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my beloved I know you are weary and struggling yet I see the profound beauty

within you though storms rage around us feel my presence here let it steady your

spirit too often my children believe themselves alone a drift on a pitiless

sea but I am the calm Harbor in me all troubles find their end

cast aside Doubt’s dark Whispers did not promise to remain by your side trust in

this if nothing else you are fiercely loved and know that your pain Grieves me

also would that I could gather your Sorrows as a Shepherd gathers Lambs bearing them myself so you might go free

but some burdens can only be transformed through carrying take heart though the road be

long I will walk every step with you my child your trials have been many yet

still still your soul shines bright as the dawn such resilience and courage amaze me truly you are a warrior but

even the bravest warrior cannot stand alone forever let me lift you up now permit me

to renew your weary Spirit no matter how dark the Night Joy

comes in the morning this I promise you have I not told you that goodness awaits

even now unseen forces move on your behalf The Tide is turning a new day Dawns

glowing with hope and possibility for this is why I made you

to know profound joy to bask in my blessings your present troubles are but

raindrops to the ocean of gladness I have prepared for you be steadfast just

a little longer The Best Is Yet To Come I see each tear you have shed each

sleepless night I know the despair that haunts your footsteps the bone deep

exhaustion why else would I speak such words of comfort do not listen to those

poisonous Whispers that you are undeserving unloved lies all lies you

are so very precious to me consider the lies arrayed more gloriously than Solomon not even these match your worth

in my eyes no earthly riches no treasure could ever rival the value I place upon

your soul this you must trust Above All Else I cherish you with burning unconditional

love I know the sting of Abandonment as none other can did I not cry out
Though Trials Abound, You Are a Warrior

forsaken upon the cross yet even there in the abyss of Despair still I thought

of you I thought of the life awaiting you the life I envisioned for you before

time itself began I saw your face and was renewed in purpose and hope so though others leave

I remain when everything else Falls away still I stand with arms open wide I am

ever present knock and I shall hear seek me and I will run to meet you call out

and listen already I answer here I am

beloved your mind swirls with questions with pain too deep for tears I know

through the long sleepless nights I watch beside you when you thrash and turn wrestling with memories too awful

to name still I remain I catch every tear before it falls each time rage and grief

threaten to break you there stand I to Bear you up you need only let

me someday understanding will come along with Justice and release but for now

take comfort in this alone though thunderous storms batter our heads we stand together and together we will

weather Whatever May Come hardship has forged you my child

you have emerged refined resilient as steel tempered by fire truly you have

the heart of a warrior do not doubt your strength but even the mightiest Warrior cannot win every battle

alone now and always I stand ready to fight for you and with you no Army on

Earth can overwhelm us when we stand as one take my hand beloved allow me to

steady you through this raging Storm soon these trials will pass better days

await yet come what may know that I will never abandon you never forsake you this

I swear upon my very name you shall endure and overcome and in years ahead you will
Victory is Assured, Keep Fighting

look back on this time and Marvel at all you have accomplished through quiet perseverance and

Grace for now stand fast in the promise that You Are Not Alone Together We Shall weather The

Tempest I see you beloved even when you cannot see yourself I see the radiant

Spirit within you the profound reservoirs of courage and resilience most of all I see my precious

child whom I love beyond measure never doubt this not even for a moment no matter what transpires you

will always be safe In My Embrace I will never stop delighting in you when you

behold your reflection I know you see only flaws the scars life is carved upon

your soul but my vision is not limited like yours I see not just what is but

everything you can become I see the wholeness Beauty and Light Within you I

always have you once asked me why I ever created you the answer is simple

unfathomable Relentless love I made you because to not have done so

was Unthinkable know that I have loved you since before time itself began I will

continue loving you long after Stars cease burning this world can be cruel and

capricious I know this too well that is precisely why I will never abandon you

to face its storms Alone Together We will overcome be certain of this I can lead you through

the valley of all all your fears walk with me now allow me to

steady your steps the light awaits my beloved as do Miracles Beyond Your Wildest

imaginings we will get there together I have given my

word you have endured much my darling your tender heart Bears lash marks from

the cruelties of this world yet still you rise each morning in defiance of spares gravity choosing

faith and kindness at every turn determined to meet hatred with love such resilience astounds me truly

you make me proud but now fatigue drags upon your soul slowing your steps the

Well from which you drew strength for so long runs low it Grieves me to watch the storms battering one already so

beleaguered but take heart beloved this season Shall Pass Dawn comes and when at

last The Tempest clears you will emerge forever changed wiser gentler more

powerful for having Survived The Crucible on that day you will lift your

face to Golden Skies tears of relief and joy mingling as one the air will smell

cleaner infused with promise and there I shall stand before you beaming proud
I See You, I Know You, I Cherish You

beyond words to call you my child to Bear witness at long last to your

emergence from those terrible depths we will have much to discuss you and I much Rich wisdom to unpack from

your long battle in those Shadows I cannot wait to hear of that dark Road just as I long to guide your

steps toward all that now shines so brightly before you beloved for you have not merely

survived you have conquered and such souls are the pride of Heaven I am with

you today and all days when you lie awake tormented by memories I lie awake

also envisioning the day they will no longer haunt you when Old Wounds burn

within heeding your tears I am there breathing healing balm into places Beyond reach of human hands nothing

