starting

right now Jesus has demonstrated his skill in this area in the past and will

do so again in the very near future you can show your love and blessings by

giving thanks up to $ the following reassurance is

offered to us from God Rest assured my dear for

I have weathered every storm by your side I have managed to maintain my

composure despite all challenges including the fiercest storms and the

most ominous Skies when you were in need I was there to offer all you required no

more no less type if you believe this like this video

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$ I have been and will continue to be a reliable shield for you your loved

ones and anyone else who is important to you in any capacity do not be terrified

for I am your God and I am with you there is no need for alarm you will

be strengthened helped and supported as I extend the right hand of my

righteousness to you scriptures tell us that when things get difficult in your

life you shouldn’t allow yourself to give up hope I will see to it that your

concerns are addressed and because of me you won’t ever have to worry about a

problem again you’ll always be at ease and your prayers will be answered

tonight while you Slumber in the bosom of the all powerful one

while you you are asleep you will receive the things you have asked for

and when you experience it you won’t have any complaints or issues in the years to come always keep in mind that

the choices made will be with your well-being in mind I promise that if you keep fighting

I will bring you peace healing and victory in this war you are engaged in I

am going to find a way to make something beautiful out of this horrible circumstance prepare yourself to receive

the blessings of the Lord according to a revelation God has informed us that

today is the day on which he would bestow upon us one of the extraordinary gifts that he has created for

us type if you believe for the sake of restoring your mental

spiritual and physical health I shall accomplish Miracles you are going to

have a wonderful day today and that is not going to be a coincidence your life

is about to take an unexpected turn and in the near future you will be presented with some

fantastic opportunities God has made a promise to you that you would suddenly be blessed

with a large deal of prosperity maintain your trust and continue to seek

Direction even as you become aware of the wonderful changes taking place in your life type because the universe

is in the process of transforming everything a fresh run of Good Fortune

is about to begin for you get yourself prepared to cope with

it type if you trust God your greatness is about to be

realized the light in your life is growing stronger and there is nothing or

no one that can stop what is meant to take place in your life at this time in a short amount of time you will be

commemorating a momentous occasion by throwing a party or some other kind of

Celebration as you tell other people wonderful news you will experience a

rush of excitement as well as a sense of unending Joy you experienced everything at such a

Breakneck speed it seemed as though it was beaming in from

another planet tomorrow morning God will work a miracle for you that will put an

end to all of your future worries you are being urged by the angels to

acknowledge the significance of synchronicity and divine timing in your

life that individual has been sent to you by the Supreme God to Aid you and

guard you from any danger that may come your way you are a child of God and as

such it is not in any way God’s intention for you to fail or to have

your life be difficult in any way God has made a promise to his people which

reads as follows even in the times when you feel undeserving I will watch over

you and shield you from the evil that is in the world if you have faith in God please

like and share this video with your friends you are going to be the next person who receives

gifts from God the anguish will come to an end the tears will stop and doors

will will open for you you are going to experience a huge financial

Miracle your life is about to be revolutionized in a beautiful way as a

result of the activities of the universe it is going to be a great blessing far

larger than anything you could have ever thought of happening to you this Angel Number means that you will soon enjoy

Financial riches beyond what you can spend this week there will be more money

in your bank account out and it will Flow To You Like Water please enter , if you agree type

if you believe this like this video And subscribe to

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thanks from to $ God I am

Everlasting you should make it your top goal to spend your time drawing closer to me because everything on Earth is

simply fleeting I am here only to offer you happiness if you make me the most

crucial item in your life tomorrow you will learn something that will revolutionize your life forever and

bring you more success money and happiness than you can ever think if

you’re believer type God says to the

human my child you are worrying too much remember that there is no difficulty I

cannot surmount it won’t be hard for me to transform your life in only one day

if it only took me days to construct the heavens and the Earth following that

Jesus proclaimed I am the bread of life whoever comes to me will never go hungry

and whoever obeys me will never be thirsty hunger will never exist for

those who trust in me pray not just for what you need but

also for all the things you have to offer thanks to God for the

first thing you’ll receive and you wake up the next morning is a miracle don’t

miss this occasion to praise God for this miracle and to show your

thanks sometimes you have to wait until you become the type of person who deserves it in order to obtain what you

ask for nobody will be able to damage you if your behavior is in accordance

with your aims it is possible to construct a worldwide Symphony that will sing your accomplishment if you bring

your personality into rhythm with the aim you desire to

accomplish God tells you that this will be your final night of sobbing and fretting over the future I will ensure

