???? ALERT ???? “I’M RIGHT NEXT TO YOU WITH A WARNING” – JESUS | God’s Message Today | God Helps

my beloved child I am well aware of the trials and tribulations you have faced along your

Earthly journey in the depths of your struggles there were moments when your trust in

your own abilities faltered reflect upon the precise instance when doubt crept into your

heart perhaps it was amidst the agony of a shattered relationship the weight of a

challenging decision the confusion of losing your way or the sting of harsh

words from those you hold dear it was in those moments that your belief in your own potential

waned but fear not for I am here to remind you that within you lies a Divine

spark a reflection of my love and grace through me you are capable of

overcoming any obstacle and achieving greatness beyond measure rekindle the flame of Faith

within your soul for with my guidance you shall soar to Heights

unimaginable know this my beloved that it is your steadfast belief that stands

as the sole barrier between you and the Abundant Blessings and new season that

await you in my divine plan there exist no hindrance or obstruction on my part rather it is your

own hesitations and uncertainties that prevent you from embracing the path I have ordained for

you those who seek to undermine you who seow seeds of doubt and attempt to

manipulate your course do so out of fear and envy even before you recognize the

radiance of your own potential others perceive it shining brightly within

you those who are content in their own stagnation will endeavor to extinguish your light driven by their own

insecurities and jealousy it Grieves me deeply when those closest to you even kin betray your

trust exploit your kindness and strive to impede your progress yet I permit

such trials to reveal their true nature for I cannot bestow my blessings upon you nor Elevate you while you remain

entangled with those who Harbor ill intentions when I lavish my favor upon

you all that is connected to you partakes in that divine grace I refuse to pour forth my

blessings upon those who have proven themselves to be serpents cons sealed within your

midst that’s why I take you through times of testing and pruning it’s not to

punish you but to reveal the character of those around you many get angry or

frustrated when I remove people from their lives not realizing it is for their own protection and

growth sometimes it’s the family members you trusted most who turn out to be the ones holding you back out of their own

jealousy and unwillingness to heal they may be content to stay stuck in

dysfunction ignoring the pain and Trauma that needs to be addressed they would rather sweep it all

under the rug than do the hard work of facing it but when you choose to follow me to

believe me despite what others say and step into the new version of yourself

the truth will always come to light so don’t be afraid to speak your truth to

share your story and your struggles I know you fear judgment but I am with you

I will never leave you or forsake you and I will bring the right people alongside you to support you and cheer

you on as you become everything I created you to be your worth is not defined by your

past your lowest moments your value comes from being a child of the most high God and I am not finished with you

yet I am still writing your story I am still working all things together for

your good but I need you to trust me to believe in the plans I have for you plans to

prosper you and not to harm you to give you hope and a future I need you to fix your eyes on me and tune out the chatter

of those who are not in alignment with my purposes because where I am taking you not everyone can go it will require

Letting Go leaving behind mindsets and patterns that have kept you bound but as

you release your grip on what was was you free your hands to take hold of what will be new relationships New

Opportunities new territory I have so much in store for you but it starts with you believing in

yourself again believing that you are worthy of goodness capable of greatness

and designed for Destiny you are never too far gone for me to redeem your story

is still being written and the pen is in your hands will you choose to believe to take

the limits off me and allow me to do immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine will you Embrace this new season

even if it looks different than you thought it would will you trust that I am with you that I am for you and that

my love for you is unfailing oh my precious child if you

only knew all I have planned for you the gifts lying dormant the potential yet to

be unlocked the Miracles with your name on them I have called you by name you

are mine and nothing can snatch you out of my hand so let go of the lies that

have held you captive renounce the doubts that have kept you paralyzed in

fear declare the truth of who you are in me and watch as I move mountains part

Waters and make a way where there seems to be no way I am the god of the

impossible I specialize in the Supernatural and I have anointed you to carry my

glory you are not meant to blend in and play it safe you were created to stand

out to leave a legacy of Faith so rise up my child take your place own your

identity for I am with you I am in you and I will never stop fighting for you

dear child don’t be afraid to speak your truth your truth is valid and deserves

to be heard you are worthy of Freedom happiness and entering a new chapter in

your life you are deserving of the relationships Peace of Mind Clarity and

abundance that you seek don’t let fear of rejection hold you back yes rejection hurts but facing

that fear is necessary for your growth and for the generations that will come after

you if you don’t break free from the patterns and struggles that have held previous generations back the burden

will fall to your children your ancestors faced their own battles and tried to overcome In Their Own

