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my precious child I call upon you to surrender this week into my loving

Embrace and eagerly anticipate a wondrous Miracle to unfold with every

fiber of your being believe deep within your heart

that I Adore You yearn to shower you with blessings and wield the boundless

authority to orchestrate the universe itself Paving the way for closed doors

to open wide and unleashing a torrential out pouring of my genuine Everlasting

Love upon you it is my Divine wish that each new day you awaken you are brimming with

vibrant energy and as you open your eyes to greet the dawn let my restorative and

Powerful Words permeate your innermost thoughts empowering you to Traverse your path with unwavering happiness and

Steely determination hold fast to my promises with each Rising Sun that your focus May

remain steadfast and unswerving forever setting your sights ahead as you progress towards the spiritual gift I

have lovingly crafted for you first and foremost let this truth resonate within you with crystalline Clarity your

blessings emanate directly from my boundless Grace I am the sole source that upholds enriches empowers and

blesses you some may lead you to believe that you stand alone bereft of aid but

on this day I ask one humble thing of you and I seek your willing compliance when you Embark upon a new

Endeavor rely wholeheartedly upon my blessing and the grace I so freely

provide just as I have promised I shall open doors for you and create wonders for you your family and your cherished

friends many around you shall bear witness to prosperity and blessings by

virtue of your unwavering loyalty and adherence to my sacred

guidance I am fully aware that you are not perfect you may stumble and make mistakes yet your heart remains sincere

I have purified you through my mighty sacrifice and you are mine I know that

you do not willfully pursue wrongdoing or revert to the old errors and vices you have

abandoned your remorseful heart when you falter or ER brings me profound Comfort

I forgive you and raise you up but be ever cautious about looking back for the enemy seeks to ens snare

and demean you while scoffers try to belittle and break you I shall not allow

it you belong to me and I will defend you this week and forever more I will

shield you and your loved ones from any dangers you might face in return Show Me

Your Love through trust and loyalty I desire for you to be free of any doubt about my love for you place this week in

my hands and open your heart to all the blessings I wish to bestow upon you this very day declare your belief have you

prayed have you waited patiently now is the time for you to be uplifted and prospered your weight has

reached its end your anguish has found its conclusion the sleepless nights are

on the precipice of ceasing today the anxious thoughts that have plagued your mind and disrupted your sleep shall

dissipate like Mist before the Rising Sun The worry and despondency when you

believed your suffering would never cease shall be no more you are now liberated from such cruel

emotions I shall heal those painful memories that have scarred your life with love patience and tenderness

nothing is impossible for me I can lift the Fallen resurrect the dead and heal

your wounds both the visible ones that bleed and tear your skin and those hidden from view you need not feel

embarrassed I love you understand you and know you deeply you have faced harsh

criticism from those jealous of you those who disliked you and grudged your

achievements yet my blessing upon you is vast I will work such wonders in you

that your past Sorrows will fade away like a fleeting Shadow you are under my watchful gaze guarded by Legions of

angels but remember stay true to the path I have laid out for you avoid the

pitfalls set by those who doubt do not join them or compromise

your integrity it is better to be alone than in company that brings you

down I will touch the hearts of judges and those in power ensuring you Prevail

in legal battles you have already won in the Heavenly realm and I am dispatching my

angels with your decree of Liberation your anguish will cease lift

your head high stand Resolute and smile Embrace The Authority I bestow upon you

I I will be your Advocate and shield you from foes let your faith shine through

your eyes you will overcome it is destined and will unfold stand proud and

face your Challengers boldly I am the judge victory is

yours hear this when you bear witness to this wonderful Miracle Retreat to your

Sacred Space kneel down but above all dedicate your life to me Pledge Your

Allegiance I am binding our bond with my blood a lasting paack of Love accept it

wholeheartedly affirm your commitment to me find Solace In My Embrace I hold your

now and your tomorrow the blessings coming your way are proof of my choice believe in my word and those who doubted

you will be amazed by The Miracles I will enact in you I Lift Your Spirits

dry your tears and bring you Serenity I fill you you with joy come and hear my promises every day

open your Bible find a quiet spot read and feed your yearning heart become

stronger feel the immense power I am pouring into your spirit you may have

looked up seeking a sign from above but now I urge you look ahead for I am

already answering your prayers and requests I am providing for you in alignment with my plan aiming for your

