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child of

mine in this Supernatural season of life

I am calling you to walk with Clarity


confidence your connections matter

immensely to

me in the coming months I will be

rearranging the constellation of

relationships in your

world disconnecting you from unhealthy

ties and forging new bonds that align

with my dreams for

you stay alert and expectant as you go

about your

days you need not

overanalyze for I will make it clear to

you which relationships bear good

fruit the time has come for you to step

boldly into your

calling no more hesitation or second

guessing like Esther or Joseph you have

been chosen and commission for this very

moment will you stay silent or will you

rise to the

occasion I have every faith that you

will answer

courageously trust me to supply every

every resource open every door and equip

you for each task ahead even when

Provisions seem absent move forward

anyway act on the invitations I place

before you in the near future you will

need to draw upon this message for

strength etch it into your heart like a

sacred inscription when doubts assail

you recall my words and be assured seize

the opportunities I bring with holy

haste do not let fear cause you to

shrink back the way forward is to be

spirit-led Supple and responsive to my

wind attune the ears of your heart to

the subtle rhythms of my

leading I have given you spiritual

senses to perceive what I am speaking

receive the grace to recognize my voice

and follow where I guide all the people

and provision you require are already

set in place can you see it by faith I

have allies prepared to support you in

your your life’s Mission emerge now from

the solitary caves of

isolation join hands with the community

of Believers I have destined for

you resist suspicion use Spirit


discernment just as the early Church

thrived in unity praying communing

living as one display the attractive

power of my love to a watching

world when hearts beat is one Miracles

multiply I I Delight to answer the

aligned prayers of my people there is

unmistakable power in your harmonious

agreement families marriages Ministries

movements I am weaving you together for

greater impact children will be born

Destinies Unleashed Godly legacies

launched yield to my grand

choreography beloved you are stepping

into a new era radical blessings

unprecedented favor and a profound

encounter with my love await you whether

you have walked with me for decades or

mere moments my heart is passionately

devoted to you my mercies envelop your

past mistakes tune out the enemy’s

taunts and lies I have come to infuse

you with uncontainable life and undo the

damage inflicted by your

adversary renounce any root of

resentment exchange bitterness for

beauty trauma for

tranquility I am tilling the soil of

your soul uprooting weeds of Anguish and

planting seeds of wholeness relinquish

offense to me a bounty full Harvest of

inner healing is on the

horizon the numbers and repetitions you

see are reminders that you are seen

cherished encircled by Angel

armies within my embrace you are forever

shielded and

secure I am your unshakable Refuge your

Mighty Warrior fighting on your we have

all who take shelter in me will never be

put to shame hear me now I am mobilizing

you bold as Gideon wild as David

Resolute as Daniel zealous as Joseph

Fearless as Moses this is who you truly

are my power is perfected in your

weaknesses your scars will become Stars

the trials that threatened to take you

out were forging fire shaping you into a

rare Jewel

you are not defined by lack but refined

by it to shine for my

glory in your greatest fears and most

daunting challenges know this I am with

you every giant every battle every

insurmountable odd these are not yours

to fight they are mine to conquer as you

place your trust wholeheartedly in me I

am teaching you unshakable faith in the

classroom of scarce place es and


spaces as you depend radically on me

victories you never imagined will become

your testimony breathe in my healing

exhale despair inhale Faith exhale

fear I am oxygenating your atmosphere

with life and

Liberty it is time to bask in the

sunlight of

gladness those thoughts that torment you

take them captive to me meditate on what

is pure lovely and worthy of celebration

let my promises Infuse your perspective

the enemy’s PLO are laughably limited

but my power in you is Limitless you are

a Wellspring not a stagnant Pond you are

fearfully and wonderfully made meant to

shine like a city on a hill not to be

hidden or trampled

underfoot strength and dignity are your

clothing you will laugh at the days to

come do not let the deceiver pickpocket

your joy or hijack your hope you are

being propelled not held back my plans

are to slingshot you forward not drag

you down prosperity in every sense of

the word is my delight and decree for

you prepare for Accelerated progress

mountains of blessings you are not bound

to the trajectory of your history but to

the transformation I am authoring I do

not tease or tantalize you with pseudo

promises what I declare I

deliver you are entering new dimensions

of my goodness no eye has seen no ear

has heard and no mind has imagined what

I have prepared for those who love me

Dare To Dream

audaciously this is your hour of

immeasurably more I am handing you keys

to kingdoms of locked potential kingdoms

of health and wholeness kingdoms of

innovation kingdoms of family


kingdoms of creative

proliferation kingdoms of miraculous

breakthrough no domain is off limits to

my anointed ones you are the head not


tail called to lead the charge not cower

in the

shadows I have handpicked you to be a

luminary light pierces

Darkness this is not a suggestion but

spiritual law arise and shine do not let

the world dim your light your identity

is found in me not in fleeting

accomplishments or social

Applause created in my image you are

called to rise

above as Joseph interpreted dreams

Against All Odds so are you destined to


Mysteries just as Basel was filled with

the spirit of God in wisdom in

understanding in knowledge and in all

manner of workmanship to craft My

Sanctuary so have you been divinely

inspired to manifest Beauty And

Glory as David overcame Goliath defying


impossible so are you empowered to break


barriers you are not merely

formed you are fearfully and wonderfully

made pre-ordained to exhibit my Splendor

and to walk in the good works I have

prepared for you so breathe dear one

linger in my presence my affection for

you is

unalterable I am cheering you on with

