as the new month of April begins I want you to know that it’s more than just another page on the calendar it’s a

dazzling beginning according to God this is especially true for my precious child

to receive God’s benefits this month view this video until you stop it’s like

staring at a clean slate full of potential and Grace the good news is that you are the object of God’s

specific plan which will change your life in ways you can’t even begin to fathom

let us Begin by expressing our Joy about this month the best kinds of Joy will

enter your life via God’s advantages the gentle rays of dawn may be it the joy of

a shared laugh or the serenity of a minute to myself won’t be something you seek in lofty aspirations or far away

dreams rather it will be something you discover in the ordinary it will become

ingrained in your heart easing the burden of difficulties and sweetening the taste of

triumphs plus this month’s cash is a godsend God has a tendency to surprise

people with the portals to riches it might manifest as an unexpected cash Boon a fresh opportunity at work or even

a minor Fortune experiencing the cost of prosperity in all its forms is something

this blessing teaches you in addition to boosting your money you will have the ability to discern what is necessary for

generous sharing and to have faith that there is plenty for everyone money

becomes a tool to improve your life and the lives of those around you and most

importantly God will provide you with physical health because the ability to

experience life’s pleasures and overcome its difficulties depends on one’s physical and mental well-being this gift

is an inspiration for all others what this means is that you are completely healthy in every way physically mentally

and emotionally it goes beyond just being free of impurities however your energy levels will rise your resilience

will increase and you will experience inner calm you will be able to do what you want be there for the people you

care about and enjoy life to the utmost because of this gift of Health beloved

keep in mind that these gifts aren’t just for you they’re meant to float through you and brighten the world for

others give generously of your time energy and resources to causes that

matter and you’ll find that the reward snowball reappearing this month in ways

you can’t even begin to imagine Embrace these benefits every day sometimes

they’ll be crystal clear and other times you’ll wish they were closer however

know that they’re always there gifts from God to lead protect and reveal the

boundless possibilities of life keep your faith strong as you go through this month no challenge is too great and no

ambition is too lofty to achieve if you hold these three things close to your heart click the join button and be a

part of our Revolution if you feel the urge to join our spiritual family right now in order to find a way to Inner

Peace and Enlightenment embrace the advantages that come your way this month

with an open heart and embrace the journey God has in store for you the

benefits he offers are only the beginning of what you may gain and the pleasure you can find in every moment

remember that you are cherished appreciated and destined for greatness

an Adventure full of joy success and health is about to begin this month as

you set out on a mission to constantly switch up your lives would you also be

open to receiving God’s grace and finding something to be grateful for something to treasure and a chance to

develop your life each day my dear kid you are writing a magnificent story

and this month you will submit some of its finest chapters you might feel a particular kind of peace and Security in

the safety of your own home the kind that comes from understanding that God’s loving arms are always around you

welcome each new day with open arms in addition to being a physical structure with walls and a roof your home is also

a spiritual Haven where you and your loved ones are continually protected from the elements and evil spirits

imagine how how much simpler it would be to approach each day with an attitude of gratitude and the knowledge that you are

in Heavenly safety no matter what happens outside your door or within your

property you may find consolation and protection this isn’t simply a passing

promise it’s a solid pledge this protection from on high is not based on

chance but on God’s deliberate plan which is evidence of his boundless love for you the shield of God’s protection

is like a gentle breeze that keeps the bad guys out of your house it’s in the healthy pure air you breathe in the

sturdy walls that withstand the test of time and in the solid foundation that

remains steadfast no matter what the weather throws at it just as in this video If you believe this to be true in

relation to the almighty Jesus your humble abode will be transformed into a

shining example of God’s love a physical manifestation of his concern for your

well-being as you go about your daily routines God blesses every moment spent

with loved ones whether it be eating a meal or just talking every space is filled with God’s

love which transforms ordinary moments into blessings and creates beautiful memories from simple

exchanges this love acts as a protective barrier keeping harm and illness at Bay

in your safe haven God’s pledge to protect your house encompasses more than just material security it also includes

your mental spiritual and emotional health your home provides a Haven of

security and Tranquility in an otherwise unpredictable and turbulent environment

it’s a place to relax recharge your heart and feel the calmness that comes from being in God’s presence increase

your hospitality and generosity fearlessly with the help of this Supernatural protection as an expression

of God’s love your your house will be a Haven for those in need a place where they may rest and heal when you welcome

friends relatives and even complete strangers into your house you’re really

sharing more than just a place to stay you’re also inviting them into the Heavenly protection that resides there

keep your house open to God’s presence via prayer thankfulness and religion my little one Embrace him in every corner

your house becomes more than simply a physical Sanctuary it Bec becomes a spiritual Fortress when you acknowledge

God’s protection in every contact and decision remember God’s promises he is

your stronghold your shelter and your Everlasting Aid when you’re in a difficult situation or when your

anxieties start to take over his love is a gift a source of desire and a

protective barrier in your house it can endure the electricity of any harm or

disease let this promise bring you Tranquility no matter the weather there

is a higher power protecting both you and your private residents in defense

his angels take a stance his love envelops you he safeguards you with his

might you may face each day with confidence and happiness knowing that you are secure cherished and protected

because of this Supernatural protection so my precious little one while you reside in your own house remember that

it is a holy Place blessed by God it is the place where his love is made evident in concrete ways establishing a

sanctuary from the outside world be grateful for this gift cultivate it through faith and let it provide

strength and comfort to your family may your house forever be a sanctuary of Tranquility health and safety a mirror

of God’s Everlasting commitment to cherish you may his love serve as the inspiration for your home and his

protection as the fortifications that Shield you from harm in this hallowed space

may you feel the constant presence of God directing safeguarding and blessing

you at every moment there is a tremendous change on the horizon for you my little baby in the chapters of your

life that are about to be written the path ahead is adorned with the Assurance of prosperity achievement joy and health

this Good Fortune is not a fluke but rather the result of God’s hand in your life it is evidence of his designs to

bless you and protect you to provide what you seek and to provide a future for you just picture yourself waking up

each day to the realization that your financial woes are gradually Vanishing

just as the darkness gives way to the day there are other forms of riches outside of monetary gain they may be

discovered in the depths of your evaluations and the plenty of contentment in your heart the provision

of God will be shown in unexpected ways your efforts will be multiplied and

opportunities will present themselves to you putting you in a position to not only achieve your aspirations but also

bless others achieving success in all that you do be it in your career

personal Endeavors or relationships will follow you like a shadow that follows a

light this Success is Not of the ephemeral kind measured by material needs but rather a profound sense of

contentment and meaning a sensation of fulfillment and achievement will wash over you having a positive impact on

your industry and enjoying doing what you love are Hallmarks of success being

happy won’t be some Far Away goal but rather an everyday reality it will

result from being in the right place at the right moment and doing the right thing this Joy may stem from

appreciating what’s happening right now appreciating the Wonder in life’s little Joys and cherishing the relationship you

have with those closest to you the Sensation will be gentle and emanate

from inside you Fitness is the most priceless present you can get it will

revive and Revitalize your life like a beacon Illuminating the darkest days and

a blanket warming the ones you encounter being healthy is more than simply being

free of pathogens it’s about being whole in every way mentally emotionally and

physically your physique may be strong your head clear and your soul at peace

with this Fitness you may fully enjoy life’s benefits chase your dreams Without Limits and face each day with

confidence those assurances are closer than you think even if they seem far

away right now your trust perseverance and Readiness to conform your will to

God’s will are the keys that will open them you are being prepared for the Plenty that is to come therefore agree

with his timing since it is the perfect method you have a responsibility to use

these benefits responsibly my child so keep that in mind patience is required

when handling wealth humility when sharing satisfaction generosity when sharing pleasure and subjectivity while

maintaining Fitness along your path to prosperity and contentment these things aren’t just

for you they’re tools to change the world encourage those around you and show the world God God’s love and Glory

your coronary heart will be grateful for your joy and health if you do this your

beliefs are unwavering and your intentions are good there will be detours and turns along the way but if

you follow God’s plan you will reach the end of the rainbow remember that I am in

this alone even if there may be times when you feel scared or unsure you may

count on God’s constant companionship the light of his word to guide you and the power of his love to propel you on

depend on him when you’re confused or afraid he’s the one who will shape your future and give you the strength to

overcome obstacles as you embark on this new chapter brimming with potential and

capacity my dear know that the best is yet to come you are now ready to face

the difficulties of the future your destiny is holding out its hand to you eager for you to embrace the richness

that lies ahead and the lessons you’ve learned have shaped you furthermore may

your faith strengthen you as you confidently Embrace this new season as You Follow the guidance of God’s

unending love may your life serve as a testament to his unending kindness and

may each day bring you closer to understanding his promises living in perfect agreement

with his purpose this message is a beautiful tapestry of Hope and blessings

inviting you to pray for the future and to look forward with faith to the prosperity it success joy and health

that await you all under the beneficent light of Divine Providence there comes a moment of

divine intervention in the great tapestry of life when God selects a thread an existence for a specific

purpose just as each thread has its reason and every color has its meaning

these days my little one is aware of who you are that chosen thread chosen for

advantages that are both specific and deep since the beginning of time God has

been keeping an eye on you leading you down hidden paths shielding you from hidden threats and preparing you for

this precise moment yep you’re the one I’ve picked he claims that the question

of who will have access to his benefits is not one of risk but of purpose and

love God has extended an invitation to discover more about your purpose and

abilities via these benefits which are more than simply gifts the author has

drawn out a road for you that is full of Desire joy and success and these are

reminders that you are seen acknowledged and loved every morning you should wake

up believing that your life is unfolding according to a Divine Purpose this doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with