genuine growth freedom and well-being in life the wealth I bring to you carries

no grief you will not have to borrow or compromise your future no one can take

away or steal from you do not think less of yourself or feel undeserving when you

see your home blessed never assume it is not meant for you or that you are not

worthy what I bestow is rightfully yours given because I love you and choose to

bless you yet be aware the adversary will try to so doubt aiming to steal

your blessings and dreams I am giving you wisdom to discern the difference between those who offer genuine guidance

and those who aim to mislead you with falsehoods they may use smooth talk

pretending to care only to betray you once they have ens snared You Be

watchful I am advising you to stay alert and avoid the pitfalls set by

adversaries I will shield and look after you you have my word yet you need to

pray daily and I will imbue you with my spirit stay steadfast in your belief in

my words and in your trust in me surround your home and loved ones with my Divine protection let no doubt

enter your thoughts I hold you dear forever your life is safe with me stand

firm in faith for the miracle you seek it is on its way you have heard it said that any

anything asked for in prayer in jesus’ name will be granted affirm your faith

to me show it by presenting your needs to me with Assurance may you always find Solace and

Peace In My Embrace when you are caught in Despair and hope dims I feel the pain you endure

in times when your belief wanes and accepting your situation is tough be assured that I am all ears decide now to

put your full trust in me even when your faith seems weak turn to my promises filled with faith to

rekindle your spirit and change your outlook I accept your simple Faith however small it may be as it is written

even if your faith be as minuscule as a mustard seed pray with Assurance knowing your petition shall be answered

according to my will perhaps you struggle to comprehend someone may have led you to

believe that immense faith and adherence to Myriad rules are prerequisites I shall not spurn your

tears when you bring your pain before me nor shall I turn a deaf ear to your distress if you seek protection I shall

not respond with Affliction or punishment if you crave love I shall impart not hatred understand this I am

not as they portray me you are deeply wanted by me and I have made endless efforts to bring you closer to

myself have you not felt my safeguarding during risky times or seen the opportunities I have laid out for you

even when you have strayed I have showered you with blessings because my love for you is vast you do not have to

work for my love it is given freely yet you can show love in return by living in

faith and knowing I am with you as you tackle life’s hurdles value yourself do

not underestimate your significance stop looking for faults in the heart I am shaping ignore those trying to make you

feel not good enough their opinions do not matter do not be downhearted by their

criticisms rather let your faith shine through I truly love you so be kind to

yourself I do not want you to look down on yourself for you are a treasure to me

I remember each prayer you have whispered through tears I have listened closely to your heart’s deepest cries

you belong to me and I am tuned into every aspect of your life even in times

of Despair when you might feel alone this is the proof that I hear you I

confirm this myself when you cry I am there when you speak I am listening when

you ask I answer your moment will arrive in my timing what you long for will be

fulfilled your tears are not wasted your words rise straight to me in heaven you

wise to bend your knees in prayer you gain victory in numerous battles your

petitions are cherished and answered with love fear not for I hear you and I

shall respond with the best outcome surpassing your expectations for my plans are lofty the destination I shall

lead you to is Sublime persist in prayer persevere and believe even amidst tears

of Supplication cry out to me for I shall embrace you revealing once more

the depth of my love seek a sanctuary daily where we may

Converse sometimes without uttering a word your silence speaks

volumes I comprehend the language of your heart know In This Moment the extent of my love for you I shall never

forsake you I am ever Vigilant attentive to your every word day and

night rest assured do not lose faith my word is

steadfast your requests shall be granted and you shall witness their fulfillment

I love you knowing your allegiance to me is unwavering irrespective of the blessings bestowed upon you in adversity

you remain faithful never doubting me when outcomes differ from your expectations I desire all my children to

emulate your Fidelity it shall come to pass each individual progresses at their

own pace your growth and learning inspire me your perseverance and

sincerity are commendable your genuine Holy Faith uplifts me daily you call out

to me trusting that I will answer generously because you aim to use my blessings for Good Deeds your wisdom has

grown shaping your character keep on this path for you will develop further

and I will keep preparing you for even greater blessings be certain that my promises

stand firm those who doubt are lost in confusion clinging to a distorted

reality faith is being sure of of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see this is a simple truth even a

child understands it come to me with a child’s trust and openness and you will

be embraced with abundant love and care ask of me boldly all the good things you

seek I will provide I will keep speaking to you with deep love you will learn to

hear my voice letting it renew your thoughts you will persevere show courage

and not waver you will keep your faith continue to seek me out and I will answer you again

