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my dear child can you sense it The

Whispers on the wind the rustling of

change in the air tune your spirit for I

am proclaiming a truth over you that

will break the chains of lack and

scarcity money is coming to you like the

rush of a mighty River Breaking Free

from a dam not a trickle not a stream

but a deluge of abundance pouring into

your life so many of my precious ones

have grown accustomed to just getting by

trapped in a mindset of barely enough

but I am sounding the trumpet announcing

a new era where Supernatural provision

will flood your life like never before

you stand at the threshold of a

financial Awakening an unleashing of

prosperity that will leave you

breathless with awe this is no mere

wishful thinking it is a promise from

the very heart of your heavenly father I

am the god of the impossible the one who

speaks life into dead places and calls

forth Treasures from hidden realms

before the Turning of this Moon you will

witness the manifestation of my word

unusual increase finances Beyond Your

Wildest imaginings will begin to flow

into your life like a river of liquid

gold the floodgates of Heaven are

opening wide ready to saturate you with

blessings that will redefine your

understanding of abundance do not let

doubt or unbelief rob you of this moment

embrace the promise open your heart wide

to receive

for too long my children have been

conditioned to expect delay to settle

for crumbs when I long to Lavish them

with the fullness of my storehouses

break free from that Barren mindset and

align your faith with the extravagance

of my love the Harvest is not just

plentiful it is overflowing bursting at

the seams with an abundance that will

leave you in speechless wonder I am

doing a new thing pouring out Financial

blessings on my church in unprecedented

measure get ready beloved position

yourself to receive for the tidal wave

of prosperity is about to crash over you

this is not a promise for the distant

future but a word for the here and

now I declare over you the wealth of the

wicked is being transferred into your

hands the storehouses of the unrighteous

are being emptied and their riches are

finding their way to your doorstep what

the enemy meant for evil I am

transforming into a c IST for your

blessing do you feel the anticipation

building in your spirit the very

atmosphere is pregnant with the

expectancy of sudden breakthrough in the

blink of an eye Financial Miracles will

manifest I am bringing you into a new

level of partnership with heaven where

your faith and obedience unlock Realms

of abundance you’ve never known before

Steward this blessing well for it is not

given lightly let your life become a

river of generosity flowing from the

Reser resir of my love so rise up my

child rise up in faith in expectancy in

unwavering trust the tide is turning the

Wind of Change is blowing and you are

stepping into a new chapter of financial

abundance embrace the promise walk in

obedience and watch as I open doors that

no man can shut I am your provider your

Shepherd your Source I Delight in

meeting your needs and satisfying your

desires trust me in this season for I am

doing a work that will leave you in awe

of my goodness the days of lack are over

the era of more than enough has begun

Feel My Love wash over you displacing

every fear and doubt let Faith rise in

your heart like the dawning of a new day

you are on the cusp of a breakthrough

that will redefine your understanding of

prosperity hold fast to my promises for

they are your anchor in the midst of the

storm I am not a god of scarcity but of


I am not a god of just enough but of

exceedingly abundantly above all you can

ask or imagine my plans for you are good

my thoughts towards you are of peace and

not evil to give you a future and a hope

as you align your heart with mine and

step out in bold Faith you will see the

manifestation of my word in your life

the desert places will Bloom the dry

ground will become a pool and the

Wilderness will rejoice and Blossom like

the rose you are entering a season of

accelerated favor where doors will open

that no man can shut opportunities will

chase you down and divine connections

will be established trust the process

even when it feels uncomfortable embrace

the stretching for it is in the

stretching that your capacity for

blessing expands let go of limiting

beliefs and small thinking for they have

no place in the realm of abundance I am

ushering you

into as the financial blessing begin to

flow guard your heart against pride and

selfish ambition remember the wealth I

am entrusting to you is not for your own

Glory but for the advancement of my

kingdom be a wise Steward seeking my

guidance in every decision and

investment let generosity be your

Hallmark for it is in giving that you

truly receive so bountifully and you

will catching you wonderfully off guard

prayers you’ve sewn with tears will reap

a harvest of joy that will leave you in

breathless amazement I am taking you

from lack to overflow from just enough

to more than enough your barns will

burst with plenty and your Vats will

overflow with new wine the Devourer will

be rebuked and the windows of heaven

will open wide pouring out blessings you

won’t have room enough to contain some

will struggle to comprehend the

magnitude of what I am doing they have

grown comfortable in a Land of

limitations their faith atrophied by

years of meager expectations but for you

my child a new day is Dawning a day

where you will Feast at the table of

abundance where the leftovers of your

provision will feed the Nations get

ready to be catapulted into a new

dimension of Financial Freedom where

once you were Shackled by debt and lack

you will now dance in fields of

prosperity your cup will overflow and

your heart will sing with the joy of my

goodness the world will watch in

amazement as you become a living

Testament to the extravagance of my love

I am not just blessing you for your own

Comfort but for the advancement of my

kingdom the wealth I am entrusting to

you is not meant to be hoarded or

squandered on temporal Pleasures it is a

sacred trust a Divine assignment to be a

conduit of my generosity to a world in

need as the floodgates open and the

financial Miracles begin to manifest

remember the promises you’ve made to me

in secret the whispered vows to se intim

my work to support the causes close to

my heart I am taking you at your word

beloved I am giving you the seed to

fulfill the dreams we’ve dreamed

together do not let the opinions of

others sway you not everyone will

understand or celebrate the abundance I

am pouring out upon you some may be

envious Others May question the source

of your sudden Prosperity but remain

steadfast in your faith knowing that I

am the one who gives you the power to

create wealth this this is not a season

for small thinking or timid prayers it

is a time to let your faith soar to

believe for the impossible and watch as

I move mountains on your behalf the same

power that raised Christ from the dead

is at work in you breaking Every Chain

of lack and limitation

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