????God Says Now???? Be With Me For A moment

[Music] my dear child not by chance you’re reading this today there’s a reason for

everything in life if you’re feeling sad come close I want to comfort you with love kindness warmth and gentleness know

that your sadness won’t last forever and after these words you’ll feel

uplifted your day of Deliverance is here it’s time to pause and realign with your

Divine Purpose Rest In My Embrace and let me fill your soul with peace and your heart

with joy leave behind the worries of the world and just be with me for a moment

trust me with your troubles and I will take care of them relish this time you

know that with me you find the greatest love in the entire universe here I offer you understanding and the time and

affection you’ve been missing you’re now in my presence surrounded by peace and calm the

emptiness inside you will fade and you’ll realize you’re never alone cherished and valued by your heavenly

father Embrace this assurance anxiety can’t grip you anymore because you see

that there’s a purpose in everything you’ve overcome many challenges emerging

stronger despite the pain you faced stay close to me understand that my plans for

you are filled with kindness and Tranquility I wish for your true well-being and steadiness I’m not

talking about fleeting fame or material wealth I’m referring to the richness of your spirit the growth of your inner

self I desire for you to be brimming with wisdom eager to greet each new day

and return here to absorb my words once more you don’t have to feel broken or

defeated you shouldn’t spend your days in sorrow believing you’re unloved or that my affection has left you always

hold on to these words I cherish you and I aim to bring peace and steadiness to

your soul that’s the real truth today I present you with a special kind of Joy

that’s beyond your daily achievements or momentary feelings This Joy is deeper

stronger and enduring it doesn’t Fade with the challenges you encounter nothing can take it away from you no one

can remove this profound happiness I’m offering you now which is steadfast and

unwavering it’s paired with wisdom bravery and Faith empowering you to

tackle your struggles overcome adversaries and face the Giants with this newfound strength you can endure

any hardship Traverse any Barren landscape and remain

unshaken in me you’ll always find a safe haven amidst the

storms I will be your beacon in the densest Darkness and The Rock on which you can lean in

your most fragile moments also I want you to understand that every experience

whether good or bad is part of a greater plan each scar each tear leaves you with

a choice that prepares you for future moments making you stronger and pouring over you my powerful

anointing it is important that you always maintain your faith but I also ask you to appreciate

yourself you are a wonderful being with immense potential and although life may

sometimes seem uphill you have the ability to overcome any adversity let go

of your fears bitterness and uncertainties and hold on to hope faith

and love whenever you feel down or a drift remember my hand is always there

to pick you up reminding you that you’re never fighting alone and no matter the

situ ation there’s a Heavenly plan for you a journey and a bright

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