and your joy will be immense hear my words again feel the love they carry I express

them slowly so you can absorb my affection in every word every tone my

beloved child I cherish you I will make the impossible happen you will stand

firm in faith pray with confidence and certainty knowing I will will

respond walk with strength and courage in your heart let there be no space for

despair or sorrow it is natural to feel troubled by family issues that cause

pain at times you might need a break to rest reflect and pray moments of quiet

and Solitude are good for your spirit but know that I am always with you my precious child now and forever

more my beloved child I see the tears that stain your face the burdens that

weigh upon on your soul but do not despair for I the Lord your God am with you always the Holy Spirit my divine

presence is here to comfort you to heal the wounds that life inflicts you were not created to dwell

in Perpetual sorrow forever Shackled by the mistakes and disappointments of

yesterday yes you suffer now and your heart aches with a pain that feels unending but know this my love for you

remains steadfast and true when you feel you can endure no more

when the darkness threatens to engulf you it is I who shall come and lift you from the depths of

Despair for I have destined you not for a life of defeat but for a glorious

purpose your heart though heavy now is a beautiful and precious thing it is a

reflection of my own heart pure and full of light do not resign it to the Shadows

do not let the radiance within you be extinguished step forth from the darkness and into the Brilliance of my

presence let your countenance shine with joy as you speak my name Jesus the name

above all names you my cherished one are more valuable to me than you can

possibly comprehend you are a Living testament to my boundless affection a

sacred vessel of my grace if you could but Glimpse all that I have already done

on your behalf and all that I yet will do you would be astounded Ed for the

plans I have for you are plans to prosper you to give you hope and a future like a mighty Pioneer you forge

ahead through the Wilderness of challenges blazing a trail toward the blessings I have prepared for you and oh

what blessings they are in time I will open your spiritual eyes to see the immensity of your role the impact your

faith will have spanning Generations multitudes will follow the path you now tread their lives forever

changed because you dared to believe so do not lose heart when

recognition seems scarce when the criticism and hardships of this world seem to single you

out instead cherish the gifts I have placed within you the unique talents and

blessings that are yours alone they are not bestowed carelessly but rather are a

part of my grand design trust that I am orchestrating every detail of your life

for a purpose that will be revealed your perspective your unwavering belief in my promises these are the keys that

will enable you to rise above present circumstances immerse yourself in my

word Feast upon the Mana of my teachings and when your strength falters

humble yourself in prayer when the journey grows arduous and the path ahead unclear simply lift your eyes heavenward

I am there beloved dwelling in the vast expanse of the cosmos yet I also make my

home within the the Temple of your heart my blessings are nearer than you dare to hope the obstacles looming

before you may appear in surmountable but do not be deceived your adversaries

have already been vanquished their power broken by the mighty hand of your God so

now my child I ask you plainly do you believe me do you trust

in my unfailing love for you speak your answer aloud for your very words have

creative power upon hearing your Declaration of faith I

will begin to work wonders in your life the likes of which you have never

seen prepare yourself for I am poised to open the floodgates of Heaven to Lavish

upon you blessings beyond measure and I will take my word and inscribe it indelibly upon your heart so that your

every step is surefooted and your path illuminated by my truth never again will

you stray from the Embrace of my love for it will envelop you like a mantle of light and what of your past mistakes the

times you have stumbled and fallen short my child I am the god of mercy and

Grace I forgive you fully and completely it is the nature of humanity to ER but

it is the nature of divinity to redeem even from the deepest pit I will rescue

you restoring all that has been lost for my blessings far surpass the fleeting r

Riches of this earth and the treasures I have in store for you are Beyond price

when I declare that the very heavens will open on your behalf it is no idle promise receive this word with

confidence and align your faith with the immensity of my provision for I am not a