tough circumstances or problems it only means that no matter what you have an

advantage a supernatural quality that transforms obstacles into opportunities

and tests into lessons one of the most important advantages is the ability to

experience lasting Serenity not the kind that is transient and dependent on

external factors but the kind that stays with you no matter what happens you are

a precious child of God and knowing this brings you Serenity carefully Chosen and treasured

it is a Tranquility that calms your nerves Ms your emotions and provides the

power to face each day with courage and self assurance the next stage is Joy an inner

born Delight that is unrelated to external events but rather a byproduct

of your own experiences this Joy is a picture of God’s love a glimmer of the

Divine that illuminates your life and the lives of others you encounter the disappointments and trials of Life

cannot diminish This Joy on the contrary they only serve to magnify it

amidst a world full of chaos and disorientation having a firm grasp of the language is a gift that may guide

you and testify to the Eternal goodness of God an intensity of understanding and Clarity of thought will distinguish you

you will be able to gracefully and intelligently Traverse the complexity of your life with this knowledge guiding

your choices and illuminating your path being able to guide advise and manage

others is is a blessing that becomes apparent in your life and it’s a gift that benefits not just you but also

others around you although physical strength is certainly a component what

really matters is the inner strength and determination of a person that enable them to triumph over hardship stand firm

in their faith and never give up on their mission there might be love after the energy of knowing that you are not

alone and that God is with you strengthening and preparing you for every task you face you will find

yourself engulfed in an unfathomably deep and irrevocable love that changes

you forever if you believe that this love transforms your self-perception and

your perception of other people it will drive you to act in a manner that is generous selfless and kind it is a love

that creates heals and dismantles obstacles your love for one another will

make you a living breathing testimony to God’s mercy and kindness to the world

those benefits are just the beginning my little one as you embark on your journey in them maybe you’ll find more and each

one will show you how wonderful God is and how much Glory he has in you you

could find that being God’s favorite is more of a journey than a destination it

takes you further into his heart and better prepares you for the future therefore Embrace this vocation my

beloved child with a the spirit of modesty and appreciation indulge in these blessings

to the utmost each day not mindlessly But as God wants to provide hope light

and love to a world in need think about how God has chosen you for this time and

how With His blessings upon you there is no limit to what you can do or the impact you can have furthermore may you

walk in the Assurance of God’s decisions the joy of his love the Tranquility of his presence the wisdom of his Direction

and the power of His Spirit may your life serve as a demonstration of the amazing things God is capable of doing

through someone who is God’s chosen and blessed every thread in the developing tapestry of your life symbolizes an

afternoon a moment or a blessing according to God’s benefits upon a designated existence you should embrace

and hold fast these Heavenly Goods with purpose and passion eventually a

Heavenly intervention will occur and it will be shocking and significant this message assures you that you may

encounter unexpected Financial blessings in the next days and it is evidence of

this kind of divine intervention the prospect of a miracle may fill your life

with optimism excitement and a touch of suspense as you wait to see how those

advantages materialize imagine yourself opening your eyes to the possibility of

something extraordinary happening every day you’re cared for watched over and

supported in ways that go beyond the ordinary and the promise of unexpected cash Miracles is not only about the

financial gain it is also about the show of God’s love and provision for you

finding a long lost treasure Trove of cash may be your first day’s Adventure

anywhere you least expect it good things may happen just a friendly reminder of that just a little reminder to stop look

around and appreciate all the good things in our lives sometimes you’re right there in the open what you put out

into the universe has a way of coming back to you in the form of an unexpected refund or rebate of cash which may

arrive on the second day giving and receiving as well as the recursive nature of advantages are lessons

included within the float of Plenty on this the third day a substantial gift

from a loved one or friend may arrive as a sign of their affection and gratitude

a request to open your heart and share your unique advantages with others this act of compassion represents the

generosity that resides within the planet some opportunity like a new

project or a side job offering more pay should present itself on the fourth day

chances like this aren’t just chances to make money they’re opportunities to learn explore and broaden your

horizons send this movie to five close relatives it serves as a timely reminder

that stepping outside of our comfort zones and embracing new challenges is often the key to achieving plenty a huge

weight is lifted off your shoulders when you find out on the fifth day that a debt has been lowered or

erased a powerful message about the nature of forgiveness about releasing burdens and about The Liberation that

follows from healing our history is conveyed you could gain some extra

motivation a claim for your challenging artwork or a leg up at work on the sixth day your

worth the effect of your work and the importance of recognizing and enjoying our victories are all shown by this

award on day seven you can have a miraculous windfall an unexpected turn

of events that makes you feel amazed and grateful it’s a sign that the world is

vast that Miracles really happen and that you deserve all the good things that happened to you during the that

week of unexpected wealth there is more to a miracle than material Prosperity it

is more about the many ways God’s favor May manifest in your life they are encouraged to have faith have trust and

have faith in the possibility of Miracles even in the most ordinary of circumstances with these advantages

comes more responsibility it’s no longer enough to own wealth how you use it

matters more use those gifts wisely and abundantly and never forget to thank the

giver it is through thankfulness that we recognize the abundance of our benefits and create opportunities for more to

come our way another word for the real essence of riches is Miracles the love

we share the Tranquility we cultivate and the joy we find in the little things in life are more valuable than any

amount of money we could ever hope to accumulate it’s in the connections we make the generosity we share and the

lives We Touch thus my little child as you begin this week of unexpected

Financial blessings keep your faith strong your heart open and your soul

prepared to accept always look for the silver lining the lesson or the

opportunity in anything you do furthermore may this past week be an

exploration of Revelation not just of the Wonders that enter your lives but of the Wonder that you really are do you

not also see yourself as God does a cherished Offspring deserving of every detail and able to bring about miracles

in the lives of others by means of my love and blessings look beyond the tangible to the nonsecular riches that

define an abundant life this message is interwoven with the promise of divine

sustenance and the expectation of Miracles along the path of life where an

invisible hand guides each step there comes a time when God steps in to provide things like Prosperity health

and success those are not empty words or transient wishes rather they represent a

covenant with the almighty a declaration of his undying love and purpose for you

with thankfulness and Trust accept these blessings this message is an invitation

to do just that imagine yourself waking up every day knowing that you are taking

steps towards amassing more riches this wealth isn’t always monetary it may also

be found in the depth of your evaluations the plenty of love and happiness in your life and the knowledge

you acquire as you progress according to God if you want to be wealthy you need

to have enough money to satisfy your wants enough to give to others and enough to not worry about running out of

money everything from Little everyday Joys to large extravagant displays of

affection are there for the taking health is the other Priceless gift God wants to give you it’s the life force

that pumps through your veins as you open your eyes to the world the strength to face the difficulties of each day and

the Tranquility to rest your mind at night knowing that you are protected a state of holistic Fitness

includes not only a state of physical health but also a state of mental and spiritual Wellness if you want to go

gracefully through life enjoy every moment to the fullest and provide joy and abundance to every everyone around

you this is the way to go finding and passionately pursuing your life’s

purpose is the key to success according to God’s vision for you overcoming

challenges is about it no one else’s standards can compare to the joy in your own heart the influence of your actions

and the Legacy you leave behind when it comes to learning from setbacks and enjoying successes the connections you

make the lives you touch and the light you shine are all interconnected as you

go out on your journey to receive God’s benefits keep this in mind the pursuit

of wealth without Fitness is devoid of joy and accomplishment on the other hand

when one’s sense of purpose or well-being is strengthened each blessing builds upon the previous one laying the

groundwork for a life lived to the fullest and in harmony which is necessary to earn those benefits keep

your mind and soul open and willing have have faith in God’s scheme of things and

his timing remember that becoming healthy rich and successful isn’t always

a picnic doubt difficult circumstances that test your faith and seemingly

insurmountable constraints are all part of life’s journey yet they shape your man or woman strengthen your faith and

Raise Your Capacity to receive and appreciate God’s rewards practice thankfulness every day since it attracts

plenty enjoy every moment of Happ happiness every Tiny Win and every step

forward those acts of gratitude set in motion a positive feedback loop that improves your way of life even more

donate to the less fortunate and share what you have generously with those who are in need provide Solace and direction

to people who are battling with Fitness and Inspire others by sharing the joy

you have while helping others you find your rightful accomplishment with an upward push praying Med meditating and

keeping a mirror image may help you stay connected to God you can make out his voice in the Stillness realize his

purpose in your life and feel his affection no matter how rocky the road ahead may seem stand firm in your faith

because it is faith that will lead you to the place God has planned for you remember my darling that the reason God

has decided to bless you with prosperity health and success is because of his

enormous love for you you are his special creation he made you to Excel

and provide you with a life full of wisdom and plenty a thankful attitude an open heart and a commitment to living a

life that respects this heavenly gift are the best ways to embody these benefits always remember that I am never

ever alone while you go forward the advantages of God’s favor wealth health

and fulfillment are certain and unwavering and his love is an

everlasting Wellspring of strength you can do everything you set your mind to

there is no obstacle too great to overcome and no desire too big to achieve so go out fearlessly into each

new day my little baby prepared to learn develop and shine may your life serve as

a testament to the power of heavenly blessings an inspiration to others and a mirror of God’s boundless love and

generosity this message is filled with genuiness and simplicity and it will guide guide you to welcome the Divine

blessings of health wealth and success with generosity faith and thankfulness

in this life where each moment is a stroke on the canvas of your existence the author gently Whispers a reminder of