that your life is prosperous full of joy and filled with

all the other good things that life has to offer knowing that the difficult

situation is almost over would likely come as a relief to everyone who is able

to perceive this the tremendous amount of energy resources Miracles and gifts

that the universe is delivering will bring about a profound change in the course of your life God is going to

multiply all the blessings that come your way throughout this week you are going to experience a level

of joy that is unparalleled in your whole life you will eventually find a

solution to him issue that has been giving you headaches for quite some time now

everything in your life including the quality of your relationships your health and your love life will get

better type yes to claim this blessing bling I will surround you with

individuals who will assist you during your journey I will continue to keep a careful check on you at all times just

as I have in the past you have my sincere hopes and prayers for a thriving

business and a bountiful life in the years to come you won’t have the capacity to keep up with all the

benefits that are going to start appearing in your life soon I am aware that you have been through a lot in the

past and that life may be challenging at times type

ft if you believe this like this video And subscribe to the channel if

you believe in God type I really love you God and if

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$ I am also aware that you have won a lot from those experiences on the other

hand I want you to be aware that everything that has gone wrong in your life and caused you anguish over the

years will in the end be a thing of the past I Solly pledged that I will never

under any circumstances abandon you or forsake you and that I will always be at your

side if you put your faith in me I will guide you to a life that is rich in love

joy and serenity throughout its

entirety never feeling like you are alone even in the depths of your despair

I am here to soothe you hold your hand and guide you through the storm I am

going to release you from the constraints that have been imposed on you as a result of your economic

situation your health and the absence of resources first first and foremost one

must have patience while also having faith in themselves the existence that you’ve

always dreamed of having is about to come into being everything is falling

into place in the most miraculous and improbable of ways but it’s happening

all the same your life is going to enter a period in which everything will work

out for you precisely when it has to every single time please spread the

words by sharing this video you will amass an incredible fortune in the years

to come given an infinite amount of cash as well as complete Freedom which will

enable you to live the life of your dreams the Lord commands always keep in

mind that every new Day brings with it brand new opportunities to earn my favor

you shouldn’t give up simply because you’ve had a poor day instead take solace in the fact that that tomorrow

will bring fresh obstacles and new prizes for you to conquer the people of God

were given the promise that I the Lord will bring it to pass at the proper time

because you are on the cusp of making progress your adversaries will be in wonder when you rebound from this

setback and demonstrate that you are moving forward for the end of this month you

will be living the life of your dreams which which includes spending time with the people who are important to you

dwelling with the love of your life sleeping in your brand new house and

having money pour into your bank account your lord and God the Lord is working

right now to improve your situation you will enter your life to turn all of your

suffering into joy and all of your failures into successes anything that caused you to

shed tears in the past will pale in comparison to the good fortune that is ahead for you in the years that are to

come something better and more significant is in store for you according to God’s plans the Lord has

given this promise I will make it possible for you to accomplish what seems to be impossible get ready to

experience your miracle and the goodness that is coming your way the angels

are urging you to continue behaving in a righteous manner as they see it maintain a

positive attitude even while you’re in the office what you’re are doing which

is working for the advantage of God is not for the benefit of people type

if you believe God has made it clear to me that

you will have monetary success in your life you will emerge victorious in the

Physical Realm and the end of your professional life appear appears to be headed in an exciting direction for the

future the battle that raged inside your thoughts has already won in the end you

will emerge Victorious on an emotional level you will prevail in war if you

come from a position of love you were born with a purpose to

achieve greatness in this world you may put your faith in me as I am completely

committed to looking out for your health and my undivided dedication is something

that will stand the test of time father I give you thanks that when Jesus

said it is finished on the cross it included all the unfavorable things that

are preventing me from being everything that you want me to be I pray that this will be the case I humbly pray that I

may grow into everything that you want for me to be I am confident that the debt has been completely settled that I

I have been pardoned and that I am your child always remember to keep your

courage and not to give in to fear because the Lord your God is with you and will never leave you

alone these things should not make you concerned or terrified in any

way never take on the challenge of navigating the path of Life all by

yourself you won’t ever be utterly annihilated as a whole my protection is

always here for you to rely on and I solemnly pledge that I will never leave

your side you have been deemed by God to be one of his favorites and he has

blessed you you are immune to any weapon that is used against you it will have no

