???? SERIOUS ???? “I’M TRYING TO REACH YOU” – JESUS | God’s Message Today | God Helps

beloved an urgent word stirs Within Me

yearning to be

shared Can you feel it in your spirit a

shifting an

anticipation building like the distant

Rumble of an approaching

storm this is no ordinary season my

child you stand on the cusp of a Divine

acceleration where the very fabric of

time will bend and stretch at my command

in ages past the prophet Amos declared

behold the days are coming and those

days are upon you now the ancient words

echo through the centuries infused with

my breath spoken aresh for this

hour the plowman shall overtake the

reaper picture it a field where seeds

are still being sown yet the Harvest is

already ripe and ready the sewer and

Reaper work side by side their labors

overlapping in a glorious Collision of


blink and you might miss the moment the

first tender choots break through the

soil for they will leap towards the sun

with Supernatural Haste The Green stalks

will swell with grain as if fed by an

unseen hand and the heavy heads will bow

golden and bursting before the startled

farmer has even wiped the sweat from his

brow this is the pace of the hour you

have stepped into a headlong Rush of

answered prayers and dreams fulfilled

blessings chasing down blessings each

one treading on the heels of the last

the sheer speed of it will leave you

breathless marveling as you strain to

take it all in the Hills themselves will

drip with the sweet wine of my favor

drenching the land in a headyy flow of

provision and

plenty deserts will bloom in a riot of

color Lush and fragrant stagnant pools

will give way to rushing Rivers surging

with life and Power hour the

transformation will be so rapid so all

encompassing that the memory of lack and

barrenness will fade like a


dream but I must give you a caution a

loving warning amidst this exhilarating

promise in your eagerness for what is to

come do not neglect the present moment

pregnant with

purpose each second arrives Laden with

my gifts each breath and opportunity to

commune with

me to live only for the future is to

risk missing the treasures hidden in the

now when you prayed for Revival for an

outpouring of my spirit did you consider

what it would require of you are you

truly ready for the Glorious disruption

the holy

upheaval I tell you the months and years

to which you have grown accustomed will

compress into days and

weeks the ponderous cycles of SE KN and

waiting will give way to lightning fast

reaping you will scarcely have time to

catch your breath between the birthing

of one promise and the birthing of the

next and even this will seem slow

compared to what is coming for I am

taking you deeper still into a place

where my glory annihilates

delay the seconds will swallow up the

seasons and moments will eclipse the

decades for when you step into my

presence when you make your home in the

realm of Glory you enter eternity and

Eternity has a way of overshadowing time

of causing it to Bow and bend in a stru

surrender just as light swallows up

darkness and life devours death my

eternal nature will consume the temporal

Shadows that have haunted you the clock

will no longer be your master nor the

calendar your

Jailer you will move to the rhythm of my

heartbeat Guided by the C of my

voice and now my child I invite you to

step into that same flow to relinquish

your grip on the familiar patterns and

embrace the wild exhilarating dance of

faith it will require a radical shift in

your perspective a reorientation of your

very being you must learn to see with

eternal eyes to think with an eternal

mind to love with an eternal heart this

is not a Journey for the faint of heart

or the Casual Seeker it is a call to

abandon yourself fully to my purposes to

be swept up in the Relentless current of

my love there will be moments when the

speed of it all takes your breath

away when you feel like you are hurdling

towards an unknown future with no Safety

Net in

sight but I assure you my hand will

never leave you my Grace will be the net

that catches you the wind beneath your

wind wings I am not leading you into

chaos but into a higher order a deeper

Harmony the acceleration is not meant to

overwhelm you but to free you from the

shackles of a lesser life so fix your

Gaze on me and let go of your

preconceptions Surrender Your Tim taes

and agendas your carefully laid plans

and well-worn

routines I am doing a new thing and it

will not fit into the old wine skins of


expectations this is the hour of the

suddenlies the season of the Swift and


surprising brace yourself for the

Whirlwind but do not fear it for in the

center of the storm you will find me

your anchor and your refuge and as you

lean into my embrace you will discover a

peace that surpasses understanding a joy

that no circumstance can steal the world