God who speaks lightly or engages in mere games my love for you is not some

distant intangible thing it is as real and present as the breath in your lungs

go outside Marvel at the Majesty of my creation gaze up at the vast expanse of

the sky feel the caress of the wind upon your skin bask in the warmth of the Sun

and know that each of these wonders is a tangible expression of my enduring love for

you I have been your protector and deliverer in times past snatching you

from the jaws of peril I have brought you out of the darkness and into my Marvelous Light out of confusion and

into Divine clarity as you embarked upon this year your spirit was alive with anticipation

eagerly awaiting the unfolding of great things and great things are indeed on

the horizon beloved though trials and challenges may come you will not be deterred you will

not succumb to discouragement or defeat for the dreams I have placed within you

are precious to me and I am committed to seeing them realized you have been entrusted with a

sacred Mission a purpose that is Uniquely Yours it is my desire to

demonstrate my boundless love and unrivaled power through the tapestry of your

life day by day I am filling you aresh with my Holy Spirit expanding your

capacity to perceive the spiritual realm soon you will begin to see with

unprecedented Clarity Discerning the true motives and intentions of those around

you I’m imparting to you a wisdom that surpasses human understanding a Divine

intelligence that will equip you to navigate even the most complex situations you will be endowed with a

supernatural ability to extend compassion and offer guidance to those in need as you Faithfully live out my

teachings the world will take notice they will see in you a Living testament to the transformative power of true

Faith to the unshakable strength that comes from trusting in me so open wide your hands and your

heart my child prepare to receive the Abundant Blessings I am releasing over

you be diligent in your pursuit of righteousness and embrace these blessings with unwavering

Faith even now the portals of Heaven are opening unleashing a downpour of favor

upon your life but amidst this outpouring I ask one thing of you remain

steadfast in your Devotion to to me declare your love for me and reaffirm

your belief in my goodness now and forever more your act of seeking me through

prayer has captured my attention and delighted my heart pour out your soul to

me holding nothing back for I am ever attentive to your petitions as a sign of my faithfulness I

want you to know that the very things you have longed for are beginning to take shape even now I am reaching out to

touch the heart of that beloved one you have been interceding for trust in my

perfect timing for I make all things beautiful in its season take heart for

peace and joy will surely return to you just a little longer my child do not

allow despair to gain a foothold use this time to meditate on the Myriad of

blessings that are on root to you the goodness that will soon overtake you

your capacity to love has not been diminished and love itself has never abandoned you

the love you so deeply need is even now wending its way back to you Guided by my

sovereign hand no longer will you feel the ache of emptiness for my spirit is

filling you to overflowing as my love permeates your being sorrow will beat a hasty Retreat

giving way to unshakable Joy the chains of the past will fall away for my truth

will set you free from the bondage of painful memor the season of loneliness is drawing to a

close for today you have invited me to intervene in your circumstances with my

Limitless power you have beckoned the blessings of Heaven to infiltrate even

the most challenging areas of your life in my hands I hold the keys to unshakable peace and overflowing joy to

healing and restoration to Unity and Harmony in your home these blessings are

your Birthright as a child Child Of The King and I long to Lavish them upon you so heed my words and let your faith be

anchored in the Bedrock of my character let nothing distract you from the path I have laid out before you be Discerning

in your associations as you Journey onward refuse to succumb to fear for I

Am With You Always yet exercise wisdom and discretion lest you find yourself

entangled with those who would lead you astray at times it is the influence of misguided

individuals that gives rise to doubt and confusion rather than spurring you on to

Greater Heights of Faith they may seek to entice you down Pathways of uncertainty remember I am the way the

truth and the life in me you will find the resolution to every problem the answer to every

question so choose decisively to walk in the light of my presence forsake the

temptation to meander down unfamiliar roads for to do so is to risk losing your way

entirely instead fix your gaze upon me and me alone with a heart full of

childlike Faith receive the abundance of my love and the fullness of my blessings

make a solemn declaration that you will do so for in this Act of Faith you align yourself with my purposes your season of

testing has come to an end now it is time for you to step into your season of blessing to reap the rewards of your

perseverance you have endured much my precious one the trials you have faced the

afflictions that have beset you these were not the consequences of your own failings no the adversary sought to sift

you like wheat to shake your faith to its very core in your darkest moments as

you poured out your heart in anguish the tears you shed watered the ground where seeds of Promise lay

dormant but now my child it is time to open your eyes and behold the miraculous

work of my hand feel the Earth tremble Beneath Your Feet as tender shoots of New Life begin to emerge those very

seeds you thought lost forever are springing forth a vibrant reminder of my

faithfulness let this truth take root deep within your spirit this is the year of your harvest

the seeds of your suffering will yield a bountiful crop Rich With the blessings I have ordained for you these blessings

will add Beauty and meaning to your spiritual journey free from the burdens of sorrow and stress I have

