? God Says Today ? “I Will End It” !

God is saying to you today don’t be

scared trust me and believe what I

say I promise to bless you greatly for

your faith

soon I know you’re going through some

tough times right

now all the stuff happening around you

is too much

right it’s making you stressed tired and

worried it feels like everything’s about

to crash down leaving you feeling alone

sad and without

hope but dear one I want to tell you

something important I’ve got

this like the video and subscribe to the

channel if you believe you are a child

of God you don’t need to be scared

because I’m right here with

you and don’t worry I’m taking the lead

fighting for you making sure you’re

safe remember in every trial test or

challenge life brings my presence will

fill you with bravery and be your

Everlasting support guiding you every

step of the way to the Bountiful

blessings I have planned for

you just believe in me even in the

bleakest and darkest moments for I will

be there in every

circumstance never forget that I am your

Invincible God enveloping you in favor

shower ing you with endless blessings

and mercies that overflow with peace joy

and contentment my dear

child my love for you is Limitless and

unchanging walk in the assurance that

all will be well for I am beside you

holding your hand guiding you towards a

life filled with success Serenity and

abundance remember I’m looking out for

you even when things seem really big and

hard to handle like a giant you have to

beat or a huge mountain you have to

climb I won’t leave you on your

own I’m going to make you stronger and

smarter so you can get through any tough

spot whether it’s about money feelings

or your spirit just put your faith and

trust in

me I’m bigger than any problem you might

have I want you to live peacefully

confidently and

hopefully let go of all your stress

weakness and

fear believe that I’m helping you right

now making you stronger and smarter and

you’ll be able to do everything you want

to do for a life of prosperity and

blessing is what I the Lord have

designed for you remember every promise

I have made to you for they are not just

mere words but a testament to my


commitment hold on to these promises as

guiding lights on your Earthly

journey in these promises you will

discover my unwavering

faithfulness they will not fade into

Oblivion or get lost in life’s chaos

rather they will shine like stars in the

night appearing at the exact right

moment revealing my divine plan a plan

that surpasses all constraint of time

and space therefore do not be

disheartened by the passage of time nor

lose heart if answers to your prayers


delayed have faith in me for through

patience and belief you will witness the

Fulfillment of each promise a reminder

of my constant love and faithfulness


if you believe that the God exists

place your trust in me for I am with you

every day fighting your battles and

leading you to the Triumph you

deserve remain in my presence and no

harm shall overcome

you your adversaries will Retreat and

you will be victorious for with me you

are more than a conqueror always

remember in every situation I am your

Eternal source of strength your

immediate Helper and your Forever

support I am your Almighty God who

blesses you abundantly and showers you

with unceasing

Mercy my love for you is boundless and

nothing in the universe can diminish or

change it thus when you walk through

difficult and perilous paths be assured

that my love and strength are with you

do not doubt my child for I am always

near in every

step feel my loving Embrace for my my

infinite love will energize you to

achieve every aspiration in the deepest

yearnings of your

heart Never Surrender or turn back face

this challenging moment with courage

faith and determination then all your

uncertainty shall dissipate and the

Darkness shall give way to my eternal

light which shall guide you on the path

to Joy and the great and beautiful

blessings I have reserved for you soon

you shall see your goals flourish and

you shall enjoy the fruits of your

efforts receive what I tell you today

and believe it for it shall all come to

pass keep moving forward with faith

until the

end for with my right hand I uphold you

and accompany you on your journey my

child do not be sad I am with you I

shall never leave

you trust and you shall be blessed in

ways beyond your imagination fear not

for I am with you do not be dismayed for

I am your God who strengthens

you I will always help you always uphold

you with the right hand of my

righteousness behold all those who rise

against you shall be ashamed and

confounded they shall be as nothing for

I am your God who holds you by your

right hand and I say to you fear not for

I will help you type I’m abundant to

affirm perhaps you may think that the

frequent errors you may have committed

dim the love I hold for you but you are

mistaken I cherish you with a profound

and eternal affection and nothing you

can do shall thwart my purpose in

you the production of these videos takes

a lot of effort so please consider

contributing your devotion through super

thanks from $ to $ which helps us to

create more such videos do not hesitate

any longer place your trust in my

power I shall bless you in such a manner

that All Shall witness that I am the

Divine source of every blessing on this

day my child allow the light of my words

to illuminate your understanding

ushering Grace and prosperity into your


permit me to shoulder your burdens and

provide you

rest allow me to orchestrate great

Endeavors in your life just as I

promised when you first sought me type I

claim it if you receive this

declaration remember that I am your

Creator and I know all about you do not

forget that at the end of the dark

Valley of Shadows lies the vast Garden

of my promises

in that place you shall find joy peace

and Abundant

Blessings it is there where you shall

see how blessings flow to you and to the

generations that shall follow always

remember that I fulfill my promises and

I shall fulfill them in

you that is why my child I ask you to

strive and be courageous be patient and

trust in me completely for I I am

working in your favor my grace and mercy

shall never leave you and my love for

you is

boundless however to fully receive my

blessings you must rid yourself of all

doubts and remove any impure and

inappropriate thoughts from your mind

that distance you from

me discard them and uproot them from

your heart then you shall enjoy all the

unique and special blessings that are

the fruits of righteousness and

integrity do not surrender to

difficulties for you have been

predestined to

overcome from the beginning I designed

you with a Divine Purpose so you may

live a blessed prosperous life filled


victories remember your life is filled

with untapped potential and blessings

yet to be

uncovered have faith in me adhere to my

teachings for you have a significant

role in this world and together we shall

achieve it never forget that if you ever

feel weak you can find strength in the

certainty that my love and power support

you no matter how challenging the path

may be with my assistance you can

overcome any

obstacle You are not alone I am always

here for you offering love support and

protection Trust in me in my plan for


life and in the Wonders that are yet to

come press on with determination for in

your future there is Joy purpose and

blessings that shall overflow your heart


gratitude do not give up keep moving

forward in faith Until the



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