🔴God Says: I Forgive You However || God Message Today !



hey you are my

child I forgive

you I love you I care about you you are

not a bad

person I love

you God Saves me when I’m lost comforts

me when I’m scared and loves me

unconditionally God says I’m not the

reason kids starve in

Africa I’m not the reason babies die

from bomb

explosions I didn’t allow them to get

raped I gave humans Free Will and it is

up them how they use

it rest assure however that everyone

will face the consequences for their

actions I love

you God says the pain will

end the tears will

stop the doors will

open a miracle is approaching don’t give

up God says treat people with respect


love be very mindful of other

people many people are going through so

much and the last thing they need is to

be put

down enjoy this life by blessing utter

people God says the past can be very

daunting and

scary for many of you you have changed

your lives around and stopped living a

life filled with

sin and when you look back at who you

used to be it troubles you because you

just want to erase that part of you it’s

hard but remember that all those things

transformed you all those things are


story I love you

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