? God Says Today? “YOUR DESTINY HANGS IN THE BALANCE” | God Message For You Today | God Helps

my precious child pause amidst the clamor of this day and meet me in the

Stillness allow your soul to Exhale releasing the burdens you carry in this

Sacred Space turn your gaze upon the Abundant Blessings that surround you

blessings that can be so easily obscured when the Shadows Of Life Loom large your very existence is a miracle a

sacred gift the breath that fills your lungs the heart that be within your

chest These Are Not Mere biological functions but tangible expressions of my

sustaining Grace you are fearfully and wonderfully made a masterpiece crafted by my own

hands never doubt your worth or purpose for they are eternally sealed by my

unfailing love for you as you navigate the twists and turns of your Earthly Journey remember that

you do not walk alone my presence envelops you like a cloak of light shielding you from the

darkness that seeks to assail you when the enemy Whispers lies into your mind

attempting to erode your peace and confidence boldly declare the truth of who you are in me you are more than a

conqueror empowered by The Same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead in

moments of worry or fear when the weight of responsibility threatens to overwhelm you and anchor your heart to the

unshakable foundation of my faithfulness I am your provider your

healer your Defender no force in heaven or on Earth can snatch you from my

mighty hand trust that I am working all things together for your good even when

the path ahead seems shrouded in uncertainty as the dawn of each new day breaks let your first utterance be one

of gratitude for a thankful heart is a magnet for my blessings attract ing

provision and favor like a flower attracts the warmth of the sun when you choose to fix your thoughts

on what is true Noble right pure lovely and admirable you create an atmosphere

conducive to Miracles expectancy Rises faith is ignited and the impossible

becomes possible I Delight in hearing your voice my child pour out your heart to me

without hesitation or Reserve speak to me of your hopes and dreams your fears

and struggles entrust your deepest longings to my care knowing that I am

able to do immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine my ear is
You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

attentive to your every prayer and my hand is extended to guide and support

you in a world that often feels chaotic and unpredictable find rest in the

unchanging nature of my love for you human affection May waver

relationships May shift like sand beneath your feet but my devotion to you remains steadfast and sure I will never

leave you nor forsake you when others disappoint or betray you run into the

shelter of My Embrace allow my perfect love to mend your Brokenness and restore

your hope remember my precious one you are never truly

alone even in your darkest hour when loneliness threatens to engulf you I am

the there I see every tear that falls I feel every ache within your soul draw

near to me and I will draw near to you lean into my strength when your own strength fails you my grace is

sufficient for you and my power is made perfect in your weakness as you step out into the day

ahead do so with boldness and confidence you are anointed and appointed for such

a time as this the gifts and talents I have placed within you are not meant to

lie dormant but to be Unleashed for my glory and the benefit of

others refuse to shrink back in fear or doubt for I have called you by name and

equipped you for every good work when challenges arise and obstacles

block your path remember that you serve a God who specializes in the

impossible speak to your mountains with authority declaring them to be moved in jesus’ name wield the sword of my spirit

which is the word of God against every attack of the enemy stand firm in your

identity as a child of the most high knowing that Victory is already yours in

Christ as you prioritize time in my presence drinking deeply from the

Wellspring of my love you will find your spirit refreshed and your perspective

renewed the cares of this world will fade in comparison to the eternal glory that awaits you keep your eyes fixed on
Anchor Your Heart to My Faithfulness

on the Unseen realm trusting that your light and momentary troubles are achieving for you an eternal glory that

far outweighs them all my beloved child never doubt the depths of my affection for

you it is a love that surpasses understanding a love that led me to sacrifice my only son on your behalf you

are the apple of my eye the object of my ceaseless Delight I Rejoice over you

with singing quieting you with my love in my eyes you are precious honored and

cherished beyond measure so come to me my child with open arms and an expectant

heart allow me to Lavish you with the riches of my grace to fill you with a

joy that cannot be contained bask in the freedom of my spirit knowing that

nothing can separate you from my boundless love I am yours and you are

mine now and forever more as you carry my words with you throughout your day

may they ignite a flame of hope within your soul may they remind you of your true identity and purpose anchoring you