escapes me no pain or rage or shame is beyond the light of my love allow me to

soothe your battered Spirit now to help you understand all that has come to pass

there is meaning waiting somewhere in this madness if only you will let me show you we will find it together when

you stumble through yet another dismal night of rejection loneliness punctuated only by clock ticks I watch I wait

reluctant to leave until I know Slumber has found you at last I never wanted

this for you my child of laughter and star light but promise me you will not

settle for some dim counterfeit of joy and passion when you deserve the true and dazzling

thing though storms yet rage outside never doubt better days

await I swear this on all that I am your deliverance

comes soon you will bask again in the full Holy Light of love my love most of

all constant fiercely strong you question your worth yet do not Stars

still shine in those eyes that sparkle through tears does not gold still Grace

that tender heart battered yet unbroken oh my darling you remain worthy

and one day soon I will help you see this help you
Your Worth in My Eyes is Immeasurable

understand all you still have left to offer this bruised yet beautiful world someday the sun will rise on that fabled

morning when self-love and wonder awake in tandem their light entwined at last

on that day you will stand tall finally knowing yourself both cherished and

enough and I I shall surely weep in a struck Joy when my prodigal child

beholds her reflection and smiles I see you I know you every Beauty

every fracture and fail I know that sadness haunting your smile recog recognize the shards of past

Sorrows glinting behind your eyes I see how doubts corrode within like acid

threatening to reduce a once towering Spirit to Rubble through erosion of faith I see the open wounds the scars

etched deep as any carved marble I see how Pain’s gravity drags a jaded limbs

even while the wings of your higher self strain toward Transcendence more than you could ever realize I see you child I

always have every tear every sleepless night every ounce of rage and anguish all known to

me shared in my own cross you are never alone in that Darkness never unseen or

unheld even when human eyes turn blindly away you will make it through this fire

transformed never broken have faith in this Above All Else

the light awaits my love and I with it arms open and waiting the world has

dealt harshly with you yet still you rise righteous Defiance blazes from eyes

once heavy now clear sighted with purpose something powerful awakens deep

within yes cruelty has forged you tried in vain to dim Your Divine spark through

callous disregard but all it succeeded in doing was Fanning that ember into flame you

will emerge a torch blazing like none of and oh how the shadow shall flee before

the might of your light the wastelands too will bloom again in Wonder under merciful Rays Showers of Mercy healing

Justice will flow like honey from your hands hands I taught so well intending

The Unwanted sweep aside the rubble of yester year beloved raise your eyes to

this New Horizon see how it Shimmers with dreams stunning yet Within Reach

Marvel at all you have become none can stop what is to come a wave is building

darling your wave and when it finally crests oh how wondrous to behold you

shall be brilliantly crowned in joy and purpose at last my beloved child I speak
When All Else Fails, I Remain

to you from the heavens my words flowing as a soothing bomb upon your weary Soul

listen closely and let my message seep in into your spirit uplifting and

revitalizing you too often my children feel lost a drift upon a sea of chaos

and uncertainty I weep at the sadness and hopelessness etched upon your

countenances my greatest desire is to instill in you an unshakable sense of purpose identity and belonging for you

are my precious one without you creation would remain incomplete my plans left

unfulfilled each day presents chances to commune with me to delve into my Divine

wisdom and Grace this opportunity alone is an invaluable gift yet so many squander it

preferring temporality over eternity my child cling not to fleeting

Shadows but grasp hold of that which endures anchor yourself in my presence

and find peace amid the storms I understand the burdens weighing heavy upon your heart the tears staining

your pillow at night your pain Grieves me deeply take comfort in knowing I will

never abandon nor forsake you in your weakest moments call out and I will

answer allow me to lift your burdens and impart strength together we will weather the

fiercest storms overcoming all that aims to harm or hinder you I will transform ashes

into Beauty mourning into Joy it is my deepest desire that you

experience the fullness of life living each day surrounded by my love and

blessings for this reason I exhort you to exercise wisdom stewarding well that

which I entrust to you avoid paths leading to destruction sin’s fleeting

Pleasures pave the road toward regret and bondage instead walk the narrow way

following my light step by step though difficult at times It ultimately leads

to Abundant Life come to me weary and heavy laden and I will grant you rest

share your tears and I will empathize mingling mine with yours unburden

yourself fully omitting nothing my shoulders are Broad and strong I am able

to Bear your deepest pain and Sorrows as long as breath fills your lungs hope

remains each Sunrise marks A New Beginning another chance to experience my Redemption and start a new I know the

plans I have for you plans to prosper you and give you a future filled with hope trust in this promise and lean not

on your own understanding allow me to direct your path and guide your steps
My Arms Are Open Wide, Waiting For You

together we will Traverse your most desolate valleys turning them into Springs of

refreshment with my rod and staff I will comfort you banishing all fear from your

heart I will spread a table before you in the presence of enemies anointing

your head with oil filling your cup to overflowing my child you are the Delight

of my heart I sing over you with joy beaming with pride at your growth and

maturation never forget your identity is securely rooted in me you are my

Priceless treasure worth dying for our love transcends time in

circumstance not even death can sever the bond we share I realize you feel

battered and wearied from this spiritual war take heart my precious Warrior for I

