????11:11???? God Says, Your Poverty Will End In the Next 11 Minutes…✝️ God’s Message #god

in this sacred moment recognize the

Divine guidance that brings these words

to you when your spirit seeks Solace and

Clarity the Holy Spirit envelopes you

offering strength and Assurance in your

journey you have sensed the call to

communion and now at the appointed time

I reveal my enduring love throughout

your life’s tapestry have woven threads

of guidance using the Timeless verses of

your Bible to resonate with your Soul’s


yearnings today as you open your heart a

new you reaffirm the Covenant to trust

me with your faith Reliance and hopes

your prayers heard and cherished rise

Beyond Earthly bounds and attended by

Angelic emissaries dispatched from my


Throne you are precious unique and

amidst Celestial Strife my Legions wage

war for your soul against adversarial

forces in the face of recent turmoil

vigilance becomes your ally guard your

words keep your counsel and discern

those deserve deserving of your

trust the adversary seeks to seow doubt

and Discord but your faith stands as a

bullwark against

deceit though hardships May test you

remember they are

transient forgiveness and Grace await

those who wrong you and your future

holds Marvels beyond the

ordinary anchor your faith in the

unwavering truth of my word alive and

steadfast now in this decisive moment

choose the Embrace of my love and The

Refuge of my

presence commit to seeking me daily for

I yearn to hear your voice regardless of


state my doors are ever open my ears are

tuned to your deepest thoughts in the

face of adversity find strength and

solace in my word your struggles do not

diminish my love they deepen our

bond let go of Doubt for my promises are

sealed with my blood and eternal life

awaits those who embrace my

love acknowledge the signs I send for

they guide you away from perilous

paths trust in my timing for I

orchestrate all things for your

good amidst trials remember you are

never alone and I will lead you to

victory release the burden of past

failures you are not defined by them

rise above self imposed

limitations for you are chosen to be a

vessel of blessings

Embrace emotional freedom for you are my

beloved cherished and

redeemed in each trial find Lessons

Learned and wisdom

gained let the pain of the past shape

you into a beacon of light Illuminating

the path

ahead with each step grow in faith

knowing that I am with you always always

guiding you to your Divine

Destiny embrace the blessings of true

friendships as you walk the path aligned

with my will prepare yourself for the

journey ahead for you stand on the brink

of a new Supernatural phase filled with


Miracles have faith for the blessings I

have in store will fill you with

strength joy and unwavering belief do

not doubt the abundance I am ready to

pour into your

life Embrace these blessings with open

arms for they are meant for

you know that I am always listening

protecting and assisting you I am the

Healer the deliverer the deliverer The

Rescuer and the provider seek me

wholeheartedly and do not forget the

Miracles that await

you now is the time to be vigilant to

listen intently to my voice and to

immerse yourself fully in my love when I

speak to you with tenderness heed my

words when I offer guidance embrace it

wholeheartedly I am here to rescue you

from adversity to Free Your Heart from

regret and to lead you to

Prosperity trust in my promises and do

not rely on the support of fallible


beings your help and strength come from

me the

almighty understand that you are

destined for greatness destined to be a

leader in your

community believe believe in this truth

and prepare yourself without fear for

you will lack nothing in your moments of

weariness find solace in my

presence rest your tired head on my

shoulder for I am your

Confidant I do not judge you instead I

eagerly await your presence every

morning know that Victory will be yours

in my perfect timing walk your path with

forgiveness for reconciliation awaits

you let go of anger and bad company and

embrace the love and guidance I

offer know that you are not alone for I

am with you always do not be consumed by

worry or doubt release your burdens and

trust in me

completely know that Victory is within

your grasp for I am your refuge and your

strength with unwavering Faith step

forward into the light of my love

knowing that I am leading you to

Triumph blessings my dear

one know that there is an army of angels

I have dispatched to watch over your

journey ensuring you do not stumble even

amid storms and

darkness rise now and grasp the

anointing mantle I have placed upon your

shoulders nothing and no one can stand

against you for I your Mighty God am

here to protect you and provide you with

the strength to

overcome you are cherished deeply by me

and I will not allow you to be defeated

for your Victory is also my

victory even as life throws its

challenges and the enemy seeks to

undermine you I am here to heal protect

and strengthen you your perseverance in

the face of adversity moves me

profoundly I understand the trials you

endure the wounds they cause and the

toll they take on your spirit

yet I am here to mend what is broken to

ease your suffering and to lead you to a

place of peace and joy trust in my love

and protection for they are

boundless though you may feel Unworthy

of my presence know that your faith and

humility have drawn my

attention I seek to enter not only your

home but but your heart as well to bring

healing and

Liberation release your burdens unto me

for I am here to lift them and to guide

you along the path to

holess your prayers have not gone

unheard and I am here to answer them do

not doubt for my promises are true and

my power knows no bounds trust in me

whole heart edly and you shall overcome

every trial and

tribulation remember even when others

falter I am here ever faithful and

attentive to your

needs seek solace in my love strength in

my words and guidance in my

presence together we shall conquer every

obstacle and you shall witness the

Miracles I shall bestow upon you and

your loved

ones so let go of fear and doubt and

embrace the faith that sustains you for

I Am with You always ready to guide you

heal you and bless you beyond measure

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