strategically positioned you to thrive to flourish in the very place you now

Stand Your Role is to acknowledge me as your provider to extend kindness and

compassion to others while placing your ultimate trust in me alone as you align

your life with my teachings renouncing doubt and negativity standing firm upon

the Foundation of Faith prepare to be astonished I am poised to work miracles

on your behalf to reveal Wonders that will leave you breathless with awe for

with me all things are possible to those who believe so believe my beloved child

believe with every fiber of your being and watch as I move in ways that

will forever redefine your understanding of my goodness and Grace for I am the god of the impossible and my love for

you knows no bounds step into this new season with exuberant expectation

knowing that your faithful God is at work weaving the tapestry of your destiny with threads of gold rest

assured your story is not over no it is just beginning for in the hands of the

almighty every ending is but a Prelude to a new and glorious beginning so take

heart my precious one fix your eyes on the horizon of Hope and and watch in

Wonder as I paint your future with the colors of redemption restoration and

unending Joy my dear child I come to you now

speaking directly to your soul to remind you that the visions and dreams you hold

in your heart Are Not Mere fantasy when you dare to believe when

you infuse your aspirations with the power of Faith they begin to take shape in the material

world this is not a matter of chance your empty rhetoric but a manifestation of my Divine promise which always comes

to fruition in the perfect appointed hour I see the yearning within you the

desire for transformation and growth you long for a life of abundance not just

for yourself but for your loved ones as well you envision a world where kindness

wisdom and authenticity Reigns Supreme know that these desires are a reflection

of my own heart and I have the power to bring them to pass the transformation you seek is not

a distant hope but a present reality waiting to be unveiled I stand ready to reshape your

heart and mind to align them with my perfect will but as always I require your

unwavering Faith your willingness to step forward into the unknown trusting in my

goodness you are on the cusp of a new era a land of promise and possibility

the past with its trials and heartaches is fading away reach out with confidence

grasping the blessings I have prepared for you the season of testing has come

to an end now is the time for you to reap the rewards of your faithfulness

today I will work wonders in your life and in the lives of those you hold dear

all I ask is a moment of your time a quiet space where you can absorb the tenderness of my word words and feel the

love and power that flows from my very being I have heard your silent prayers

the cries of your heart in the Stillness of the night I am intimately aware of

the deepest needs and longings that reside within you and it is for this reason that I have come to demonstrate

the immensity of my love for you my affection is not fleeting or conditional

it endures Through the Ages unwavering and steadfast even in your darkest moments

when you feel most unworthy or alone my presence never departs from you do not

be swayed by the everchanging tides of emotion for they can deceive and unsettle you like the wind tossing the

wheat in the fields there may be times when you question the strength of your faith when

you look back on the years gone by and feel a sense of disappointment or regret

you might feel lost and isolated ated fearing that even those closest to you are drifting

away in those moments of Despair when tears fall unbidden and you wonder if I

have forgotten you I am here to offer comfort and reassurance I have never abandoned you

not even for a moment my love for you is an unbreakable Bond a constant source of

strength and Solace allow yourself to release the burdens you carry the guilt and shame

that others may try to place upon you let your faith find its footing in the solid ground of my

promises when the storms of life rage around you and you feel battered and bruised remember that I am your anchor

your unshakable foundation cling to the truth that I am always by your side especially in times

of loneliness and pain embrace the challenges you face knowing that they

are evidence of Your vitality and resilience in every trial there is a

hidden gift a chance for growth and transformation and after each storm

there is a season of healing and restoration a time when I will mend your wounds and renew your strength my

admonition to fear not is a constant refrain a reminder that Echoes Through

the Ages designed to imprint itself upon your heart and mind listen closely my

child and you will hear my whisper a gentle murmur of love that permeates

every aspect of your life I am with you in the ordinary moments and the extraordinary ones a steadfast

companion on your journey when the unexpected arises and you find yourself facing new challenges

remember that my strength is perfected in your weakness my grace is all sufficient a boundless reservoir of

power and provision my promises are your Firm Foundation an assurance that I will

never leave you nor forsake you and after the temp subside you will emerge Victorious filled with peace joy and A

