????God Says, My Child Your Future Is In Danger Last Chance, Everything Will Be Resolved Today #jesus

God says my beloved child this world is

a tapestry woven with different threads

each essential for its beauty and

strength just as a strong building rests

on a firm foundation your life too is

being fortified as the elements of your

being come into balance you are being

spiritually strengthened preparing you

for a Victorious

future listen carefully for today marks

the beginning of a transformation within

you tomorrow Heralds a new chapter where

the old you will fade and A Renewed

empowered self will emerge every aspect

of your life is being carefully

orchestrated for success with

foundations being laid for your Triumph

Embrace this journey for it is Guided by

Divine hands let every word of this

message sink deep into your soul for it

carries the blueprint of your future do

not falter do not waver for your destiny

awaits and it is one of greatness and

abundance trust in the process for you

are being molded into a beacon of light

shining brightly for all to

see from tomorrow a new dawn will break

upon you Ain to a rebirth a

reemergence you have always been part of

the this world transitioning through

different forms yet always present

however you are currently unaware that

you are already embodying the peace you

seek you are caught in the web of

Duality seeking solace in various forms

unaware that the peace you crave resides

within you there is something holding

you back a fear gripping you preventing

you from letting go this fear taints

your energy attracting negativity and

malevolent intentions towards you but

fear not for tomorrow marks a turning

point as you shed this fear you will

ReDiscover your true Essence your inner

peace Embrace this transformation for it

will liberate you from the shackles of

fear and doubt trust in the process for

you are being guided towards a state of

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Dear child true wisdom lies in

discernment in choosing what truly

matters and letting go of the rest many

are ens snared by unnecessary Ties That

disrupt their peace you too have bound

yourself in such unnecessary bonds it is

time to release them for only then will

your aura radiate its full

Brilliance your words are a BAL to

others bringing them peace yet you have

struggled to find peace within yourself

despite your efforts to spread Joy your

own happiness has eluded you I do not

wish for you to remain in this state of

discontent my desire is for your life to

overflow with such joy and prosperity

that others Marvel at it unaware of the

sacrifices you have made I see the price

you have paid for the happiness you

bring to others now it is time for you

to prioritize your own happiness to free

yourself from the unnecessary burdens

that weigh you down as you unshackle

yourself your inner light will shine

brighter illuminating your path to True

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Earth God says Dear chill I have witness

it every moment of your sorrow every

instance of deprivation you have

tirelessly given love yet received

little in return be it from your partner

family or others another void in your

life has been the lack of guidance

leading to decisions you later regretted

however your resilience has been

remarkable despite facing adversity you

have always found a way out surviving

Against All Odds you have experienced

moments of despair of laughter of

intense fear when alone yet you never

lost your courage Your unwavering desire

for positive change kept you going now

as you step onto the path of progress

your efforts will be rewarded money will

Flow To You effortlessly Like a magnet

attracting all all that you need your

journey has been challenging but it has

shaped you into a strong and capable

individual your ability to endure and

overcome obstacles is a testament to

your inner strength trust in yourself

and the path you are on for brighter

days lie ahead filled with abundance and

prosperity like this post as a gesture

of gratitude for God’s blessings

God says Dear child prepare yourself for

abundance is about to flow into your

life like never before money will come

to you in such vast quantities that it

will surpass your wildest dreams your

life’s pillars social spiritual family

and economic will all stand strong

Paving the way for Prosperity from every

angle you are on the path to Victory on

all fronts your en energy is

transforming into something Grand and

divine bringing not just relaxation but

also a sense of profound Financial

Security the fear that has plagued you

and led you into difficulties will now

dissipate Embrace this new chapter with

open arms for it is a testament to your

resilience and determination you have

weathered storms and now the universe is

rewarding ing you with abundance allow

yourself to feel the joy and relief that

comes with knowing that your struggles

are coming to an end you are stepping

into a future filled with prosperity and

stability the time has arrived to uproot

fear from its core to eliminate it

entirely Destiny’s locks are ready to

unlock revealing New Paths even the

doors that seem sealed shut are

preparing to swing open

effortlessly you may feel like a

worthless stone at times overlooked and

undervalued but just as a jeweler sees

the potential in a rough Stone you are

like coal that has the potential to

transform into a diamond you are a hero

a cinor among Heroes yet to be fully

realized the world may not always

recognize your worth but that does not

diminish your value your true Essence

like that of the diamond hidden within

coal is waiting to shine brightly

embrace your uniqueness for you are

destined for greatness trust in your

journey for it is leading you towards a

realization of your full potential your

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love God says Dear child your

