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beloved child do you sense it stirring

in the depths of your

spirit that gentle whisper that Divine

invitation echoing in the chambers of


soul it is my voice calling you to

ascend to rise above the clamor of this

Earthly realm and meet me in the Sacred

Space where Mysteries are unveiled and

destinies are

forged you stand now at the threshold of

transition poised to cross over into

Uncharted Terr

with each step the former things are

shed like a cocoon giving way to the

Glorious New Creation I am bringing

forth in

you the path to your next level is

illuminated by my spirit a journey of

progressive revelation where each Twist

and Turn yields fresh wisdom and deeper

understanding as you advance in Your

Divine assignment there will be

challenges to overcome obstacles to

surmount the enemy prowls about seeking

to ens snare you in his web of lies to

entangle you in offense and

distraction but fear not for I am your

rear guard your strong tower your

everpresent help in times of trouble

when the fiery darts come I will be your

Shield deflecting every attack and

fortifying you with my

grace even now the adversary Whispers

doubt and discouragement attempting to

lure you back to familiar patterns and

lesser versions of

yourself but I am doing a new thing

beloved I am cleansing you from the

residue of the past purifying you like

gold refined in the

furnace lift your eyes to the heavens

and behold the open door set before you

it is the doorway to the secret place

the portal to higher dimensions of my

spirit I beckon you to enter in to

ascend the spiral stair staircase of

intimacy and

Revelation as you cross the threshold

you will find yourself caught up in the

realm of the

supernatural where impossibilities bow

and miracles

abound in this holy place I will impart

to you the mysteries of the ages the

hidden Mana reserved for those who

hunger and thirst for righteousness I


unscrolling the intricate designs I have

woven into the fabric of your being you

will Feast on the bread of my presence

drink deeply from the Wellspring of my

wisdom and be clothed with power from on

high as you linger in my Chambers I will

anoint your eyes to see Beyond the Veil

to perceive the Unseen Realms and

discern the strategies of Heaven the

secrets that have eluded you the answers

you have sought in vain will be unlocked

by the key of divine

Insight no longer will you grope in


for my light will illuminate your path

and guide your every step in this season

of Ascension I am releasing a fresh

outpouring of my spirit upon you as you

yield to my touch I will ignite within

you a new prayer language a Heavenly

dialect that will shatter barriers and

release breakthrough your tongue will be

set Ablaze with the fire of my presence

and your words will carry the weight of


decrees even now I am filling you with

my spirit expanding your capacity to

contain the fullness of my glory every

fiber of your being is being infused

with resurrection power quickened to

walk in the newness of Life the dry

bones of your past are being breathed

upon assembling into a mighty Army a

force to be reckoned with in the


Realms as you emerge from the Cocoon of

transition you will spread your wings

and take flight soaring on on the

currents of my spirit the world will

Marvel at the beauty of your

transformation the radiance of my glory

emanating from

within beloved I have destined you for

greatness for a future filled with hope

and promise though the journey may be

arduous at times do not grow weary in

well-doing for in due season you will

reap a Bountiful Harvest fix your gaze

upon me the author and finisher of your

faith and run the race with endurance

knowing that I am with you always even

to the End of the Age remember the race

is not won by the Swift but by those who

persevere those who cling to me in the

face of adversity the world may tempt

you with shortcuts and counterfeit

Pursuits but I call you to walk in

Holiness to be set apart for my

purposes as you abide in me and my words

abide in you you will bear much fruit

and your life will be a fragrant

offering pleasing in my sight even in

the midst of Trials and

persecution know that I am using every

circumstance for your good and my glory

what the enemy meant for harm I will

transform into a platform for your

testimony your pain will become your

Pulpit your scars will become your

scripture and your story will become a

Beacon of Hope to the lost and

broken so take heart my child for I am

doing a new thing in you and through

you embrace the process of

metamorphosis for it is in the Chrysalis

of my presence that true beauty is

birthed lean into my love trust in my

faithfulness and watch as I unfold the

Masterpiece of your life one brushstroke

at a time I am the god of the impossible

the one who speaks life into dead places

and calls forth Destinies From the Ashes

I am the restorer of Broken Dreams the

Healer of shattered Hearts the Redeemer

of lost


years no matter how far you have

wandered or How Deep The Valley you find

yourself in my love reaches farther

still and my grace is sufficient for

every need so rise up beloved and take

your place in the Heavenly Realms let my

spirit flow through you like a mighty

River Cascade aing over every dry and

Barren place be a conduit of my love a

vessel of my glory an ambassador of my

kingdom as you walk in obedience and

surrender I will open doors that no man

can shut and close doors that no man can

open I will make the Crooked places

straight and the rough places smooth I

will lead you beside Still Waters and

restore your soul trust in my

timing what may seem like a detour or a

delay is actually a Divine appointment a

sacred pause orchestrated by my

hand beloved you are on the cusp of a

Great Awakening A Spiritual Renaissance

that will shake the foundations of the

earth as you ascend to New Dimensions in

me you will be a catalyst for Revival a

spark that ignites the fires of

transformation your life will be a

Living testament to the power of the

Gospel a Beacon of Hope in a world

desperate for truth so arise Shine for

your light has come and the glory of the

Lord has risen upon you let your life be

a dazzling display of my Splendor a

masterpiece that reflects the beauty of


Holiness walk in the confidence of your

identity knowing that you are chosen

anointed and destined for

greatness remember I am the god who

turns Graves into into Gardens who