Renewed sense of purpose you are destined to live life to the fullest to embrace each day with passion and

enthusiasm infused with the Divine energy that flows from my spirit to

yours my love for you is not a distant concept or a fleeting sentiment it is

the very essence of your being woven into the fabric of your soul even in a world filled with OB

obstacles and adversity I have prepared a path of blessing for you each day will bring new surprises

tiny Miracles that testify to my goodness and fill your heart with gladness you are a treasured child of

the king endowed with privilege and favor beyond measure but I know that the enemy seeks to obscure your spiritual

vision to dull your senses and make you forget your true worth do not be

deceived by these lies for my love is not a fairy tale that Fades with the passing of time it is a living breathing

reality that sustains and uplifts you a constant source of strength and guidance

today I am speaking directly to your heart revealing the depths of my affection for you it is a love that

surpasses all understanding a love that knows no bounds or limitations the choice is yours to

embrace this love or to turn away to believe with all your heart or to succumb to doubt and

fear but I tell you my child that to reject my love would be a tragedy beyond measure for you are worthy of all the

affection and tenderness I have to offer regardless of what the world may

say you are not defined by your past mistakes or present circumstances but by the immutable truth

of your identity in me lift your eyes to the heavens and behold the wonders of creation the

vastness of the universe that stretches out before you all of this I have fashioned for your Delight a testament

to my unending devotion the trials you face are but a fleeting Shadow a momentary glimpse of

adversity in the grand tapestry of your life the challenges you encounter will pass away but you my beloved will remain

forever secure anchored in the Eternal reality of your soul I want you to declare with

confidence that you are a child of the most high that I am your true father and that you are more precious to me than

all the riches of the earth there is no treasure no material possession that can compare to the value I place upon you

and if I am speaking these words to you today it is because I desire for them to be etched upon your heart a constant

reminder of your true worth from this moment on walk with your head held high

refusing to accept disrespect or degradation from anyone you are royalty a member of

Heaven’s own family and no obstacle or opposition can stand in the way of your

destiny with each passing day you will grow in wisdom and stature becoming more

and more like me you will move from strength to strength from Victory to

Victory a conqueror in every sense of the word my love will fill you to

overflowing a Wellspring of compassion and Grace that touches all those you

encounter so listen carefully to my words my child and take them to heart

trust in my guidance and follow the path I have set before you for it is a path that leads to life and

peace as you Journey forward remember that you are never alone for I am with

you every step of the way there will be moments when you stumble when the road ahead seems

uncertain and the challenges appear insurmountable but even in those times

my grace is sufficient my forgiveness is complete and my love will see you through so I am speaking to you now in

this very instant infusing you with a holy boldness a courage that dispels all

fear and doubt I am cleansing your heart of any negativity or self- condemnation

replacing it with the unshakable Assurance of your worth in my eyes your prayers have not gone unheard your tears

have not Fallen unnoticed though you may have felt abandoned or forsaken

I am here to remind you that you are never without purpose or Direction even in the darkest of valleys you are safe

in my keeping sheltered by my love when you walk through hostile territory when

you find yourself in the midst of conflict and strife I am your shield and your Defender your everpresent help in

time of need In the Heat of the battle when the enemy presses in on every side

I am fighting for you working all things together for your good as you make your way through this

life as you run the race set before you know that every step is bringing you closer to me in times of joy and

celebration in moments of sorrow and despair I am with you ready to catch you

when you fall and when at last you reach the end of your Earthly Journey when you cross

the finish line and come into my presence we will share a moment of perfect communion we will talk together

as dear friends as loving father and cherished child how I long to hear you

express your love for me to pour out your heart in my presence I am here

waiting patiently eager to listen to your every word to share in your

laughter and your tears never hesitate to come to me to Bear your soul and reveal your deepest

thoughts and feelings I created you I formed you in your mother’s womb and I love you Just

As You Are are without condition or reservation I know that the world can be

a harsh and unforgiving place that others may speak cruel words or betray

your trust leaving you wounded and broken but I want you to know that even

in those moments of pain and heartache I was there holding you close comforting

you with my presence those who sought to harm you who tried to crush your spirit

and steal your joy they are no longer a part part of your story they are Fading

Into the distant past a mere footnote in the grand Narrative of your life you my

child have emerged from The Crucible of Affliction stronger wiser and more beautiful than ever before the trials

you have endured have refined you purifying your faith and deepening your dependence on me your love has grown

richer your sense of purpose more profound and your vision of the future more luminous

so come to me now in the quiet Stillness of this moment and share your

heart I am here listening intently ready to embrace you with my perfect love and

when you have poured out your soul when you have laid bare your deepest secrets and most fervent hopes rest in the

knowledge that I have heard every word close your eyes and feel my presence

surrounding you filling you with a peace that surpasses all understanding in

allow my love to wash over you healing your wounds and restoring your soul for

I am your God your father and your friend and my love for you will never fail amen

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