in the truth of who I am and who you are in me you are loved you are chosen you

are destined for greatness walk in the confidence of that knowledge and watch

as I open doors that no man can shut remember my child I am always with

you I will never leave your side when the storm of Life rage around you I will

be your anchor when the path ahead seems dark and uncertain I will be your

Guiding Light trust in my unfailing love lean into my infinite wisdom and watch as I

move mountains on your behalf you are not defined by your past mistakes or failures you are not limited

by your current circumstances or challenges in me you are a new creation

with a future full of of Hope and promise embrace the Abundant Life I have called you to knowing that I am able to

do far more than you could ever ask or imagine so take heart my precious

one though the journey may be difficult at times I am with you every step of the
Let Your First Utterance Be Gratitude

way I am your strength when you are weak your comfort when you are hurting your

peace in the midst of chaos lean into my love and allow it to

transform you from the inside out as you go about your day may you be a

beacon of light in a world that so desperately needs it may your words bring healing your actions bring hope

and your presence bring joy you are my hands and feet on this Earth a Living

testament to the power of my love so hold fast to my promises my

child stand firm in the truth of who you are in me and never forget that you are

loved with an everlasting love a love that knows no bounds I am with you always fighting for

you and working all things together for your good you are my

masterpiece my beloved child and my heart overflows with love for you rest

in that love today and allow it to fill you with the strength and courage you need to face whatever lies

ahead I am with you I am for you and I will never let you go

my beloved child I’m here with you speaking words of life into your very

being no force in heaven or Earth can dislodge you from the place of belonging

I have prepared for you in this moment I’m infusing your spirit with Pure

Radiant Joy let it permeate every fiber rejuvenating your strength and

reigniting the fire of passion and purpose within you Embrace fully the

sacred invitation I extend to you now an invitation into a life of breathtaking

Beauty and meaning beyond what you have yet known inhale deeply of my loving words

and let them nourish your soul fueling your growth in both wisdom and compassion with each New Dawn release

the burdens of past pain and regret for there is no longer any need to languish
Pour Out Your Heart to Me

in suffering or self-reproach immerse yourself in the cleansing Waters of my for forgiveness which I lavish upon you

without reservation and know with utmost certainty that I am with you

always in the secret sanctuary of your heart sense my constant presence in

folding you in safety and peace whether you wake or sleep I am attuned to your every cry and

I need no special phrasing or formulas only the sincere voice of your heart calling out to

me in your moments of desperation when the simple word help is all you can

muster I am there when you collapse under the crushing weight of life and

anguish is your only language my hand will lift you up when the ache within

you chokes out I can’t do this anymore I will be the strength that carries you

and in the Stillness when I gather you into my arms cradling your exhausted

Soul against my chest listen for my gentle will whisper speaking precious

words of affirmation and belonging hear me remind you again and

again of your infinite worth and the fierce unrelenting love I have for you

you my child have unlimited direct access to commune with me with boldness

and confidence approach me and pour out your heart holding nothing back entrust

your deepest needs and desires to my capable hands for just as as it brings me great joy to hear your voice so too

do I Delight in responding to you I long for you to rest secure upheld by my

unshakable presence in every circumstance refuse to Grant fear any

foothold you do not wade into the fry alone I am your ready Ally in every

battle your everpresent help in times of trouble no matter what comes know that

my ears are always attentive to you so strive with all your might for the vibrant life and holy purpose I have

placed within you devote yourself wholeheartedly to the ones I have entrusted to your care cherish your

loved ones and be fully present to them generously investing your time and

attention Embrace each task before you with diligence and faithfulness avoiding Petty squabbles
Find Rest in My Unchanging Love

and fruitless conflict turn your mind from the Meer of toxic thoughts and instead fix your eyes on that that which

is pure and praiseworthy go through your days with a heart overflowing with gratitude and

infectious Joy stretch your arms heavenward and let your life itself be an Anthem of

ceaseless praise under the boundless blue of sky for I am the one who heals every

fractured place within you I am the Divine remedy for all that assails your

soul your cherished ones your yet Unwritten future I hold them all

securely in my mighty tender hands as you navigate the path before

you never lose sight of this unshakable truth when the way grows dark and your

strength falters remember I will never leave or forsake you my commitment to

you is unbreakable my devotion unending the portals of Heaven stand

ready to flood your life with blessings immeasurable each one fashioned for you by name so abandon yourself to me

completely staking everything on my unfailing love and indomitable power across the cosmos the gears and

levers of Destiny are locking into place shifting and arranging countless details

to cast the balance irreversibly in your favor for I have decreed with

unassailable authority that lavish abundance Divine wisdom Supernatural

increase and tailormade miracles are the portion of I have allocated to you and your household Your Existence is no