will look at you and Marvel unable to

comprehend the speed of your

transformation they will see a life that

defies logic a story that breaks the

mold and they will hunger for the secret

the Hidden Spring from which you draw


strength that secret my child is simply

this you have tapped into eternity you

have learned to sink your steps with the

maker of time you have discovered that

when you abide in me all things are

possible no dream is too big no Miracle

too out out landish the impossible

becomes your daily bread and the

extraordinary becomes your

Norm so run with me in the rhythm of the


acceleration let my heartbeat set the

pace and my word light the

way dare to believe that the dreams

you’ve carried for a lifetime can

manifest in a

moment have the audacity to ask for the

Nations to contend for the loss to

pursue the promises with holy abandon

get ready Beloved the wind is picking up

the Horizon is brightening the plowman

is about to overtake the reaper and the

mountains will drip with new

wine this is your hour your moment to

shine my beloved child do you hear it

that still Small Voice echoing in the

chambers of your weary Soul it is mine a

sacred whisper an invitation beckoning

you to rise from From the Ashes of

yesterday’s pain and step into the

radiant promise of

wholeness in this very moment I’m not

asking how long you have wandered in the

wilderness of sickness poverty or

heartache no the question that resounds

from the depths of Eternity is simply

this will you allow me to make you whole

will you release your desperate grip on

the familiar shackles of Brokenness and

embrace the Glorious freedom I have

ordained for you

you when you dare to breathe a

courageous yes to my word a Divine shift

occurs suddenly you are no longer bound

by the Relentless ticking of Earthly

time instead you are catapulted into the

realm of

Eternity in an instant the stagnant

Waters of your circumstances are

transformed into a raging River of

acceleration propelling you forward with


momentum the days of crawling inch by

painful inch through the Meer of

adversity are over now you shall soar on

wings of eagles traversing vast

distances in the blink of an

eye what once took years of striving and

struggling will be accomplished in mere

moments for my word declares that I am

the god of the suddenly just as the man

at the pool of Bethesda was transported

from years of suffering to immediate

healing so too shall you experience the

miraculous condensing of time delay

shall bow its knee to Destiny and the

chains of stagnation shall shatter

beneath the weight of Heaven’s

acceleration behold there is a Divine

change of address upon your life no

longer will you dwell in the land of

what has been instead your feet shall

tread the soil of what is and what will

be for you are a citizen of Eternity a

beloved heir to every promise I have

spoken and in this eternal realm my

child how long does it take for me to

move on your behalf is my arm too short

to save or my ear too dull to hear am I

confined to the limitations of human

understanding or the natural laws that

govern your

world no for I am the god of Miracles

the author of The

Impossible the scarcity of yesterday

will give way to the abundance of

tomorrow what would typically require

years of refinement and maturation I

will accomplish in you in a fraction of

the time the moment you say yes to me

the old passes away in a Flash and the

new bursts forth in glorious


transformation my child you stand on the

precipice of a new era a season of

divine acceleration where the words of

my prophet prophets will leap from the

pages of scripture and become your


reality your faith shall be sight and

your prayers shall become tangible

manifestations I urge you to ready

yourself for the coming Deluge of

blessings gir your heart with unyielding

faith for the floodgates of Heaven are

poised to burst open Miracles will chase

you down overtaking you at every

turn breakthroughs will Bloom in The

Very places where barrenness once rained

the mountains that have towered over you

blocking your path and obscuring your

vision will dissolve into pools of sweet

wine the obstacles that once seemed

insurmountable will become the very

Stepping Stones to your greatest

triumphs but remember my beloved that

this accelerated season demands


obedience when I speak there can be no

hesitation no lingering in the realm of

doubt and fear

your yes must be Swift and certain your


unshakable for in this hour The Whisper

of my spirit will guide you into

Uncharted territories propelling you

beyond your comfort zones and into the

realm of the extraordinary your faith

must be a living breathing force a

pulsating heartbeat in sync with the

rhythm of my

will the radical nature of your

obedience will be matched only by the

