today the Creator needs to communicate

with you my child I have helped you

overcome many obstacles no matter how

hard the opponent tries to defeat you I

will always Grant you Victory my darling

I am going to elevate you and place you

in a more elevated

position keep trying remain determined

your breakthrough is just around the

corner your prayers are heard look at

your tears I hold on to a strategy take

heart rest assured I will never leave

your sigh it has been difficult I know

there will be moments when you feel like

you’ve exhausted all of your resources

and are up against an insurmountable

obstacle keep in mind I have been by

your side through all life’s

challenges both then and still I was at

your side things are go to improve

believe what I

say like this video if your faith as

determination the Bible versus

Philippians for always says and my

God will meet all of your needs

according to the riches of his glory in


Jesus my dear child please trust me me

when I express that everything is under

my watchful highend control be assured

that with my presence harm and distress

are far from

reach many of the challenges you’re

facing now will soon be resolved quicker

than you might anticipate the assistance

you’ve been seeking will arrive just in

time I am the one opening the doors

you’ve knocked on for so long

strengthening your faith guiding you

towards a new chapter in your life where

you’ll experience a significant

shift concern yourself not with the

opinions of others Stand Tall live with

dignity and Faith it’s my view of you

that truly matters and in my eyes you

are exceptional possessing a kind and

Noble heart cling to my words let them

be your Refuge

when you feel wounded seek Solace In My

Embrace remember I have been with you

through every trial and Triumph aware of

every downfall and victory now it’s time

for you to rise to leave behind old

battles and step into a new period of

success and personal

growth says the Lord if you’re seeking

for my advice type amen the the moment

for transformation is now Embrace this

opportunity to rewrite your story one

that is filled with joy and

Enlightenment my love and peace are

yours ensuring your mind and soul find

rest accept my blessings with an open

heart and let my promises guide your

steps your journey has been marked by my

presence offering protection

and escape from Harm’s

Way your faith in me allows for miracles

to unfold the heavens are posed to

shower you with blessings enriching your

life far beyond worldly ridges my

assurances are not to be taken lightly

my affection for you is profound and

unmistakable evident in Every Breath You

Take and the warmth of the sun on your


I have shielded you from Pain and Peril

time and again this year the transition

from despair to Hope signifies the dawn

of brighter days ahead challenges will

rise but do not

falter I cherish your dreams and am

committed to seeing them realized my

spirit is bestowed upon you daily

enhancing your spiritual awareness and

wisdom your understanding will deepen

allowing you to discern the true

intentions of those around you and offer


effortlessly your actions and faith will

serve as a testament to my power

inspiring many open yourself to receive

my Abundant Blessings and maintain your


unwaveringly type power men if you

believe our communication is intimate a

testament to the boundless love I have

for you declare your love for me not out

of obligation but from the depths of

your heart I am Forever by your side a

constant companion and Guiding Light

through the darkest

nights entr trust your fears and

anxieties to me and I will bear them

release the burdens that wear you down

for I am here to uplift and envelop you

in my

love your future is securely in my hands

under my sovereign and loving care

believe in my plans for you and let not

rumors and negative talk dishearten you

those words will dissipate like chaff in

the wind there sting for God by

mourning open your heart to me and

silence the voices of those who seek to

dictate your destiny my love is Manifest

in countless ways fortifying your spirit

against the judgments of others remember

I see your worth and am committed to

forgiving loving and supporting

you if you are concer comment amen

through you my love will touch many

bolstering your faith to unprecedented

Heights if it means reminding you daily

of my presence and will so be it fear

not for I am with you offering my

unwavering love and support I am your

refuge and in my love you will find

strength and

hope do not despair I am a equipping you

with the knowledge and to overcome

current adversities under my protection

you are safe from harm when weariness

overtakes you I will rejuvenate your

spirit with my comforting presence

infusing you with energy and

hope it is vital that you seek my

presence daily for together we will

overcome the past and embark on a joyful

New Journey I desire for you to see your

true self a cherished and Victorious

Soul chosen by me despite your

imperfections know that you are called


thrive to be a source of inspiration and

blessing to others reflect on past

struggles and recognize your growth

wisdom and

strength You Are My Chosen One p loved

and valued even in moments of failure

remember that your purpose blessings and

heart’s desires are found in me profess

your belief in me let it permeate your

thoughts and express it

wholeheartedly Comet lord always protect

me the almighty God declares ask to be