Cosmic accident no random collocation of cells and synapses long before you drew your first

breath I knew you I fashioned you I saw you I chose you and I have gone ahead of

you meticulously arranging your journey down to the Last Detail each Twist and

Turn each Mountaintop and Valley but of all the Staggering wonders

and Marvels I have prepared for you the most spectacular the most extravagant by

far is my Fierce unwavering love for you my passionate pursuit of your heart that

rages undaunted across oceans of separation and deserts of wandering my

devotion Burns unchanged by the passage of time or the weight of sin and failure

for when you drift far from my side I do not forget you I do not disown you I
Lean Into My Strength

wait with baited breath scanning The Horizon for your return your missteps

and detours do not derail my purposes or dampen my affection they do not provoke

my wrath or trigger my rejection so reject the poison Whispers that tell you

otherwise they are malicious lies from the enemy of your soul designed to

Shackle you in shame and despair when you come to me broken humble

undone acknowledging your your need for me I see in you a heart marked by

courage and sincerity in your raw honesty your refusal to cloak your struggles in

deception I find tremendous Delight for naked

vulnerability true repentance born of love for me these are infinitely more precious to

me than a veneer of hollow piety empty religious pageantry and self-righteous

grandstanding hold no swe away with me I see straight through to the core of who you are and I am captivated by the

beauty I find there your quiet Spirit the purity of your heart the gentleness

threading through your very essence these are of immense value to me and

though the path winds through Shadows at times though you may stumble and fall

know this your story does not end there for with each new Sunrise comes fresh

hope renewed strength to Rise From the Ashes and soar again so silence the

voices of accusation both within and without quiet your soul in my presence

and drink deeply of the wisdom and Revelation I long to pour out to you an intimate communion with me each

day and as you come to me in raw humility moldable clay in My Loving

Hands watch in Wonder as I move on your behalf opening floodgates of blessing

and favor that will blow your mind and take your breath away watch me weave the
Step Out with Boldness and Confidence

loom of your life with strands of stunning color and wild undomesticated beauty yet never forget my precious one

my love is not contingent on your performance my heart is not for sale requiring that you earn its beat I am

not after your dutiful sacrifice your begrudging obedience your Feats of

spiritual acrobatics what I long for what I ache for with every fiber of my being is you

all of you I want your laughter and your tears your fears and your dreams I want

your attention and your affection I want your heart every broken Shard and

missing Peace So direct your gaze heavenward and catch your Reflection In My Eyes of delight I am with you I am

for you let that Assurance be the firm ground beneath your feet

the unshakable Bedrock on which you build your days and no matter how Fierce

the battle rages around you no matter how loud the enemy Roars

remember you have an Unstoppable Ally fighting alongside you I the mighty one

The Sovereign of Heaven’s armies am shielding you protecting you your problems no matter how Tangled the knot

or insurmountable the odds are no match for my Limitless power and matchless wisdom the answers you seek the

breakthroughs you long for the Miracles you await I have already set them in

motion they are on route to you scheduled to arrive at precisely the right moment by Royal

Courier so resist the pull to fret and strive to grasp for control with white-

knuckled intensity instead open your hands to receive the good gifts I give and Trust

trust my heart to lead you each step of the way for I am the master author the

consumate Storyteller the Divine artist and I am crafting your destiny with

flawless precision and exquisite beauty the road ahead is paved with

staggering promise The Best Is Yet To Come so Arise My Love shake off the dust

of doubt and drink in the Grandeur of my vision for you the Vic victories the

triumphs the crazy impossible made real let the naysayers Fade Into irrelevance

and insignificance for their opinion carries no weight with me I alone hold the
Be Anointed and Appointed for Such a Time