transforms deserts into oases of life I

am the one who breathes life into dry

bones and causes rivers to flow in the

wilderness no matter how Barren or

desolate your circumstances may seem I

am able to bring forth abundance and

fruitfulness in ways you never thought

possible as you Journey onwards and

upwards keep your heart attuned to The

Whispers of my spirit listen for the

still small voice that guides you into

all truth and leads you in the paths of

righteousness be quick to obey even when

the way seems unclear for it is in the

act of stepping out in faith that

Miracles are birthed and destinies are

fulfilled and when the storms of life

come and the Winds of adversity blow

remember that I am your anchor your rock

and your Refuge I will never leave you

nor forsake you and I will always

provide a way of

Escape lean into my strength when you

feel weak and draw from the Wellspring

of my grace when you are running on

empty above all never forget the depths

of my love for you a love that knows no

bounds and has no

limits you are the reason I stretched

out my arms on the cross the reason I

conquered death and hell my love for you

is fierce unrelenting and eternally

unchanging it is the foundation upon

which all else is built the Bedrock of

your identity and

purpose beloved child as you embark on

this exhilarating journey of Ascension

know that I Am The Wind Beneath Your

Wings the compass that guides your path

and the fire that ignites your passion I

have called you by name and you are mine

a precious Jewel in my crown a

masterpiece fashioned by my my own

hands in this season of divine promotion

I am breathing new life into your dreams

resurrecting the promises that have Lain

dormant in the soil of your

heart what once seemed impossible is now

becoming a

reality as I align the stars in your

favor and orchestrate the events of your

life with precision and

purpose as you step into the

unknown trust in my unfailing love for

it is the bridge that will carry you

over every Chasm of doubt and

fear my love is the safety net that

catches you when you stumble the hand

that lifts you up when you fall and the

light that illuminates the path ahead

remember I have not given you a spirit

of fear but of power love and a sound

mind when the enemy Whispers lies of

inadequacy and insecurity silence them

with the truth of my word for you you

are more than a conqueror you are a

royal priesthood a chosen generation a

people set apart for my glory in the

face of adversity let your faith Rise

Like a Phoenix From the Ashes for it is

in The Crucible of testing that true

character is forged embrace the

challenges as opportunities for growth

for they are the Chisel in my hand

shaping you every battle scar every

wound every tear is a testament to your

resilience and a badge of honor in the

eyes of

Heaven as you ascend to new Realms of

authority and influence remember to

clothe yourself in humility for it is

the Garment of true greatness let your

life be a reflection of my heart a

vessel of compassion mercy and

Grace use the platform I have given you

to speak life to bring healing to the

Brokenhearted and to Proclaim Liberty to

the captives in the midst of the chaos

and confusion of this world be a Voice

of Truth a lighthouse in the darkness a

city on a hill that cannot be

hidden as you shine your light others

will be drawn to the radiance of my

glory and many will come to know me

through the testimony of your

life beloved I am the god of the

Breakthrough the one who makes a way

where there seems to be no way when You

Face mountains of

impossibility speak to them with the

authority of heaven and watch as they

crumble into the

sea when the enemy erects walls of

opposition March around them with shouts

of praise and see them fall like the

walls of

Jericho as you ascend to new levels of

intimacy with me you will discover the

secret treasures of my heart the

Mysteries that have been hidden from

ages past I will reveal to you the Deep

things of the spirit the wisdom that

confounds the wise and the knowledge

that surpasses human understanding you

will drink from the Fountain of my

presence and be filled to overflowing

with the rivers of living water in the

secret place of my presence I will give

you the keys to the kingdom the

strategies and blueprints for Revival


Reformation you will be a catalyst for

change a spark that ignites the fires of

Awakening in your sphere of

influence as you pray and intercede you

will release the bowls of incense before

my throne and the fragrance of your

worship will rise like a sweet Aroma in


nostrils Remember You are not alone in

this journey for I have surrounded you

with a cloud of witnesses a company of

Overcomers who have gone before you draw

strength from their stories learn from

their example and lean on their prayers

you are part of a Divine relay race

passing the Baton of Faith from one

generation to the next until the day

when every knee will bow and every

tongue confess let the joy set before

you be your anchor the hope of Eternity

your compass and the love of God your

fuel when the road grows Steep and the

path grows narrow remember that I am

with you always even to the End of the

Age beloved I I am the Alpha and the

Omega the beginning and the end the

author and finisher of your

faith I hold your future in my hands and

I have written every chapter of your

story with love and

intentionality Trust in my timing lean

on my strength and rest in my love for I

will never leave you nor forsake

you as you ascend to new heights in me

know that The Best Is Yet To Come for I

have saved the finest wine for last the

the latter reign will be greater than

the former and the glory of the latter

house will surpass the glory of the

former you are on the cusp of a Divine

Tipping Point a moment in history where

the impossible becomes possible and the

supernatural becomes natural so arise my

beloved and take your place in the


Realms let your life be a Living

Sacrifice holy and acceptable unto me be

a vessel of Honor set apart for Noble

purposes an instrument in my hands for

the advancement of my kingdom and as you

walk in obedience and surrender watch as

I open the floodgates of heaven and pour

out blessings that you cannot contain so

go forth my precious one and be a living

Epistle of my grace a monument to my

faithfulness and a testimony of my

redeeming love let your life be a song

of praise and a declaration of my


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