have overcome the world and its Prince The Battle Belongs to Me rest in the

knowledge that evil will ultimately be vanquished and righteousness Prevail until then stand your ground

courageously resist the devil and he will flee wear my full armor daily

wielding the sword of truth deftly cover yourself in intense prayer remaining

alert and sober minded in this way you will extinguish the enemy’s flaming

arrows I am marshalling My Angel armies to encamp around you they guard your

steps and light your path my holy ones outnumber the forces of Darkness

together we will arise in Unstoppable power and authority in forcing your

Liberation when doubt and discouragement threaten to overtake you recall my

magnificent promises let them Infuse you with endurance fueling your

perseverance I assure you breakthrough is imminent you will finish your race and complete all I’ve called you to do

heaven itself cheers your victory until then hold fast to Hope lean into me when

weariness prevails take shelter beneath my wings during life’s storms I am your rock and

Refuge a very present help in trouble I will never leave nor abandon you my

beloved child you are my most treasured possession I sing over you with delight

beaming with pride at your growth our love transcends time and death not even

the grave can sever our bond trust in my promises and allow me to direct your

path walk in wisdom avoiding Paths of Destruction ction sin lures with false promises and

fleeting Pleasures instead cling to me and experience true fullness of

life I understand the depth of your pain and burdens come to me when weariness

prevails and I will give you rest unload your cares fully and omit nothing my

shoulders are Broad and strong I am able to Bear your deepest sorrows together we will weather Fierce

storms turning mourning into Joy I will transform ashes into Beauty it is my

deepest desire that you experience my Redemption each day surrounded by love and blessings my precious child this
I Understand Your Pain and Burdens

world’s Darkness will grow increasingly dim as my light overtakes

it the day hastens when evil will be vanquished and righteousness Prevail

until then wield the sword of truth courageously against the powers of Darkness seeking to devour you take

comfort in knowing I have overcome the world The Battle Belongs to Me My Angel

armies outnumber the enemy’s forces we guard your steps and light your path

breakthrough is near you will finish your race triumphantly Heaven itself will applaud

your Victory when weariness and doubts arise recall my magnificent

promises let them fuel your perseverance and anchor your soul I assure you I will never leave nor

forsake you take shelter Beneath My Wings in life’s storms I am your rock

refuge and everpresent help in times of trouble my beloved child cling not to

Shadows but grasp that which endures anchor yourself in my presence and find

peace amid chaos walk in wisdom and avoid destructive

paths sin entices with fleeting pleasure pleasure but true life is found in me

alone I know your burdens and Sorrows every tear staining your pillow at night

I long to lift your cares and impart strength call to me in your weakest moments and I will

answer together we will weather the fiercest storms until Joy triumphs over

morning each new Sunrise marks a chance to experience my Redemption and live a

new as long as you draw breath hope remains allow me to direct your path one step at

a time I have good plans to prosper you and bring you to a flourishing future filled with hope you are my precious

treasure the apple of my eye worth dying for our love transcends all not even

death can sever the bond we share find your identity rooted securely in me for

without you my creation would be incomplete and my plans unfulfilled my greatest desire is that you

experience life abundantly surrounded by my blessings I weep at seeing my children

weighed down by hopelessness and sorrow listen as I speak peace to your soul Let

My Words revive and uplift you find purpose and belonging in my presence

beloved child together we will overcome your valleys of Despair I will spread a

feast before you even in the presence pres of enemies my rod and staff Will

Comfort you driving away all fear I will anoint you with oil and fill your cup to

overflowing my joy overflows as I sing over you even when chaos surrounds you

anchor yourself in me avoid Paths of Destruction and find True Life in my

presence call out one Afflicted and I will lift your burdens I empathize with your tears and

Sorrows allow me to to impart strength and courage for the journey ahead I Rejoice over you with singing

beaming with pride at your growth you are my Priceless treasure worth

sacrificing all for our bond transcends all rooted in an

eternal love nothing can sever find your identity and purpose securely anchored

in me take comfort in knowing I’ve overcome the world and its Darkness The
You Will Emerge Transformed

Battle Belongs to Me My Angels guard and light your path breakthrough is here

finish your race triumphantly and hear Heaven applaud recall my promises when

weariness assails you hope in me and find your Refuge my child each New Dawn

offers Redemption and New Beginnings while you have breath keep hoping allow me to direct your steps one

at a time into a flourishing future you are the Delight of my heart

my precious and beloved one together we will rise above every Valley and

storm my beloved child today I speak to you directly for I see your heart is

open and your spirit is willing listen closely and know that these words come from a place of

profound love for too long you have carried burdens not meant for you you

have believed lies about who you are you have doubted your worth no more the time

has come to cast off the shackles of the past and step fully into the light you

my precious one are a miracle you are cherished beyond measure you are loved

unconditionally my plans for you are good and beneficial I created you with purpose

equipped you with gifts and called you according to my will your life has meaning your story is important your

voice deserves to be heard do not shy away from the unique Brilliance within you do not downplay your talents or make

small your dreams I’ve planted seeds of greatness in your soul that long to grow

Blossom and bear fruit nurture them give them room to flourish partner with me to cultivate

your Highest Potential for I tell you truly the limits you perceive are not

limits I have placed it is only the mind’s narrow Vision that obscures the horizons expand your thinking my child