magnificence and Divinity are unique to

you know neither to yourself nor to

those around you yet in the Silence of

ignorance wisdom is born and Spiritual

Beings emerge when the need arises the

voice of balance will resonate from

within your own heart it alone will

guide you on what to do when to do it

and how to do it cease your search for

answers to unnecessary questions for the

answers you seek are simplistic and the

questions themselves are triv

trust in your inner wisdom for it holds

the key to your true purpose and

Direction you are not meant to conform

to the expectations of others your path

is yours alone To Tread embrace your

uniqueness and trust that the Universe

has a plan for you your journey is

unfolding exactly as it should and the

answers you seek will reveal themselves

in due time trust in the process and in

your own intuition for it will lead you

to your true calling from the lens of

different individuals the world appears

distinct yet nothing in this world is

truly separate from you you are akin to

the light of the sun essential for Life

consider the fruits vegetables and food

you consume they are all part of you

even those who cultivate these crops are

intertwined with your existence without

Farmers would these Essential Elements

of Life exist your life is intricately

connected to everything around you the

vegetables you eat the sunlight that

nurtures them and the farmers who

cultivate them this

interconnectedness reveals the unity of

all things it is the mind that perceives

separateness seeing things in different

forms reflect on this

interconnectedness for it holds a

profound truth about existence when you

realize that everything is

interconnected you will see the world in

a new light you are not separate from

the world you are an integral part of it

connected to every living being and

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God’s messages in our

hearts God says Dear child there is no

need to perceive differences see

everyone as equals for all beings have

originated from the same five great

elements the molecules present in each

of us are the same as those that form

the first star in the universe you and

all living beings are descendants of

that star connected by a common origin

therefore let go of jealousy anger

hatred and attachment these emotions

hold no true place or importance instead

Embrace a mindset of unity and

understanding recognize that we all part

of a larger Cosmic picture

interconnected and Inseparable treat

others with the same love and respect

you desire for yourself knowing that we

are all made of the same Cosmic dust my

dear child you are already victorious in

this world but what that Victory entails

is for you to decide consider what

you’re chasing after does it hold true

meaning for you the true goal is to

become an observer of your life if you

find no joy in what you’re doing it’s

time for

introspection evaluate yourself and

identify any attachments that are

holding you back fear often stems from

these attachments once you let go of

them no one can defeat you stop worrying

about the future trust that God will

take care of it surrender your worries

and mistakes to God’s hands this mindset

will free you from anxiety about the

future and regret over the past remember

true Victory lies in understanding

yourself finding joy in the present

moment and trusting in a higher power to

guide your path like this video and type

to heal yourself God says Dear child

it’s time to delve deep into your mind

and identify the root of your

attachments as these are the source of

your fears a person consumed by fear

cannot experience true beauty or meaning

in life they become enslaved to their

fears therefore you must let go of fear

remember this the most beautiful face is

one free from the wrinkles of fear

devoid of any trace of it no matter how

honest a frightened face may be it

cannot radiate true beauty so Cast Away

fear from your being what are you truly

afraid of whom do you fear

unnecessarily I assure you there is no

harm coming to you those you believe you

are financially emotionally or socially

dependent on hold no True Value they are

like shells devoid of intrinsic worth

their existence is defined by your

perception of them if you choose not to

acknowledge them they cease to have a

presence in your world you are not bound

by these dependencies they are merely

Illusions realizing this truth can

liberate you from fear and Empower you

to live authentically and

fearlessly once you break free from your

attachment consider how you can connect

with others without fear of the future

you will face every situation with

courage finding Joy even in the midst of

struggles in reality these struggles

will cease to exist for when you

surrender everything to me you will lack

nothing your entire world will be within

you and there will be nothing you cannot

achieve however as long as the desire to

achieve lingers in your mind true

achievement will elude

you to succeed you must understand what

is truly important to achieve and what

must be sacrificed sacrificing the

desire for personal gain is key to

attaining True

fulfillment when you relinquish this

desire you will find that everything you

seek is already within you waiting to be

realized ized like this post as a

gesture of gratitude for God’s blessings

God says Dear child life is not meant to

be a series of obligations to society or

worldly attachments its purpose is your

happiness while suffering is inevitable

life is also meant for Joy you are here

to enjoy but within certain guidelines

this world operates on roof rules yet

sometimes individuals create their own

Gods shaping a deity to suit their needs


convenience however this higher power

they create is not real you have come

into this world to move towards Victory

to attract success it is up to you to

decide which path to follow whichever

path you choose I will support you fully

I assure you that you are on the right

path and nothing can prevent you from

achieving Victory however you must be

willing to sacrifice the unnecessary

bonds and beliefs imposed by Society

these attachments obscure the purity of

your mind preventing your pure and

virtuous soul from shining through rid

yourself of these mental bonds and you

will find your mind becoming clearer

allowing your true self to emerge like

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