the importance of believing and being grateful faith and the abundance of

blessings sometimes concealed in the mundane details of everyday life are the themes of this message which is a gentle

prod from on high think of every day as a gift an opportunity to see things more

clearly when you can agree and be grateful thinking things through is the

building block of your faith in God it’s the unshakable belief that no matter how

rough Things become you’re being held LED and loved more than you can

imagine this faith is not weak or unassuming rather it is a strong

religious statement that recognizes the loving web of strands that comprise God’s designs for your life acknowledge

and appreciate the blessings that come your way no matter how cluttered the pattern may seem when you are grateful

even the most mundane things may become extraordinary displays of God’s love for you every blessing a friend’s laughter

the beauty of Nature and periods of solitude is evidence of God’s love and a

call to gratitude both for what you have and for who you are in his sight pray

about the timetable of God as we go through life we will inevitably encounter times of waiting when it may

seem as if nothing is happening or when the way ahead becomes clouded when things get tough remember that God is

orchestrating your future according to your desires as an anchor this acceptance keeps you from flopping about

in the face of uncertainty and teaches you the value of sticking with something

even when it becomes tough thank goodness for the lessons learned through adverse

you learn to be more resilient powerful and religiously devoted when you face

and overcome adversity your character will be shaped by such lessons which are

really blessings in Disguise when you are really grateful for these studies

they become opportunities rather than obstacles and they will guide you towards your higher purpose in a society

where want seems to be an everpresent threat think about God’s provision take

the information that is given to you at face value thanks to this agreement you

no longer have to worry about anything and you can finally enjoy your life to the

fullest it shows you that there is enough and that your dreams may be fulfilled in an endless number of ways

often in unexpected ways appreciate the people in your neighborhood the people

in your life for a gift from God a reflection of his care and affection we

are very grateful for their presence the help they provide and the joy they bring while doing so by strengthening these

ties you build an interdependent web of love and wisdom that reflects God’s rule

put your faith in God’s purpose for your life every journey is unique an ethereal

play composed just for you while it’s normal to seek advice from others about your journey you must also remember that

you are precisely where you should be with this conviction you can let go of comparison and confidently weave your

own tale into the tapestry of Life take Delight in today’s gift every day is a

fresh start a blank page in The Narrative of your lives right now a practice that turns ordinary days into

extraordinary Journeys in faith and joy requires one to be fully present and receptive to the possibilities that come

one’s way gratitude and accepting things as they are are the two cornerstones of

a happy life these may be the routines and decisions maintained dayto day

despite difficulties and uncertainty about the way ahead working in tandem

they create a coronary heart that is receptive strong and in tune with God

therefore my precious child as you go through life’s journey hold on to your thoughts and allow thankfulness to

accompany you at all times in every circumstance at any moment they aren’t

just admirable traits they are the very threads that bind you to the Beating Heart Of God choose to think about and

be thankful and you’ll be in harmony with the Heavenly stream of blessings that God has for you as you go forward

keep in mind that you have support God’s love is an endless Wellspring of strength and his presence is a constant

Compass join him in agreement take Delight in his advantages and see the

beautiful unexpected ways in which your life is unfolding there is a certain

place for the fabric of life there is a purpose for every Hue while some strands may seem frayed and their colors faded

from hardship and conflict there is hope for renewal in God’s magnificent plan

this word from on high is a gentle But Mighty assurance that God will transform your need into plenty your troubles into

Triumph and your poverty into riches belief in standing at the shore of a

vast ocean the wind is Whispering that the tides are about to change in your

favor that is that you are standing on the precipice of a Heavenly transition

that will bring plenty where there was scarcity Gloom and difficulty

before getting from dirt poor to affluent is much more than just amassing

money it’s also about creating something of value in the world God has already

prepared a way for you to prosper and that method will go beyond your possessions it will be about developing

your character honing your abilities and opening doors to opportunities that will

allow you to succeed and make a positive impact in your chosen field your whole way of existence not

just your physical experience might be turned into a mass production your desires will be graciously granted and

your cup will overflow in the Land of Plenty recognizing the riches around you

the benefits of hiding and the small Delights that make life beautiful are all part of it your Triumph against

adversity is a celebration of your strength and a tribute to your resiliency according to God’s promise

fulfillment isn’t a final destination but rather a process characterized by

progress in the process of growing and changing you will discover your life’s calling follow your heart and have a

positive impact on the world your time and plan are in harmony with Gods every

moment the good times and the bad is a part of a divine plan that is tailor

made for you although the path may be filled with challenges it will ultimately bring you to a location of

Plenty Fame and success it takes time for Commerce to take effect like a seed

breaking through the soil’s obscurity to reach the light you too will face obstacles on your path to growth and

success have faith that God is with you through the whole process of your change

from the breaking to the making be faithful even when the way is muddled if

you are in agreement with God’s timetable when everything else fails have faith it will lead you to

safety my expectations were fulfilled by this guarantee of factors when you have

faith you can overcome obstacles turn setbacks into opportunities and

confidently face your future Express Thanks for the trip because it’s in thankfulness that you find attitude and

energy you are being molded into the person you were intended to be by every experience

Triumph and lesson that you have along the way being grateful allows you to see

the good things that are already in your life and opens your heart to receive additional blessings from God get hold

of God’s gifts by opening your hands and heart achieving wealth Fame and success

is about more than simply reaping benefits it’s also about making a positive impact make a positive impact

on the World by giving receiving and helping others with your blessings and by spreading love and charity success

will be yours keep in mind my darling that your future is determined not by

your past but by your ability to overcome it stay steadfast in your faith

stay connected to Hope and embrace the change that is coming your way because God sees more than just you he sees the

person you have the potential to become he believes in Your Capacity to rise above your circumstances and Achieve

greatness you have the power to transform your financial situation your lack of resources into plenty and your

obstacles into triumphs with each stride you make you go nearer to realizing the

completeness of God’s plan for your life and the path you’re on leads to a better

and more Bountiful future it’s a sign that a better future is Within Reach if

you remain faithful persistent and thankful regardless of your current situation there is strain on you and

your companions as you go into the vastness of the cosmos an immeasurable presence exists beyond the boundaries of

space and time there are several names for this power but to those who believe

in the one true God the maker of heaven and Earth there is a voice that says my

darling listen up I can perform Miracles when we are feeling down and out under

the weight of life’s challenges all around us in the fabric of our daily lives are those extraordinary

occurrences that defy the rules of nature just waiting to be revealed when we are graced with a Divine Touch but

it’s easy to lose sight of the tremendous potential that resides in every second of our hectic and sometimes

chaotic world but the voice of God soft but determined cries out to us my

darling pleading with us to embrace the Limitless opportunities all around us if

you hear Whispers trust them I am the one who brings Miracles is a miracle

something you’ve heard of it’s the unexpected return of a beloved one the chance encounter that changes our life’s

trajectory and the seemingly impossible wish that comes true Miracles that defy

human logic or good judgment are evidence of divine involvement in people’s Affairs throughout history from

the The Parting of the Red Sea to the restorative Touch of an empathetic stranger the history of humanity is

filled with stories of Miracles Great and Small these remarkable events serve

as reminders of the strength of faith and the everpresent presence of the Divine in our

lives however Miracles are not exclusive to the elect or the deeply religious

they are gifts offered freely to anyone who is eager to receive them regardless of creed or belief system

all that is required is a heart open to the possibility of the miraculous and a

spirit free from the limitations of doubt and unbelief during our lowest points in The Darkest Hours when we feel

most alone it is the divine presence that envelops us leading us through the storm and into the light and it is often

the promise of Miracles that keeps us going when all hope seems lost and the future seems gloomy even when we’re

feeling good and have plenty it’s important to remember where our blessings came from and be grateful for

the Miracles in our lives being grateful opens the door to even greater blessings

and allows the Divine to shower us with love and abundance keep in mind the words of the Divine my darling as you

navigate life’s many challenges realizing this gives me the power to transcend the constraints of the

physical world and take on the boundless potential of the spiritual realm hence I

am capable of Performing Miracles my precious child I pray that

you too walk in faith and that Miracles will be abundant in your life both now and always in the intricate Web of Life

every thread stands for a fleeting moment an unfulfilled wish or an Undiscovered chance woven throughout

this web are the threads of Wonder subtle yet significant just waiting to

be discovered and welcomed wonders manifest most forcefully when we are at a Crossroads in life unsure of what

direction to choose precisely because we are humans gentle prodding points Us in

the right direction it’s the hand of God at work when we listen to God’s voice we

hear words of encouragement that strengthen our faith and remind us of our strength Miracles are the product of

our own thoughts intentions and deeds they are not just the product of Supernatural intervention we tap into

the boundless power of the Divine and become co-creators of Miracles when we surround ourselves with the greatest and

let life’s unfolding develop naturally nevertheless miraculous occurrences may

not always take the forms we expect or wish for problems obstacles challenges

and transformational possibilities all pop up from time to time it is essential

to think in the light of the Divine and to have trust that all things work out according to a higher design during

these times of difficulty a religion as small as a mustard seed is believed to

be able to move mountains and the same is true with Miracles it is not the weight of our beliefs that matters but

rather the honesty and integrity of our souls because there is a Wellspring of

miraculous Powers waiting to be Unleashed by the power of our

faith Miracles often occur when we least expect them my idea so there’s no need

to lose hope when things become tough keep shining and hold true to the belief

that the sky is the limit and that the Divine hand is with you every step of the way shielding and guiding

you when self-doubt and anxiety start to take over remember these words from God

remembering this reality is the key to unleashing your entire potential and achieving your wildest desires thus I

will perform miracles for you the holy presence should always be with you my little child leading you domestically

and lighting your path and may you walk in the light of Wonders in times of

doubt and anxiety it is the all powerful all- knowing author who keeps watch over us with unfaltering compassion and love

my beloved child we seek comfort and safety in this heavenly presence to

declare I agree with God that he will rescue me and guard me God uses a soft

but firm whisper proclaiming these words signifies our faith in the Divine and

our recognition of God’s Limitless ability to Shield us from harm and lead

us through life’s challenges we Proclaim our dependence on the kindness and

compassion of the almighty in this profession of Faith but what does it mean to believe that God will protect

and preserve us rather than being a matter of wishful thinking or Blind Faith it is knowledge

that goes beyond the bounds of human understanding no matter what difficulties we Face we are never really

alone since God’s hand is always with us guiding and protecting us for a Time The