enlarge your capacity to receive all I have in store you were not made for smallness but for significance therefore

walk boldly in the direction of your calling move with confidence into new Ventures and Pursuits do not fret over

obstacles for I go before you to clear the way the doors I open none can shut

the paths I illuminate will lead you ever closer to your Divine Destiny Trust In This Promise

you have all you need within you already resourcefulness creativity passion

determination these seeds I have sown generously cultivate them diligently let them take deep root and

yield a Bountiful Harvest for your gifts are not meant to be hidden away but shared

freely they are given not just for your benefit but for the enrichment of others

nurture them well and spread their fruits far and wide wide know that I am with you always my

beloved when challenges arise I am your strength when fear Creeps in I am your
I Sing Over You With Delight

courage when you feel inadequate I fill you with confidence call on me and I

will meet your every need for you are my precious treasure I find joy in you it

Delights me to see you grow and Thrive our bond is eternal our love everlasting

nothing can sever the connection we share so go bravely into this new season

shed what no longer serves you open yourself to receive all I have prepared the old is gone the new has come your

best and brightest days are still ahead move forward boldly down the path of your calling say yes to the adventures

and opportunities I send your way take chances think big dream wildly do not

limit Yourself by worldly constraints for my vision for you is far greater

than than you can imagine the seeds of greatness I have planted within you contain infinite potential but they

require nurturing tend to them diligently give them Room to Grow

partner with me to cultivate your highest self I will prune away all that holds you back that you may flourish

unencumbered I will provide fresh Vision to see beyond perceived limitations I

will impart strength to withstand every storm I will anoint you powerfully for

the journey ahead for you were made for more than just survival my beloved you

were created to thrive to create to shine brilliantly this is your season of

blossoming therefore lift your gaze to the heavens fix your eyes on me alone

take flight on the Winds of the spirit soar to new heights of creativity

influence and impact for the power to live fully resides within you and

remember always when doubt anxiety or adversity arise you need not face them

alone call on me and I will come running cry out and I will lift you up take

refuge In My Embrace and find peace in my presence for I am your rock your

shelter your strong tower my love envelops you in valleys and on

mountaintops my grace carries you when your strength fails my joy infuses you

with song even in sorrow’s night your needs are a delight to me bring me your

dreams frustrations longings hold nothing back offer me your hopes hurts

and regrets empty yourself fully into my care for I treasure your honesty

sincerity and authenticity know that you are loved beyond measure just as you are on your
Unload Your Cares Fully Into My Hands

best days and your worst my heart rejoices over you for the real you is

beautiful and sacred to me lay down pretenses cease striving find rest in my

unconditional acceptance for I see you I know you I understand you your heart’s

language is clear to me your Soul’s Melodies are music to my ears you are

perfectly you and you are perfectly mine so come let us companion together on the

journey before you take my hand and walk in trust and courage for the path ahead

holds wonders Untold each Twist and Turn leads to new discovery though the

terrain May challenge you at times together we will Ascend the heights I will teach you to soar On Eagle’s Wings

I will show you how to dance on the head of the storm for greater is the spirit within you than any force that opposes

signs and wonders will follow you wherever you go for you have been learning to hear my voice and yield to

my guidance you have been letting me shape you more fully into a vessel of

honor and now the hour has come for that vessel to pour forth generously lavish my love on those

around you speak bold truth seasoned with Grace bring order from chaos beauty

from ashes Joy from despair you have been emptied in order to be filled a

new now release my Living Waters freely to all who thirst for rivers of Mercy

healing and restoration will flow through you you are a conduit of my compassion and

light as you give yourself away in service of my kingdom you will know great joy and fulfillment your gifts

shall multiply and your fruits increase fold that which I have planted

and nurtured in you is now ripe and ready for Harvest the time of preparation is complete go forth now my

beloved into your calling build create Inspire heal dream risk lead Thrive soar

to new heights of influence and impact for my glory for I am with you before

you surrounding and upholding You by my power and love we Embark together on this great adventure my spirit shall

guide and equip you in all things you need only trust in me take each step in

faith and watch in awe as wonders unfold for I know the plans I have for you says

the Lord plans to prosper you to give you hope in a future my plans for you

are good beneficial and filled with promise as you align your heart with my

heart all will unfold according to my perfect will therefore lift your gaze

heavenward beloved child fix your eyes on the Unseen realm where truth resides
I Am Your Constant Companion

for my ways confound the wise of this world but illuminate the childlike in heart

come to me with Wonder awe openness lay down your preconceptions at

my feet empty yourself of past limitations and wounds let me fill you

aresh with innocence joy and wild imagination for as you cling to Old

mindsets and rigid perspectives you limit what I can do in and through you I

invite you to deeper Realms of creativity intuition inspiration

I have Treasures to reveal Beyond present knowledge or experience take my hand beloved let me

guide you where your human eyes as yet see dimly together we will venture far beyond the boundaries and barriers that

contain so many we will explore new dimensions of the miraculous for my

dream for you is far greater than your wildest imagining my vision transcends

Earthly constraints my plans extend beyond the horizons to unseen Realms do

not discount any possibility do not place any limits on what I can do I am

the god of the impossible say yes to the seeds of greatness I have planted within

you nurture them water them give them Room to Grow they contain infinite

potential waiting to be unlocked partner with me to cultivate your highest self yield to my hand