effect the challenge was not one that persisted rather it was a temporary one

maintain your bravery and confidence in the Lord your God for

he is fighting on your side in this war the discomfort will pass quickly the

Weeping and lamenting will soon come to an end doors will open of their own

accord your professional aspirations will be realized type . if you

believe you will end up with ownership of not just the automobile but also the

property and the contract as well nothing regardless of how difficult it

can be be compares to the difficulty of a situation in which God is engaged type

if you believe if you walk through the fire you won’t get burned and the

flame won’t consume you the proverb says you won’t have to worry about them catching up to you while you

go across the lake because I will be at your side the entire time I shall

accompany you as you make your way over the water God God declares I believe in

your capability to succeed know that there was a purpose behind my decision

to create you your own existence is not a random occurrence in any way you are now a

winner as a result of my efforts in such a short amount of time everything is

miraculously and unexpectedly worked out in your favor and you are going to be

astounded by how good things have turned out for you you have been sent a message from God indicating that things are

beginning to make more sense at this point there should be no more impediments in the way from now on there

is only one path forward for you to choose and it is the right

one your pace is about to accelerate beyond your ability to control it put

your best foot forward now is the time to get started on collecting things that

could perhap perhaps occur to you right away after reading this never question the efficacy of a blessing that comes

out of nowhere they are often the most meaningful every single second that

brings about new information or discoveries Miracles are both genuine

and natural occurrences I reassured my child don’t worry everything

will work out and she took my words to Heart soon things are going to to turn

out for the better you are about to experience something that surpasses anything else that has ever transpired

in your life this uphill struggle won’t last forever the conclusion of this Gloomy

journey is a ray of optimism keep holding tight to your convictions you’re

about to go through a period of healing peace and blessings I wish that whatever

it was that made you cry for a long time will be gone and be placed with joy

laughter love and blessings God has made a promise to you and your family that

things will get better in the future the challenging circumstances

you’ve been going through on all fronts financially emotionally

physically and professionally are almost at an end regardless of what other

people may try to do if God decides to bless you he will always set things up

such that they work in your favor the excellent things that are heading your way cannot be stopped type

if you believe this like this video And subscribe to the channel if you

believe in God type I really love you God and if

you believe in Christianity kindly show your support for our community by

contributing super thanks from from $ to $ God has paid attention to your

prayers your suffering is felt by God he is completely cognizant of your state of

overload exhaustion and anxiety regarding the outcome of

everything God proclaims I’m going to surprise you God will thus surprise you

what you thought would never change will suddenly take place in the other way

there is always at least one individual in a home who can escape the habit of living paycheck to paycheck the member

of your family that is here is reading this right now you will attain enormous

achievement in life you’re about to start an exciting new chapter in your life’s

journey nothing to be afraid of if your goals will come true your luck will grow more and more

plentiful please like this video if you agree the best day days of your life

have come if you are reading this so congrats God says it is while you are

manifesting right now simply think nice thoughts and keep

in mind that every single thought matters the word of God proclaims the

Lord is in your favor as long as you continue to trust completely in him he

will miraculously rescue you from your difficulties and lead you to a more favorable position in your life please

allow some more time to pass you must be careful not to let your need for instant

gratification cuz you to lose sight of how much success is already coming your

way just because you can’t see everything coming to pass

right now doesn’t mean that fantastic things aren’t heading your way or aren’t already in the works for you it doesn’t

mean that amazing things aren’t headed your way or aren’t already in the works for you

remember to exercise patience and keep the promises you make don’t let your

trust waver God says that it is possible for you to achieve a great deal but if

you do not put in the work that is required you will not be successful

first tell me all there is to know about what you have to say I’ll edit them so

that they represent what I believe will be of the most use to you and your wife and then I’ll send them to you you are

at the top of my list because you are not intended to be understood by all people it is not a problem if some

people do not get what you are saying make it a goal to keep from letting this deter you I understand how you feel you

are at the top of my list your Miracle is now on root to you at this very

moment put an end to your anxiety since you are quite likely to experience a

significant change in the near future when you come out on the other side of this

everything will turn out well for you and those you care about when God opens

the door that is close by you will have an understanding of why the soldiers

belonging to the adversary are putting up such a fight God has helped you in the past and

you are sure that he is helping you right now by saying I have helped you in the past and you can be sure that I am

helping you right now this can give you confidence that God is helping you right

now and will continue to do so because he loves you you are precious to me if

you’re still not sure just type you will get the chance to spend

time with individuals who have been an inspiration to you ever since you were a small child if you want to make use of

it you should do so as soon as you are able to if you want to the Lord says have faith

in me I have been there for you through every trial that you have faced in your

life I have provided you with all that you require and I will continue to watch

over you your family and the people that you hold most dear type

if you believe this like this video And subscribe to the channel if you

believe in God type I really love you God and if you

believe in Christianity kindly show your support for our community by contributing super thanks from $ to