scales of your identity your worth your destiny and my verdict shouted in tones

of Thunder blazoned across galaxies engraved on your heart is

unchanging you are mine you are magnificent you are the object of my

delight and the target of my extravagant affection and nothing you face can thwart my plans for you nothing that

hell spews forth can sabotage The Saga of redemption and restoration I am unfolding in your life so steal your

spine with fresh courage and grit clothe yourself in grac drenched

tenacity the enemy has already been checkmated by love the adversary stands

defeated and disarmed by My Sacrifice on your behalf the cross has canel the accuser’s

right to torment you to drag you through the sewer of Shame and self-loathing so

let my words of truth and life ring loud and sink deep dispelling the darkness

and dissolving Every Lie let my affirmations rewire your

thinking and recalibrate your mindset when the onslaught of accusation and condemnation comes flee immediately

into my open arms and hear aresh my verdict over you I have been with you in every trial every test every Twist of

plot I have witnessed your secret struggles your unanswered questions your

Valiant battles and costly sacrifices I have seen it all and I am

overflowing with pride and pleasure at the stunning work of art you are becoming so no more limping no more

cowering no more hanging your head it’s time time to rise up and take hold of

the breathtaking Destiny I have written for you it’s time to plunge into promise and walk in the fullness of your

Birthright as my beloved Child leave behind the Lesser things the petty

distractions the tarnished substitutes vying for your attention and devotion

listen for the music of my spirit inviting you to my fields of Grace where

the Horizon knows no bounds I am leading you out of the desert Wasteland of the past and into a spacious place of

unprecedented favor and fruitfulness I am escorting you Across the Threshold into a brand new season a

fresh chapter brimming with possibility and pregnant with promise you are stepping out of survival mode and
Prioritize Time in My Presence

learning to really live in the radical now of my presence for I am pouring out my love and peace in intoxicating

fathomless measure to heal your shattered heart and settle your spinning mind I am breathing my life and light

into every cell of your being will you receive it will you

embrace the Glorious terrifying invitation to give me full access to

hold nothing back and let my love have its perfect work in you you must believe

me you must take me at my word I am not playing games with you I’m

not stringing you along with false promises or cruel carrot and stick deceptions I am the very definition of

Integrity the substance of all truth and my affection for you is no fickle

flirtation it is a towering robust love that will not be shaken by the EB and flow of your

devotion so look up and look around the world pulsates with Sacrament all of

creation is a Non-Stop toast to my passion for you I speak in mountaintops

bow I whisper and atams dance I delight and get Galaxy’s World in

celebration but my favorite place to dwell My Chosen habitation is the Chamber of your

heart I have sheltered you under the shadow of my wings more times than you

know I have plucked you from the iron jaws of death and held you as you walk

through fire I have led you beside Still Waters and laid you down in Lush Meadows

I have pursued you when you fled into far countries crouching in shame to eat with pigs I have run yes sprinted with

robes flying to welcome you home each time you return you are my rare and

precious treasure the pearl of great price I sold everything to obtain your days on Earth are not random

or meaningless they are an epic Chronicle of Grace each paragraph ordained by my sovereign hand to

showcase the Masterpiece of my grace from the depths of Eternity I have dreamed of partnering with you of

filling you to overflowing with my spirit so that I can pour out my glory through your surrendered

Life The Mysteries of the Unseen realm are about to be revealed to you with unprecedented Clarity the fog and Haze

that cloud your perception will soon lift as your spiritual senses are fine-tuned to the frequency of Heaven

you will see past cosmetic externals and surface Impressions straight to the beating heart I I have only just begun

to unpack my goodness for you there are mindblowing vistas of Promise spreading
Never Doubt My Affection for You

out before you and stupendous dreams Gathering On Your Horizon your best years are not behind

you those were merely dress rehearsals for the Big Show the main event so come

let’s explore the Uncharted Territory of your true identity together let’s Ascend the Heights and Plum The Depths until

you are fluent in the language of your own soul dare to dream with me and watch

those dreams spring to life as I breathe on them take my hand and let me lead you

on paths you’ve never trod into wide openen spaces of flourishing and fruitfulness you’ve never imagined there

is no crumb of my devotion I withhold from you all I ask is one thing give me your