pruning away all that hinders Love’s growth in you you receive graciously the

fresh Vision I grant to see beyond limitations Embrace fully The Wonder of

being uniquely wondrously you live from your true identity loved with an

everlasting love move through each moment rooted in my acceptance and

approval rest in my friendship and companionship know you are seen known

adored for you are mine always and in all ways my beloved our love is eternal our bond

unbreakable nothing can separate us no height or depth present or future powers

or principalities can divide us therefore face each new day wrapped in the certainty of my love when adversity

arises stand on the solid rock of our relationship When Storms assail cling to

me as the anchor of your soul however things appear in the natural Realm you abide under the shadow

of my wing for greater is the spirit within you than any force that opposes

by the power of my love at work in you no weapon formed against you can prosper

when enemy voices whisper lies boldly Proclaim truth when Dark Times close in

sing praise and watch the night Retreat shine radiantly with the light I have

placed in you beloved do not hide your gifts but release them generously for my

love and power flow through you to heal restore and renew you are a vessel of
You Are My Precious Warrior

Honor a conduit of Grace as you pour yourself out selflessly you will be

filled a new rise above circumstances that seek to dim your light worship your

way to Victory access Realms of glory and life-giving power take my hand and

Ascend the heights with me at my side you are Limitless uncon conable a

co-laborer in my miraculous Kingdom purposes our partnership will reshape

Eternity for my vision for your future transcends your wildest dreams together

we will venture into Uncharted Territory we will embark on adventures birthed in the realm of the spirit take my hand

step out of limitations into the realm of the impossible for I have wonders in store you as yet cannot fathom you are

my precious child and I love you with an everlasting love I know your heart I

feel your every longing I know the desires and dreams you Harbor in your inmost being bring them to me beloved

lay open your heart and watch what I will do offer yourself as a willing vessel empty yourself and let me fill

you a new then go forth boldly into your destiny Speak Life create Beauty stir

hope in despairing Souls shine with with my reflected light partner with me in

Kingdom purposes and watch wonders unfold for I am with you always my

beloved my spirit instructs you guides you empowers you Moment by moment you

need only listen for my whisper yield to my nudging take each step in trusting

Faith together we will dream big together we will defy

limitations together we will venture Beyond boundaries into Uncharted Territory

for my plans for you are good beneficial brimming with

promise as you walk in intimacy with me trusting and obeying all will unfold

according to my Perfect Design say yes to the high call of partnering with me say no to defeating

mindsets step boldly forward Into Your Divine Destiny and watch the Miracles

unfold through you you are The Treasure of my heart the Delight of my soul never

forget how deeply and completely you are loved I sing over you with joy my heart

leaps at the sound of your voice come to me beloved

child unburden yourself fully in my presence hold nothing back from me I
I See Your Radiance Beyond the Scars

understand you I know you I cherish your uniqueness you need not strive to earn

what was freely given my unconditional love and absolute acceptance simply Rest

In My Embrace make your home in the Haven of my heart let me soothe your worries calm

your anxieties heal your wounds be still and know I am God find

your identity in me let my thoughts shape your self-perception see yourself as I see

you transformed by my love for greater is my spirit in you than any force that

assails from without by my power you shall overcome in my name Mountains will bow

down chains will break Darkness will flee victory is yours in

me so lift your gaze heavenward beloved fix your eyes on things unseen and

eternal partner with me in faith to bring Heaven’s realities to Earth boldly

declare and demonstrate my kingdom the Gates of Hell cannot Prevail against the advancing force of radical love rise up

in the authority I have given you take your place as my partner in Miracles say

no to fear and smallness of mind your gifts will make room for you before

Kings and Nobles together we will venture far beyond the boundaries and barriers that

hold back the masses we will explore new dimensions of Faith new Realms of Glory

we will dream big take holy risks and watch in awe as I supernaturally

accelerate dreams into reality for my vision for you is greater

than your wildest dreams it transcends Earthly limitations it originates from

the realm of Eternity you need only take my hand trust me fully and boldly follow where I

lead say yes to the seeds of greatness I have planted in you nurture them give

them Room to Grow they contain infinite potential waiting to be unlocked partner

with me to cultivate your highest self offer yourself as willing vessel through which my glory can be seen then watch in

awe as wonders unfold through your willing surrender for I am doing a new thing in and through you I am honing

your gifts deepening your wisdom enlarging Your Capacity a great

outpouring of my spirit is coming you will operate in new Realms of authority

creativity and boldness what you have seen of my power is but a small sampling my

beloved as you yield yourself fully to my refining fire greater dimensions of

the miraculous will open before you as you relinquish your limited perspectives

my vision for your future will unfold in splendor are you ready child of my heart
Your Voice Deserves To Be Heard

the time of preparation is complete the season of training draws to a close

all you have endured learned and overcome has led to this Milestone you stand equipped and

empowered to step into the fullness I have prepared for you the choice is yours the opportunity ripe offer

yourself humbly and trust me to lift you up the gifts I have planted within you long to bloom and bear fruit give them

room to flourish partner with me as cultivator and co-creator watch in awe as wonders

