????God Says You Will Face Huge Loss Within Next 2 Days…| god’s message today | #godsays #jesus

God says my dear child today I want you

to remember that I hold the ultimate

authority over your life regardless of

what may come your way trust that I am

in control do not dwell on the

disappointments of yesterday instead

lift your hopes High I urge you to focus

on the Promises I have made to you and

allow me to reignite the dreams within

your heart trust in me to Breathe new

life life into your aspirations and

guide you towards fulfillment today let

go of any fear or doubt and embrace the

faith that I am working all things for

your good as you face the day ahead

remember that I Am with You guiding your

steps and watching over you with love

pray with confidence knowing that I hear

your prayers and will answer them

according to my perfect plan trust in my

timing and remain hopeful

for I’m always faithful to my

promises amen God says my dear child I

want you to know that Victory is not

just a possibility but a certainty for

you your spiritual energy is shining

brightly Illuminating the path ahead

your thoughts are pure and filled with

compassion bringing Joy not just to

yourself but to those around you when

you come to me the Supreme father with

your request know that I see the purity

of your intentions your desires are not

selfish they are intertwined with the

well-being of

others this selflessness is your

greatest strength and it will Propel you

to Great Heights your actions are

creating positive Karma Paving the way

for your

success I am guiding you towards a life

of honesty and Truth where you will

achieve everything you desire trust in

me and I will lead you to Greatness keep

your faith strong for I Am With You

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above dear child God assures you that

when his plan is in motion your words

will become sweeter and your actions

more fruitful he has laid a path for you

and if you follow it the outcomes will

be beautiful your recent shifts in

thought indicate a completeness within

yourself you are no longer reliant on

others your kindness shines through and

you have the ability to transform your


effortlessly God is ensuring your

Victory urging you to act without being

overly concerned about the results your

life will be filled with joy and

enthusiasm if you move forward with Zeal

while the challenges May persist the

intensity of your struggles is

diminishing remain courageous and

focused for God Is by your side he

encourages you to remember him

constantly as his presence will guide

you through every step trust in his plan

and your life will be a testament to His

blessings God says my beloved child it

is true that a person becomes what they

think therefore it is crucial to care

consider your thoughts and the person

you aspire to become your thoughts are

powerful once you start thinking they

shape your reality often your emotions

play a significant role leading you to

act impulsively based on how you feel it

is natural for you to be influenced by

your emotions but it is important not to

let them dictate your actions

entirely living your life solely

according to your emotions can lead you

to prioritize your desires over what is

truly beneficial for you instead of

living and acting solely based on the

influence of others I urge you to live

authentically take the time to reflect

on your thoughts and emotions and align

them with the person you aspire to

become by doing so you will live a life

true to yourself Guided by your inner

truth rather than external influences

trust in this process for it will lead

you to a fulfilling and purposeful life

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says my dear child it is important to

recognize how others may try to

manipulate you through your emotions

some may provoke you through debate

others through anger love or even greed

they may use flattery to sway you but

you must remain steadfast and not let

their words control you whether someone

Praises or criticizes you do not let

their words sway you from your path only

trust what you feel inside for that is

your truth do not let others words or

actions Lead You astray or into sinful

Deeds it is time for you to take control

of your life to be firm in your beliefs

and ideals in every aspect of your life

do not be swayed by emotions instead let

your own Inner Strength guide you my

Divine Powers surround you offering

support and guidance trust in yourself

and you will overcome any attempt to

manipulate or control you live according

to your own convictions not those of

others God says my beloved child it is

no coincidence that you’re reading these

words I want you to remember even even

when you feel weary and tempted to give

up that I am with you every step of the

way I have brought you this far because

I believe in you and I will never

abandon you trust in my unwavering

faithfulness and my promises to you I

will protect you from harm and provide

for your

needs even when you feel like all hope

is lost remember that I am here guiding

you towards a brighter

tomorrow do not lose faith for I am

always by your side watching over you

with love and care you can rely on me

for I Will Never Let You Down keep

moving forward with courage and Trust

knowing that I am with you now and

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Hope happiness and success God says my

dear child if you find that no one seems

to understand your worth or takes your

words seriously it could indicate two

things firstly it might be that you are

ahead of your time or that others are

not on the same wavelength as you

secondly it could mean that you are not

on the right path and there is a need

for introspection when your partner or

family members do not listen or value

your words it may suggest that you are

not fully committed to your endeavors or

lacking sincerity in your efforts

determination and sincerity are crucial

without them others may not see the

importance of your words or actions it’s

important to reflect on your actions and

motivations are you truly dedicated to

your path are you working with sincerity


determination when you are steadfast in

your goals and true to yourself others

will take notice and your words will

carry more weight God says my dear child

it is a truth of nature that those who

possess inner determination and work

with discipline often find themselves

walking a solitary path this path

however is not without its rewards when

you embody determination and discipline

in your actions you align yourself with

the support of the universe bringing

discipline into your life will usher in

a new chapter of abundance and

fulfillment you will find that the world

begins to respond to you differently

love respect importance and even

material wealth will come to you

effortlessly the choice is yours whether

to continue on a path of laziness or to

strive for something greater remember

patience is key trust in the journey and

know that my blessings are always with

you guiding you towards a future filled

with prosperity and success when you

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success into your lifevvvvvvvvvvvvv

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