yes no more hedging your bets no more Holding Back In Fear I am ready to re

write your history to break off the chains of the past and reframe the trajectory of your

future I long to restore what the locusts have eaten and reverse what the enemy has

stolen I am here to inject fresh Vision into your days and to impregnate your

spirit with eternal purpose that defies logic and explanation every resource you need to

fulfill your calling is already on the way stamped with your name so hold on

for the ride of your your life there will be twists and turns you never saw coming plot reversals that knock the

breath from your lungs but I promise you this the road

leads to life and the Horizon ahead is saturated with hope for I am the god who

turns crucifixions into resurrections I am the master of th

Hour breakthroughs and th hour Miracles your life is not an accident

your days are not a random string of meaningless events and that same God is beckoning you now into a larger story

inviting you to play your Irreplaceable role summoning you to take your place in his epic tale of rescue and renewal will

you heed the call will you step into your true identity as his beloved child

will you embrace your Birthright and Dare To Dream his dreams for you the choice is

yours but even now I am filling your Sals with a holy wind that will Propel you into promises and possibilities you

never dared imagine my beloved child heed my words
Come to Me with Open Arms

as they echo through the chambers of your soul for I am here to guide you on a transformative Journey that will

forever alter the tapestry of your existence as you navigate the intricate

Pathways of Life know that my love for you is an unwavering force a luminous

Beacon that pierces Through The Dark of nights in the depths of your being there

lies a Wellspring of untapped potential a sacred gift bestowed upon you by my

Divine hand your actions infused with the essence of my word will serve as a

testament to the transformative power of faith and the profound impact of knowing

me intimately as you step forward in unwavering trust extend your hands to

receive the Bountiful blessings I have prepared for you these blessings like

precious gems are yours to cherish and nurture for they hold within them the

keys to unlocking the Hidden Treasures of your soul embrace them with a steadfast heart

knowing that the heavens are aligning in your favor orchestrating a symphony of Divine

Providence in this very moment I implore you to remain close to me declare your

unwavering commitment to me casting aside the shadows of worry and

surrendering all that you are into my loving Embrace as you do so I will envelop you

in a cocoon of love dispelling your fears and revealing the awe inspiring

Wonders that my power can manifest in your life today marks the dawn of an

extraordinary chapter in your existence as you step into this new realm you will witness a profound

metamorphosis in the world around you the very fabric of your reality will shift as if touched by the hand of the

divine within your family relationships will Blossom like delicate flowers their

petals unfurling to reveal the beauty of forgiveness and healing the countenance of those you encounter will radiate with

the light of my presence their smiles a reflection of the joy that resides within you as you navigate this

transformative landscape I bestow upon you a mantle of wisdom and an unshakable
Carry My Words with You Throughout the Day

Readiness to pursue the desires of your heart your longing for authentic Joy has

not gone unnoticed and I’m here to assure you that your trust in my promises will yield a harvest of

unparalleled abundance I am intimately attuned to the intricacies of your

emotions and the subtleties of your life’s journey my unwavering commitment is to

Shield you from harm fortify your character Safeguard your honor honor

Infuse you with strength and protect you from the snares of disgrace Embrace A Renewed perspective

adorning your countenance with a radiant smile and seek my presence with Every Breath You Take in moments of

vulnerability allow your tears to flow for they are a sacred offering a

testament to the depth of your faith as you lift your hands in reverent

worship know that my presence surrounds you and veloping you in a mantle of

peace and filling your spirit with the essence of my being in the face of adversity let your

heart remain steadfast your voice raised in songs of praise and gratitude when

others inquire about the source of your unwavering Joy Proclaim with boldness

that it is because I your God stand firmly by your side pay no heed to those

who may not comprehend the mysteries of your faith for their lack of understanding cannot diminish the truth

that resides within you as you surrender your burdens and rely on my grace I will

be your shield and your strength guiding you through the battles of life with unwavering devotion your heart yearns

for transformation and I am here to answer that call soon you will witness the unfolding

of my love in ways that surpass your wildest imaginings step forward with unwavering