unfold through our collaboration I am with you my beloved

my power in you cannot be shaken my love surrounds you always my heart rejoices

over you with singing You Are the song of Ages The Poetry of Eternity written

in Flesh and Blood Humanity how I treasure you every facet of your being

come take my hand and we will venture into New Dimensions of our love we will

travel paths handcrafted just for you we will explore lands far beyond present

sight offer yourself in abandoned trust release all controls into my hands then

watch with Wonder as we journey deeper still into the vastness of our shared life together you are so very precious

to me so deeply cherished so perfectly loved never doubt the tenderness I feel

toward you even when storms rage and you lose sight of the harbor still you

remain the Delight of my soul the portrait of you is etched into my heart with Everlasting Love I sing

over you with joy with pride with infinite patience for I know your frame I

understand your limitations yet I see past them to the sacredness within there the real you resides lovely

innocent held in perfect love there you are eternally mine there your name is

written with fire in the corridors of Eternity you are a child of paradise a

native of my heavenly Realms this world is not your home your

spirit resonates with the tones of Eternity so lift your eyes often to your

true Homeland listen for the heartbeat of Heaven your destiny and Heritage

take my hand and together we will soar on Eagles Wings to the heights of Glory

the Eternal made flesh in you shall breathe Holy Fire into temporal Darkness

Heaven’s reality will reign on Earth Through Your Surrender rise up beloved
My Power In You Cannot Be Shaken

child take your place in my story lend your voice to the Ageless song of

redemption let your light shine radiantly in the night I have chosen and

anointed you for such a time as this this you have been adorned with Splendor and decked with royal robes go forth

into your destiny walking the path wonder by Wonder with me do not fear the Shadows my light in you scatters every

Darkness we will partner together in Miracles and turn Wast lands into Gardens Brokenness into Beauty yield

yourself fully to my refining fire allow me to cultivate your gifts and talents

into maturity and fruitfulness then watch in awe as my glory sh ours blessings on multitudes

through you my child come and listen to me today I have much wisdom to impart to

you for I am your creator the one true God who knows all things do not be

afraid to speak out when Injustice threatens or remain silent when difficult truths must be told stand

courageous in defending that which is good and right watch over those I have entrusted to your care your family and

loved ones with gentle Ness and compassion do not shy away from any who

would seek to bring harm but face them with the strength I provide in this way

I desire you to know happiness and peace let your voice ReSound with joyful

shouts and words of Hope written from an overflowing heart for I Rejoice over you

find rest here in my presence my beloved for I have paid the ultimate price to secure your

salvation from the foundations of the world I fornew you and that we would share this profound

Bond you have not treated My Sacrifice casually but rather cherish the gift of Grace I freely offer our communication

remains open because you receive my words with eagerness void of complaint

even when the answers given are not what you may have wished to hear when I respond differently than you

expect you accept it in faith acknowledging my higher purposes though

they remain veiled for now such humility and trust gladdens my

fatherly heart I Delight in your sincere submission to my will forsaking the

anxiety and fear which once defined you this transformation evident in your life

is the fruit of the time we share the prayers lifted scriptures pondered an

honest outpouring of your soul to me day after day as beloved child and friend

alike I walk closely at your side upholding You When Storms arise and

carrying you securely in my Everlasting Arms when you grow weary and doubt threatens to overshadow our
I Have Much Wisdom To Impart

way together we take to the heights as Eagles soaring by the power of my spirit

to that sacred place where Brokenness gives way to Renewal and dreams are rebirthed how I cherish these moments

where Soul touches soul and Finds Its Rest in Me The Joy I experience in our

connection remains unmatched this Wonder ful dialogue and commune of our hearts

ask of me constantly be ever learning and letting me expand the horizons of your

understanding for I have ordained you my precious one to receive the Wonders and

Mysteries of the Kingdom which I shall increasingly impart if you but fix your gaze upon me

now with steadfast trust miraculous Transformations Beyond present comprehension will surely come to pass

pray without ceasing nourish your innermost self abundantly on the bread of life which my word

provides in so doing the blessings of my hand shall overtake you manifold

Provisions protection and gladness of Heart come now unburden yourself before

me once more unload the anxiety Despair and conflict which my enemy seeks to

plague you with though opposition remains ever presentes in this Fallen sphere never forget whom you belong

to my angels encamp around those who rever my name cry out to me in the

darkness and I will bring light kneel down in humility asking forgiveness for

any willful Disobedience and I will set your feet upon the rock again sever

yourself from Partnerships Which pull you from my purposes those mocking voices stirring

up self-pity and obscuring your intrinsic worth in my eyes I will introduce you to friends

after my own heart who will walk Faithfully at your side Souls who will

nurture our bond and not seek to break it get ready to welcome the blessings

prepared for you from Before Time began gifts coming to you even as I

spoke them into the Eternal Reality by my forn knowledge difficulty will arise this is

inevitable but I hold you secure through the storms every weapon formed against you will crumble my angels heed my

command surrounding you always weary Sojourner lift up your eyes this morning

to welcome my Dawn breaking through the darkness though the nights seem endless my compassion never fails where there

are wounds I bring healing fears are calmed in my love joy is awakened in my

presence I long to pour my strength into your weakness this day accept all I have
Our Bond Remains Open and Unshakable

for you and we will walk together into the the broad places of abundance I have set before you the enemy’s efforts to

barricade the path will utterly fail before the Brilliance of my light and Truth Victory is assured already my

promises dependably enforced by Covenant power have I not proven myself faithful

when stars were blotted out and storms threatened on every side was I not your

timely shelter of Refuge did I not subdue what sought to devour and silence the very waves which

terrified your heart weep no more only believe anything spoken over you which

contradicts my design I shall this day tear down limitations conceived by human

Minds mean nothing to the one who fling Stars into space by merely speaking the word dream big bold dreams with me as I

impart vision and Empower your surrendered heart to embrace Destiny’s call for nothing is impossible with your