Parting of the Seas and the healing of the sick are two examples of the tremendous involvement of the Divine

that severe people have seen Divine protection is not a privilege granted

only to The Chosen Few or the deeply religious rather it is a gift given to

everyone who is eager to receive it irrespective of their social status or level of belief as these stories

demonstrate it just requires a spirit free from the constraints of skepticism and unbelief and a coronary heart

receptive to the possibilities of the Fantastic when life throws us a curveball it’s easy to lose sight of the

divine presence that is all around us but even in our lowest moments God’s

voice cries out to us telling us to stay faithful to our faith and trust in his Grand Design God isn’t always an

uncaring cold God sometimes he’s a loving parent who loves his children more than anything else in times of need

he is there to meet our every need he is also aware of our every concern and is

always ready to reassure us so my darling little one have no fear for the

Lord your God is with you watching over you with an infinite love have faith in

his perfect plan man and know that he will never leave you no matter how bad things become also remember the words of

the Divine when you feel doubt crushing you and anxiety paralyzing you God will

preserve and protect me I believe this to be true when you keep this truth in mind you’ll have the strength to

overcome any obstacles that may arise may you too walk in the light of heavenly protection my little baby and

may the love of the almighty envelop you shielding you from danger and leading you safely home as you journey through

life’s Ever Changing Landscapes Divine protection isn’t a fortress to Stave against evil but

rather a hope-filled lighthouse that shows the way ahead no matter how

difficult things become remember that you are never alone in your fight it’s a much needed reminder of that but know

that God’s hand is on your shoulder lifting you up and guiding you forward towards a better future with each Breath

You Take believe in his wisdom and submit to his whims because he alone

knows what is Beyond the Horizon and the Marvels that await those who put their trust in him no matter your mistakes or

current difficulties you are worthy of love and grace and Heavenly protection is there to protect you from both

exterior dangers and the inevitable self-doubt and insecurity that every

human heart experiences therefore my little child do not let uncertainty or fear control your

behavior you are a cherished baby who is incredibly loved and cherished beyond measure thus you should stand strong in

that knowledge recognize that he will never lead you wrong and accept his plan for your lives as truth Embrace The

Refuge of his wings and find comfort in his presence as you confront the tempests of life and the Winds of Change

in the person of the Divine you will find power and calm that are Beyond

understanding with the assurance that you are never alone and that the Lord watches over you with infinite love may

you also bring the promise of heavenly protection when you go into the sector his grace will guide you as you travel

this unknown path and His blessings will be with you every step of the way in the

assertion of this reality there is the power to conquer any obstacle and the

certainty of a better future remember the words of the Divine I believe God will rescue and protect me

get daily God Blessings by subscribing to our Channel I pray that you find joy

and contentment in the presence of the Lord right now and forever and that his love envelops you always my little child

pressure occurs throughout the vastness of space where galaxies Spin and stars shine it is a mystery Beyond human

understanding some call it fate others Destiny but for many it is just God the

whole Advent season is said to be watched over by this Supernatural entity who is both all knowing and all powerful

God is more than a concept to people who believe in him he is a source of strength and hope in difficult times

Legend has it that when his children are down and out God Whispers words of comfort and hope into their hearts the

sound of God’s word Echoes through the air like the soft rustling of leaves my Priceless child I am always working to

transform your misery into joy and your poverty into riches even though they are

easy to say these statements have deep significance for the people who hear them they guarantee the involvement of a

higher power and the hope that despite how bad things seem right now there will be a better day tomorrow a part of what

people love is experiencing disappointment which is like carrying around a Heavy Soul shackle unexpectedly

it casts a shadow over even the brightest Days of Our Lives however through his boundless mercy God

provides Comfort to those who suffer transforming their sadness into Joy through the trials and tribulations of

life no matter where we are God’s hand is always directing his children to a

place of restoration and salvation just as a skilled Craftsman can turn unruly Stone into brilliant

gold so too does God work his enchantment on The Souls of his beloved

poor incorporating their shattered lives into a a beautiful tapestry of strength and

perseverance the Limitless benefits that God offers to those who put their confidence in him are too great for

their stifling weight and clutches God is a miracle worker he can transform

scarcity into plenty and need into plenty in the vast fabric of life he

unlocks doors that were before closed showing possibilities where none seem to exist God skillfully manipulates every

thread and fiber like a master Weaver his love for his children is constant and unending regardless of how enigmatic

his methods and timing may seem therefore my beloved child be strong and

confident because God is always working in your life changing your sorrow into joy and your poverty into plenty think

about his plan and even when life throws you a curveball listening to God speak will bring you calm in spite of all that

we’ve been through please guide us with an overwhelming amount of Love assurance and will wisdom these days it’s normal

to feel confused bewildered or all alone yet God’s word to us is constant and

unmistakable believe me my pricey baby and everything along with your problems

the depth of God’s love and the power we get from trusting in Him may be better understood through this profound but

simple statement not only do we find Comfort but we also find the courage to face our hardships with a faith filled

heart Life as we know it is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs no matter

how big or small problems are a necessary component of our journey they shape who we are teach us valuable

lessons and consistently lead us to God when we’re down and out our problems

seem to be too heavy to bear and I often find myself wondering how I will ever be able to overcome them in such times our

hope is most brightly illuminated by God’s gentle reminder to believe in him

having faith in God does doesn’t mean we should expect him to magically solve all our issues rather it means we should

expect him to be there for us at all times directing our steps giving us the strength to overcome and working

everything out for the good God knows that our knowledge has limits but his is

Limitless it’s about surrendering control of Our Lives to God and allowing him to guide us in all things God’s love

for us is Limitless and unending he perceives our trials knows our pain and

knows our emotions more intimately than we do even though he wants us to agree with him it’s really an invitation to

experience his unparalleled Tranquility while this Tranquility does not guarantee that problems will not

arise it does provide us with the security and comfort we need to deal with them being prepared is another need

for trusting God which may be challenging in our fast-paced Global Society where instant gratification is

often favored God on the other hand has perfect timing and plans for us that are far beyond

anything we could ever imagine being prepared for the blessings God has in store for us is a lesson in perseverance

that we learn in ready on God God you’re really kind to me you kind person there

are many accounts in the Bible of people who by relying on God overcame aparently

impossible obstacles being receptive to the lessons God wants us to learn from our struggles is another aspect of

trusting him every once in a while the things that throw us for a loop are really chances to grow to learn and to

develop abilities we had no idea we had put our trust in God rather than in

ourselves God is shaping us into the people he intended us to be with every trial and tribulation we Face

furthermore we may be an example to others when we trust God through our problems when others see us overcoming

adversity with trust and surr ity in God it might Inspire others to seek out similar solutions by Illuminating the

way to seek God our journey becomes a beacon for others who are wandering in the dark one method to strengthen our

relationship with God is to accept his invitation to trust him gaining a deeper

knowledge of God via his teachings prayers and the narratives of Our Lives strengthens our faith in him since

belief is based on comprehension the knowledge that we are never really alone is what makes this kind of committed

dating so joyful even when problems arise to live a faithful life even in

the midst of Trials is to agree with God this requires us to look past our

problems and focus on God’s majesty and love finding pleasure in our hardships and strength in our shortcomings is the

key a life that is strong optimistic and grounded in God’s love may be built

around trusting in God God’s call to us my precious darling to join me in your

problems is an opportunity to experience his Limitless love tranquility and power

rather than seeing our challenges as insurmountable barriers we should see them as opportunities for growth trust

and a stronger dependence on God putting our faith in him allows us to be

receptive to the good news of his purpose for our lives to find solace in his love and to rest assured in the

promises he has made therefore let us continue to rely on God as our Guiding Light and face life’s

challenges with the assurance that comes from knowing that an all knowing all powerful and infinitely generous God

loves and is in charge of us I want to offer you all the nice things you dreamt of therefore the next morning a huge