still in my presence for a while you’re

longing for this precious place of

contact with me grows as your level of

frustration increases take slow deep

breaths unwind in my sacred presence as

my face illuminates

you I continually give you my peace and

this is how you accept it imagine the

suffering I Endure when my Offspring

ignore my gift of peace and wind

themselves up in knots of anxiety

for you I gave my life as a criminal in

order to get this gift accept it with

gratitude and tuck it away in your heart

as you place your confidence in me my

peace blossoms inside you like a


gem as a result external factors cannot

affect it relax and enjoy the

Tranquility in my company agreed to

follow me everywh where I go go with all

your heart accelerating your speed and

joyful expectation as you follow

me even if you have no idea what is

ahead I do and that is plenty some of my

greatest gifts are just around the

corner they are invisible but they are


real It Is by faith not sight that you

are able to accept these blessings

this does not imply a lack of awareness

of your surroundings it implies

submitting the material world to the

Ethereal Shepherd of your spirit

occasionally I guide you up a steep

mountain with only my hand for

support type yes to claim this blessing

the view becomes more breathtaking as

you ascend and you also get a stronger

sensation of of being cut off from the

outside world and all of its isues this

allows you to Revel in the joyful

reality of my presence to the

fullest fully surrender to these times

of Glory filled with blinding light

eventually I walk you back into the town

and down the mountain allow my light to

radiate inside you as you once again

mingle with others

sleep well in me kitty it is supposed to

be seren not tense during this time

dedicated to me to get my love you don’t

need to do anything I love you with an

unending unconditional

kind I am really hurt by the fact that

my kids are striving for love trying

their hardest and never feeling worthy

enough to get affection take cautious

that your love for me does not turn into

another kind of Labor I want you to

enter my presence with confidence and

gladness you were my righteousness

therefore you have nothing to fear when

you look into my eyes you will see only

love and joy in the person I perceive


condemnation may you be blessed with

peace and brilliant light from my face

come to me prepared to receive my

presence and blessings with your

barriers down enjoy the relief that

comes from being completely honest and

transparent with me you don’t need to

reveal anything since I already know all

there is to know about you there is no

other connection that compares to this

one spend time enjoying wealth and

soaking in my Radiance the complex walls

that individuals build between

themselves and other people is one of

the harshest effects of the Fall there

are many facades in the world including

my body the church sometimes individuals

feel most comfortable being themselves

at church the burden of fake Brotherhood

releases them and they feel relieved

when they go experiencing my presence in

church is the greatest remedy for this

fake atmosphere let your main priorities

be to commune with me to adore and exalt

me God says right yes if you trust me

you will then be able to adore others

with my adore and smile at them with my

jaw if you overflow and try to de at

what will happen to you in the future

you will never find my peace that is a

typical instance of

disbelief peace may seem to be within

your reach while your mind is racing

with ideas yet it is always Out Of Reach

just when you believe you have planned

for every scenario and unforeseen event

arises and causes


the human intellect was not created by

me to predict the future you are not

capable of that I designed your

intellect so that you may always

communicate with me bring all your

desires aspiration and worries to me

give everything to me to

handle change your direction from the

planning path to the peace

root type

if you needed

this the scripture always speak this

passage contains guidelines for Timothy

and all other gospel preachers it

inspires people to actively pursue

knowledge by reading the Bible taking

part in sermons thinking back on what

they have learned

and asking for help from others to fill

in knowledge gaps and crack errors

ministers May prevent teaching mistakes

and provide proper knowledge by

participating in these

activities this passage highlights how

crucial it is to study carefully in

order to comprehend and properly preach

God’s word

all Christians are expected to dedicate

themselves to a thorough reading of the

Bible in order to identify good theology

without hesitation or guilt and to

proclaim the gospel with

confidence do your best to present

yourself to God as one approved a worker

who is no need to be ashamed is the

first half of the versus exort

ation this means that we need to want to

please God and win his favor how are we

going to do this by diligently studying

his word expanding our comprehension and

gaining insight and

knowledge we prepare ourselves to be

productive labors in God’s kingdom by

dedicating ourselves to this Mission

following that

the passage instructs us to rightly

handle the word of Truth this highlights

how crucial it is to correctly

understand and apply the

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God God’s word requires that we approach