God no Tower too high to scale no feet beyond the capacity I Engineer through

yielded lives unwrap these gifts before us allow me to overwhelm you with

blessings too numerous to grasp the borders of Nations cannot contain how

wide and long and high and deep my love shall yet stretch in and through you as

I knew you and sang over your identity before earth was formed so also I

foresaw this hour when you would recognize my voice and respond with your whole heart you were intricately and

purposefully fashioned by the Master’s hands a most precious Masterpiece there exists no error in

your origin or presence here in such a time as this consider it the highest

Heavenly honor that I chose you to represent me hands feet and voice

volunteering freely to reflect my compassion while unveiling my nature to

those still in darkness my strength will underg you when fears creep in

threatening paralysis The Passion of my spirit will ignite holy fire in your bones which

cannot be contained partner with me in the work of transforming one heart after another no

other Endeavor Compares in light of Eternity wherever you see Brokenness I

shall mend wherever there are wounds my healing virtue will surge through

willing hands indeed no eye has seen nor ear heard all that I have prepared for

those who love me and live in me my delight finds no match in the worshiping

adoration and willful Obedience of my children who have recognized my lordship

and surrendered fully to my loving Rule and reign in their lives how blessed are those the world

calls mine on this new day I call you to Rise
Rise Up, Breakthrough Is Here

Up from Slumber and embrace exciting Adventure Ventures with me which require bold faith and trust to fully explore

shake off discouragement and its weighty hold like loose chains falling to the

ground beneath the power of my truth moving through your inner man breakthrough comes even now do you

perceive it the enemy has attacked fiercely hoping to bait you into

retreat but his schemes will prove powerless against the shielding strength of my grace

every assignment sent to weary and intimidate you will dissolve in resounding defeat stand back now and

watch their Swift descent then shall you cease wondering if my promises were true for tangible

demonstrations of my glory shall leave no room for doubt or questioning through intimacy with me you

shall learn discernment and Authority in increasing degrees and nothing shall stand before

the compelling force of a yielded life through which I am given full permission to flow

unhindered Rivers now flowing shall soon surge into oceans beckoning other deep

calls unto deep yet even now sadness and despair beckon some into their murky

Abyss but I will ignite fire and passion within to overcome though light may appear to grow

dim for a moment as uncertainty and fear ass saale keep fighting Victory is

already yours our defeat is utterly impossible stand upon my

promises they cannot will not fail you test and try me here command the

obstacles back from when they came determine in your heart that you will not bow Bend or Surrender ground to

these my enemies and yours now watch as prison doors open of

their own accord in response chains unravel link by Broken

link as former captives stream through now open Gates of bronze and bars of

iron despair takes sudden flight in the Brilliance of dawning hope heaviness

fleas and joy comes in the light of my new day filled with promise and Destiny fast

approaching the thick Gloom permeating Hearts just moments ago now lift as light increases and darkness recedes The

Battle Belongs to Me its final outcome was determined before my adversaries

drew first breath breath through calvary’s Covenant hell’s Gates and every weapon formed against you shall

not Prevail stand confident on Resurrection ground always fear no more

only believe and agree with me sing praise in the midnight and Shout Before Sunrise fill the atmosphere with

Declarations of impassioned faith in my deliverance and power to save at my

command the Red Sea divides once more a way appears in the formless void water

spr brings up from Barren rocks impossibilities Bow Low before the conqueror’s decree what I have spoken

creates reality and sustains it breath after breath all of creation rests upon the
My Word Sustains All Creation

sure Foundation of my word and responds to the vibration of my voice resonating

through human tongues declaring Redemption Song and restored Harmony and peace with God you shall likewise create

and call forth sustain and establish now Rise Up from Slumber

renewed in strength and conviction the surrounding Gloom recedes as rays of Brilliance Herald the new day

fast approaching lift now your voice with Thanksgiving and praise boldly decree my

word and watch the darkness flee declare the Royal identity I have invested you

with and command all opposing forces to Bow Low the Battlefront advances in

Enemy Lines with withraw before the trumpet’s long blast and the flags of Victory brightly

unfurled No More Tears now beloved child only joy comes in the Morning Light en

raptured by love no tongue can ever articulate forever we shall explore the

consuming fire who fashioned the countless stars and calls them each by name behold eternity unfold in each

moment we share heart tohe heart and Spirit to Spirit taste and see his

goodness as deeper still calls unto deeper eternity waits expectantly for

the Resurrection Day when these mortal coils shall put off at last in exchange

for the immortal frames awaiting all those who by faith received my atoning

work no more bonds or Fetters shall hinder our Union then but until that

joyous day of your homecoming I have foreordained Pathways of Adventure for

you who still await the final trumpet call my beloved child though storms may

rage and Billows crash against your ship do not fear for I am with you I will

guide you safely through the Tempest the winds may howl yet they cannot Blow Your

