?God Says, I’m In Your Room Right Now! Please Don’t Ignore Me? | DMFY-682

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end it’s easy to become entangled in the

complexities of Life uncertain of which

burdens are truly your

own understand that while external

influences May exacerbate your trials

you are only accountable for your own

actions and

missteps Trust in my guidance as we

navigate these intricate webs together

Discerning the path forward amidst the

entanglement embrace your vulnerability

in moments of hardship for it is through

humility that true strength is revealed

when anxiety threatens to consume you

relinquish your worries on to me

trusting in my boundless care and

concern though you may find yourself

surrendering a million times over in a

single day know that each Act of

surrenders strengthens our bond forging

a deeper connection between

US Express gratitude for the abundance

of my love and compassion which lose no

bounds rejoice in the knowledge that I

not only sacrifice myself for you but

continue to intercede on your behalf a

testament to my enduring

devotion as you Embark upon each new day

greet it with a heart overflowing with

gratitude recognize my handywork in the

beauty that surrounds you and remain

attuned to to the subtle signs of my

presence woven throughout the fabric of


existence in moments of darkness and

despair grasp tightly to my hand for I

am your unwavering anchor amidst The

Tempest while the gift of physical life

is indeed precious it is your spiritual

journey that holds Eternal significance

of treasure Beyond

compare rest assured my beloved for

those who embrace me as their savior

shall dwell in my presence for eternity

rejoice in the promise of everlasting

life where sickness and weariness hold

no Sway and the boundless Joy of

Salvation Reigns

Supreme I am here to instill within you

a sense of security amidst life’s

uncertainties teaching you to relinquish

control and find Freedom in surrender

Embrace this truth allowing it to

permeate every aspect of your being and

find solace in the knowledge that you

are held within the palm of my

hand may your days be filled with the

Assurance of my steadfast love and may

you find peace peace in the midst of

life’s everchanging Tides trust in me

wholeheartedly and let your faith be a

beacon of light guiding you through the

darkest of

nights dear beloved child in the Journey

of your Christian faith you are destined

to evolve encountering nods from your

past that may seem daunting to entangle

yet amidst these challenges know that

you are never alone I am always with you

embracing you with Endless Love and

guidance as you navigate through life’s

trials it’s natural to feel

overwhelmed and soon by thoughts of How

to Mend things or fix your problems but

I urge you not to dwell solely on

yourself or the intricacies of your

circumstances instead turn your gaze

towards me seek my presence and Trust in

my Divine timing to unravel the

complexities of your


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