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God says if you love me then do not skip

this video watch this till the end my

child a powerful transformation is

beginning Within You harmony peace and

blessings will Encompass you and your

loved ones I will guide you through the

storm to Victory with my unwavering love

I want you to feel my love deeply at

this moment right where you are this

profound emotion is filling your heart

bringing joy and dispelling sorrow feel

the burden lifting from your shoulders

your steps becoming lighter and your

resolve strengthening do not falter now

for you are close to the finish line I

will shield you under my wings and watch

over you with my hand even in the midst

of fierce storms and turbulent winds I

understand the pain of betrayal and

abandonment the hurt of loving deeply

and losing when adversaries strike with

malice and inflict wounds upon you I

empathize with your suffering you are

precious to me and I will not judge you

in moments of Tears heaviness and


I am your refuge in times of peril Cast

Away thoughts of Despair and defeat for

Darkness dissipates in the face of

danger allowing you to walk confidently

today I bring you renewed Joy fortified

Faith lessons in trust and a fresh

perspective based on my teachings do not

waste energy on those who seek to

undermine you for they will not

understand your path they may ridicule

you but their opinions hold no weight in

your journey toward success you you will

Triumph while they will falter

loneliness May weigh on you but remember

that I am with you have faith and

patience for I will send the right

companion to Aid you soon I deeply care

for you cherish you and hold you in high

regard your Victory is imminent just a

few more days away I am always punctual

and reliable ready to assist you

whenever you need me even in times of

prosperity the burden on your shoulders

feels overwhelming and the constant

contemplation of potential outcomes is

taking a toll on your spirit that is why

I implore you to entrust me with the

weight you carry it pains me to see you

constantly consumed by thoughts of the

future this is not the life I Envision

for you you must not divert your gaze or

allow your worries and thoughts to

distract you rest assured I will perform

the Miracles you seek open doors for you

and remain by your side at all times I

do not deceive the nights and days are

under my control

I can sense that you struggle with sleep

at times as your mind incessantly dwells

on matters that I have already taken

care of when anxiety strikes confront it

headon speak to it declaring aloud that

you Harbor no fear because you have

chosen to place your trust in your best

friend your God and your lord fear will

dissipate and your soul will be

liberated from its clutches finally you

can bask in my peace live your life to

the fullest and find happiness during

challenging times I promise that my

soothing voice will remind you that my

hand rests upon your shoulder empowering

you to combat any adversity affirm your

obedience to my commands and have faith

in me if I have diligently worked to

earn your trust remember my words and

believe in me you have persevered thus

far and you must continue to press on

when faced with hardships along your

journey today I bestow upon you Faith

courage and strength enabling you to

endure even when it feels like your

strength is waning due to prolonged

waiting do not fret assure your heart

that there is nothing to fear for your

loving father is in control of your life

your dreams and your future there exist

winds and storms in this world that

desire to erase from your memory the

extent to which I have aided you but I

command them to cease immediately I

shall never disappoint you and I shall

always be punctual I am present prepared

to grasp your hand and rescue you who

possesses a greater love for you than I

your trials have been arduous and I

perceive the immense effort you have

exerted and the desperation you feel

remember that you have displayed

remarkable courage throughout your

entire existence reflect upon the

instances when circumstances appeared

Bleak yet you managed to find a way to

overcome them since the time you

entrusted me with control over your life

you have not encountered a single defeat

remember to have faith and allow your

heart to find something ales I

understand that it can be challenging to

Simply rest and not lose hope

particularly when situations seem

unfavorable and problems attempt to

dominate your entire existence however

during those moments my child disregard

the enemy and do not succumb to the

threats of fear and insecurity persevere

and believe in my words I have loved you

immensely and I had magnificent plans

for your life even before your birth you

need not worry for I shall will never

abandon a child who is defenseless I

have been providing extra care for your

life in a unique manner every second I

am diligently looking after everything I

am always here instead of allowing

sadness to consume you fill your heart

with joy and continue walking with faith

for you shall emerge Victorious and what

I have in store for you is beyond your

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