extravagance of my blessings as you step

out in unwavering Trust my provision

will rush to meet you exceeding your


expectations the doors that once seemed

sealed shut will swing wide open

ushering you into a place of

unprecedented favor and

influence even in the face of past

failures and disappointments my

Redemptive power knows no bounds where

man sees a dead end I see a Divine setup

for a comeback your story is not over my

child it is simply being Rewritten by

the pen of my grace so let your faith

Rise Like a Phoenix From the Ashes of

yesterday’s mistakes allow my love to

heal the wounds of Broken Dreams and


expectations for I am the god who

specializes in beauty from ashes the one

who transforms mourning into

dancing as you step into this new season

of acceleration you may find yourself

amazed at the speed and suddenness of

the blessings that overtake you one

moment you are in the midst of the

battle the next you are standing

Victorious on the other side testifying

to my

goodness your head may swim with Wonder

as you try to comprehend the magnitude

of the Miracles unfolding before your

eyes in the midst of this accelerated

outpouring you may find yourself asking

how how did I get here how did I go from

barely surviving to thriving in the

abundance of God’s blessings and the

answer my child will always be the same

by my grace and my power alone for it is

not by might nor by power but by my

spirit that these things shall come to

pass your strength May Fail your wisdom

May falter but my love and faithfulness


forever I am the unchanging God the

Alpha and Omega the beginning and the

end so Fix Your Eyes Upon me the author

and finisher of your faith trust in my

unfailing love and unshakable Promises

lean not on your own understanding but

acknowledge me in all your ways and I

will make your path straight pursue me

with an unquenchable passion a hunger

that gnaws at the very core of your

being seek my face Above All Else above

the treasures of this world above the

accolades of man above the fleeting

pleasures of sin so come my beloved and

drink deeply from The Well of my spirit

let my Living Water saturate every fiber

of your being quenching The Thirst that

nothing else can satisfy allow my love

to be the compass that guides your every

step the anchor that holds you steady in

the storms of life and as you surrender

yourself fully to me watch as I move in

ways that defy human logic and

understanding watch as I redeem the time

that the Locust has eaten restoring what

was lost and multiplying what was sto

stolen watch as I accelerate your

destiny propelling you into the fullness

of your calling and purpose for I am the

god of the impossible the one who speaks

life into dead places and calls forth

things that are not as though they were

I am the god of the suddenly the one who

can change everything in the twinkling

of an eye so hold fast to my promises my

child cling to my word with unwavering

faith and tenacious hope believe that I

am who I say I am and that I will do

what I have said I will do for my word

never returns void but accomplishes the

purpose for which I sent it and as you

step into this new season of

acceleration remember that you are not

alone I Am With You Always even to the

End of the Age my spirit is your

constant companion your comforter and

your guide lean into his Whispers father

follow his leadings and watch as he

leads you into all truth so rise up my

beloved shake off the dust of yesterday

and step into the Glorious destiny that

awaits you embrace the acceleration that

my spirit is bringing and watch as I do

exceedingly abundantly above all that

you could ask or imagine for I am the

Lord your God the one who loves you with

an everlasting love the one who has

called you by name and and claimed you

as my own and I am ready to do a new

thing in your life a thing so marvelous

so incredible that it will leave you

breathless with wonder will you trust me

my child will you say yes to the

acceleration that I am bringing will you

allow me to take you to Heights you

never dreamed possible and depths you

never knew existed if so then hold on

tight get ready to experience the

fullness of my goodness the abundance of

my favor and the extravagance of my love

for I am the lord and there is no other

I am the god of acceleration the one who

makes all things new and I am inviting

you to step into the flow of my spirit

to be carried by the current of my grace

into the Glorious future I have prepared

for you so come my beloved come and

experience the suddenness of my goodness

the swiftness of my blessings and the

acceleration of my purposes in your life

come and let me make you whole in every

sense of the word for I am the Lord and

I am ready to do a new thing are you

ready to receive it

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