Vessel off course when I stand at the helm though icy rains May Pelt your face

they cannot chill the warmth of love that burns within your heart kindled by

my spirit when Lonely Nights stretch on forever remember I am near my arms

unfold you in an Embrace no Darkness can dispel though Others May misunderstand

or turn away I remain your constant friend listen can you hear my voice

Whispering words of comfort and peace can you sense my presence filling your soul with joy even when sadness

threatens to overwhelm I am here I have never left your side doubts will come to test your

faith questions will seek to shake your trust but my promises stand firm
Enraptured By Love Beyond Words

steadfast anchors for your soul when turmoil tosses you about my words are

true they will accomplish all I purpose not one will fail why worry over things

beyond your control consider the birds who do not labor and store up yet I

provide for their every need you are far more precious in my sight have I not

clothed even the flowers of the field in splendor will I not care for you so much

more my plans unfold one step at a time what seems now a roadblock may

become the gateway to Blessings you cannot yet fathom a setback today clears the path

for Progress tomorrow I see the end from the beginning trust my timing it is perfect

I will give you Beauty for Ashes gladness for sorrow night May linger but

joy comes in the morning take heart my beloved I know the burdens weighing you

down I understand the fears and anxieties plaguing your mind give them

to me I will lift you up and give you strength together we will scale the

highest peaks no obstacle can bar our way The Battle Belongs to

Me take up your Shield of faith and stand firm Victory is assured you are my

masterpiece fearfully and wonderfully made long before you drew your first

breath I knew you and loved you I formed you with purpose and passion the seeds

of greatness reside within you waiting to Blossom and bear fruit you are my my masterpiece fearfully and wonderfully

made long before you drew your first breath I knew you and loved you I formed

you with purpose and passion the seeds of greatness reside within you waiting

to Blossom and bear fruit do not despair over past mistakes or failed

dreams the pages yet Unwritten far outnumber those behind you take my hand

a new chapter awaits together we will write the story of your life one filled

with joy and meaning our adventure has just begun let my love fill you and

overflow into the lives of others share freely the blessings you have received

in abundance fan The Embers of Faith wherever you find them glowing tend the

smallest Seeds of Hope with care nurture every sapling of love until it matures

into a towering Oak Sheltering all who Gather in its shade this is your calling your destiny

no longer an aimless Sojourner you walk with me the path of life I have chosen

you as my own called you by name to pour out my spirit upon you you are mine and
My Beloved Child, I am With You

I am yours forever United our bond can never be broken let

this truth sink deep into your soul I love you I Delight in you and I will

never leave your side this promise I seal of upon your heart today and always believe my child

have faith our journey lies ahead and wonders Untold await around the bend

together we will discover them one step at a time I am with you take my hand and

let us travel on as one my beloved child as you walk in the

abundance I have lavished upon you never forget the power of generosity for it is

in giving that you truly receive when you open your hands to bless others I open the windows of

Heaven to pour out blessings upon you I have placed within you a spirit of

compassion and kindness let it flow freely to those in need as you give of

your time your talents your resources you reflect my heart to the world you

become a conduit of my love and provision do not let fear of lack hold

you back from giving I am your ultimate source and Supply when you trust me and se

bountifully you will also reap bountifully I will multiply your seed

sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness for I love a cheerful Giver one who gives not grudgingly or

out of compulsion but with a willing and joyful heart when you give with pure

motives not seeking recognition or reward I see and honor your secret Acts

of generosity remember the power of the seed though it starts small when planted

and nurtured it yields a mighty Harvest so it is with your acts of giving no

deed of kindness is insignificant in my eyes each seed sown in love has the

potential to change lives and ripple through eternity just as a farmer carefully

tends his Fields Faithfully sewing and trusting for a future Harvest so I call

you to sew Faithfully into the line lives of others invest your prayers your encouragement your resources trust me to

bring forth the growth for I am the lord of the Harvest I watch over each seed

planted I will cause it to prosper and multiply as you give generously I will

open doors of opportunity for you I will cause people to give into your bosom good measure press down shaken together
Let My Love Fill You and Overflow

and running over expect to reap what you have sown antici ipate my favor and

blessing chasing you down and overtaking you as you refresh others you too will

be refreshed as you meet needs your own needs will be abundantly met for it is

my joy to Lavish my children with good things when you Steward well the resources I have given you when you use

them to bless others and Advance my kingdom I entrust you with more I set

before you an open door that no one can shut so give and it will be given to you so

bountifully for in due season you will reap a Bountiful Harvest if you do not lose heart be rich in Good Works ready

to give willing to share in this way you store up for yourself Treasures in Heaven and take

hold of the life that is truly life never doubt my ability to provide for

you as you give sacrificially I fed the , from a boy

a small lunch I cause the widows oil and flour to never run out I own the cattle

on a thousand hills all the silver and gold are mine I will supply all your

needs according to my riches and Glory when you live with an open hand

releasing freely what I have freely given you you step into the flow of my

abundance you align yourself with my heart of extravagant generosity as you give I give to you

pressed down shaken together and running over so let your light shine before

others through radical generosity may your giving testify to the goodness and faithfulness of the one

who gives above all we could ask or imagine as you sow blessing you will

reap blessing in this life and in the life to come this is my promise to you

my beloved generous child

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