it with respect accepting its Authority

and looking to the holy spirit for

direction it is our responsibility to

delve deeply into the boat to determine

its actual meaning and properly apply it

to our

lives when Paul refers to dying with him

he indicates that when we put our faith

in Jesus God’s love transforms us it is

made possible for for us to give our

power old sinful ways and begin a new

life with Jesus by his death and

Resurrection this transformation is a

gift from God because of his love for us

we are not responsible for it God

reconciles us to himself and provides us

a new beginning when we put our faith in


regeneration which helps us live the way

God wants us to opens our hearts to him

the verse second section discusses the

Assurance of living with him we not only

get to live eternally through Jesus but

we also get to walk with him every

day he offers us his insight and support

as we navigate the challenges of life we

discover true purpose pleasure and

Tranquility that come from being near

our creator when we pay attention to him

and follow his

instructions this passage serves as a

reminder that this new life is temporary

with God’s assistance this experienced

du thing is a voyage of personal growth

and Improvement

it inspires us to give up the bad things

we use to do and start over in a fresh

relationship with Jesus God has lovingly

given us a new life which enables us to

give up our own lives and follow

Jesus let us live a life that honors and

reveres our Lord and savior submitting

to the authority of the Holy Spirit and

demonstrating the love of God in

everything that we do we are aware that

both our trust in Jesus Christ and God’s

omnipotent Grace are what have led to


Salvation Jesus death on the cross has

rescued us not any good deeds we have

done but realizing that gen genuine

faith is never isolated and is always

accompanied by a change life is a

crucial component of our

religion God wants us to live chaste

lives and be committed to doing the

right thing when he calls us we have the

ability to refuse anything that would

take us away from respecting and

pleasing God since God’s holy spirit is

inside us

it serves as a daily reminder to live a

life that expresses our gratitude for

God’s love what then can we make of this

passage first we recognize that

Redemption is more than a means of


Paradise it’s a

transformative event that draws us

closer to Jesus it serves as a continual

reminder to conduct our life lives in a

manner that pleases God and everything

that we say think and do second we

understand that God does not only ask us

to do a task when he asks us to live


lives he has given us his holy spirit

finally we know that God’s love and

activity in US is the reason for

whatever Holiness that we have grown and

as Christians we are not Holy by

ourselves it is God’s unmar gift we can

live holy lives Because of

Him Father typ I Adore You with

kindness in life we may encounter


circumstances that leave us feeling worn

out and weak we might believe that we

lack the abilities necessary to go over



obstacles the fact is that without God’s

assistance we really lack What It Takes

we would be powerless without God

according to Ephesians we may draw

strength from God’s

might this entails pleading with God for

assistance and realizing that his power

is much greater than our own we are not

not capable of overcoming our own limits


inadequacies all we can depend on as


strength the scripture advises us to put

our faith in his power because it is

greater than anything we could ever do

on our own it is an indication of our

dependence on God when we decide to rely

on his might

our religion has a significant role in

determining our actions and how we see

the world through prayer meditation and

intimate contact we ma communicate with

God this facilitates our access to his

power sometimes we lose sight of the

fact that God is not far away and that

he is a l father who wants the best for

us he is there for us at all times we

may make sensible decisions when things

are difficult find courage when we are

fearful and persevere when we are

exhausted when we depend on his

strength this poem emphasizes the value

of taking care of our loved ones and

Families First of all it serves as a

reminder that God created families to

play a significant role in our

lives he desires that we look after our

Ken particularly the ones who reside in

our own houses Christians need to

understand how vital our families are

and how essential it is for us to look

after them this Tech also tells us that

our religion ought to permeate all

aspect of our

life it involves more than simply

attending church and saying prayers it

also involves how we treat our families

and carry out our obligations to them

our love and care for our family members

should be influenced by our faith in

Jesus this passage exhorts us to love

with sacrifice and selflessness we are

asked to follow Jesus by looking out for

our family members and a society that

often tells us it’s all about

us this entails attending to their

emotional and spiritual needs and

addition to their bodily ones by acting

in this way we demonstrate the reality

of our faith and the love of

God this passage also serves as a

reminder that we are able to carry out

our duties because of God’s grace at

work inside us we are unable to complete

it alone we may seek God for his

strength and wisdom which will enable us

to care for our family but we still need


assistance we should make an effort to

comprehend and carry out our

responsibilities to them understanding

that our faith in Jesus has the power to

positively impact their

lives by doing this we participate in

God’s love by prayer and demonstrate it

in action God’s plan of Grace to offer

healing and restoration we know that

Paul’s life was based on the Life of

Christ not on his own his power was

Christ’s not his

own not his own Glory but Christ was his

goal to live as Christ it is our duty to

conduct our life in obedience to Christ

and his teachings how primary go ought

to be to imitate him and demonstrate his

kindness and love to others

this ought to have an impact on whatever

we do in our personal professional and

interpersonal Endeavors we are reminded

to live by the power of Christ’s

Resurrection by these words Jesus

conquered sin and death by offering

himself granting us everlasting


life we feel confident and full of

optimism knowing that our lives have

purpose because of this with the help of

the Holy Spirit we need to live

Victorious lives and spread the good

news of Salvation to

everyone the phrase to die is gain

conveys the belief that death offers us

great pleasure and hope for the

Hereafter as followers of Christ we

eagerly anticipate the day when all

grief and anguish sh shall be completely

reunited with

Christ this serves as a helpful reminder

that our ultimate objective is

Everlasting Glory not fleeting profits

or losses it gives us courage to endure

suffering and persecution because we

know that in the end our loyalty to

Christ will be

repaid this passage should encourage us

to live fully and passionately for God’s

glory realizing that this life is but a

Prelude to the Everlasting pleasure and

adoration that lie ahead may this

knowledge change the way we see things

and help us live meaningful

lives for the entirety that become

written in the Beyond was written to

teach us so that via the endrance taught

inside the scripture

and the encouragement they provide wead

have hope Romans

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