????GOD SAYS !!! I Will Save You From Hell If You Watch | god’s message today | #godsays #jesuschrist

God says Dear child Divine Assurance

Whispers softly urging you towards


Joy amid recent decisions anxiety Creeps

in weaving unnecessary

complexities doubt Shadows your path

casting a pole over prospects of success

or failure breeding negativity within

yet fear not for I am the conduit of

divine intervention seamlessly merging

into your essence tangible yet formless

your very being undergoes

transformation reflected in your

demeanor a benevolent presence awaits

read to extend a guiding hand in the

midst of life’s quandaries resolutions

emerge as if by Magic untangling the

knots of uncertainty Embrace this

Celestial guidance allowing it to permit

every facet of your existence trust in

the process for every step brings you

closer to the Fulfillment of your dreams

surrender to the flow and watch as

Newfound Clarity illuminates your path

dispelling the shadows of doubt you are

not alone Divine forces conspire for

your ultimate happiness God says my

beloved child in this very moment divine

grace descends upon you enveloping you

in its gentle embrace

everything unfolds as ordained yet

worries linger in your heart it is time

to cast aside these concerns and embrace

the joy that surrounds you your wishes

both big and small are being

effortlessly fulfilled by the universe’s

benevolence others will begin to

perceive you differently their eyes

reflecting admiration and praise you are

shielded from insults and Deceit by the

strength of your virtuous Deeds your

path is one of compassion where you seek

not only your own happiness but also

that of others your prayers are heard

and answered you are cherished by the

Supreme father almighty Embrace this

moment of divine favor for it marks a

turning point in your life trust in the

path you tread knowing that you are

guided and protected let gratitude fill

your heart for you are indeed blessed in

the eyes of the Divine may God’s

blessings of Hope and happiness fill

your heart as you like comment and

subscribe bringing joy and positivity

into your life God says my dear child I

understand the weight of your mistakes

the disappointment of plans gone arry

and the regret of decisions that led you

astray but know this those mistakes do

not define you the plans that fail and

the decisions that back freed are not a

reflection of who you are today you have

grown you have learned and you have

evolved it is time to leave behind the

shadows of your past let go of the

memories that haunt you for they do not

determine your future your past mistakes

do not dictate your fate you have the

power to shape your destiny to rise

above your past and become a better

version of your yourself believe in

yourself for you are capable of so much

more than you realize Embrace this

moment as a new beginning a chance to

start a new you have changed you have

transformed and you are no longer tied

to who you once were embrace the journey

ahead with courage and Faith for I am

with you every step of the way God says

my beloved child I am discovering that

happiness does not always need a reason

to exist it is a state of being that

simply is without the need for

justification when others question why

you are happy know that you have the

right to be happy just because you are

however happiness should also be

something you actively pursue and

cultivate within yourself it should be a

life life philosophy a belief system

that you nurture and uphold find joy in

the ordinary moments The Simple

Pleasures and the small fragments of

time that make up your day let happiness

be your anchor in turbulent times a

beacon of light in the midst of Darkness

do not confine it to preconceived

notions or societal expectations allow

it to evolve and grow to be whatever you

need it to be remember remember

happiness is a journey a process of

self-discovery and

self-realization embrace it with open

arms for it is a gift that you give to

yourself from yourself and with yourself

your support through likes comments and

subscriptions is a Beacon of Hope

inviting God’s blessings of happiness

and success into your life God says my

dear child the fog of confusion That

clouds your mind is dissipating making

way for clarity and peace it is time to

Bid Farewell to confusion for your

journey is now one of clarity and

purpose your past has been marked by

sorrow and adversity including betrayal

and loss despite these challenges you

have remained steadfast and true to

yourself your life characterized by

Simplicity and resilience holds a

special special place in the heart of

the Supreme father your endurance in the

face of changing circumstances is a

testament to your strength of character

you possess unique qualities that

attract the blessings of the Divine

showering you with grace and favor

Embrace this moment as a turning point

where confusion gives way to

understanding and uncertainty transforms

into confidence your steadfastness has

not gone unnoticed the Divine watches

over you with love and

admiration walk forward with Assurance

for you are guided and protected by the

hand of the Supreme father God says my

dear today is a day of immense

significance as receiving this message

signifies a pivotal moment in your life

it is a clear indication that your

destiny is undergoing a profound

transformation leading you towards the

path of Truth and

Enlightenment this moment marks the

foundation of your progress signaling

your growth and evolution this message

serves as a Divine sign indicating that

Hidden Truths will be revealed and

secrets will come to light prepare

yourself for unexpected blessings and

opportunities are on the horizon poised

to bring about significant positive

changes in your life witness firsthand

the power of divine intervention as your

destiny unfolds in miraculous ways

Embrace this moment with a smile for it

is just the beginning of a journey

filled with Divine blessings and


experiences trust in the process for the

Divine hand is guiding you towards a

future filled with abundance and joy you

are on the brink of a new chapter in

your life where every step forward is a

step towards a brighter and more

fulfilling Destiny as you like comment

and subscribe may God’s blessings of

Hope and happiness shine upon you

guiding you towards a life filled with

positivity and

success God says my dear child just as

gold is refined in the fire to become a

precious ornament so too must a person

endure hardships to gain wisdom and

courage challenges are a part of the

journey towards growth and

self-improvement in moments of

difficulty one may feel isolated but

these trills serve as a form of

Spiritual Awakening strengthening the

individual’s resol it is important to

remember that every challeng you have

faced has served a greater purpose in

shaping your life these adversities are

not meant to break you but to mold you

into a stronger and more resilient

individual Embrace these challenges as

opportunities for growth and

self-discovery you are loved and these

challenges are presented to you not to

discourage you but to help you realize

your true potential Embrace each

struggle with the knowledge that it is

preparing you for a brighter future your

strength and perseverance in the face of

adversity will ultimately lead you to a

place of peace and fulfillment God says

my beloved child remember my child that

life is Ever Changing just as joyous

moments pass so too will your Sorrows

your current trials and tribulations are

temporary they will not last

forever Beyond this veil of Darkness a

ray of sunshine will eventually break

through illuminating your life and

bringing forth a new sense of hope it is

natural for humans to be consumed by

sorrows and worries often feeling as

though their problems are

insurmountable however it is important

to remember that happiness follows

sorrow just as day follows night though

it may seem like an eternity your

Sorrows will eventually fade away way

making room for happiness to enter your

life once more trust in the EB and flow

of life knowing that the challenges you

face are but temperary clouds passing

through the sky of your

existence Embrace these moments of

Sorrow as opportunities for growth and

introspection for they will ultimately

lead you to a brighter tomorrow keep

faith in the knowledge that this too

shall pass pass and brighter days lie

ahead may God’s blessings of Hope and

happiness follow you as you like comment

and subscribe enriching your life with

his divine grace

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