Miracle will be waiting for you at your doorway according to God my precious

baby watching this video till you stop is your only option for claiming it

lives are like a journey full of ups and downs lessons and everything ultimately

our destinations and the meaning of Our Lives will be guided by the joys and exceptional events in our lives the path

ahead isn’t always easy we often face challenges that must be overcome but

these trials shape us fortify us and lead us to our true selves in the same

way that a Potter shapes clay into a beautiful vessel God shapes us according to what we tell him think of yourself as

a hiker going through a heavily forested region a carpet of fallen leaves covers the Direction and The Towering Timbers

seem to reach Towards the Sky on this journey you will not be alone you are

not alone God is holding your hand and leading you through the trees and Open Spaces when you’re lost he’ll point you

in the proper direction and even in the darkest places he’ll be a light the road

ahead may be bumpy and the night may be long but my precious darling God assures

me that he will be by your side I want to make sure you have everything you need if you are seeking spiritual Solace

and Enlightenment and would want to become a member of our Holy Family click the join button and go on our journey of

change right now my intentions include you designed to help you succeed not

hurt you strategies to Grant your want and chart your course God’s love for

Humanity is vast and incomprehensible like the depths of the ocean this is

love that has no bounds it is eternal unwavering and boundless he perceives

our hardships perceives our screams and experiences our anguish he desires to

bring love pleasure and serenity into our hearts much more than we do the

blessings God intends to bestow upon us are not always the ones we anticipate sometimes God answers our

prayers for health happiness and satisfaction other times however he

gives us strength to overcome adversity Solace from grief and bravery when we’re

afraid those things are what really matter they are what mold our man or woman guide us toward God and reveal our

soul we aren’t meant to go through life alone but God also wants to give us networks he pairs us with those who will

love Us carry us and provide support my pricey child and I have many

supportive connections because they are signs of God’s love for us God continues

to survey the world you take note of the beauty of the universe I’ve made for you the Majestic mountains the Placid Rivers

the famous stars that illuminate the night sky things like this God’s creation is a blessing an Evidence of

his might and Ingenuity it is something to be thankful for something to be inspired by and somewhere to find

Sanctuary taking stock of our surroundings serves as a constant reminder of God’s hand in everything but

Salvation is the greatest gift God wishes to give us right now this is the

Assurance of a life without end a life that is eternal and free from suffering

as a result of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for our sins this gift is possible to those who put their faith in

him he freely gives this gift I can alleviate your stress if you bring them

to me my precious child says God embrace me wholeheartedly as the truth and I

will guide you in the right direction I can provide you with all you need to accept God’s gifts because you seek me

first in all things our hearts should be open to him we should think about his

plan even when we don’t understand it we should seek Him in everything and we

should put him first in our life then and only then my pricey toddler and I

will begin to realize the excellent things he has planned for us and thus it is with much affection that I leave you

God says as soon as you’re able to contact me I’ll be right here for you I

want to make sure you have all the right things as we set off on our journey through life so keep in mind that God is

with us the whole while as a companion he eases our worries and he guides us

his grace is Limitless and his love for us has no bounds may we be receptive to

them and discover true contentment pleasure and serenity as a result my

darling toddler you must have strong faith in me in order to receive my benefits God says faith is the

foundation upon which our relationship with God rests it acts as a link between us and him enabling his benefits to

permeate Our Lives even when we don’t believe because this bridge isn’t finished yet we can end up feeling

disoriented and alone think of yourself as standing on the brink of a large Canyon like in this film it depicts a

beautiful bright City that stands for the lives God wants for you Lives full of joy success and serenity the most

expedient means of reaching this settlement according to religious Believers is to shift the canyon having

faith is the key that unlocks the door God is cheering you on from the other side believe me my pricey little one

belief in God’s person identity and ability to fulfill his promises is the

foundation of faith having faith also means having confidence in God’s kindness especially

in the face of adversity and knowing that his intentions for us are for our Eternal salvation I know we can’t see

everything in this picture but I swear to you my pricey little one that your faith in me must be Rock Solid just like

the incredible okay something remains steadfast during the Tempest it must be

fantastic devoid of anxiety and uncertainty we should cultivate our

faith every day if we want it to be strong the more time we spend praying

the stronger it becomes reading his words and thinking about his grace in our lives is like planting a seed with

water and sunshine it grows into a beautiful tree that provides shelter and shade for everyone you should accept my

benefits yet God also reminds us recognizing our Reliance on God and His

intervention in our lives via accepting his benefits is a religious act from

time to time we attempt to do things alone either out of Pride or stubbornness failing to remember that

God is the source of everything that is right to embrace his benefits we must be

receptive to the ways he wants to pour his love into our lives which may not always match our

expectations on occasion his benefits manifest as difficult circumstances that

Force us to grow and rely on him more on other occasions they arrive in the form of other people’s generosity words of

encouragement or unexpected opportunities God warned his pricey daughter not to shut her heart to his

benefits even in the tiniest things I am working on your existence I feel the

same way I am aware of what brings you Joy we must also be ready to release our

anxieties uncertainties and want to control everything if we want God’s

blessings belief in God’s provision at the precise moment we need it is fundamental to religious practice faith

is trusting that God has a greater purpose even when our plans don’t line up we are encouraged by God join me in

my spiritual journey my darling let me overcome your anxieties and may my blessings overflow into your lives I

affirm that I am your constant companion loving protective and Guiding Light

another method to be grateful is to have strong faith and accept God’s favors

when we take the time to be grateful we are able to see the good things in our lives and are more open to receive more

from God my little baby it changes our Focus from our need to the Plenty God

gives be thankful always for this is my will for you God says a grateful Spirit

invites wonders when we make appreciation a way of life religion and thankfulness complement one other it

strengthens our faith and makes us more aware of God’s benefits and presence in our life no matter what happens in the

outside world this realization provides us joy and fulfillment if you come to

God in confidence and enjoy his benefits my little toddler you will enter into a

more intimate and delightful relationship with him you will have the chance to experience his love grace and

mercy on a deeper level God has decided that you should remember that I am by my

side at all times I am always ready to to welcome you with open Palms trust in

my abilities as we go through life together make the most of my advantages

and see how I can change your life permit us to make every effort to strengthen our faith while being

receptive to God’s blessings permit us to acknowledge his kindness depend on his strength and Express gratitude for

his love doing so allows us to enter the Abundant Life that God has promised

where we may feel his love joy and peace at all times while the world seems to slow down

and the rush and bustle of the day melts away God says that you may not need to weep worry or fret anymore tonight my

little toddler many of us have a heightened awareness of our problems and anxieties at this time while we’re alone

with our thoughts they might become our worst enemies playing back and forth all our worries uncertainties and

fears however picture yourself in in the middle of this nighttime struggle listening to a soothing voice say my

little baby tonight you may not have to weep be afraid or worry anymore in the

midst of the Night This Promise shines like a light telling us that our troubles are shared it’s a call to

abandon our worries and find peace God knows how heavy our worries are and how

much stress we’re under in the Stillness of the night he Witnesses our heart’s mute cries and sees our tears

I know what keeps you up at night my little baby God Whispers for this night

I ask that you send me your racing thoughts your concerns and the pressure on your spirit I know that these things

are real for you bringing our problems to God is a thoughtful thing to do it

requires trusting that he is bigger than our problems and can handle them it’s recognizing that we shouldn’t have to

bear those responsibilities alone because he loves us God encourages us to put our worries on him letting go of our

desire to rule and instead focusing on God’s provision and timing is a challenging Act of surrender God is

still in agreement with my love for you my precious child my love is like a lighthouse a place to go when things

become rough a Shelter From The Storm and a Wellspring of strength allow my

love to be the Tranquility that eases your mind and the Solace that settles your heart whenever you feel vulnerable

UNC conditional Everlasting and all-encompassing God’s love is the

remedy for our anxieties and pressures while it’s true that we may encounter challenges the promise of this love

gives us hope that we won’t have to confront them alone through the love of God we draw strength to endure wisdom to

go on and optimism that tomorrow may bring better things permit me my beloved

child to envelop you with my serenity this peace is beyond understanding and will watch over your

heart and mind while you rest this night let my Tranquility envelop you dispelling all concerns anxieties and

tensions there is no way for humans to earn God’s peace it is a gift knowing

god and our place in him brings us Comfort finding solace in the fact that our value isn’t always defined by

external factors such as how well we handle a certain situation is a gift

with God’s peace my darling we may let go and move freely secur in the

knowledge that the creator of The World Is Watching Over Us find solace in my

presence says God make my words your final thought for the night never forget

the vows I made to you please keep my expressions of love and Assurance in your possession I will keep an eye on

you tonight so you may rest finding solace in God’s presence is like

settling into a Serene and trustworthy spiritual Nation having faith that God is in charge allows us to lay down our

worries and let him take care of the world his presence is a refuge from the

turbulence of life it’s a place to rest rejuvenate and remember what’s really

important my darling kid according to God I am always by your side you are not

obligated to make me carry out your responsibilities please give them to me

so that I may deliver them to you tonight my love and surrender ity are with you and you may not have to worry

be afraid or feel pressured any longer find your peace as we journey through

life together this promise from God must be kept in mind let us believe him when

he says we may find peace while we are in his presence when we do this we may

rest certain that we are loved cared for and never alone and when we rise we will

be ready to face whatever challenges life throws at us When God says my precious child I will

restore what you have lost some people picture themselves going on vacation in a dark jungle with no idea where they’re

going or what they’re looking for you may have lost something meaningful on your journey something that had become

an integral part of who you are or maybe a physical representation of your feelings of Joy or love you carry the

weight of the loss on your heart and moving ahead becomes more diff difficult with each passing moment but in the

