???? GOD’S URGENT MESSAGE । MY CHILD, YOU ARE NOT SAFE FROM THIS …..!!!! #godmessages #jesus

beloved you are a Priceless thread woven

into the intricate fabric of my love you

have a cherished place in my heart that

will bring you Joy beyond your dreams I

have set aside an abundance of blessings

for you remember that when you face

difficulties and life seems heavy it is

because you have momentarily lost trust

in me swayed by external challenges your

heart longs for the comfort my teachings

provide I implore you renew your trust

in me if you fully commit to my

teachings you will withstand life’s

storms and emerge stronger like a tree

planted by

water now that you are here blessed by

God I want to renew your soul with the

wisdom I have imparted I fully endorse

these teachings for they will give you

strength courage and

endurance if you find yourself in

turmoil my words can change the

situation and give you hope for the

future keep in mind that I am fully

aware of all your feelings innermost

thoughts and trials you

face as you embrace my lessons let them

motivate and guide you bringing you

through challenges and lighting the way

to a future of optimism and

achievement when life weighs heavy on

your shoulders and the path seems dark

know that I am a constant Beacon guiding


journey there were times when doubtful

voices tried to drown out your dreams

but I tell you with certainty that those

doubts were born of

untruths do not let them extinguish the

fire burning within you do not let any

delusions sway your heart disentangle

any lingering Shadows

use my strength to conquer all Wicked

desires know that you have my unwavering

support as I speak to you as my

cherished child you still have some ways

to go in your journey but I implore you

not to give up or abandon hope now keep

going there is no need to fret In This

Moment these days I Infuse you with

faith and

enthusiasm imagine your renewed strength

like a charging bull propelling you to

the mountains Peak I implore you again

to focus all your hope and optimism on

the Promises I have made

I will eventually fulfill all my


assurances keep in mind that I am the

god and author of your faith the source

of Limitless compassion and love your

constant companion who will never leave

your side your happiness and well-being

are under my watchful care I would

rather shower you with blessings than

anything else the promises I have given

to those who love me will be fulfilled

in you as you become a shining example

of kindness in all you do from the

choices you make to the actions you take

take blessings and prosperity will

surround hard hit families like a warm

blanket as my hand reaches out to those

who bring blessings your way I will pour

forth Abundant Blessings upon them

bringing health and

joy however my Supernatural protection

surrounds you forming an impenetrable

barrier those who try to curse you will

only bring misery upon themselves my

favor and protection envelope you

causing Every curse to fail before it

even reaches its

Target the places I lead you to will be

ripe with opportunities and advantages

providing the perfect setting to hone

your skills and acquire new

tools I give you this gift as a Heavenly

promise that your life will be full of

Plenty and everything will be expedited

for you at every turn in your journey

along the path my Limitless love has

paved you will find many reasons to

rejoice and be grateful if you allow it

your home can become a sanctuary of love

and harmony as you share in my Abundant

Blessings your circle of loved ones a

rock solid source of support and joy

will join you in your Delight your

ministry will Thrive because of your

unwavering commitment and

enthusiasm those around you will see my

radiant light shining through you

Illuminating the path and it will become

a Beacon of Hope if you SE consolation

and answers in your professional

Pursuits you will accomplish your goals

and realize your

Ambitions your endeavors will be defined

by excellence and

productivity with me as your steadfast

companion you can be certain that no

matter what you do

it will succeed I am your constant

support and strength my darling child

and no task will ever be too great for

us to accomplish

together my precious darling you have

the incredible ability to overcome every

obstacle standing in your way of finding

happiness and

success I am the key that unlocks the

doors to your destiny and

greatness within you lies this divine

power in addition to power you can

uncover a treasure Trove of wisdom and

insight with my help you will be able to

see clearly and make decisions that

bring you happiness prosperity and

serenity have faith in the Flawless

timing of my plans I am not ignoring

your hopes and dreams rather I am

tending to them so they may Blossom at

the right time let go of any doubts or

anxieties that may Cloud your judgment


creativity you can illuminate the path

to a future brimming with advantages and

plenty by looking to me and I will guide

you every step of the way my beloved


as you continue walking in faith your

journey may have its share of challenges

but it also holds great potential and

Limitless possibilities never take your

eyes off the

Horizon a fresh new day waits to break

upon you and in the afternoon your

dreams will come true in ways you could

have never

predicted true love is fixed on the

horizon where a new day is about to Dawn

an afternoon when your wildest dreams

will materialize and you will be amazed

at how close you are to realizing them

have faith in my love for it is fixed

far away where the dawn of a new day is

about to emerge a day when your dreams

and goals will take shape in ways you

could not have imagined trust in the

truth of my love as it focuses on the

horizon awaiting the dawn of a new day

that will fulfill your most ambitious

dreams have faith in my love since it

lingers Far Beyond the Horizon where a

new day is soon to emerge an afternoon

when your hopes and dreams will come

true in ways beyond your

comprehension embrace my affection for

it is utterly

Dependable have faith in my assurances

for they are

genuine in this profound journey of

friendship we undertake together I am

always by your side loving guiding and

supporting you within this journey

brimming with meaningful purpose you