Strength but ultimately could not break through now the purpose and calling that

was originally theirs has been passed on to you you must be the one to carry the

Baton across the Finish Line you must bet on yourself and Trust in your god-given strength even when it’s

daunting if you don’t rise up and break the cycle who will the dysfunctional patterns will

will just continue pass down to your children grandchildren and

Beyond someone has to be courageous enough to say enough is enough and Tear

Down the Walls that have held your family back for too long why not you I

have chosen you and opened your eyes to see what others cannot you’re the one who senses that

something is off you notice the deceptive spirits that have been hiding in plain sight the this perspective and

calling is for you not them I have anointed you to be the change maker to

stand up to the Giants of your bloodline and break the chains it’s a weighty calling but I know you are strong enough

to carry I believe in you even when you struggle to believe in yourself in this

pivotal season you must first and foremost bet on yourself treat yourself

with respect love and acceptance knowing your true worth how you view and carry yourself

sets the standard for how others will treat you when you begin to embrace your

Royal identity and walk in your god-given Authority those around you will have to adjust to the higher

standard you’ve set not everyone will and that’s okay those who can’t see your worth and

get on board with the new Direction I am taking you don’t belong in this next

chapter Let Them Fall Away if needed this is your time to sore focus on the

path I have laid before you not on the opinions of naysayers and doubters their

limited perspective doesn’t have to limit you anymore stepping into your calling will require courage faith and

resilience there will be growing pains as you shed the old limitations that have held you back but on the other side

of this process is the freedom purpose and abundance your soul has longed for

the sacrif ices will pale in comparison to the new life that is waiting for you

it’s time to rise up and speak up knowing I am with you every step of the way I have called you to this

battlefield for such a time as this the generational struggles end with you the

curses are broken by your obedience and bravery the new beginning you’ve been yearning for is on the other side of

this leap of faith you are stronger than you know you are more powerful than the life eyes that have held you back you

are worthy of the great plans I have for you it’s time to bet on yourself break

the chains and step boldly into your god-ordained destiny your lineage will be forever

changed by your courage the generations to come will be blessed by your

obedience this is your moment this is your time to shine don’t shrink back in

fear rise up in faith knowing that the the one who called you will be with you

granting you the wisdom and strength you need for each step you’ve got this

because I’ve got you one day you’ll look back on this pivotal season and Marvel

at how far you’ve come the struggles that once felt insurmountable will be Distant Memories replaced by the joy and

purpose you’ve stepped into your family Legacy will be forever marked by your bravery in this moment so take heart

dear child I am with you and for you I will never leave you or forsake you lean

into my strength when your own feels lacking trust in my plan when the path ahead is

unclear I will guide you each step of the way as you courageously step into the Glorious future I have prepared for

you your truth matters your voice matters your purpose matters don’t let

anyone or anything convince you otherwise you were made for such a time as this rise up speak up and watch in

awe as I work mightily through your surrendered life Miracles breakthroughs and New

Beginnings are coming believe it embrace it and step forward in faith knowing

that with me all things are possible including the beautiful free purposeful

life that awaits [Music] you my dear child I know the road ahead

seems long and uncertain you may feel like giving up when those around you don’t understand or support

your growth it’s tough when friends and family can’t see the new person you’re

becoming but I want you to remember this journey is about you and me it’s not

about them you might have to distance yourself for a while you might have to close some

doors and keep moving forward even if others aren’t ready to change with you they might need time even years to catch

up to where I’m taking you and that’s okay you can’t put your life on hold waiting for others to grow not everyone

wants to change not everyone wants to soar to new heights some people are content staying right where they are and

you can’t force them to walk this path with you it’s a personal decision and not everyone is up for the

challenge this journey with me it’s not always easy you might feel like you’re being

stretched to your limits you might wonder if if the dreams I’ve placed in your heart are too big too

outrageous but remember you had the courage to ask for them in the first

place this is about you learning to trust yourself again to believe in the plans I have for you but it’s not going

to work if you keep running back to people in patterns that were never good for you to begin with a single negative

comment from them can plant a seed of doubt that derails your progress the enemy is Crafty you using those closest

