?God Says ;Jesus Help You. God Message Today !

my beloved child I want to assure you

type Jesus help me and follow this

lesson that I have not turned away in

fact I am drawing closer to you in these

moments of

vulnerability your pain and struggles

have not gone unnoticed I see your

heartache and I understand your need for

companionship and understanding as you

pour out not your concerns fears and

desires know that I am here ready to

comfort you my love for you is

unwavering and my compassion knows no

bounds You are not alone in your journey

trust in my promises for I am the one

who brings healing to the broken heart

do I have witnessed the tear you’ve shed

and the Silent Cries of your soul I am

here to wipe away your tears and bring

Solace to your spirit do not be

disheartened by the Trent nature of

Human Relationships for my love in times

of solitude let our communion be a

sanctuary for your weary Soul seek

refuge in the EM of my love for I Am The

Anchor that holds firm type how man if

you believe in the name of Jesus embrace

the truth that you are deeply cherished

and my love for you transcends the

limitations human understanding dot when

the world feels cold and and forgiving

remember that my love is a flame that

warms the deepest recesses of your heart

affirm your strength by typing I follow

this lesson keep connect God through

this Channel and feel God share videos

and type amen if you love love me

subscribe to the channel if you believe

in God in moments of Despair turn your

gaze to me and you will find a Beacon of


guiding you through the darkest nights

do though loved ones may depart and

Earthly relationships may change my love

remains constant I am your Eternal

companion walking beside you through

every season of life take solace in the

knowledge that I am the

friend who sticks closer and a brother

dot as you navigate the complexities of

relationships and the yearnings of your

heart anchor yourself in the certainty

of my love let the warmth of my presence

envelop you bringing peace to your

restless Soul trust and

unfolding of my plans for there are

plans to prosper you and give you a

future filled with

hope you are not alone dear one I am

with you always holding you in the palm

of my hand typ how man if you love


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