will discover the power of perseverance

and the radiant beauty of unwavering

faith I am beckoning you beyond the

confines of your own being in the

darkness that surrounds so many people’s

lives I ask that you emerge as a shining

symbol of my infinite Love and Hope

shining brightly Embrace who you truly

are I will never ever abandon you daring

Warrior because you are unafraid to use

your faith and confront challenges you

also know when to return to your source

of strength because I am the god of

Truth my word and assurances will never

waver and you will undoubtedly

Prevail go forth without

fear I have set aside time and space for


allowing you to live a life of abundance

and joy do not worry about short-term

restrictions I will take care of that

pray to me with confidence at any time

night or day and I will answer your

prayers and address your concerns while

surrounding you with my heavenly

Serenity remember that my holy word is a

treasure Trove of wisdom and direction

that will lead you confidently along the

road of righteousness where you will

experience blessings make wise decisions

and fulfill my divine plan

you will face your journey fearlessly

knowing that my protective Shadow

surrounds you and that you are safe

under my refuge both now and

forever there are many doors opening

every day handcrafted just for your

health Prosperity Triumph and joy I am

about to reveal a plethora of beautiful

Supernatural events refrain from giving

in to discouragement and strengthen your

spirit in the face of hurtful comments

knowing you will Triumph in the end the

time has come for you to full commit to

my Everlasting Love For You A Love That

strives to remain unwavering no matter

what you will Propel yourself higher

even if you have hit rock bottom you

must look to me with all your honesty

and humility I implore you to seek me

out daily come to terms with the fact

that you need me as much as I am

expressing my need for you give me what

I want my beloved child who could

possibly stand in your way with my

unwavering support you are strengthened

and your status is undefeated remember

that my love is greater than Earthly

wisdom humans fleeting

mistakes when you endure hardship find

comfort in the depths of my love for you

while you absorb this revelation of

heavenly truth take pleasure in the

moments spent in my heavenly presence

words become

unnecessary our time together is truly

precious and we let go of all

worries My Serenity will surround you as

you enter the arena as well an aura of


concealment I am here ready to shower

you with with love each morning as the

sun rises so you need not be afraid of

the turbulent emotions of

others I eagerly await your efforts

every morning for my love for you is

Limitless expand upon my perspective

what could possibly motivate me to stop

loving and blessing someone as special

and precious as

you my first priority is to Grant you

Eternal salvation so you may live a

Fearless life protected by my love and

walk this Earth with unshakable faith in

yourself and my love that will remain

forever reflect on the sacri rice I made

on the

cross it was not a sign of defeat but of

triumphant investment in your

victory in addition to shedding light on

how to overcome personal weaknesses

exhaustion from life’s trials and

emotional storms my resurrection became

a source of strength and a Divine

Catalyst that will lead you to a

magnificent lifestyle beyond the common

human experiences of loneliness

rejection and

pain you are my beloved children blessed

with power bravery and Triumph over many

challenges raise your hands in Victory

as a sign of your accomplishment and a

proclamation of who you are my prayers

are for the success of your endeavors

and the Fulfillment of your goals

together with my grace believe in the

divine plan for your life behold the

Brilliance of your being like the sun

rising in the morning until it reaches

its peak inside me I am the assurance

that your dreams and Ambitions may come

true so come find Solace from the pain

of lack and need with my gentle


I will shape your financial landscape so

it reflects success and I will keep the

ties of your family connection strong

believe me when I say these

things these are the Echoes of a

Father’s love that has endured for all

time not Hollow promises embrace the

love that has followed you from the

beginning of time into your heart

because it is in this sacred Embrace

that I will fulfill my greatest desires

for your

life now is the perfect moment to

entrust me with your utmost Faith

appealing not only to your intellect but

also to your spirit heart and soul let

go of the emotions that cause harm and

mistakes free yourself from the burdens

of this world that prevent you from

living a peaceful life have faith that I

will spare you from any more anguish

even after you have given much and

received nothing in return my affection

for you is beyond comprehension this is

yours to receive your Exquisite portrait

in my masterpiece makes you my most

precious possession and I would give my

life for

you please understand that my purpose is

to guide you toward the future I have

meticulously prepared for you a path

rich with opportunities and choices that

will bring you blessings and

fulfillment keep in mind that following

my will brings blessings and joy into

your life as well as the lives of your

loved ones I am listening to your

prayers so you may wait for my response

with confidence I never leave those who

put their faith in me inside the holy

shelter of your home so come confidently

safely and with Assurance my heavenly

kingdom is always open

believe that your home will always be a

sanctuary of Peace joy and Limitless

plenty whether you realize it or not you

can be certain that nothing is out of

your reach now that my benevolent

presence Graces your Haven give yourself

over to the Everlasting company I

provide live in the Tranquility I offer

and let its gentle currents permeate

your whole

existence no matter what path your

worldly Journey takes know that my

heavenly Essence will always be by your

side feel my loving spirit’s comfort

presence resonating throughout you

serving as a constant reminder of our


existence I grant you the honor of

residing beyond the turbulent currents

of Earthly events so you may enjoy the

inherent Tranquility that is your

