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my beloved child do you hear it The

Whispers on the wind the rustling of

change in the

air attune your spirit for I am

declaring over you a truth that will

shatter the chains of lack and

scarcity money is coming to you like the

rush of a mighty River Breaking Free

from a dam not a trickle not a stream

but a deluge of abundance pouring into

your life so many of my precious ones

have grown accustom to just getting by

trapped in a mindset of barely enough

but I am sounding the trumpet announcing

a new era where Supernatural provision

will flood your life like never before

you stand at the threshold of a

financial Awakening an unleashing of

prosperity that will leave you

breathless with awe I assure you this is

no mere wishful thinking it is a promise

from the very heart of your heavenly

father I am the god of the impossible

the one who speaks life into dead places

and calls forth Treasures from hidden

Realms before the Turning of this Moon

you will witness the manifestation of my

word unusual increase finances Beyond

Your Wildest imaginings will begin to

flow into your life like a river of

liquid gold the floodgates of Heaven are

opening wide ready to saturate you with

blessings that will redefine your

understanding of

abundance do not let doubt or unbelief

rob you of this moment embrace the

promise open your heart wide to

receive for too long my children have

been conditioned to expect delay to

settle for crumbs when I long to Lavish

them with the fullness of my

storehouses break free from that Barren

mindset and align your faith with the

extravagance of my love the Harvest is

not just plentiful it is overflowing

burs ing at the seams with an abundance

that will leave you in speechless

wonder I am doing a new thing pouring
Healing Past Wounds

out Financial blessings on my church in

unprecedented measure get ready beloved

position yourself to receive for the

tidal wave of prosperity is about to

crash over you this is not a promise for

the distant future but a word for the

here and now I declare over you the

wealth of the wicked is being

transferred into your hands the

storehouses of the unrighteous are being

emptied and their riches are finding

their way to your doorstep what the

enemy meant for evil I am transforming

into a catalyst for your

blessing do you feel the anticipation

building in your spirit the very

atmosphere is pregnant with the

expectancy of sudden breakthrough in the

blink of an eye Financial Miracles will

manifest catching you wonderfully off

guard prayers you’ve sown with tears

will reap a harvest of joy that will

leave you in breathless

amazement I am taking you from lack to

overflow from just enough to more than

enough your barns will burst with plenty

and your Vats will overflow with new

wine the Devourer will be rebuked and

the windows of heaven will open wide

pouring out blessings you won’t have

room enough to

contain some will struggle to comprehend

the magnitude of what I am doing they

have grown comfortable in a Land of

limitations their faith atrophied by

years of meager

expectations but for you my child a new

day is Dawning a day where you will

Feast at the table of abundance where

the leftovers of your provision will

feed the

Nations get ready to be catapulted into

a new dimension of Financial

Freedom where once you were Shackled by

debt and LA back you will now dance in

fields of

prosperity your cup will overflow and

your heart will sing with the joy of my

goodness the world will watch in

amazement as you become a Living

testament to the extravagance of my

love I am not just blessing you for your

own Comfort but for the advancement of


kingdom the wealth I am entrusting to
Stepping Into Your Destiny

you is not meant to be hoarded or

squandered on temporal Pleasures it is a

sacred trust a Divine assignment to be a

conduit of my generosity to a world in

need as the floodgates open and the

financial Miracles begin to manifest

remember the promises you’ve made to me

in secret the whispered vows to sew into

my work to support the causes close to

my heart I am taking you at your word

beloved I am giving you the seed to

fulfill the dreams we’ve dreamed

together do not let the opinions of

others sway you not everyone will

understand or celebrate the abundance I

I am pouring out upon you some may be

envious Others May question the source

of your sudden Prosperity but remain

steadfast in your faith knowing that I

am the one who gives you the power to

create wealth this is not a season for

small thinking or timid prayers it is a

time to let your faith soar to believe

for the impossible and watch as I move

mountains on your

behalf the same power that raised Christ

from the dead is at work in you breaking

Every Chain of lack and

limitation I am bringing you into a new

level of partnership with heaven where

your faith and obedience unlock Realms

of abundance you’ve never known before

Steward this blessing well for it is not

given lightly let your life become a

river of generosity flowing from the

reservoir of my

love so rise up my child rise up in

faith in expectancy in unwavering Trust

The Tide is turning the Wind of Change

is blowing and you are stepping into a

new chapter of financial

abundance embrace the promise walk in

obedience and watch as I open doors that

no man can

shut I am your provider your Shepherd


Source I Delight in meeting your needs

and satisfying your desires trust me in

this season for I am doing a work that

will leave you in awe of my
God of the Impossible

goodness the days of lack are over the

era of more than enough has begun Feel

My Love wash over you displacing every

fear and doubt let Faith rise in your

heart like the dawning of a new day you

are on the cusp of a breakthrough that

will redefine your understanding of

prosperity hold fast to my promises for

they are your anchor in the midst of the

storm I am not a god of scarcity but of

abundance I am not a god of just enough

but of exceedingly abundantly above all

you can ask or

imagine my plans for you are good my

thoughts towards you are of peace and

not evil to give you a future and a hope

as you align your heart with mine and

step out in bold Faith you will see the

manifestation of my word in your life

the desert places will Bloom the dry

ground will become a pool

and the Wilderness will rejoice and

Blossom like the

rose you are entering a season of

accelerated favor where doors will open

that no man can shut opportunities will

chase you down and divine connections

will be established you will find

yourself in the right place at the right

time positioned for success and

abundance trust the process even when it


uncomfortable embrace the stretching for

it is is in the stretching that your

capacity for blessing

expands let go of limiting beliefs and

small thinking for they have no place in

the realm of abundance I am ushering you

into as the financial blessings begin to

flow guard your heart against pride and


ambition remember the wealth I am

entrusting to you is not for your own

