????God Says:- “YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME”???? Open This???? Message of God | God’s Message Today | LH~1577


Jus special message is reaching you

out don’t make the mistake of living it


receiving child of God you are running

out of

time God is about to make his righteous

judgment a judgment that is not at all

comparable to the Judgment that human


very soon you about to get the freedom

from the judgment and the criticism that

you make on

others let’s be real now it’s easy to

point fingers at others to notice every

flaw and

imperfection while conveniently ignoring


own we all have a sheare of issues but

we are often quick to find excuses for

them but today let us pause for a moment

and reflect on the words of Jesus Christ

in Matthew verse which

says you

hypocrite first take the plank out of

your own eye and then you will see

clearly to remove this pack from your


eye this hits home doesn’t it Jesus is

giving us a gentl n reminding us to

focus on our own growth before we go

about fixing everyone

else it’s a practical reminder that we

cannot effectively help others until we

have shorted out ourselves first

so instead of obsessing over the faults

of those around

us let us turn invert and present

ourselves before

God let us invite him to work in us to

mold us into the better versions of

ourselves child of God the truth is the

more we allow God to transform us the

less we are bothered by the shortcomings



sure our circumstances may not change

overnight and the people in our lives

may still have their

qus but here is the beautiful

path God changes us from the inside out

when we want to be

changed it takes

or of edges and Smooths them out his

softens or hurts and fils us with his

love and

grace so today let’s embrace the Journey

of self-discovery and growth let’s open

our hearts to God’s transformative power

and allow him to do his work in

us let us choose to focus on our own

growth trusting that God is at work in

US shaping us into who he created us to

be so let’s lean into God’s grace

knowing that his love is more than

enough to sustain us on this journey of

becoming and as we

do let’s extand that same Grace to

others remembering that we are all a

work in

progress Perfectly Imperfect and dearly

loved by our heavenly

father may God bless you

abundantly amen

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