?God Says, Do You Need HEAVEN Then Don’t Skip | DMFY-764

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end seek counsel from the enlightened

Souls who walk alongside you for

together we shall illuminate the path

ordained for your life’s journey trust

in the guidance of my spirit for it

shall lead you with unwavering Clarity

towards the Fulfillment of my Divine

Purpose for

you gratitude my child is the key that

unlocks the door to boundless blessings

offer thanks for the gifts bestowed upon

you the opportunities that lie ahead and

the empowerment granted by my spirit for

significant Endeavors as you Traverse

the winding path of Life cherish our


finding Solace and Joe in my Everlasting

presence in a world fraught with turmoil

and uncertainty fix your gaze upon me

The Sovereign of Glory loves you

unconditionally through my sacrificial

love and miraculous

Resurrection Victory is already secured

transcending the trials of this

fractured world you are not defined by

the fleeting perceptions of others or

the imperfections you perceive within

yourself rather you are eternally

intertwined with me the essence of

transformation and eternal


glory amidst the chaos of daily life

cultivate mindfulness of my presence

drawing strength and encouragement from

our Perpetual connection

know that as you steadfastly fix your

gaze upon me your Effectiveness and joy

shall multiply empowering you to

confront life’s challenges with and



resolve as you Embark upon each day May

the daily manifestations of my love and

grace illuminate your path guiding you

towards a life filled with purpose joy

and boundless Triumph share this message

with those dear to you inviting them to

partake in the abundance of blessings

that flow from our Eternal

Union my dearest child amidst the Myriad

challenges that may encircle you always

remember that I am your unwavering

strength and the sweet melody that

resonates within your heart I am ever

ready to lift you up when you feel

unable to Journey further on your own

your empowerment stems from our

harmonious Union a fusion of your innate

talents and my divine

grace my dearest child in the Journey of

Life amidst its trials and triumphs

remember that you are never alone I am

the steady rhythm in The Melody of your

heart the strength that carries you when

your own seems to folder you are inod

with remarkable capabilities of fusion

of your innate talents and the

supernatural empowerment I

provide find solace in knowing that your

pride finds no place in your

achievements for they are a reflection

of the greater purpose purpose I have

ordained for you seek guidance through

the exploration of scriptures the

councel of wise Companions and Earnest

prayer my spirit is ever present to

illuminate the path you are destined to

tread gratitude is a powerful force

offer thanks for the gifts bestowed upon

you the opportunities that lie



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