Glory but for the advancement of my

kingdom be a wise Steward seeking my
Season of Intense Growth

guidance in every decision and

investment let generosity be your

Hallmark for it is in giving that you

truly receive so bountifully and you

will reap

bountifully be a conduit of my blessing

to those in need and watch as I multiply

your seed sewn and increase the fruits

of your righteousness this is not a

fleeting moment but the beginning of a

new chapter in your life a chapter

marked by Financial Freedom Divine

abundance and unprecedented impact

embrace the journey trust my leading and

watch as I do exceedingly abundantly

above all you can ask or

imagine you are my beloved My Chosen One

I Delight in you and rejoice over you

with singing as you step into this new

season of financial abundance know that

my love for you is unwavering and my

commitment to your success is

unshakable so rise up my child rise up

in faith in boldness in unwavering trust

The Best Is Yet To Come and I am leading

you into a future filled with hope

prosperity and purpose embrace the

abundance Steward it well and watch as I

use your life to transform the world


you my precious child the appointed time

is here the season of Supernatural

abundance has

arrived I know you have been waiting

expectantly and your faith faith will

not be

disappointed for I am God who watches

over my word to perform it I speak life

into dead dreams and manifest The

Impossible get ready for sudden

reversals radical breakthroughs and out

of the blue blessings that will leave

you in awe of my power and

generosity you have swn tears and

prayers into the ground as seeds and now

you will reap a harvest of joy that

money cannot

buy streams in the Wasteland Will Spring

forth and you will drink deeply from

Wells of

Salvation where once was baress there

will be Bounty where there were broken
Making a Way in the Wilderness

walls and ruined cities I am building up

again on a firm

foundation establishing you permanently

in a Land of

Plenty do not doubt the magnificence of

what I am doing though your mind cannot

comprehend it your spirit Bears witness

to the Limitless power available through

faith I am able to do far more

abundantly beyond all you ask or

imagine the storehouses of Heaven

overflow with blessings reserved just

for you awaiting the appointed time that

time is now a seismic shift is occurring

over your life the tital wave of my

favor is rising and nothing can stop it

you will be overwhelmed wonderfully

overcome by the magnitude of what I am

pouring out let your expectations soar

enlarge your vision and make room for

the sudden acceleration I am bringing

this is not a time for small prayers or

limited thinking expand your capacity to

receive my extravagant blessings I

desire you to experience the fullness of

what I have prepared for you not

settling for token crumbs that fall from

the table ask big dream big believe

big there are no limits to what I can do

watch now as Divine connections

Financial breakthroughs and Supernatural

opportunities begin to

manifest blessings chased down will

overtake you favor that money cannot buy

will create Pathways where there were

none I will make a way when there seems

to be no way and your needs will be

extravagantly supplied according to my

glorious riches do not be surprised when

unusual miracles manifest and

life-changing encounters transpire

setting you on a course you did not see

coming I am the god of the suddenly I

will move mountains you did not realize

existed and shatter barriers you did not

have the strength to break this

financial shift upon your life is not

just for you it is for the furthering of
Yielding to God’s Process

my purposes in the

earth I am entrusting the resources of

Heaven to you because I know you your

heart is yielded to me you have made

stewardship a lifestyle honoring me with

your first and best I can pour out

abundantly knowing your hands will not

tightly grasp but will remain

open as I bless you do not forget the

poor the Brokenhearted The Lost and the

overlooked use the influx of resources

to be my healing hands and feet to a

world in need when you sew into my

kingdom you will always reap a harvest

of righteousness near or far give

generously as I guide you and as you

meet the needs of others your own needs

will be satisfied

overflowing stay closely attuned to my

voice in this new era the enemy will

attempt to sabotage through deception

distraction and discouragement what I am

building in your life be vigilant taking

every thought captive in obedience to

Christ carefully consider each

opportunity through the lens of my

leading Steward your time talent and

treasure with eternity in view let

praise and thanksgiving be continually

on your lips for this abundance is a

gift of my grace I am pleased to release

my favor and blessings on your life my

delight is to see you thriving fruitful

and living in Victory our partnership is

deepening as together we advance my

kingdom do not grow weary in the waiting
Overflowing With Love

for the appointed time is at

hand soon you will witness firsthand the

truth of my word and

power I make all grace abound toward you

so that in all things at all times

having all that you need you will abound

in every good

work Rejoice for the day of recompense

and reward is Dawning beloved you are

stepping into a new realm a new

dimension of

possibility things will never be the

same the old limitations and struggles

will fade from memory as I lead you into

a future of Freedom favor and


increase this is your heritage as my

child I hold nothing back my storehouses

are overflowing with blessings reserved

just for you open your hands wide to

receive all I’ve prepared for you your

breakthrough is at hand the shift is

happening even as you read this can you

sense the momentum building Divine

alignments radical blessings sudden

turnarounds it’s all here the appointed

time has come I am moving on your behalf

releasing Wonders that will Dazzle and

Astound you the story of your life is

being Rewritten chapters of hardship and

lack are giving way to extraordinary

increase favor and provision beyond your

wildest dreams I am taking you further

faster than you thought possible as we

partner together to advance my kingdom

you have been found faithful in the

small things so now I am entrusting you

with greater things the boundaries are

being expanded the playing field
Embracing the Abundant Life

enlarged it’s time to broaden your

vision and align your thinking with the

immense possibilities I have prepared

for you do not despise humble beginnings

for they are the foundation Stones upon

which I am building your future mile by

mile step by step I order your steps and

direct your

path trust my

timing I never move you prematurely but

have carefully prepared for each new

level what I start I finish so enter

this new day this new chapter with

boldness and faith I love you with an

everlasting love and I am with you

always your heavenly father

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