rightful inheritance treasure this deep

sense of Tranquility which is very

important to me and I hope it brings you


joy as a couple from the crack of dawn

to the Stillness as the day’s fabric

unfolds we may partake in this Holy

Communion whenever we choose and we can

look forward to our communion with

enthusiasm as we have a conversation

that goes beyond the

ordinary when you take my hand and bow

before my Divine Throne I affirm and

claim your special place in my heart

proclaiming to the world that you are

completely mine if only you could

understand the life-changing power of

those moments and the immense

significance they hold in your life’s

tapestry I would celebrate with you

behold the transformation of your

perspective as my words and love fill

your mind with understanding you have

received Gifts of utmost importance and

are equipped with the unshakable promise

to accomplish things beyond the

capabilities of Ordinary

People a person’s spiritual wealth goes

beyond their bank accounts and credit

card balances I give a blessing that is

weighty with gold and contains

relaxation Joy tranquility and

affection it is immune to theft or

dissipation like smoke and it endures

for all

time why benediction is more valuable

than any material treasure because it

lasts forever your loved one your health

and your faith are more precious than

the fleeting Promises of this world only

then will you attain true Victory bask

in my eternal love and revel in immense

Bliss every

day I am reminded of how important it is

for people to gaze upon my face listen

to my word and be kind and admiring just

as I am with you my guide and how the

walls of your advantages are crumbling

before your eyes because of my profound

love for you I beg you again and again

to listen to what I I said to you today

my deepest desire is for you to be well

happy and at peace additionally may your

lifestyle be characterized by Abundant

Supply relieving you of any needless

obligations even on days when you don’t

feel like working or when you get home

exhausted our bond must remain unbroken

never forget who I am I’ll be right here

with you all day ready to answer your

questions and impart my

wisdom I can feel your anguish as you

try to make sense of everything going on

around you it’s difficult to see how

your heavenly father has been there for

you every step of the way with my love


strength I will not let you face

challenges too great for you to handle I

am here to support you every step of the

way please let us set up a computer

within the hour when you call upon me

from anywhere you will feel my presence

and hear my soothing

voice in this very moment of our

conversation I can guide you again and

again and your demands are amazing to me

at this moment there is a graceful calm

this Incredible Gift is all yours to

accept so don’t pass it

up as you bring your hands close to your

eyes let your worries melt away and let

the heavenly calm surround your

heart my love will Encompass you your

whole being is a precious story never

lose sight of that you pen each chapter

with great care and purpose moving

forward remember that your story is a

work in progress with chapters yet to


your story is brimming with the

expectation that the yet to be unveiled

promises will culminate in a glorious

resolution that fortifies your

unwavering Faith grounded in the

certainty of my unwavering love and

boundless understanding with Assurance

competence and calm self assurance the

road ahead opens as the year winds down

and the festive Christmas season

approaches I will be by your side every

single step of the

way the celebrations are more than just


party they should serve as a poignant

reminder of the desire and rebirth I

bring into your life

daily as we enter this season of

reflection and contemplation May the

living image of my Everlasting presence

and love resonate inside the fabric of

your life just as it does at

Christmas pause for a moment and think

about all the blessings I’ve given you

over the last

year I wish you a year filled with

happiness and gratitude as you reflect

on the past year and look forward to all

the new opportunities the next year

brings my greatest desire is to mold and

in inuence your lives with the wisdom I

impart therefore I want to etch this

knowledge into your

soul join me on an adventure to

Uncharted territories of Joy where you

can soak up the light of my serenity

delight and Limitless Joy also when you

establish a firm foundation of faith and

immerse yourself in the Treasure Trove

of my heavenly teachings may all your

efforts bear fruit and all your dreams


true have faith that I can grant all

your wishes and more creating a life

full of blessings that will allow you to

share in the joy of a United family and

a harmonious home trust me my darling

because I am always here to help you

feel me in the gentle touch of each

Breeze the warmth of each Sunbeam and

the joy of every smile shared with your

dear ones even though my Essence may

seem ephemeral always remember the

Limitless love I have for you you are my

most beautiful creation made with such

magnificent purpose that you are full of

latent potential and Grace you must not

allow unfounded accusations to sway your

faith in me

I have bestowed upon you the physical

prowess mental agility and courage to

confront any difficulty

headon have your thoughts or heart

hindered your Faith’s expansion put it

aside and ignore any alerts that don’t

align with my teachings I’ve designed

you for greatness and planned a life of

blessings to help you overcome any

obstacles you may

face may your lives weave together the

threads of unwavering Faith Divine

Purpose and the infinite love eye your

writer typically bestow upon you my


child in the safety of my unwavering

commitment to you may the depths of your

faith find

Comfort I assure you that my promises

are Not Mere platitudes but steadfast

pledges I will fulfill with Divine

Precision today even if the fruits of my

kindness may not immediately come to

mind rest easy knowing that I’m

skillfully connecting your remaining

gains to a web of

Providence some people around you are so

caught up in their own lives that they

don’t even notice when you’re going

through tough times please know uh

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