Stillness of the forest a kind comforting voice Rises up and says my

beloved child I vow to return what you have lost some believe this promise is a

Beacon of Hope in the middle of Despair a light that shines through the darkest night it imagines a world where your

shattered heart is put back together and what was stolen from you is taken away much more severely what God has promised

to restore isn’t merely the restor ation of what was lost but rather a transformation that makes you stronger

than before my darling your losses are no longer being overlooked according to God I’ve seen every SOB experienced

every pain and heard every scream even if the night has been long and the

journey has been long know that I am by your side walking the walk with you you

are invited to agree and Trust in God’s ability to heal and bring about exchange

via his promise of of recovery rather than ignoring the tragedy or the truth

of the situation this agreement recognizes both the anguish and God’s

sovereignty recognizing that he may raise beauty from ashes Lord I pray that

you will let me mend the broken pieces of your life my precious child not only

can I restore what has been lost but I can also enhance it make it stronger and

make it more beautiful where sadness previously resided desire will follow

and where void once existed success might be achieved God’s restoration is comprehensive it heals the external

circumstances in our lives as well as the interior wounds restorative healing

may ease anxious thoughts Revitalize tired bodies and Men wounded Hearts the

process might be lengthy at times requiring endurance and Trust as we wait for God to resolve

everything please remember my darling that my ways are not your ways and that

my thoughts are not your thoughts this is a reminder from God you would be

surprised by what I have in store for you I am the one who has timed everything perfectly so take it as the

truth a crucial component of the road to recovery is having faith in God’s

timetable it means trusting that God sees us as we prepare to receive his plans for us and knowing that the

waiting time is not a rejection but a guide for what’s to come my Priceless

little one in the meantime I’m encouraged by God to work on myself

allow me to liven you up and Lead the Way come to me and I will fill the voids

left by your losses with my love a chance for advancement might be just around the corner during this season we

should seek God more closely grow in our dependence on him and let his love

transform us as we prepare to fully appreciate and guard the benef benefits

that God has in store for my precious child this development is an essential

component of the healing process I will give you back the years that the Locust devoured according to

God’s promise consuming the masses will bring you Joy the Lord your God has done

wonders for you so you may rejoice in his call restoration according to God’s

promise is less about regaining what was lost than it is about fulfilling his purpose purpose for our lives it’s about

entering a future when we will share in his Bountiful riches and feel his

completeness those who are still walking through the woods of loss may find Hope in our Recollections of healing my

little child that is our destiny God has decided that I am reliable enough to

keep my promises and pay them off the place you find yourself in right now

could not be your last resting place something special is in the works for you as we hold fast to God’s promise of

recovery we want to lay the groundwork for a future filled with hope for you wishes and expectations aside let us

proceed we can restore what we have lost if we trust in his love and power then

with God our narrative isn’t about our suffering but about his salvation it’s a

journey from anguish to purpose from scarcity to plenty my beloved child I

will shower your life with Abundant Health joy and contentment God

promises think of the dawning of a new day as much as the prospect of Fresh Starts brought about by the sun’s Rays

caressing your skin and the soft wind blowing through your window like any

other day today isn’t without its share of difficulties and unknowns nevertheless through it all you may take

solace in the knowledge that you are not alone my dear my heart aches for the sound of your tender but but strong

voice as it talks to your precious chest I wish you the best of health pleasure

and happiness for the rest of your life this assurance is like a seed waiting to

be planted in the rich soil of your emotional core where it will eventually blossom into a lovely Garden it serves

as a gentle reminder that no matter how difficult things become there is a desire and a destiny plan that are

filled with blessings only for you trust in me complet completely my little child

God says I know that I have plans for your welfare not disaster but to give

you a purpose and all you could ever want in the middle of life’s unpredictable path which is Rife with

highs and lows moments of clarity and lengths of Doubt God’s promise stands

firm a light of Desire that guides us through the storms a Wellspring of

strength when we feel weak and a refuge from sorrow when we are exhausted I am

the god you seek my darling if you put your trust in me I can set your root

right now under my guidance you will find places that are conducive to rest

renewal of Spirit and the experience of pure pleasure and contentment one of

life’s greatest blessings is good health which enables us to take pleasure in every moment appreciate the beauty all

around us and engage in the things that provide us meaning and satisfaction God’s promise of Health

encompasses more more than just being disease-free it refers to a condition of complete mental emotional and bodily

Wellness my darling God warns us that the physical body we have been given is

not yet a dwelling place for the holy spirit so we must be careful with it

keep in mind that your power originates from me even while you eat correctly get

enough sleep and exercise whoever puts their trust in me will be strengthened

pleasure and contentment like eagles are gifts that illuminate Our Lives adding

vibrancy to our days and Solace to our evenings they may no longer be reliant on our outward

circumstances yet they still flow according to the will of God their beauty is a reflection of the

tranquility and fulfillment that can only be found in his presence they are

the fruit of a life spent in harmony with him dear precious child I want you

to know that God wants you to seek me out first and that when you do he will bless you abundantly and bring you Joy

extra Delights exist eternally allow my joy to empower you and my serenity to

envelop you we are not just to hold on to God’s blessings but also to share

them with others when we live in the fullness of God’s love we are healthy

joyful and happy and we are a benefit to everyone around us as we live out our

faith we become conduits through which God’s love love reaches out to others around us giving those in need strength

hope and comfort according to God my beloved child you are to bless others

because I have benefited you make your best actions known before everyone else so that your heavenly father may be

glorified you could find that your lives are blessed even more when you bless other people it all depends on who we

marry into but God’s blessing isn’t always what we get following his example

taking on his compassion passion for Humanity and letting his love and grace permeate our daily lives are all parts

of becoming closer to him my precious baby remember that I am with you always

even to the End of the Age God says as a last word the benefits I have for you

are immeasurable and my love for you will remain forever please pray that God

will bless you so that you may take part in the Abundant Life I have promised if you follow my example let us keep

trusting and expecting God’s blessing as we go through life we may rest easy in his love trust in his might and have

faith in his kindness May Our Lives serve as a testament to the many

benefits of living in harmony with him including good health pleasure and

happiness you will be saved God says my precious child if you confess with confidence that Jesus is the Lord think

of yourself as standing at a Crossroads one way leads into the unknown and

darkness while the other is warm and welcoming full of light a desire and a

fresh start a steady confident voice reaches out at this critical juncture offering

Direction and reassurance the choice is yours my dear child but hear this

salvation is yours for the taking if you boldly declare Jesus as Lord and believe

it with all your heart in its most complex forms This Promise serves as both the the foundation of religion and

a Guiding Light for those who seek Refuge from the tempests of life this is a call to action to rise above your

circumstances and experience a life-altering journey one that will take you from hopelessness to optimism from

Death to eternal life God still recognizes my little child that faith in

Jesus is the key that opens the door to Eternal Redemption to Proclaim Jesus as

Lord and to recognize his rule over your life it’s not enough to just speak the words it’s about letting them take root

in your heart reforming your thoughts and directing your actions he was sent

to free us from our sins by dying on the cross and then Rising again because he

is the Son of God a powerful religious act this Proclamation changes who we are

what we stand for and what the future holds real perception my beloved newborn

God says is not an idea or a temporary conviction but a strong unwavering faith

in Jesus a faith that he is who he claims to be and will fulfill his promises to believe in Jesus is to put

one’s trust in him for salvation with the understanding that we are saved not by works of righteousness but by the

grace of God Alone that Grace is deep and unending it can mend the most

shattered hearts and cover the deepest sins beloved child God promises that you

you will be born again the moment you put your faith in Jesus as you say goodbye to your sinful ways and hello to

a new life brimming with reason hope and the promise of Eternal living you are

effectively starting over in your new life you will have a personal Dynamic

and life-changing connection with God your relationship will bring you love joy and serenity as it guides you

through life’s problems and comforts you when you’re sad My Little Baby Jes Jesus

Christ the way the truth and the life extends God’s invitation for you to

return to him he is the only one involved with Daddy let him into your heart and you will discover inner peace

the promise of eternal life in heaven isn’t the only thing that saves us it’s also about entering God’s Kingdom in

this life it’s about living a life that reflects Jesus’s love Grace and

actuality Illuminating the dark and giving hope to the Hopeless dear precious child I pray that you will let

your profession of Faith launch you on a life-altering adventure come with me

learn everything I am and let me mold you into the person I always intended you to be this Journey of Faith isn’t

always smooth sailing it requires surrender accepting as real as can be

and submission but it’s an experience full of rewards unfathomable pleasure

Serenity that exceeds understanding and the assurance that God is with you always my little baby in addition to

Salvation God promises that the holy spirit will be yours when you confess Jesus as Lord and believe in him the

holy spirit will lead you comfort you and give you the ability to live a life

that brings glory to God a promise of eternal life in Christ and an assurance

of our Salvation are both sealed by the Holy Spirit he is our guide and teacher

and he brings to mind all the Jesus has stated my beloved child the Holy Spirit

endows us with spiritual abilities for the purpose of serving others and strengthening the church according to

God my love for you will continue Forever My First Choice is the one that

lets you see me feel my love and spread it to others the Lord is Jesus Christ

give some thought to your heart and accept the Salvation that I offer freely

with Jesus Jesus as our Lord and a simple confidence in him may we choose the Road of Faith when we stand at the

crossroads of Lifestyles with this Proclamation I pray that we may begin a

journey of faith hope and love that will last a lifetime walking side by side

with God into the Glorious future he has planned for us I am the Mighty God who

gives heals restores and blesses God declares to his beloved

baby imagine yourself in the middle of a vast Vista as you sit here peacefully

alone gazing out at the vast expanse of the Horizon a voice that is both

powerful and compassionate penetrates the Stillness my darling it’s a voice

that carries the cosmos but talks directly to your Beating Heart you are to acknowledge that I am the powerful