to you to speak discouragement into your life that’s why you have to be vigilant

especially in seasons of growth and change I’m doing a new work in you

uprooting the weeds exposing the snakes and cleansing the soil of your heart I’m

planting new seeds that will bear fruit if you protect them but the enemy is

also trying to plant seeds seeds of Destruction rejection and abandonment

that’s why you had to go through this time of pruning and isolation it’s not for nothing you have

to guard your peace your mind and even your future family your spouse and

children are on the way and you need to create a safe space for them not

everyone deserves access to you in this season you may need to start fresh some people try to get close to

you for the wrong reasons like Judas did they act like they care like they want

to serve but they’ve been Spies all along throughout the ages there have

been those who seek to exploit the gifts I bestow upon my children turning to me

only in times of distress now they may seek to draw upon your strength for their own ends I urge

you seek my guidance to discern the true motives of those around you do not be

deceived by mere Smiles or the recitation of scripture for even the adver AR is well versed in the teachings

of my word you’ll know my true followers by the fruit of their lives anger

resentment unforgiveness manipulation these things don’t come from

me that’s why it’s so important for you to know me for yourself my spirit will guide you

teaching you to hold your peace and let me fight your battles trust the process

even when it’s painful I’m shaping you into something beautiful but Beauty often comes through

pressure you’re my diamond and I’m cutting away anything that doesn’t belong so you can shine like you were

always meant to don’t let the opinions of others become the truth you live by

they don’t know my plans for you they can’t see the future I’m preparing you for keep your eyes on me and your ears

tuned to my voice I will guide you every step of the way and when you feel like

you can’t take another step remember I’m your strength I’m the one who sustains

you I haven’t brought you this far to leave you now every challenge every tear

it’s all part of the journey it’s all leading somewhere one day you’ll look

back and see how far you’ve come you’ll see the purpose in the pain the Beauty

and the Brokenness you’ll see how I was there all along working everything

together for your good so don’t give up my child don’t let let the naysayers and

doubters pull you off course your story isn’t over yet in fact it’s just

beginning trust me trust the process and keep walking I’m right beside you and

I’m proud of you you’re doing better than you think my beloved child I know the path

you walk is not an easy one the challenges you face the pain you endure

the betrayals that cut deep I see it all I feel your heartache your confusion your weariness but even in the midst of

the storm I need you to trust in my plan for your life the enemy will try to

convince you that this season of hardship is permanent that there’s no way out he’ll whisper lies telling you

that you’re alone that you’ve been forgotten but I assure you my precious

one that couldn’t be further from the truth every trial you encounter every

difficult decision you make every relationship that comes to an end it’s all part of a greater purpose I’m using

these experiences to shape you to strengthen you to prepare you for the incredible future I have in store right

now I know it’s hard to see the bigger picture the pieces of your life may feel

scattered like a puzzle with no clear solution but I promise you I am working

behind the scenes carefully placing each piece exactly where it needs to

be your job in this season is simply to trust me lean into my love my wisdom my

guidance when you feel like giving up remember that I am your strength when

you feel lost remember that I am your compass when you feel alone remember

that I am always with you I know the temptation to seek revenge to lash out

at those who have wronged you can be overwhelming but I urge you to resist

that urge instead Focus on the power of forgiveness not because those who hurt

you deserve it but because you deserve the Peace and Freedom that comes with letting go your greatest revenge is not

found in making others pay for their mistakes but in Rising above the pain they’ve

caused it’s in choosing to love when the world tells you to hate it’s in offering

Grace when others expect judgment it’s in becoming the best version of yourself

despite the obstacles in your way as you navigate this difficult season

remember to protect your peace guard your heart and mind from the negativity

that threatens to consume you surround yourself with people who uplift and

encourage you who remind you of your worth and potential and in those moments when the

silence feels deafening when fear threatens to overwhelm you know that I am there I am

your comfort your Refuge your safe haven pour out your heart to me share

your fears and doubts and dreams I am always listening I know it’s hard to understand

why certain things happen why people leave why dreams shatter but I need you

to trust that even in the midst of the chaos I am in control I am weaving

together a beautiful Story one that is Uniquely Yours every tear you’ve cried

every prayer you’ve whispered every step of Faith you’ve taken it all matters

it’s all leading you closer to the incredible purpose I have for your life so don’t give up my child don’t lose