$ even though things might be challenging for you right now you should have trust in my schedule because things

will become better very soon believe in me to make the most of

the new beginning that today provides this is not something that you came came across by complete and utter happen

stance it gives you the confidence that things will turn out okay in the end as

a result of what you’ve seen here you are now having access granted to you by

God who is opening doors for you the Lord says have faith in me your ability

the amount of work you put in or the amount of effort you put Faith will in no way shape or form

have any bearing on what occurred this will serve as the Cornerstone upon which

I build my power my good fortune and my ambition you are going to be showered

with a blessing that is truly exceptional today God is encouraging you to put your

faith in him and reminding you that he will see you safely through this trying moment I am your provider as well as

your helper put a fix on the things that are broken lean on me and relax Rel you have

learned from God that you do not need to be concerned about the subsequent stage of your life as long as you continue to

have confidence in him and work as hard as you possibly can the Lord has spoken

you have been functioning in a major part on autopilot for a considerable amount of time now living in the moment

and appreciating everything that you have going for you has proven to be difficult for you as you take a little

break bring your attention to the way you are

breathing acquire an awareness of the things that can be found in your immediate environment please convey to

me your hopes for tranquility I have the same opinion you

were at the top of my list you should get ready for the significant shifts that are going to occur in the near

future since everything that is occurring is for your own good it is in

your best interest to do so according to God the journey through life will take

one through both happy and sorrowful times if you are feeling down just try

to be patient with yourself since better times are just around the corner you are

at the top of my list this is not something that you came across by complete and utter happen

stance this gives you the confidence that things will turn out okay in the end as a result of what you’ve seen here

the way that you should go is being made ready by God right now if you believe

that God has a plan please select the yes option God says to you little one I

was aware of your prayers and I answered them I’m going to provide you the answer

to your prayers so keep them coming the Lord says you have no need to feel sorry for

yourself or to be disheartened due to the fact that I did not nail my son on the cross on your

behalf stand up and take a move in the right direction you are the hero in my

eyes your deity is actually me you were at the top of my list your life is about

to be showered with an abundance of blessings to the point where you will have completely forgotten about all of

your concerns by the time this weekend rolls around you will discover hot off

pleasure in life while also working for the accomplishment of goals that will be of the greatest benefit to you are you

prepared to check out type if you trust God’s plan

according to what God has said I am the light that shines in the midst of the

darkness if you stick with me I’ll show you the way out of the shadows and into

the light and you won’t have to suffer through through another day in the

Gloom if you do not follow me you will not have access to that light you

shouldn’t let fear prevent you from taking courageous steps in your faith journey in the event that you have faith

in me I will direct your efforts in such a way that they bring you closer to

achieving your goals my blessings for you will far exceed anything you could

possibly imagine wishing for or hoping for it is possible that you look forward to

living a life that is filled with an abundance of joy and peace as well as

opportunities and resources of great wealth you have not yet lost

Consciousness despite the fact that you may have been knocked to the ground raise your voice and take part in the

conflict I am on your side and I will never leave your

side I encourage you to do so I am aware of of your challenges your pain and the

sorrow that is in your heart however I also know that your

breakthroughs are right around the corner there are only a few more steps left to complete this process I want you

to understand the plans I have for you will be beneficial to you in some

way if you have faith in me I will show you the way to the Fulfillment of your

purpose and the Fulfillment of your destiny know that I will be by your side at every

turn even though the road may not always be clear and the journey may be a long

one I will be there for you try not to give up and keep moving in the right

direction if you believe in God please watch this video till the

end God is eradicating all the negativity from your love life happiness

is coming your way and money is coming your way so you’ll be happy happier than

you have ever been in your entire life some say God said not everyone was meant

to understand you which is why not everyone does make it a goal to keep

from letting this deter you I understand how you feel you were

at the top of my list significantly less tension will enter your life and it will

be replaced by something quite positive Gaga claims I’m going to surprise you

God will thus surprise you you will attain enormous achievement in life

you’re about to start an exciting new chapter in your life’s journey nothing to be afraid of if your goals will come

true your good fortune will improve with the passage of time type I am evolving

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with all your heart and lean not on your understanding type amen if you believe

in God if you’re all set type yes take care of

yourself it’s not about being the best it’s about being better than you were

yesterday type I claim it if you receive this declaration type yes if you’re ready and

share this video with five people who trust God comment Jesus is Lord to support our

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