unbridled Zeal nothing can dilute my

delight in you do something kind for

yourself today remove yourself from the

chaos Revel in

Beauty productivity flows from a place

of abiding not

striving as you tend to your body I will

expand your capacity as you marinate in

my word I will sharpen your clarity as

you enjoy me inspiration will overflow

onto every sphere of

influence when you reach a Crossroads

pause listen for my gentle

whisper this is the path follow me move

forward with

confidence my favor upon you is your

fortune nothing is impossible when we

dream in tandem this is not an

intermission but a fresh Genesis not a

detour but a doorway not an obstacle but


opportunity I am Awakening you to your

ordained assignment anointing you to

blaze new trails the seeds you seow in

secret will soon blossom in the light so

let your heart be light may your

laughter be contagious Your Love

unrestricted you carry my glory which

the darkness cannot snuff out shine with

holy abandon Sparkle with Redemptive

optimism each morning is a blank canvas

awaiting the brush Strokes of my mercies

and when the sun sets rest in the

certainty that he who began a good work

in you will carry it on to

completion I am your author and your

finisher your beginning and your

end beloved child I see you even in your

most hidden moments I am intimately

acquainted with all your ways before a

word is on your tongue I know it

completely I have searched you and known

you knit you together in your mother’s

womb you are fearfully and wonderfully

made my marvelous work in this new

season I am drawing you into a deeper

revelation of your identity not based on

your performance or pedigree but

anchored in my unfailing love you are

not a slave to fear but a liberated Heir

not an orphan scrounging for crumbs but

a cherished child seated at my table not

a victim of circumstance but a Victor


Christ I am shattering every false

mirror that has distorted your

reflection the labels that have haunted

you the lies that have taunted you they

are melting like wax in the blaze of my

glory you are not who the enemy says you

are you are who I say you

are my beloved in whom I am well

pleased in the coming days expect Divine

appointments and serendipitous

encounters I am orchestrating

connections that will catapult you into

your kingdom

Destiny relationships that once seemed

random will prove divinely

strategic I am aligning you with people

who carry pieces of your purpose

puzzle pay attention to the prophetic

Whispers The subtle promptings of my

spirit I speak in ways that may seem

unconventional through dreams desires

and divine

coincidences trust the intuition I have

placed within you as you step out in

faith I will part the waters and provide

every resource you need you are entering

a season of accelerated healing and

wholeness I am mending the broken places

restoring the ruins and rebuilding the


foundations where shame once reigned

Grace will abound

where pain once prevailed peace will

prosper I am making all things new

embrace the process of

transformation even when it feels

uncomfortable I am not content to leave

you as you are but am committed to

shaping you into all I have destined you


be your weakness is the canvas on which

I will display my strength your failures

are the fertilizer for future

success you are not a prisoner ER of

your past but a pioneer of a new future

the mistakes of yesterday have no claim

on the mercies of today I am the god of

Fresh Starts and New Beginnings though

you may stumble you will not fall

headlong for I hold you by the hand in

the face of adversity resist the

temptation to retreat I have called you

to be an overcomer not a mere

Survivor the weapons formed against you

will not prosper every tongue risen

against you will be condemned I am your

shield and your exceedingly great

reward when the enemy Whispers lies of

inadequacy silence him with the truth of


sufficiency I have equipped you with

every spiritual blessing lavished you

with every Grace and gift you are not

lacking or lagging behind you are

anointed and appointed for such a time

as this I am releasing a fresh wind of

creativity in and Innovation expect

Supernatural Solutions of wisdom I am

unlocking Kingdom Business strategies

you are not limited by Earthly economics

but empowered by Heavenly resources

dream bigger than your doubts pray

Bolder than your fears I am able to do

immeasurably more than you can ask or

imagine my plans for you are good

pregnant with purpose and prosperity

trust the timing of my process what I

have promised I will bring to pass as

you navigate new territories remember

that I am with you always my presence is

your compass my word a lamp to your feet

I will not leave you lost or alone when

you pass through deep Waters I will be

with you through rivers of difficulty

you will not drown so rise up mighty

warrior put on the armor of light wield

the sword of the spirit you are more

than a conqueror through Christ The

Battle Belongs to Me and victory is

already yours I am raising up a

tenacious tribe A Fearless family of

Faith Walkers together you will possess

the land stay in step with my spirit and

watch me move mountains on your behalf I

am the lord of the Breakthrough no

stronghold can withstand my power no

chain is too strong for my anointing

where there seems to be no way I will

make a way above all know that my love

for you is Relentless and unconditional

I am not keeping score but lavishing

Grace I am not waiting for you to earn

my affection but am wildly generous with

my goodness so come boldly to the throne

of grace pour out your heart like water

in my

presence I am your Safe Harbor your

resting place in the shadow of my wings

you will find

Refuge I am your father your friend your


Confidant embrace the beautiful becoming

anticipate the Abundant Blessings

celebrate the small

victories laugh at the days to come my

joy is your strength and my peace your

portion walk forward with holy

confidence and humble

dependence I am Sovereign over every

step every setback every success nothing

is wasted in my economy you are my

beloved child my treasured possession I

Rejoice over you with singing quiet you

with my love my Banner Over You is love

my arm around you is strong I am for you

not against you I am your Defender your

deliverer your

father rest in the Assurance of My

unfailing Affection receive the fullness

of my fatherly blessing you are accepted

affirmed adopted into my

family forever and always amen

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