God who provides for you heals you restores you and is the source of all

good things the the greatness and might of God are not the only things that this Proclamation proclaims it’s a personal

guarantee from him a symbol of his Vitality in your life it portrays a

connection that is vibrant and everchanging where God isn’t some impersonal God but a caring parent who

cares deeply about the finer points of your lives my beloved child your

provision is assured by God I will grant your every want according to the riches of my Glory keep in mind that your

heavenly father feeds the birds not humans birds Don’t weave gather or store

away there may be an appeal to believe that God understands what we want and will provide for us in his promise to

provide to agree with him and to let go of our worries about our future this is

a summons to live a life of Faith realizing that our provision and protection do not originate from

ourselves but from his kind hand as your healer I am near the Brokenhearted and

will rescue those who are crushed in spirit God says to my pricey baby I can

alleviate your physical pain restore your broken heart and calm your troubled Spirit God’s compassionate nature is on

display in his position as healer when we are in pain whether from a bodily infection an emotional SCAR or a

theological conflict God feels compelled to take action God may be able to heal

and complete our lives my darling God has commanded us to be your savior I am

capable of resurrecting the years consumed by the locusts I have the ability to transform sorrow into Joy

beauty from ashes and despair into reward I am always willing to get back

in touch no matter how long ago the situation was every individual who has

experienced loss or sorrow may find Hope in God’s promise to restore it gives us

hope that the hurt and tragedy of the past do not Define our our future with God in most cases he can make everything

new and a fresh start is always an option God my pricey child boast that I

Am The Giver of all good things and that I would rather shower you with my advantages blessings that overflow and

impact everyone around you then withhold them peace pleasure love and the

incorporation of my soul into your lives are my intangible benefits not just Financial possessions the fullness of

God God’s benefits permeates every part of our Lives they demonstrate his kindness and his desire for us to have

abundant full lives we may be a benefit to others and represent God’s compassion

and charity in the arena my darling child since these advantages aren’t only for our own remember who I am and your

relationship to me God says as a last command along with being the supreme god

you are my beloved toddler let us remain faithful to God’s character and his promises to us as we go through

life living in the gentleness of this truth and allowing it to influence everything that we do please God while

we seek his healing let us who love Jesus put our faith in his Supply Embrace his healing and make the most of

his benefits doing so will lead us to a courageous present a longing for our

future and the unfaltering pleasure that comes from Understanding God’s love for us my precious child the bible promises

that you will be rich in material possessions and abundant in blessings when you bring everything to me in the

midst of life’s constant ups and downs with new challenges and opportunities popping up at every turn it’s easy to

lose sight of what truly matters cultivating a loving relationship with your precious toddler you must keep in

mind what is actually important give me everything you have including your dreams Ambitions and things

and in exchange you will get not just Earthly success but also Eternal

riches a promise from God isn’t about a deal it’s about a transformation it’s an impassioned plea

to seek non-secular riches rather than material affluence and to Value the Eternal above the transient a life

governed by Divine knowledge and founded on religion that is the invitation with

all your loving heart my darling God continues to think about me stop relying

on your private data instead trust me with all your approaches and I will set

you on the right path for genuine wealth this is the way to be prosperous in

God’s view is to live a life full of love joy Serenity and purpose not only

material success or financial riches this is about being in tune with his will enjoying the Fulfillment that comes

from helping other people and being happy with what we have my little baby

while you give me your time your abilities and your possessions God says I may use them to benefit you and others

in your life your life will grow in ways you could never have predicted in order

to bear fruit that lasts my precious baby we must give our lives to God recognize that everything we have is a

gift from him and use our advantages to further his purposes this means being good stewards

of his grace sharing generously and loving freely do not store up Treasures on this

Earth where moths and Vermin break and where thieves plun and Rob God says but

we should instead store up for ourselves the Eternal blessings we get for adhering to a lifestyle that reflects

God’s love and righteousness are Treasures in Heaven which are immune to destruction by moths Vermin and

theft unlike physical riches which are transient and vulnerable to loss they

are won by Deeds of compassion charity constancy and generosity my

beloved Heavenly riches are Priceless because they are Everlasting and unfading God wants others to witness

your good works and praise your heavenly father so he tells you to be kind and let your kindness be a light by living a

life that draws people to me this is how you might amass riches in Paradise

living for God and surrendering everything to him does not promise a trouble-free existence but it does mean that that we

can lean on God experience peace that passes understanding and know that he

will provide for us no matter what I will be with you always even until the

end of the age my precious child God says my Mercy is enough for you because

my electricity is perfect in a vulnerable place you may draw strength to overcome any Challenge from inside me

Heavenly riches and Earthly wealth are not promises for some distant future but

for the present and the way we conduct Our Lives it’s a name that reminds me to live for all

time to invest in what’s really important and to relish the joy and serenity that come from walking in

obedience to God my Priceless newborn after you’ve done everything for me even

the smallest things consider what you’ve done for the least of these God says in addition to finding success and

happiness in this life you will also be at peace with your own riches in Paradise

and you will have a purpose in life that will never end a Divine call to surrender everything to God to live for

a purpose Beyond ourselves and to find true wealth in the abundance of his love and beauty is something we should all

consider let us cling to the hope that by doing this we will get blessings on

Earth and be able to store up riches in heaven for the future dear precious one

God is beckoning you to come home with him even though you may be feeling lonely right now despite how forbidding

and gloomy the area seems remember that I am usually by your side when there is

night you may find my light shining brightly the hope that lies in every low point and the Vitality that you feel a

weak lifestyle is a path that is filled with highs and lows successes and failures realize this my kid you will

face seemingly insurmountable obstacles and feel lost at times whenever you need

someone to lean on someone to reassure you or someone to love you no matter what I’m usually right here I made you

in my image so even if you doubt your value or purpose know that you mean a

lot to me and I’m planning your life so that you may have purpose and optimism

believe me when I say I am genuine and I will show you the way to a happy fulfilled existence whether you’re

having trouble forgiving other people or yourself know that my grace is more than enough

I beg you to forgive me just as much even though I forgave you before you asked negative emotions like wroth

resentment and guilt are just weights you need to let go of may you discover

Liberation in my love and my forgiveness when you’re down and out when you’re sad

over losing someone important to you or when your dreams have crumbled I’m here to comfort you and dry your tears

because my love for you will last forever you will be at rest as you celebrate your accomplishments

and revel in your triumphs I am by your side relishing in your happiness seeing

your happiness and contentment brings me joy make good use of your skills and

abilities for the benefit of others and I will praise you for it living your

life as you normally do would provide you with genuine happiness and contentment in the middle of everything

find a moment of quiet and know that I am God as we are alone you will hear my

voice speaking words of wisdom encouragement and love to you in all

that you do I look for myself first and I can even show you the way keep in mind

my darling that I will never be alone with you I hope you’ll open your heart to me and let me into your life so that

we may share it I’m knocking on your door with you on my side we can overcome

any challenge that comes our way proceed with confidence on your journey you have

nothing to worry about be sure to keep your gaze concentrated on me the truth

and existence see me as I am the light of life will shine upon you so you will

never walk in the dark have faith in the timeliness of my plans they are often

Flawless my little child if you will just be patient with me I will grant

your heart’s deepest wishes you must always keep in mind that my love for you is Everlasting unconditional and without

condition I love you so much that nothing not problems not fears nor even doubts can

ever separate us I am yours forever and nothing else in the universe is yours

either while you’re bewildered and scared searching for meaning and comfort remember that I’m at your door let me in

and I will shower your lives with my love Serenity and joy then we can share

in life’s ups and downs our triumphs and our tragedies safe in the knowledge that

I will always be there for you in this simple story we see the core of a

spiritual journey the unwavering presence Direction love and invitation

to a more intimate courtship with God through its message of Hope encouragement and love that has no

bounds it seeks to reassure and console the reader of God’s Everlasting care and

presence according to God my darling you’re about to make the greatest leap ahead of your life this is more than

just another Milestone it’s the beginning of something completely new a demonstration of your faith

determination and the power I’ve given you remember that it’s always darkest before morning you face challenging

circumstances met seemingly insurmountable hurdles and even felt like you were walking through an Endless

Night the power to move mountains lies inside your faith no matter how little

it is keep believing you are almost there there the pain you’ve been through

is real I’ve seen it heard it and felt it all of this has had a purpose your

every sorrowful plea spoken in The Darkest Hours has been acknowledged I have been by your side the whole way

preparing you for this very moment by guiding you gently giving you the strength to bear and all in

between put your worries about the future and Beyond to rest you are not

defined by your history however it has shaped you I have planted Desires in

your coronary heart and Destiny offers promise longing and their fulfillment

put your trust in me my intentions for you are pure gold and they have the

potential to manifest in ways that defy belief I am here to restore your strength even if you are exhausted from

the journey if you put your trust in me you can run without becoming tired you

may now walk without dizziness in this moment of anti ipation your greatest

Leap Forward is not only about conquering the challenges you confront it is about understanding the depth of

your power the boundlessness of your faith and your Peak capability hold on to my word no matter

whether it’s illuminating your way or just a gentle glow it will provide you with Solace Direction and