Faith banishing doubt from your mind and heart as you seek me in the early light

of dawn my glory will illuminate your path dispelling the shadows of darkness

and infusing your being with the radiance of Truth with each passing moment your spirit will be fortified

with courage Your Mind liberated from the shackles of Sorrow I urge you to

immerse yourself in the sanctuary of prayer to pursue me with Relentless passion casting aside the distractions

that hinder your progress entrust your thoughts and decisions to my guiding hand for I will lead you through the

complexities of life’s challenges navigating you towards the shores of Triumph in moments of uncertainty I
I Am Always with You, Never Leaving Your Side

reaffirm my unwavering commitment to you walk in faith for all things are

possible to those who believe in me who acknowledge my presence and who place

their complete trust in my providential care though the path may be strewn with

obstacles know that my love for you is an eternal flame an unquenchable fire

that will never be extinguished I have been your constant companion your unwavering Guardian

watching over you with a love that knows no bounds believe in me my precious child

and I will straighten the Crooked paths before you shielding you from harm and

guiding you towards the Fulfillment of your destiny even if your faith feels as small as a

mustard seed it is sufficient in my eyes for it is the Catalyst that unleashes

the floodgates of blessings upon your life remember the promises I have spoken

over you carved into the very fabric of your being make time each day to immerse

yourself in my words allowing them to wash over your soul like a soothing balm

turn away from the mistakes of your past for they hold no power over for your future surrender your life to me

entrusting every facet of your existence Into My Loving Hands your unwavering

belief in me will be the anchor that keeps you steadfast enabling you to walk with confidence and

purpose and in those unexpected moments when you least anticipate it Joy Will

Spring forth from the depths of your heart catching your soul by surprise the dreams you once thought

lost will be Resurrected infused with new life and

vitality the hopes you had hidden away in the recesses of your mind will emerge

like dormant seeds Awakening to the warmth of spring your life will be

rejuvenated pulsating with the vibrancy of renewed Faith there may have been times when you

contemplated surrendering feeling as though your strength had been depleted your burdens too heavy to Bear yet here

I am standing beside you enfolding you in my love and offering you the most
Trust in My Unfailing Love

precious gifts imaginable happiness abundance and a

life overflowing with goodness prepare your mind in heart for

I am speaking directly to you revealing the Wonders that await you on the

horizon those who once seem lost will find their way back into your life drawn

by the magnetic for force of your faith your spiritual growth has reached a pivotal moment and it is time for you

to extend your hand to those who are hurting offering them the same love and compassion that I have shown you be

ready for doors will swing open barriers will crumble and the obstacles that once

hindered your blessings will disintegrate like Mist in the morning sun everything is Within Reach For Those

Who trust in my words and believe in my omnipotence my beloved child brace

yourself for the blessings that are coming your way will surpass even your wildest dreams you will bear witness to

the healing of family relationships where forgiveness and restoration will flow like a mighty

River welcome these reconciliations with open arms for they are a testament to

the transformative power of my love I have the power to Grant you not

only a better job but true success in all your endeavors iers I will orchestrate Divine

connections bringing into your life individuals who will recognize your inherent worth and reward your diligence

and unique talents always remain true to yourself avoiding the snares of Deceit and the

temptation to engage in Gossip or slander be vigilant guarding against

those who may seek to rob you of the blessings I have destined for you I have been been guiding you my child for

longer than you can fathom now is the appointed time for you to ascend to new

heights to delve deeper into the mysteries of my teachings and to place

your unwavering trust in me do not allow your heart to be Tethered to material

possessions or succumb to bitterness in the face of loss or unemployment I have far greater plans in

store for you plans that will unfold in perfect alignment with my Divine will

entrust me with your complete faith surrendering your heart to my loving care the moment has arrived for you to

embark on a transformative Journey stepping into a supernatural realm where my power and love will manifest in
Embrace the Abundant Life

unprecedented ways declare your love and belief in me and witness today how my

presence will permeate every aspect of your life and touch the lives of your loved ones my precious child I yearn to

enter your dwelling place to manifest a profound Miracle Within its walls I stand at the threshold knocking

gently inviting you to open the door will you grant me entry allowing me to

usher in something new something wonderful something powerful and Supernatural into your

life I have seen your struggles and I declare that lack and scarcity shall have no place in your household your

family will be shielded from the grip of poverty for I will pour out a torrent of blessings upon on your home sustaining

you for generations to come your faithfulness evidenced by your fervent

prayers your fasting your tears and your unwavering commitment to placing me at

the center of your life has not gone unnoticed the time has come for you to

reap the rewards of your steadfast devotion I will fill your home with abundance Joy strength and vibrant