heart keep pushing forward keep believing keep trusting The Best Is Yet

To Come I am using this season to refine you to purify your heart and strengthen

your character I am teaching you valuable lessons about resilience about faith about the power of perseverance

these are qualities that will serve you well in the years to come and as you continue to seek me to lean into my love

and grace I promise to guide you every step of the way I will provide for your

needs both physically and emotionally I will surround you with people who will encourage and support

you I will open doors of opportunity that you never thought possible so take

a deep breath lift your head high and keep moving moving forward know that I am with you now and

always I will never leave you or forsake you I am your biggest fan your fiercest

Advocate your most loyal friend trust in my timing my wisdom my love I am working

all things together for your good even when it doesn’t make sense I am using

every experience every relationship every moment to shape you into the incredible person I created you to be my

dear child I see you there working hard to clean up the mess in your life it may

seem like nothing is changing but trust me you have no idea what I’m doing behind the scenes just keep going throw

away the things that don’t serve you anymore clean out keep moving forward even when it’s hard I need you to

rearrange some things in your life to make space for the new blessings I’m

about to bring your way it might be messy right now but if you keep going

eventually you’re going to wake up and see the beauty that I’ve been creating all along the real prize isn’t the

destination my child the prize is the process and who you’re becoming along

the way that’s the ultimate reward the more you continue to grow evolve and

move from glory to glory the more Unstoppable unshakable and unmovable you

become the enemy is after your identity he doesn’t care about your finances your

house or your possessions he can’t do anything with those things he can only try to take them away from you to fool

you into thinking your life is going backwards but in reality it’s a test to

see if you can persevere when the enemy went after job he thought job would stop serving me if

everything was taken away from him but that was just a test the enemy doesn’t care about your

possessions he only uses it to possess you when you ask me to use you I’m going

to test you I want to know if you really love me for who I am or if you just love me for

what I can do for you when you truly come back to me and decide to do things the right way your

life might seem to go backwards at first sometimes you have to go down before you can go up everything great

has to go through a process a seed must be planted in the ground a diamond must

endure pressure and heat everything good must go down before it can come up and

as it goes down there’s a process of nurturing and growth that must take place daily if living things like plants have

to go through a process and you my child are made from the earth then you’re no

different your life has a process attached to it too you must be watered

and nurtured daily this means investing in yourself praying

worshiping every single day it means surrounding yourself with the right people and guarding this new version of

yourself because you understand how precious you are and how long it took to get

here don’t work so hard just to let someone come in and steal what you’ve

built not everyone deserves to be connected to you some people want to be

close to you because they know you’re a blessing your prayers and obedience have been protecting those around you even

when they don’t realize it some of your family members are alive today because of your

sacrifices you are precious to me my child when you’re precious to me I don’t

allow just anyone into your space I know starting from scratch isn’t easy but do it anyway trust the process

even when it’s messy keep growing keep becoming the person I created you to be I’m with you

every step of the away cheering you on and helping you become the best version of yourself you are so loved my precious

child never forget that keep going keep trusting and keep holding on to me I

have amazing things in store for you and I can’t wait to see all that you’ll become stay focused on the journey not

just the destination find joy in the process knowing that every step is

bringing you closer to the incredible future I have planned for for you you’re not just becoming better you’re becoming

Unstoppable unshakable and unmovable so don’t let the mess

discourage you embrace it as part of the process let it shape you refine you and

prepare you for the amazing things ahead and remember I’m right here with

you guiding you strengthening you and loving you every step of the

way my beloved child I want you to press forward and take steps of Faith even if it seems like you’re the only one

walking this path trust in my guidance and believe that I have great plans in

store for you I know the enemy tries to make you feel like you’re in danger or that following me will lead to harm but

that couldn’t be further from the truth I am here to set you free to help

you thrive and flourish all the mistakes hardships and things that have held you

back I will transform them for good I will use your struggles to create a

powerful testimony that impacts others I am here to support and uplift

you not to bring you down so stand firm against the lies that tell you this

journey with me is pointless or that you should give up reject the overwhelming doubts and

dark thoughts that creep in I know it’s not easy I know it can feel confusing

and messy like your life has gone backwards since you started seeking me

earnestly but I am with you through it all my word says that when you are

burdened and weary you can come to me and I will give you rest here is the key

Focus intently on me and on growing spiritually immerse yourself in my

presence and my word rather than fixating on the storms and Chaos swirling around you when anxious