Tranquility I providing you with appropriate assurances they are the desire that drives your adventure and

the anchor in the storm so preserve them immediately as you are about to take

that next step remember that it is for everyone others will find inspiration in

your tale your spiritual journey and your tenacity when everything around you

appears to be Darkness you shine like a lampost my devotion passion and love

will shine through in you inspiring others to put their faith in me your courageous action will serve as an

affidavit it to many and a story of Desire God is on my side they could be

painful at first but you’ll probably feel better as you go I’m here to support you provide advice and encourage

you I have given you all the tools you need to succeed so you don’t have to worry you are more powerful than you

realize more competent than you realize and more loved than you can ever imagine

as you prepare to enter this next chapter make an effort to reflect pray

and focus I speak to you in the hushed murmurs of your innermost being among

the Splendor of the natural world and during the peaceful intervals of your day hear me out for I can show you the

way to a remarkable Destiny keep in mind my precious little one that the hardest thing isn’t ending

your path it’s starting again it’s the chance to love more profoundly live life

to the fullest and serve others with a heart as big as mine stay steadfast in

your religion my baby for your breakthrough is a gateway to a life full of purpose vibrant in faith and abundant

in Joy look at me intently and let your emotions be filled with anticipation

there is a great opportunity for you to advance right now have faith in me

because I am always prepared to perform countless times more than you ask or imagine in harmony with the power that

resides within you I want to end by saying that you are loved more than words can express that you were selected

for a cause and that you have all the tools necessary to succeed my precious

child your journey has served as a manual for improving your demeanor which

has given you strength wisdom and resilience you’re about to take the

second most important step toward a better life one that will Herald a new and magnificent chapter in your story I

am by your side so you may confidently and joyfully go into it accepting it as

truth in side I have already left before you and I will be by your side forever

together we will go on a path brimming with desire blessings and Limitless prospects and your biggest leap ahead is

at your fingertips this story is meant to inspire and motivate by highlighting the

necessity of faith in the face of adversity the truth of acceptance as it will happen in God’s time and the hope

for a fresh start that will bring growth and change God promises is that you will

always be happy and physically well my precious kid in a world where days May

sometimes be obscured by fear and worry and treated carelessly my pledge is more

than simply a passing hope or dream it is a proclamation of what I choose for you know that I am walking behind you

leading you to a life full of strength and pleasure remember that each morning is a fresh start when you open your eyes

you should be happy since I made you enjoy yourself Every Breath You Take every glisten of sunshine on the leaves

and every drop of rain that replenishes the soil are symbols of my love and provision for you with an attitude of

thankfulness we can transform what we have into more than enough so make the most of every

day I recall that there are times when Joy seems like a distant memory obscured

by the challenges and hardships of life keep in mind that the power you provide me is my joy my unwavering love and

Promises to you are the only constants in my life right now and that is why I am so happy my peace which is greater

than human comprehension will guard your mind and heart as you lean on me your

physical and mental well-being are also gifts from me proof of my plan and

purpose for your existence treat your body with the respect it deserves treat

it as a temple that needs to be cared for by treating it with nutritious food

getting plenty of restful sleep and building it up through joyful activity

all of this tender loving care isn’t only for your benefit it’s a worship

service to the one who painstakingly molded you whenever your health declines remember that I have vowed to remain by

your side offering Solace and healing my greatest strength is also my greatest

vulnerability my Vitality resides in your Frailty if you reach out to me I

can be there for you while you navigate life’s ups and downs providing healing Solace and strength when you need it

most everyone you encounter is trying to stop a conflict you don’t even know

exists be nice and kind to your partners treat other people well and remember

that doing so will bring joy into your life and the lives of people around you

creating a wave of positivity and Harmony in a world that longs for it

seek me in everything my darling in the quiet of the morning morning in the mirth of a friend’s laughter in the

beauty of nature you are embraced by my affection which brings you pleasure

tranquility and Assurance of my love everything you need for a healthy happy

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the next day will take care of its own problems you shouldn’t stress about them problems arise on a daily basis trust

that I can meet your needs and live fully in the Here and Now now you can get your pulse racing by manually

controlling your steps just keep in mind to share the good things that have come your way as you go about your day when

you Aid others in giving receiving and serving you open the way to even greater

joy and health for everyone involved with you I have conquered the world and

you have discovered the greatest pleasure so take heart maybe you’ll find the key to Everlasting health and the

source of complete Joy I invite you to join me on this path and I will show you

the way to a future where you are healthy and happy all the time happiness

physical health and the unchanging presence of God are threads that run through this story gratitude self-care

and Trust in God’s provision and timing are the tenets of this way of life dating with God brings joy and serenity

even in the face of Life storms and this is a reminder of that moreover I assure

you my dear child that riches will come to you freely and continually bringing a life of Plenty in addition to monetary

Prosperity this may also refer to an abundance of intangible qualities like love joy and serenity when you put your

faith in me the prosperity I’ve prepared for you will permeate every aspect of your life to begin know that wealth

isn’t always monetary or material it may also be the depth of your knowledge the strength of your con connections and the

Tranquility of your heart This Promise will be fulfilled and with it all the

trappings of a lavish lifestyle one that is abundant in love joy and contentment

and the Fulfillment of all your dreams keep your actions in harmony with what I

have taught you will find that all sorts of money will eventually return to you

if you are generous and share what you have with others the secret to releasing this

never-ending River of plenty is realizing that everything you have is a gift from me meant to be shared not

only for your benefit but also for the coolest people in your life who are grateful every day and understand and

appreciate the Plenty that is already present in their lives from the air they breathe to the love of their friends and

family A Grateful heart is more receptive to Blessings which changes

your perspective and makes it easier to see the richness that comes into your your life in many forms evaluate my

schedule and strategy in light of your way of living moving with the flow of

riches might sometimes seem slow or even stop all together at times keep in mind

that my timing is perfect and my plans are perfect while you’re going through this coaching on a regular basis for the

benefits that may be on their way to you may also seem like a delay never again

will you let obstacles or issues derail your progress rather see them as opportunities for

growth and development you become stronger and closer to the Abundant existence I promised with each obstacle

you conquer have trust in me and I will help you gracefully face these challenges so that you can be more

equipped to reap the rewards that lie ahead invest time in contemplation and prayer to Foster our romance you will

find the Vitality tranquil and understanding necessary to attract and manage the Plenty that is soon to be

yours if you seek my counsel and insight in this private area consider that I am the Wellspring

of all prosperity and that being in my presence ensures an unbroken stream of

riches into your life invest in your own personal development and progress what

you put out into the world generally returns to you in the form of easy money

you become a magnet for Plenty when you never stop learning growing and improving when you improve your

abilities and put them to good use you’ll attract riches in all their

manifestations be true to yourself and your cause follow a strong moral compass

while making decisions and bring your daily lives into harmony with your spiritual Mission as you strive to live

your life honestly and complete the task I’ve given you you unlock the gates to

prosperity and plenty these things will help you fulfill your mission and have a significant effect on

a global scale with each passing moment there is a chance to savor life’s Bounty

find happiness in the little things and be in awe of the beauty all around you

my precious child the guarantee of endless Prosperity rests on your obedience to my will in everything that

you do so keep this in mind at all times this way of life is characterized by a

harmonious interplay of material prosperity and spiritual affluence which enhances not only your own life but also

the lives of others close to you so take my word for it and show the world how

much I care by being generous and kind as you go forward you’ll see the

gates of prosperity open bringing with them an abundance of love joy Serenity

and purpose in addition to monetary riches you will live a life of plenty if

you follow my hand and allow my grace to bless you in this life money will flow freely and without end this tale

presents a comprehensive perspective on money highlighting the need for non-secular riches and living in harmony

with Divine principles to enjoy a life of Plenty the promised float of riches

and plenty may be yours if you believe are kind grateful and build a private

boom my prayers are with all people in this world bust rustling with existence

where each Soul includes its own set of Joys Sorrows hopes and fears God says to

his beloved newborn I am aware that I am valuable to all people my affection

extends to the vastness of the cosmos as well as to the tiniest of creatures

every quiet cry and every burst of laughter Finds Its way to me at this precise instant as each heart murmurs

them my prayers my little one are not little requests or passing thoughts

rather they are powerful currents of Mercy love and protection that surround you and everyone else they may be my

lifeblood proof of my steadfast commitment to your pleasure and health while you find yourself alone with your

thoughts in the Stillness of the night and the world seems to stand still

remember that you are never really alone my thoughts and prayers are with you

offering Solace tranquility and assisting you through the Shadows and

into the light they are wishes spoken to your coronary heart recognize that I am

here participating in your Delight when it fills your heart and your house with

laughter I find my own satisfaction in praying for your happiness and my

prayers for your contentment are constant the love that ties us together is a source of endless Joy a memorial of

the Heavenly bond that brings us all together in times of conflict they lift

lift you up get you through the worst of times and show you that you’re stronger than you think you are my little one you

are stronger than you know and I will pray for your Victory those who feel lost or who are aimlessly seeking

meaning purpose or love are also in my prayers I shine a light on their path a

familiar hand that leads them back to the path of contentment and satisfaction in prayer my love serves as

a compass and it is a constant reminder that my grace is available to everyone

even the ill and the hurting the power of healing and Solace is Unleashed

through my prayers I am there in the gentle caress of a friend’s hand in the

encouraging words of a caregiver and in the unspoken fortitude that lasts

through suffering being here is a guarantee of recovery of brighter days

ahead and of love that stands the test of time I hope that knowledge Unity May

overcome the barriers that exist in our world in my love there is a link that

unites people’s thoughts and feelings I’m hoping to overcome difficulties by praying about them may you experience

the fullness of my love for you as we love one another thus cultivating empathy and promoting compassionate

Deeds I hope that those in leadership positions are able to do their jobs well honestly and with a passion for their

work leadership is a vocation to to serve not be served and I hope that

those in charge will seek the greater good by making decisions that reflect my love and fairness my prayers confirm

your immense value and my everlasting love for you so you don’t have to feel forgotten or

worthless there is nothing you can do to diminish my love for you my newborn you

are precious in my eyes an exceptional and wonderful arrival every one of my

introductions my presence my love my devotion to you are pledged in my prayers much obliged for your time

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