????God Says, Skip If You Choose The Hell Today! Not Joking ???? | DMFY-731

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end embrace the depth of my love my

cherished one and UST your journey

entirely to me let the beacon of

righteousness Luminate your path guiding

your every step with Grace and

wisdom find solace in this realm of

existence knowing that I your Eternal

Guardian shall forever Stand by Your

sigh offering Solace and guidance in

times of joy and challenge

alike allow yourself to Revel in the

profound connection we share for in it

lies the Fulfillment of your deepest

desires trust wholeheartedly in the

unfolding of your journey for I hold the

keys to manifesting your dreams into

reality as you surrender to the Divine

flow your aspirations shall Blossom like

flowers in the morning sun and your soul

shall dance in the abundance of my

blessings rest assured dear one for the

light of Truth Shall illuminate your

path and the radiance of your integrity

shall rival the Brilliance of the

Noonday sun in the Stillness of my

presence find peace and serenity knowing

that Justice shall Prevail and

righteousness shall

endure let not the Deeds of the

malevolent disturb your Tranquility for

their time upon this Earthly plane is

fleeting though they may scheme and Nash

their teeth in feudal opposition their

efforts shall crumble like Dust in the

Wind the wicked May brandish their

weapons of malice but their own devices

shall be turned against them leading to

their own

demise value therefore the essence of

goodness within you for its worth

surpasses the fleeting riches mass by

the unrighteous trust in my Prov Ence

for I shall sustain The Virtuous and

shield them from harm even in moments of

trial my hand shall uplift the righteous

preventing their complete

downfall from the innocence of Youth to

the wisdom of age my gaze has ever

rested upon my beloved children ensuring

they lack no good thing Generations

shall pass yet the descendants of the

righteous shall not Bay for sustenance

for their hearts overflow with

compassion and

generosity let the words of wisdom flow

from your lips Guided by the purity of

your heart my law is inscribed upon your

very being ensuring you remain steadfast

in the face of adversity though the

wicked May plot against you you rest

assured that I shall Safeguard you from

their grasp preserving you from

condemnation stray not into the paths of

iniquity but instead commit to

righteousness for in doing so you shall

dwell in my presence eternally my love

for Equity knows no bounds and I shall

never forsake the righteous while the

progeny of the wicked shall Fade Into

Obscurity the inheritance of the land

belongs to the righteous forever


more therefore patiently await my Divine

timing steadfastly following the path I

have illuminated for you and due time

you shall rise to Greatness inheriting

the promises of this land as the wicked

are vanquished you shall stand and as a

testament to my righteousness a Beacon

of Hope in a world plagued by Darkness

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