?God Says, I Am LEAVING You For Forever If You Skip Me Today! No Cap ? | DMFY-756

God says I am leaving you for forever if

you skip me today no cap vertical bar


God says today if you love me then

don’t skip this video and watch this

video till the very music end in a world

where the Allure of material wealth May

Dazzle and deceive remember that True

Value lies not in the Trent Riches of

gold and silver but in the Priceless

magnificence of knowing me of Basking in

the radiance of my love love for all it

eternity your name engraved upon the

palms of my hands is a constant reminder

of your Eternal significance a Beacon of

Hope amidst life’s tumultuous Seas when

the shadows of fear and doubt Loom large

when the cacophony of the world

threatens to drown out the whisper of my

voice turn to me and find refuge in In

My Embrace for I am not a distant deity

but a loving father everpresent ever

ever attentive to the cries of your

heart Heart Like A Guiding Light in the

darkness I am here to lead you through

life twists and turns to fill your heart

with courage and your soul with peace to

not be disheartened by the trials and

tribulations of this world for they are

but fleeting shadows in the light of

Eternity the reports of the news May

paint a bleak picture highlighting only

the darkest corners of human existence

but know that I am at work in ways

unseen weaving a tapestry of redemption

and Grace With Every Breath You Take

just as David found strength in me

amidst the threats of his enemies so too

and you draw Courage from the Wellspring

of by power within you fix your gaze

upon the magesty of my creation Revel in

The Wonder of my love and let Joe be

your constant companion on the Journey

of Life your tears precious to they may

be are but a Prelude to the symphony of


that awaits you in my presence like the

rain that nourishes the soil they serve

to deepen your boots to strengthen your

resolve and to draw you ever closer to

me so do not despise your tears my child

for they are a testament to the depth of

your soul a reflection of your capacity

to love and to feel deeply in a world

grown cold and indifferent as you

Journey Through The Valleys of sorrow

and the Peaks of Joy know that I am with

you always guiding you comforting you

and filling your heart with the

boundless joy that can only be found in

me so lift your voice in Praise my

beloved and let your song Rise Like

incense to the heavens a sweet offering

of love and devotion from a heart

overflowing with gratitude you and Grace


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