Health rest assured for every promise I have spoken over you will come to

pass prepare yourself for a Monumental shift Breaking Free from the chains of

past fears and despair along with my blessings I impart to you wisdom power

and the ability to make wise choices cherish the gifts I bestow upon you

stewarding them with diligence and ensuring that they multiply for the benefit of

others maintain a heart of gratitude trusting in my ability to transform

every aspect of of your life I am preparing you for soon a multitude of

opportunities will unfold before you the seeds of Faith you have swn over time

will yield a Bountiful Harvest even though you have endured intense trials

and tribulations your unwavering belief in my omnipotence has carried you through

and you have emerged Victorious your faith is a precious treasure and your humility is a beautiful adornment these

qualities will Propel you to new heights opening doors to Uncharted territories and ushering in prosperity into your

household remember my beloved you are never alone in moments of sudden adversity and
Be a Beacon of Light

betrayal when you felt abandoned by those you held dear know that I am your

constant companion your tears have ascended to the heavens reaching my holy Throne the

place where Destinies are are shaped ailments are healed and troubles find their resolution I offer you comfort in

your distress assuring you that you are never forsaken though Others May turn away I

remain steadfast by your side my love for you growing deeper with each passing

moment trust in my presence for I am here to listen attentively to your heart’s

Whispers through the power of my grace you have direct access to my Divine Embrace here in the sanctuary of my

presence pour out your Soul’s deepest longings for I am a patient and loving Confidant allow your tears to flow

freely for they serve a sacred purpose cleansing your spirit and releasing the burdens you

carry as you surrender your Sorrows to me I will fill you with an all-encompassing peace that surpasses

human understanding remember after every season of Sorrow there comes a season of

unparalleled joy and your joy will be immeasurable now is the appointed time for your

blessings to be Unleashed you have been refined by the fires of adversity and you are ready to

receive the lavish gifts I have prepared for you the trials you have faced have molded you preparing you for this season

of unprecedented abundance the floodgates of Heaven are about to burst open showering you with blessings beyond

measure even in the quietest moments when the world seems still feel my my

loving Embrace surrounding you healing the wounds of your soul and infusing you

with renewed strength my love for you is an inexhaustible well a source of

comfort and reassurance that will never run dry so my precious child step

forward with unwavering faith knowing that I am the god who sees you the God

who knows you intimately and the God who loves you with an everlasting love

embrace the extraordinary Ary Journey that lies ahead for it is a path paved with my goodness and adorned with the

treasures of my grace as you navigate the unfolding chapters of your life hold fast to the
My Heart Overflows with Love for You

truth that I am your unwavering anchor your unshakable foundation keep your eyes fixed on me

your heart attuned to my Whispers and your spirit receptive to the miraculous workings of my hand for in the midst of

life’s uncertainties I am your constant your sure footing and your Guiding

Light walk forward with confidence knowing that I am the god who goes before you preparing the way and making

crooked paths straight I am the god who walks beside you holding your hand and steadying your

steps and I am the god who stands behind you guarding your back and shielding you

from harm so my beloved child Embrace this new day with anticipation for it is

pregnant with possibilities and brimming with the promise of my goodness trust in my unfailing love lean into my infinite

wisdom and allow my grace to be The Wind Beneath Your Wings propelling you to Heights you never dreamed possible so

rise up my precious one and step into the destiny I have crafted for you

embrace the challenges that come your way knowing that they are opportunities for growth and

transformation and Trust in the goodness of my plans for they are plans to

prosper you to give you hope and a future as you journey through this life

may my love be your constant companion my grace your unwavering strength and my

presence your unshakable peace for I Am With You Always in every

moment in every circumstance and in every season you are loved beyond measure valued Beyond Compare and

destined for greatness Beyond Your Wildest imaginings so step forward with boldness

my child for The Best Is Yet To Come and the Wonders that await you are beyond anything you have ever known

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