thoughts start to race pause and seek me read scripture pray

and rest in my presence until you feel renewed stay close to me and make this

your continual practice as you do the storms will eventually pass you’ll look up and

realize the wrong influences have fallen away you’ll find yourself in a

completely new space marveling at how far I brought you like sleeping through

the storm have faith to Rest in Me Surrender Your striving and trust me in

this season even when things aren’t working in your own strength stop trying

to control everything and entrust it to my capable hands Focus simply on Drawing Near to me

and becoming more of who I created you to be as you pour your energy into your own growth and transformation you will

never lose stop trying to change those around you just work on changing ing

yourself invest in your own healing and development start truly believing in

yourself forgiving yourself and extending Grace to yourself dare to imagine the fullness of

life I have in store for you I don’t want you to Simply endure a joyless

existence I want you to experience my goodness and abundance Here and Now everything that comes from my hand is

abundant vibrant and overflowing that is my desire for you a

rich thriving satisfying life where you never lack anything you need take

courage and place your faith in yourself recognizing that in doing so you are

placing your trust in me understand that my timing may appear perplexing to you

yet rest assured all unfolds according to my divine plan your role is to have

faith rather than striving to comprehend every detail if your trust has been Shattered

by the actions of others it may have affected your trust in me as well nevertheless each day presents an

opportunity to renew your trust and faith in my guidance success comes as you

consistently show up and seek me in your daily life keep putting one foot in

front of the other following the path I have laid out for you I will guide you into spacious places and cause streams

to flow in the desert stay Anchored In Me and watch in amazement as I transform

your life from the inside out you are mine and I am committed to your

flourishing I will never abandon or forsake you lean into my love Grace and

strength in this season extraordinary blessings and breakthroughs are on the

horizon as you stay faithful to the journey keep your eyes on me there is no

limit to what I can do in and through a child who simply says yes to me your

future is brimming with my goodness and favor walk with me one day at a time and

watch me move mountains on your behalf I am with you I am proud of you and I will

lead you on to Victory my precious child I know the journey has been long and the path

unclear at times you faced obstacles and challenges that have tested your faith and made you question everything but I

want you to know that through it all I have been with you I have seen every

tear heard every prayer and felt every ache in your heart you may feel like

you’re stumbling in the dark unsure of which way to turn but I am your light

and your guide I will lead you step by step Moment by moment trust in my timing

and my plan even when it doesn’t make sense to you the enemy will try to fill

your mind with doubts and fears telling you that you’re not good enough that you’ll never make it that you’re too far

gone but those are lies my child I have created you with a purpose and a destiny

that no one can take away from you you are not defined by your past mistakes or

the opinions of others you are defined by my love for you which is

unconditional and everlasting I see your heart and I know

the desires that I have placed within you don’t be afraid to dream big and

pursue the passions that I have given you I have equipped you with unique gifts and talents that are meant to be

used for my glory don’t hide them away or diminish them because of fear or

insecurity I am calling you to step out in faith and trust me with your future I

have doors of opportunity waiting for you but you must be willing to walk through them don’t let the fear of the

unknown hold you back from the incredible things I have in store there will be time times when the journey is

lonely and you feel like you’re the only one walking this path but remember I am

always with you I will never leave you or forsake you lean on me when you’re

weary and I will give you rest surround yourself with people who will encourage

and support you in your walk with me be cautious of those who try to pull you

away from your purpose or fill your mind with negativity and doubt guard your heart and your peace for they are

precious to me as you continue to seek me and my will for your life I will guide you and

direct your steps I will open doors that no one can shut and close doors that are

not meant for you trust in my sovereignty and my goodness even when

things don’t go as planned remember I am not finished with you yet I am still

working in your life molding you and shaping you into the person I created you to be embrace the process even when

it’s uncomfortable or painful it’s in those moments that I am refining you and

preparing you for greater things don’t compare your journey to others or try to fit into someone else’s

mold you are unique and special created with a specific purpose in mind embrace

your individuality and the quirks that make you who you are those are the very

things that I love about you when you feel overwhelmed or discouraged come to

me in prayer pour out your heart to me and trust that I hear

you I am always listening and always working on your behalf believe that I have your best

interests at heart and that I will work all things together for your good take

time to rest in my presence and soak in my love for you let my peace wash over

you and my joy fill your heart in my presence you will find the strength and courage you need to keep going





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