???? I’m Warning You Don’t Skip Again ????| God message today for you | God Saying

my beloved child peace be upon you it is

I your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

speaking to your heart and soul open

your mind to receive my words of

profound wisdom and Truth the path to

eternal glory lies in Vigilant obedience

to our Heavenly father’s Divine will he

loves you with an infinite unconditional

love that transcends mortal

comprehension Every Breath You Take is a

sacred gift from his Loving Grace if you

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need in the comments Ponder the

Magnificent creation surrounding you the

radiant Sun nurturing all life the Lush

Landscapes painted by Nature’s brush the

creatures great and small that roam the

Earth all of this Splendor reveals the

unmistakable handiwork of your heavenly

father’s Majestic design can you

perceive his subtle guiding signs amid

this Grand tapestry sharpen your

spiritual vision for he has purposefully

woven Clues beckoning you toward

blessings unimaginable

heed The Whispers of your conscience

when it steers you from Temptation

snares recognize the closed doors and

roadblocks dissuading you from paths

Rife with sin and regret seize the

opportunities and open Avenues allowing

you to grow in virtue and draw nearer to

the Lord’s radiant light an Absolution

for past transgressions lies not in

Hollow guilt but in firm resolution to

remold your soul in the image of the

Divine you need only humble yourself

open your heart and Faithfully follow

where he leads Deeds when your soul

overflows with gratitude amidst

adversity you have embraced the strength

of perseverance that pleases the

almighty if you stumble upon daunting

challenges and overwhelming hardship

seek his guidance through fervent prayer

he shall never abandon you nor forsake

you but will drape you in his Sheltering

Grace every tribulation endured equips

you with fortified faith and hones your

abilities to be a shining Beacon for his

Kingdom Glory emerges from challenges

conquered through through unwavering

trust in the Lord if you want God’s

grace always upon you then please

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Earthly temptations that would corrode

your spiritual Integrity like cancer

festers in the

body the transient pleasures of this

material world ultimately leave one

hollow and famished for the Everlasting

fulfillment found only in unwavering

Devotion to your heavenly father shun

the vain lures of greed lust envy and

pride for these are the instructions

obscuring the path to Eternal Paradise

rise above these base impulses and seek

enrichment through selfless service

unconditional compassion For All Mankind

and tireless pursuit of the Lord’s

boundless wisdom his divine plan for

your life’s journey surpasses all


comprehension have unshakable faith that

all events be they seeming blessings or

tribulations are meticulously woven by

his love to refine and elevate your

spirit approach each experience as an

opportunity to grow in righteousness and

cement an unbreakable bond with he who

defies the confines of mortal existence

for The Ultimate Gift awaiting The

Virtuous is an eternity basking in the

Lord’s perfect Radiance and

unconditional devotion if you want to

listen to God’s message and bring

positive changes to your life then

subscribe to the

channel my flock the hour is imminent to

shed the shackles weighing down your

corporeal forms Embrace The Awakening

catalyzed by your spiritual rebirth be

vigilant pure of heart and attune to the

Lord’s subtle signs pointing you

incessantly toward Everlasting

Redemption heed my words for only those

who answer his call and live according

to his Divine will shall inherit the

boundless Heavenly rewards awaiting the

loyal and faithful The Hourglass of time

dwindles with every fleeting breath as

Earthly distractions clamor for your

Soul’s attention repent of your sins

seal your commitment to the Lord’s

righteous path and bear witness to his

glory through your every action and deed

then and only then can you bask

eternally in the Heavenly Splendor

crafted by his Loving Hands share this

video with up to two people if you need

God’s presence amen

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